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Rally in Hartford CT to Fight Removal Of Religious Exemption Today

CT HC billboard
CT Health Choice Billboard

Today, there is a rally in Hartford, Connecticut to tell legislators loud and clear that we do not consent to the removal of the Religious Exemption to vaccination.


Meet at the entrance of Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT to pick up your signs, if you ordered one, and get your demonstration location assignment.

ASSEMBLE 7:30-9:30 am

Assemble in assigned locations so legislators and media see us when they arrive for the day.

Press conference at Connecticut State Capitol, Capitol North Steps, (Facing Bushnell Park), 210 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT

ADVOCATE 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Advocacy hours.

From WTNH, New Haven, CT

Will the religious exemption on childhood vaccinations be repealed in Connecticut?

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont will be addressing the state in the governor’s annual State of the State address on Wednesday ahead of the general legislative session. One of the “hot button” issues expected to receive some attention in the 2020 session is religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations.

The repeal of the exemption is slated for action in February.

Those against mandating vaccinations said this bill will kick the door open. It’s not just about the current schedule of shots — they believe it will lay the groundwork to force people into flu shots and HPV shots, not just for kids, but adults, too.

Telling parents they have to vaccinate their children and can no longer use “religious exemption” to opt-out is expected to be an emotionally-charged debate at the Capitol this year.

Melissa Sullivan of Health Choice CT believes this bill is a slippery slope to allow the government to choose a medical procedure for your child and potentially you as an adult: “We want to be able to make medical decisions for our children with our doctors.”

Health Choice Connecticut is a grassroots group of parents, doctors, and health professionals who believe it is your right to choose whether to vaccinate your child. Ramping up their message they just unveiled billboards on the highways leading to the Capitol.

House Majority Leader Matt Ritter of Hartford says the ban is about protecting vulnerable populations. Ritter explained, “We have children who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons and that’s who we are trying to protect here.”

Representative Ritter and others are concerned kids with diseases like cancer can’t get vaccinated and are vulnerable.

But Sullivan says those kids are not in school. She explained that she does not rely on other parents to vaccinate their kids to keep her immuno-compromised child healthy.  Read more here.


Hans Scholl

For me , vaccination is the greatest crime in all history.... Nothing else comes close.

The rally in Connecticut was screened live on FaceBook yesterday for anyone to have viewed.
The world is getting smaller by the day.


More people are needed at this critical time in Connecticut to push back and stop religious exemptions from being removed. This could happen fast as it did in New York. New Jersey stopped it twice with the number of people who showed up at the Statehouse. I urge all citizens in Connecticut or who are nearby and care about this issue to get involved immediately and please be a presence, a loud presence. This is the time. If choice is removed, it will not be easily restored. Please show up and bring your friends.

Laura Hayes

I must credit Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for sharing the great quote with me today, via her email group for her vaccine education boot camp courses!


Wonderful quote, Laura!

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Kathy Sincere


Thank you for this great quote from Dr. Ripley! I will be sharing this with legislators here in Colorado where 3 very bad vaccine bills have dropped in the last week. Our state is totally controlled by the Dems - House, Senate and Governor.

Please pray for the people of our state!

Hans Scholl

WHIP IT UP PEOPLE ..... Lets give them a little bit of New Jersey medicine !

Laura Hayes

Quote from a CT doctor in 1900:

"Never in the history of medicine has there been produced so false a theory, such fraudulent assumptions such disastrous and damning results as have followed the practice of this disgusting rite. It is the ultima thule [highest degree attainable] of learned quackery and lacks the faintest shadow of a scientific basis. The fears of the whole people have been played upon as to the dangers of smallpox and the sure prevention by vaccination.

The lifeblood of nations has become the cesspool of vaccinators, wherein they have poured the foul excretions from diseased beasts into a living creature. When a mad dog enters a community and bites a child, people rise up and demand the death of the creature. But the dog caused the death of one; the mad doctor, with his calf-lymph poisoned lance has caused the deaths of tens of thousands.

The cause of vaccination is backed by ignorance. I am guilty of being part of it. I vaccinated for five years, ignorantly supposing that it was a preventive of smallpox [and other illness]. I took for granted what my medical teachers had affirmed. I came near being a murderer in my own family. For weeks, my son was in a stupor and in health crisis. I took a solemn oath that as long as I would live, I would never poison another human being with vaccine virus. I have kept my vow.”

Confession of Dr. E.M. Ripley of Unionville, Connecticut in a public address. 1900.

Bob Moffit

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont will be addressing the state in the governor’s annual State of the State address on Wednesday ahead of the general legislative session. One of the “hot button” issues expected to receive some attention in the 2020 session is religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations."

I will go out on a limb here and predict this 'hot button issue" of removing religious exemptions .. that caused hundreds if not a thousand parents to storm Connecticut's Legislature .. will NOT BE MENTIONED IN GOVERNOR LAMONT'S ANNUAL STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS THIS WEDNESDAY. NOT A WORD .. NOT A PEEP … AND THE MEDIA WILL SAY NOTHING ALSO.

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