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Ten Day Countdown in Connecticut after HB5044 Moves Forward

Blue sand timerWe'll touch base in about 10 days to check in on the health of the thousands of Retro sarcasm-picpeople who were at the Hartford Capitol this week.  After all, hundreds of infants, toddlers and children who are not vaccinated per the CDC schedule were present for hours at a time.  These "dangers to public health?"

They sat in strollers quietly.
The watched the crowd with intent, alert eyes from carriers.
They played on the floor with each other.
They nibbled healthy snacks. 
Toddlers spoke in full sentences.
Older kids made jokes and played imaginative games.
They listened to their Mom and Dad.

Last week, at the outdoor rally, I watched a Mom of four kids under age six tell the toddler, "stay here," while she threw away some trash. The toddler stayed put and then walked TOWARD her Mom as she returned. 

What didn't they do?

They didn't scream.
They didn't bolt.
They didn't have iPads to communicate.
They didn't have red, papery allergy cheeks.
They didn't have inhalers.
They didn't have dark circles under their eyes.

None of the adults present has had the current CDC vaccination schedule including every worker in the building, every legislator, every concerned citizen whether pro or con HB5044.

In fact, the legislative office building was teeming with undervaccinated citizens, Americans, immigrants, VOTERS!!

We'll check back in ten days to see if the State has shutdown from vaccine targeted disease.   Kim


Bob Moffit

One more for Democrats in the State of Washington .. where Democrat controlled majorities have "decriminalized" knowingly engaging in sexual behaviors while diagnosed with HIV .. without telling partners placed at risk of getting HIV.

Apparently the politicians believe it is "discrimination" against HIV patients to require them to warn sexual partners of exposure to HIV .. which seems a little odd .. in many states Democrats have no problem "discriminating" against unvaccinated children .. denying them access to public schools, day care centers .. their biggest concern is unvaccinated may spread MEASLES??

We live in a world gone mad … where a child who has HEP B is allowed public access to schools .. but .. a child who is HEALTHY .. but not vaccinated with HEP B .. is denied access.

I absolutely HATE introducing POLITICS in our community … but … it seems to me the DEMOCRATS have become more interested in promoting VACCINE COMPLIANCE by eliminating EXEMPTIONS … than protecting PARENTS who have the RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT those EXEMPTIONS PROTECT. Is it me .. or … IS IT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY????

Bob Moffit

Just heard a news report that 12 DEMOCRAT politicians in Mississippi have left the DEMOCRAT party to join the REPUBLICAN party? I suspect their reasoning has more to do with presidential candidates than our CHILDREN'S HEALTH AND SAFETY .. which to me is the far greater reason for politicians to abandon the party that is hell-bent determined to deny parents their universal humanitarian right to INFORMED CONSENT .. prosecuting innocent healthy children by denying THEM access to public schools, day care, etc.

Like it or not .. EVERY STATE where parents are being denied INFORMED CONSENT .. seems be in the hands of DEMOCRATS .. am I wrong??? If so .. please advise. Thanks

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