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Over and Over Again

Show Up or Step Down: Protest HB 5044 Vaccine Bill on Wednesday February 19 at Hartford Connecticut Capitol

CT Rally 3Note: When I was a kid, we had a silly saying "Show up or step down." It was said with hands on prepubescent  hips and as much attitude as an 11 year old could muster. Today I am telling everyone to "Show up in Hartford, CT next Wednesday, or students from day Kindergarten through grad school who are not 100% vaccine compliant will have to step down and stay home." New Jersey staved off their similar bill by showing up in droves in Trenton. It's time to let go of our prim and proper New England ways and become revolutionaries.   Every man, woman and child within 100 miles needs to show up in Hartford. Vermonters, Rhode Islanders, New Hampshire's LIVE FREE OR DIE citizens, Mainers, New Yorkers (yes YOU Westchester) and Massholes (said with love, I'm one myself) need to stand tall with us to fight.

I'll be there with my daughter Bella. Her iPad will be shouting "I AM HEALTHY AND ENTITLED TO SCHOOL!" 

Put on your LL Bean and raise a HELL HELL SCENE.  Kim


The Public Health Committee has raised a bill, HB-5044, which aims to remove the religious exemption completely for all public and private K-12 schools, child care, institutions of higher education and child group care homes in Connecticut. It gives children/students who previously used the religious exemption until the start of the 2020 school year, or Sept 1, 2020 for child care, to get the initial dose of any missed, age-appropriate vaccines and to create a catch-up schedule for any additional required doses. It also would require children/students who are medically exempt from one or more of the vaccines on CT’s vaccination schedule to submit a new certificate, to be created by the Department of Public Health.

The public hearing on February 19, is your opportunity to tell Connecticut legislators that you do not consent to the removal of the religious exemption. It starts at 10:30am in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave Hartford, CT.

Public Hearing for HB 5044

Wednesday, February 19th 9:00am

Legislative Office Building
300 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT


Hans Scholl

I tell you what we are getting somewhere you know.
They are bracing themselves for our onslaught !


Connecticut Lawmakers Brace for Public Hearing on Vaccination Bill
Public Health Committee pitches ban on nonmedical exemptions for childhood vaccinations
By Joseph De Avila Feb. 15, 2020 9:00 am ET

Connecticut lawmakers are gearing up for a potentially contentious public hearing about legislation that would eliminate religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations.

The state legislature’s Public Health Committee, controlled by Democrats, has proposed a bill that would only permit exemptions to school-vaccination requirements for medical reasons. If approved, Connecticut would become the sixth state in the U.S. to ban nonmedical exemptions to vaccines.


Hans Scholl

TiM Podcast, EP. 10: Proposed Law Would Protect “Informed Dissent”Of Parents Over Vaccines (click to see stats)
Found 16 hours ago (read/view on www.youtube.com)
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Super important to go. Put a stop to this.

Hans Scholl

Posted by: Bob Moffit | February 15, 2020 at 08:08 AM

The protests in any size are useful every time.
In the UK its the near absolute silence that is killing us here.
Its the quantity and the global nature of them that will count .
Film it, put it up on the Free Web before they lock down the web.

Its the crime of all centuries - the magnitude of these vaxtrocities is practically unquantifiable and almost unimaginable.


Stop voting for and supporting these Legislatures. The members tax us too much then they use that money to literally attack the citizenry. Do not send them money for their campaigns beginning now and throughout the year. Make sure you address your concerns to their offices via snail-mail -- it is too easy to ignore the public protests, fax and email messages.


Good vibes to all attendees!!! And thank you!!!!

Shelley Tzorfas

This is a fight to NOT get POISONED with Neurotoxic ALUMINUM, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, Deadly PEANUT oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods, Human Fetal Cell DNA-gender bending and tumorigenic, plus parts of Animal cells.

Bob Moffit

Go BIG ... or … STAY HOME ….

The entire country is watching YOUR effort to stop MEDICAL TYRANNY … God bless all who attend

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