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The WHO Fumbles ‘Pandemic Preparedness’ for Coronavirus

Remove-resident-viruses-800X800Note: James published this article The WHO Fumbles ‘Pandemic Preparedness’ for Coronavirus  on Thursday of this week.

Also, this week: Harvard’s chemistry head charged with fraud for hiding ties to Chinese institute:

Dr. Lieber has served as a principal investigator (PI) at Harvard’s since 2008 and received more than $15 million in grant funding from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense, the affidavit states. Lieber was legally required to disclose funding by a foreign government or entity in these grant applications, but failed to do so. Without Harvard’s knowledge, he became a ‘strategic scientist’ at Wuhan in 2011 and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents programme from around 2012 to 2017.

WUHAN - epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Dr. Leiber was paid a $50,000 MONTHLY salary plus expenses.  By the Chinese government. 

Commentary by James Grundvig

The coronavirus test ran on Oct. 18, 2019. The goal of a global health consortium was to see what it could learn from a computer model simulating an outbreak that rippled out of South America. Three weeks later, armed with data on 65 million virtual people killed, the group reconvened with world health experts to discuss “Event 201.”

The consortium, made up of John Hopkins University, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, named the Event 201 as the next “big one” after the 200 epidemics the World Health Organization (WHO) monitors each year. What did they find in the analysis of the data?

Governments and health agencies are nowhere near prepared to slow down, let alone contain mass infections due to a novel coronavirus pandemic.

Lo and behold. In a quirk of absurd timing, a new coronavirus outbreak took root in Wuhan, China, shortly after or in parallel with the Event 201 conference in early to mid-November. That forced John Hopkins University to issue a statement, as many speculated the consortium was somehow involved with the Wuhan flu.

The statement read, in part:

“Recently, the Center for Health Security has received questions about whether that pandemic exercise predicted the current novel coronavirus outbreak in China. To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction…”

Such speculation emerged from an October article by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC): “Canadian government scientist under investigation trained staff at Level 4 lab in China.”

The Level 4 Lab resides within the Wuhan Institute of Virology at the Chinese Academy of Science, located 20 miles from the origin of the coronavirus outbreak.

The CBC (10-3-19) article stated:

“A Canadian government scientist at the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg made at least five trips to China in 2017-18, including one to train scientists and technicians at China’s newly certified Level 4 lab, which does research with the most deadly pathogens, according to travel documents obtained by CBC News.

“Xiangguo Qiu—who was escorted out of the Winnipeg lab in July amid an RCMP investigation into what’s being described by Public Health Agency of Canada as a possible ‘policy breach’—was invited to go to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences twice a year for two years, for up to two weeks each time.”

Super Low Latency Virus

What makes 2019-nCoV so terrifying is that it operates differently than any strain that came before. Scientists discovered the novel coronavirus can spread in the first phase of a double latency period. First, incubation, then followed by the emergence of flu-like symptoms. In such stealth mode, those infected show no signs of fever, cough, or the chills for the first seven to ten days. Unwittingly, they can spread the disease to people they come in contact with their daily lives, work, or travel.

With the first cases appearing in Wuhan in early December, meaning the silent outbreak began undetected a few weeks earlier, China didn’t notify the WHO until later that month, with an official announcement on the 31st. That long gap of time, stretching back to mid-November, enabled the virus to spread far and wide across the Chinese industrial city of eleven million residents. In a stunning confession, the Wuhan City mayor admitted that as many as five million migrants and residents headed home for Chinese New Year.

Like the Event 201 simulation, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lost the opportunity to contain the virus, so too did the WHO with its admission that “human error” caused the global health agency to downplay the severity of the virus. In the first half of January, the Chinese began constructing thousands of hospital beds in record time. But that’s not the same as dealing with the disease outbreak.

Vaccines Offer Little Hope

The next gap of time to medically stem the tsunami of coronavirus infections is a long one: Fast-track development of a vaccine would take six to eight months if all things go well. But Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan told CNBC that developing a coronavirus vaccine will “take over one year” and that “… we need to really use epidemiological controls to really get this situation in a better place.”

With such a long lead time to produce a vaccine, while the virus spreads exponentially, the plan to immunize couldn’t possibly work in 2020.

Grounded by this reality, China is now examining thirty off-the-shelf drugs to see what punch they might bring by treating the “host,” and not trying to prevent a disease with a vaccine that may or may not work.  Read more here.


Angus Files

Trump just nailed the WHO to the floorboards nothing from the WHO anymore and in celebration...

The Who - Who Are You

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

"Yes, and presently we are only quarantining for 14 days"
It hardly matters John. The UK Government's response to the threat of coronavirus is woeful. The horses bolted long ago. There has been free movement to and from almost all of the Asian countries now on a hastily put together list, issued just a day ago. Now persons have been asked to 'self quarantine if they recently returned from any of them.

From above:-
"This advice applies to travellers who have returned to the UK from the following areas:
• China
• Thailand
• Japan
• Republic of Korea
• Hong Kong
• Taiwan
• Singapore
• Malaysia
• Macau
If you have returned to the UK from any of these areas in the last 14 days and develop symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath, you should immediately:
• stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu
• call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country"

John Stone


Yes, and presently we are only quarantining for 14 days when the Chinese are now saying 24.


www. thelancet.com>article by A Zumla
Reducing mortality from 2019-nCov: host-directed Therapies

factsheet for health professionals on Coronavirusus. 30 January 2020

It's legalism -itis, in pure panic mode? . UK wants novel coronavirus containment ghetto's mandated,
but will they have enough ped-pans to go round for people?

Red Adair said "If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job ,wait until you hire an amateur"

Jenny Allan

UK Government Health Secretary Matt Hancock locking stable door to stop horses bolting:-
"UK government will now 'FORCIBLY quarantine' anyone with coronavirus after 'Arrowe Park patient threatened to 'BREAK OUT' - as Britain faces 'serious and imminent' threat after virus kills 910 worldwide"



Never mind, it was just my new computer that couldn't open it, my old computer could. I saved the whole thing to a Word file, thinking it may be deleted soon. The push to terrify the world about novel cornonavirus may be to prepare the ground for forced universal vaccination, whether or not the virus is dangerous outside of China. Like with the hep-B vaccine, when they obscured the information about how unthreatening the virus was to certain genetic groups. I looked it up, so far it looks as though one Filipino (probably with Chinese genes), one Japanese (ditto), and one American (whose background was not mentioned) have died of it outside of China.



I came to read the information at your link. I think it's very interesting and valuable information, but my computer says that that link does not exist. I used: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.26.919985v1.full

Do I have to be a member of something to open it or is the establishment so alarmed that it deleted the study? They're saying that many more are being cremated every day than the number the Chinese admit are dying of coronavirus, with complicated speculation about their cremating coronavirus victims first, being interpreted to mean that the large numbers said to be cremated really died of coronavirus.

Is it forbidden to study whether there are genes specific to the Chinese which are necessary to cause a severe or fatal case? It shouldn't be. Are they just trying to silence it in order to sell panic, whether to sell news or to sell new policies?

I just saw that they think the pangolin (an anteater with scales that I had never heard of) is the intermediate vector between the bat reservoir and the human coronavirus victim.

Pft, could you see if you can still open the article you linked? Thanks!


Hans, I thought I was the only one who remembers Baxter and the live bird flu in the vaccine. The ferrets died and someone in a lab in Eastern Europe (?) realize what had happened. The vaccine had been shipped but not used. Close call. Intentional? Who knows.

Jenny Allan

John I was including a wider definition of eugenics:-
From Google defintion:-
"Eugenics is the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population.15 Nov 2017"

In these days of IVF, it is already possible to exclude certain genetic traits from embryos before implantation. This is surely a beneficial use of the technology. Genes for cystic fibrosis, Downs Syndrome, and several others have been identified. Some, like 'fragile x, associated with autism , have also been identified, but this condition is very rare.
From Prof Lewis's Bio:-
"Professor Lewis is a (Board) Member of the Human Tissue Authority, and a member of: the Genomics England Ethics Committee; the Health Research Authority National Research and Ethics Advisors’ Panel; the St. Christopher’s Hospice Clinical Ethics Committee; and the Working Group on Deceased Donation of the European Platform on Ethical, Legal and Psychosocial Aspects of Organ Transplantation (ELPAT). Formerly, she was a member of the UK Donation Ethics Committee, and Vice-Chair of the King’s College London Research Ethics Committee."

Obviously 'Genomics' and 'Eugenics' have a great deal in common. The important aspect of this is how the technology is applied. Parents are already advised to abort unborn babies with Downs, and offered abortions for a host of other conditions including Spina Bifida. £$ Millions have already been spent on attempts to isolate an 'autism gene'. Thankfully nothing has so far been 'found', but this area is ripe for eugenics as you describe it.

It has proven impossible to pin down Prof Lewis's attitude to some of the more contentious ethical issues within her considerable sphere of influence. I tried in vain to find out her views on one of the biggest ethical NHS scandals of recent times. This was the now banned Liverpool Care Pathway, which permitted hospital staff to effectively kill, (some have said murder), sick often demented elderly hospital patients by completely withdrawing food and fluids . Some took weeks to die and suffered terribly, yet this scandal was vigorously defended by hospital staff and managers and even a few charities, until enraged public opinion killed it off. (pun intended).

We should vociferously question the 'ethics' of someone who is hell bent on criminalising anyone who posts concerns about vaccines on social media. This is US!! I suspect this was the Prof 'sooking up' to UK Government Health Secretary Matt Hancock who stated his intention to force mandatory child vaccines on us in the UK. The Prof seems to be unaware Hancock used a 'fringe' event at the Tory Party Conference to announce this, and got his 'knuckles rapped' by the party leaders who declared this was NOT Tory party policy. I could add YET. We must fight this rigorously.

John Stone


I hate to agree with Eindecker but I take eugenics to be to do with pruning the population to improve its stock and I don’t see that.


Eindeker - OF COURSE Professor Penney Lewis is involved with the ethical issues surrounding eugenics. She has written papers on this subject amongst others. It's impossible to read them without purchasing expensive journals and downloads but the titles are there to be googled.

Prof Lewis's Biography https://www.kcl.ac.uk/people/penney-lewis
"Penney Lewis joined the Dickson Poon School of Law and Centre of Medical Law and Ethics at King's in 1995. She became Reader in Law in 2005, and Professor of Law in 2007. She received an SB in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a JD from the University of Toronto. Following a judicial clerkship at the Supreme Court of Canada, she gained an MA in Medical Ethics and Law from King’s College London and an LLM from Columbia University. She is also qualified as a Barrister and Solicitor in Ontario, Canada."

Yes she has an impressive academic record, in mathematics and law. Ethics on the other hand is a very controversial subject and is certainly NOT an exact science. She has been involved with ethics for more than 2 decades since her appointment at Kings and she served on several ethics committees. The BBC radio programmes “Inside the ethics committee” feature discussions featuring Prof Penney https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04brpdk
In August 2019, Penney Lewis was appointed as Commissioner for Criminal Law with the Law Commission, a UK Government body. Her brief will be to advise on the legalities of Government policies with an ethical component. Her latest publications show the breadth and scope of her work:-
• Family overrule of registered refusal to donate organs 01 January 2019
• CARer-ADministration of as-needed subcutaneous medication for breakthrough symptoms in homebased dying patients (CARiAD): study protocol for a UK-based open randomised pilot trial 07 January 2019
• The lawfulness of gender reassignment surgery 20 December 2017
• Family over rules? an ethical analysis of allowing families to overrule donation intentions 01 March 2017
• Ethical, legal and societal issues and recommendations for controlled and uncontrolled DCD 01 July 2016
• Story, The Messenger 01 January 2014
• Care after research: A framework for NHS RECs 01 January 2012
• Interventions before death to optimise donor organ quality and improve transplant outcomes: guidance from the UK Donation Ethics Committee (applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 01 January 2014
• Ethical issues in paediatric organ donation: a position paper from the UK Donation Ethics Committee 01 January 2015
• Public evidence before the Commission on Assisted Dying 25 May 2011

I will highlight two examples which could possibly have repercussions within my own family:-
1.Family over rules? an ethical analysis of allowing families to overrule donation intentions 01 March 2017
Yes – at present close family members can overrule their relative’s wishes with regard to organ donations after death. This is a huge headache for organ transplant teams, since only a court order can overturn a relative’s opposition and most organs will deteriorate in the time it takes to obtain one.
Far more concerning for me is this ethical issue:-
2. "Interventions before death to optimise donor organ quality and improve transplant outcomes: guidance from the UK Donation Ethics Committee (applicable in England, Wales and Northern Ireland 01 January 2014"
This problem concerns registered organ donating persons who take too long to die with terminal conditions, particularly those involving vascular failure which results in the deterioration of those precious organs. I should add here that both myself and my husband are registered card carrying organ donators. Our family members are happy with this, but I find the idea of speeding up a death to conserve the organs distressing and creepy. I have no idea whether or not this is UK Government Policy, but suspect we would not be told anyway.

I could go on at length about other ethical policies including elderly patients with dementia and whether or not they should be treated for infections or other illnesses or allowed to die ‘naturally’.
I would be only too happy to make a living will allowing voluntary euthanasia should my brain deteriorate to the stage where I am unable to recognise my own relatives, but I would want a painless injection or cyanide pill, rather than left to die horribly from sepsis or cancer. This service is available in Switzerland via Dignitas, but relatives can be prosecuted and imprisoned for ‘helping’ their loved ones to die thus.

Hans Scholl


In an explosive interview Dr. Francis Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Act has given a detailed statement admitting that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.

Angus Files

a corona lager case..

Glasgow bar offers free face masks with bottles of Corona after coronavirus outbreak


Pharma For Prison




That was interesting information, I saved it to a file. The Spanish flu was also harder on Asians (including native Americans), as is hepatitis-B. There's absolutely nothing insulting about that, it's just a matter of genetic coding. I think, though, that coronaviruses run a gamut, and many of them are more serious than a common cold. This one, with mortality of two percent, is more dangerous than a cold, as was SARS at 10% mortality, and MERS at 34% mortality. I don't know yet if they will all turn out to have very low mortality in non-Asians, although with this one it looks as though that were going to be the case.

In most cases it would be impossible to figure out what created the new pathogen: all viruses, bacteria, etc., are always mutating all the time, some mutations turn out to aid the survival and propagation of the organism and others don't. There's no reason to think that in modern times all pathogens are the result of germ warfare and biological engineering, when before whatever date they were all natural occurrences. Most of them are still natural occurrences.

I thought it was somewhat interesting that Google started a program to take down what it thought was fake news, but instead put up its own recommended articles and information in response to any query in Google about coronavirus. They're really grasping at straws though, in an attempt to sensationalize news about the virus. This morning I saw that coronavirus had killed more than SARS ever did (in mainland China). Something like 370 as opposed to 360. And a Philippine man had died of it, the first non-Chinese person to do so.

I agree that this is another virus which will eventually travel all over the world, getting milder and milder as people's immune systems get used to it.


www.sciencemag.org?news>2020/01 mining coronavirus-genome
Mining coronavirus genomes for clues to the outbreak's origins

www.express.co.uk Feb, 3, 2020.
Horseman coaches ,Why were the coach drivers on coronavirus flight not wearing masks?
"Good Grief, flying bus drivers? or one -wing, puddle jumpers, in charge of the most basic infection control measures?
Risk assessment completed by the Department for Health and Public Health England .
Basic risk assessment flunkies either need a fast- track re-training module or sacked?
That's their choices ,that's their options ,so they can take it or leave it!
The amadans Gaelic -meaning the knowledgeable one's are fools?
Poor bus drivers! They could certainly be excused for "cussing the air blue"at them responsible for basic risk assessment standards.

Hans Scholl

Posted by: Eindecker | February 03, 2020 at 09:19 AM

You go find it ..... Genius .....You know everything..... I would never assist or help you.
Lying is a way of life for you.
But its there ---- live recording but its probably been hacked, faked I suppose. 2011

Took me 15 minutes to find this lady talking about Eugenics.


Shame on YOU Jenny, why don't you just read her damn biography instead on Hans' nudge nudge wink wink comment, it's hardly hidden!

Care to point out where "eugenics" is mentioned in your "High Level Research" on this distinguished academic Hans??

Hans Scholl

India To Probe Wuhan Institute Of Virology

Indian military believes that the U.S. Center for Disease Control in Atlanta was involved in the 1994 plague in the Indian city of Surat which killed 52 people and close to a quarter of the city’s citizens fled the area for fear of being quarantined. Even the origin of 1994 plague is mired in controversy to this day.

R. Prasannan, the New Delhi Bureau Chief of The Week magazine, in his piece questioning whether Coronavirus was created in a lab wrote,

During the 1994 plague outbreak in Surat and Beed, it was found that the germs had an extra protein ring which could only have been inserted artificially. Indian scientists had raised concerns about a US biowar experiment having gone awry. THE WEEK had carried reports giving details of germ war reseach being carried on in labs under the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta and about a newly developed germ detector being tested. The US embassy had denied the allegations. There were also reports that the Surat germ could have been developed in a lab in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Mr. Prasannan is one of many experts from different fields who have raised doubts over the narrative being paddled by certain sections of the media. Among them is American Senator Tom Cotton who questioned mainstream media’s narrative on the origin of 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus, instead hinting that a biosafety laboratory in Wuhan working with the deadliest pathogens in the world could be the true source.

Even Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Act in an explosive interview said that the 2019 Wuhan Coronavirus is an offensive Biological Warfare Weapon and that the World Health Organization (WHO) already knows about it.

Jenny Allan

@Hans Scholl https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/02/01/posting-anti-vaccine-propaganda-social-media-could-become-criminal/
"Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence, Law Commissioner says"

This is bonkers! Jails in the UK are already grossly overcrowded to the extent virtually all jail sentences handed out by the courts are automatically halved, allowing violent offenders, rapists and terrorists out on the streets to re-offend. PM Boris Johnston is now going to amend the sentencing for convicted terrorists after two of them went on separate murderous rampages after being released early from prison. Locking doors after horses bolted!

How are prosecuting officers going to decide what is or is not anti-vaccine or 'false' information on social media? Citizens surely have a right to express concerns in a democracy? Are we going to have medieval witchfinder quislings questioning 'suspects'? I would happily go to jail before being scared off posting genuine vaccine information and concerns, but what of mothers of young children with or without vaccine damage. Who looks after them?

Hans says "I have done some high level investigations of Professor Penney Lewis and she is very involved in the subjects of law surrounding euthanasia, contraceptive sterilizations and eugenics."
In other words following in the footsteps of Hitler, and on the anniversary of Auchwitz too. Shame on her!

Hans Scholl


Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become criminal offence, Law Commissioner says

New Law Commissioner Penney Lewis is leading wide-ranging review into whether UK's offence and abuse laws are fit for the Social Media age

By Mike Wright, Social Media Correspondent 1 February 2020 • 9:00pm

Prof. Penney Lewis, who became the Law Commissioner for criminal law in January

Posting anti-vaccine propaganda on social media could become a criminal offence - even if those promoting it believe the pseudoscience, the UK’s new criminal Law Commissioner has said.

In her first interview since taking up the role, Penney Lewis, revealed she is considering whether laws should be amended to “lower the threshold” of criminality for posting false information online that endangers lives.

It comes as the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in September he was “looking very seriously” at making vaccinations compulsory for state school pupils after the UK lost its official measles-free country status due to a steady fall in MMR immunisation rates.
I have done some high level investigations of Professor Penney Lewis and she is very involved in the subjects of law surrounding euthanasia, contraceptive sterilizations and eugenics.

Hans Scholl

All very reminiscent of the attempted H1N1 Baxter pharmaceuticals stunt back in 2008 ?
When it seemed as though they wanted to deliberately cause an outbreak across central Europe.
But for some Irish-Austrian Lady who stopped them in their tracks ?

Does anyone remember that ?

P Shuttle SN ?



Here's a link to the article by the University of Utrecht: https://www.uu.nl/en/news/new-coronavirus-originates-from-bats-too-not-from-snakes


If the novel coronavirus was designed as a biological weapon, it says little for the competence of its designers if it rarely kills and, when it does, nearly always kills elderly Chinese men with preexistíng conditions.

David L

Pft and all, Structural analyses confidently predict that the Wuhan coronavirus uses ACE2 as its host receptor. According to their modeling, although the binding strength between 2019-nCov and ACE2 is weaker than that between SARS-Cov and ACE2, it is still much higher than the threshold required for virus infection. Of note, the 2 male donors have a higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than all other 6 female donors (1.66% vs. 0.41% of all cells, P value=0.07). In addition, the distribution of ACE2 is also more widespread in male donors than females: at least 5 different types of cells in male lung express this receptor, while only 2~4 types of cells in female lung express the receptor. This result is highly consistent with the epidemic investigation showing that most of the confirmed 2019-nCov infected patients were men (30 vs. 11, by Jan 2, 2020). We also noticed that the only Asian donor (male) has a much higher ACE2-expressing cell ratio than white and African American donors (2.50% vs. 0.47% of all cells). This might explain the observation that the new Coronavirus pandemic and previous SARS-Cov pandemic are concentrated in the Asian area. ACE2 is previously known as the receptor for SARS-Cov and NL634–6.

Alarmingly, our data predict that a single mutation [at a specific spot in the genome] could significantly enhance [the Wuhan coronavirus's] ability to bind with human ACE2," the investigators write. For this reason, Wuhan coronavirus evolution in patients should be closely monitored for the emergence of novel mutations at the 501 position in its genome, and to a lesser extent, the 494 position, in order to predict the possibility of a more serious outbreak than has been seen so far.
Severe infection by 2019-nCov could result in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis, causing death in approximately 15% of infected individuals. 2019-nCoV also potentially recognizes ACE2 from a diversity of animal species - pigs, ferrets, cats, orangutans, monkeys and humans (except mice and rats) with similar efficiency, implicating these animal species as possible intermediate hosts or animal models for 2019-nCoV infections.



I did not know that statins were used for sepsis?
Since they rob the body of energy?
Maybe they might have to go back and really look at the benefits of giving IVs of vitamin C?


Yeah, we all are sort of catching on that it has probably happened many times before. No, I did not know about the foot and mouth disease, I just learned to suspect Lyme disease this past year, but it makes sense that it is actually new to the world, and spreading.

Then we all know about AIDS here!


Only one lab in China (not sure) thought the extra strand was from a snake.
But Oh, but after looking at it Lyon-Weiler (I swear, I will eventually learn to spell his name, he has commented on here many times) anyway not a snake virus piece, but a piece of the SARS virus.

So it is a common bat virus with a man made enzyme used to insert a piece of SARS virus.

Thursday Lyon-Weiler and Bigtree was not talking about this little gem of a Harvard traitor actually working in Wuhan, and Chinese espionage. They were talking about instead that Canada's one and only level four bio lab had caught a Chinese virologist that had help create the Ebola vaccine stealing samples. They escorted her, her husband and numerous Chinese students working under her out the door. Not sure if there will be charges.

China has really been busy getting this level four Chernobyl pathogen out to the world. In the process China managed to scare some high ups, those in power. I think they knew what was going on. It is an escapee from a weaponized bio level four lab. We are lucky that this is all it is.

Geniuses they are not, and never have been.

Do you all remember when you were really young, all in school, with big round eyes listening to the lore, the legend, the fairy tales and thinking there really was smart people in the world?


An article published by Utrecht University three days ago stated that the novel coronavirus closely resembles a virus in bats. It said that reports that it was similar to a snake virus were unfounded and not based on genetic analysis.

I think this is another manifestation of the coronavirus naturally evolving and not a product of bioengineering.


This is the most up to date explanation by James Lyons-Weiler, who Dell interviewed about the origins of coronavirus 2019-nCoV.

On the subject of escaping bugs. The Pirbright Lab in the UK which is also working on this viral family is the same establishment that caused 2007 foot-and-mouth outbreak. Tens of thousands of cattle were slaughtered and the ash pits where they were cremated in ended up polluting ground water.
Also, Lyme disease was first identified in the town of Lyme, which is just across a short stretch of water from the germ research center on Plum Island. Gosh, another one of those coincidences. Its now been moved onto the mainland which is far from reassuring.


Interesting report right here.


If I understand it correctly (bit of a cold so a bit foggy) this virus may target Asians mostly (like SARS). They say Asians have more lung cells of a type AT2 that expresses an enzyme ACE2, which provides a receptor that allows the virus to infect the cell. Once the infection takes hold it down-regulates ACE2 expression. Paradoxically ACE2 helps reduce the severity of symptoms. Once it is down regulated symptoms might become more severe.

This may explain a 2 step approach we see. Initially no symptoms or more likely no noticeable symptoms. Then after ACE2 is down regulated more severe symptoms , at least in some people. So not a long incubation period, it just seems that way.

With flu it comes on fast but after symptoms are gone you are still infectious for a time even though you look healthy. This is true with some other infectious diseases so it is not unusual that healthy looking people can spread virus

This is still a cold virus. Its really not anymore serious than influenza or a nasty cold, at least not that the numbers show. More details on the ages and comorbidity of victims, as well as ethnicity could shed more light on matters but keeping people in the dark helps transmit fear which seems to be the main objective.

So let it run its course, humans will develop herd immunity. It will either mutate itself out of existence or mutate enough to become endemic with most humans having partial immunity which minimizes symptoms. The ear between viruses and humans has been a constant war for millions of years with our collective immune systems upgrading to meet each new threat. There are always casualties though, mostly the elderly or sick.


James Lyons-Weiler is interviewed by Del Bigtree re the Coronavirus:


Very good interview; well worth viewing.


I thought this was satire at first but its a serious look at explaining investment opportunities. Makes one wonder if WHO was prompted to act out of pressure from the the pharmaceutical industrial complex.
“Coronavirus Vaccine -- Investing in These Pharmaceutical Companies Could Make you Rich. The World Health Organization has just declared coronavirus a global health emergency.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfHQXNJlmJ8

Bob Moffit

Thought I heard an "expert" on viruses interviewed on Del Bigtree's "Highwire" … state this "Coronavirus" was found to be the product of a man-made laboratory … somehow it has specific genes from two species "bats" and "snake" .. which can only be "joined" in a laboratory and such a "bioweapon" laboratory exists in Wuhan China.

I may have misinterpreted what the man was saying .. but ...it wouldn't surprise me if this is true … especially if there is a VACCINE already for mass distribution.


Epidemic: 30 trillions cases, and that's a low estimate... https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/01/31/epidemic-30-trillion-cases-and-thats-a-low-estimate/ | Jon Rappoport


It has not been human error. With a latency period of up to two weeks and carriers able to infect others during that time, what could anyone do? They couldn’t put all the inhabitants of Wuhan in quarantine. It doesn’t seem to be an extremely serious disease anyway. It’s hubris to assume that humans can control all natural processes. I think that this outbreak is just one of those things and most people won’t even remember it a year from now.


So the take away, after millions of dollars and research and fancy meetings with oh so important people, is... using current low tech options to fight these epidemics by boosting the immune system, is a much better idea than wasting time hoping in potential vaccines.

We could’ve told them that for free.

They’re welcome.

Where’s our cut of all that money?

Angus Files

If they had a vaccine that worked wouldnt you think they would keep it for the elite and let the population of the world perish-mee thinks so.

Pharma For Prison


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