I Am Worthy Video Because ALL Children Have the Right to an Education

Welcome Back to School in New York, Thorn Schwartz

Segratated NY school child w backpackNote: New York revoked the religious vaccination exemption last last year.  The result? Thousands of healthy children, capable of learning, eager to see friends and teachers, toss a ball at gym, dawdle in the bathroom, envy someone else's far more interesting lunch, show off a new pair of boots, garden variety kids, have been banned from an education because they lack government mandated vaccinations. Last month, New Jersey was looking down the barrel of the same gun. But they rose up in an army of vocal, take no prisoners protesters and slowed down the legislation - for now.

We're up against the same bills here in Connecticut. Vaccinate or stay home.  Wednesday is our day to speak up at the Capitol in Hartford.

News10NBC Investigates: Judge orders child back to school after he was banned over vaccines


go Trump

I am sure the schools get a financial cut of every vaccine they provide on school property, and they will always do anything for more money.

The Vaci-Nazis are currently in full force nearly everywhere in the United States.

The have bought out and now own Congress, and the Anti-Vaci-Nazis is the only group that is awake and aware of the problem.

Shelley Tzorfas

Schools have become "Vaccine Clinics" and Vaccine clinics do NOT and Cannot educate people.


Modern schools seem to be more interested in "rainbow clubs" than useful life and technical skills (boys especially suffer from it). The libertarian-oriented parents tell me they spend so much time trying to undo the government propaganda they might as well homeschool them.


What will the Medical Fascists of NY require next? That un-vaxxed kids be required to wear a yellow, 6-pointed star, with the letters "UV", for "un-vaxxed"....????... looks like that's where they're headed to me, anyway.... Very SAD....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!....

Bob Moffit

Do I have this right .. the "schools" defense for denying this child access to public school in New York was .. "because the State health department was just following "new rules" .. regarding medical exemptions? I am pretty sure I have heard that very same "excuse" by former Nazi Germany health, justice and education officials while they were standing in the dock during Nuremberg trials … where the universal right to INFORMED CONSENT was deemed supreme over all other politically contrived means that violate that supreme universal right.

Hey we denied him access to school because they told us to do it … didn't work at Nuremberg and sounds even more ludicrous today.

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