CT HB 5044 Will Create Mandate Refugees
Rally in Hartford Needs All Hands on Deck

Pharma-Funded Vaccine Front Groups Misinform U.S. Lawmakers

LieBy Nancy Hokkanen

As legislatures across America debate coercive vaccine mandate bills, pharmaceutical lobbyists and their paid proxies are barraging lawmakers with questionable industry-friendly information. How many more state and federal lawmakers will be manipulated into letting profit-focused corporations set vaccine policy for all citizens, regardless of inability to tolerateinjections with potentially hazardous ingredients?

Pharma-funded vaccine bills have become a litmus test of legislators’ knowledge, priorities and ethics – and a chilling testament to corporations’ metastasizing abuse of civil rights and democratic processes.

  • In June 2019, New York’s legislature repealed religious exemptionsto vaccines – without public hearings. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed that bill into law after pressure from vaccine profiteers, incentivized by a promiseto invest $48 million for jobs in Albany.
  • In September 2019, California passed SB-276, which forces physicians to file exemption forms with the state’s immunization registry for approval – interfering with doctor/client confidentiality, while adding a layer of biased bureaucracy to intimidate taxpaying citizens.
  • Vaccine mandates have created a wave of medical refugees – people who cannot be safely vaccinated are forced to move out of state. Californians are migrating to neighboring Oregon or Idaho to escape laws that paradoxically will harm their health.

If results measure success, then America’s public health policies are failing:

How many lawmakers would pass oppressive vaccine mandates if they knew that government evidence showed 1 in 39 people suffer health damage from vaccines?

In 2010, the Federal Agency for Health Care Research (AHCR) ran a pilot study “to test the efficiency of a state-of-the-art machine counting (AI) system on data records from the Harvard Pilgrim HMO,” reported the advocacy group Children’s Health Defense:

“Those government researchers found that 2.6% of vaccination resulted in injuries – a ratio of one for every 39 vaccines administered.

“[U.S. Centers for Disease Control] officials were so panicked by AHRC’s revelations that they killed the AI system-wide roll-out.” 

The widespread rot of vaccine misinformation is rooted in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, its Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization.

At a Dec. 2, 2019 closed-door meetingWHO officials admitted alarming limitations in their knowledge of vaccines’ effects. Said Prof. Heidi Larson, Ph.D.: “We need much more investment in safety science,” adding that most doctors receiveonly a half-day of college vaccine education. A number of WHO officials voiced concerns about:

  • frequency of adverse reactions,
  • adjuvant reactogenicity and cross-reactivity,
  • lack of post-vaccination follow-up,
  • inadequate database management.

The factual disparity between WHO’s public relations content versus their members’ empirical observations is shockingly clear in a video posted by The HighWire with Del Bigtree. In a Nov. 28, 2019 promo video, WHO’s Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, M.D. confidently announced to the camera:

“Vaccines are very safe. If someone gets sick after vaccine, it is usually either a coincidence, an error in administering the vaccine administration, or very rarely a problem with the vaccine itself. That’s why we have vaccine safety systems – robust safety systems... thoroughly monitored with support from the W.H.O.”

Yet just five days later, in the closed-door WHO meeting, Dr. Swaminathan said the opposite:

“[W]e really don’t have very good safety monitoring communication in many countries... we’re not able to give clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine... in most cases there is some obfuscation... and therefore less and less trust in the system.”

Such disturbing revelations of ignorance are amplified when set against the backdrop of a far-away disease outbreak – which, as the CDC frequently states, is just a plane ride away.


Global pharmaceutical companies profit immensely from citizens’ chronic illnesses (many linked to vaccine adverse reactions) while also getting away with:

Why the dissonance between public health stakeholders’ PR and the actual health outcomes of the citizens they serve? Canadian philosopher John Ralston Saul asserts that the declining Western society “toils unconsciously in the grip of a stifling ‘corporatist’structure that serves the needs of business managers and technocrats as it promotes the segmentation of society into competing interest groups and ethnic blocks.” That ethos is made manifest in pharma front groups, whose employeessupply human faces to mask corporate avarice.

In 2019, corporations spent $295,165,093 on pharmaceuticals/health products lobbying. The global value of high-stakes biopharmaceutical goods and services is $1.1 trillion total, according to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). Health companies spend $30 billion on medical marketing – yet “regulatory oversight remains limited.”

Pharmaceutical companies fund front groups (e.g. Voices for Vaccines, and PhRMA’s Voters For Cures) that meet with state and federal lawmakers. These nonprofits-for-hire skirt lobbying laws while promoting bills to secure long-term, high-volume vaccine contracts for manufacturers. Front groups push intrusive legislation to remove consumers’ exemptions from vaccines –which increases corporations’ customer base, at the expense of individuals’ health.

Pharma front groups lock in state vaccine mandates by redirecting attention from evidence of vaccine failures, and stoking unreasonable fear of treatable diseases. Group members publicly intimidate vaccine injury victims and “refusers,” encouraging their oppression by portraying them as conspiracy theorists or a threat to public health. (Or both.)

Many front groups are astroturf groups: “fake grassroots,”according to investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson:

“Entities deploy surreptitious methods to make us believe ordinary people in grassroots efforts are speaking to an issue when, in fact, organized, paid corporate and political interests are pulling the strings. It’s cloaked propaganda.”

Adding insult to vaccine injury are front group mouthpieces who sing the praises of regulatory agency capture, increasing the spread of opportunistic medical misinformation from the top down, with a viral global reach.

Email Reiss Plotkin Ernst 2014 PR collaboration FOIA doc


PhRMA helps fund the American Medical Association (AMA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and their trade publications, the Journal of the American Medical Association(JAMA) and Pediatrics. AMA and AAP’s dues-paying members buy and administer vaccines, publish studies, and lobby state legislatures. Medical trade unions whose members showcasetheir Hippocratic oath conversely promote liability-free vaccines – like pharmaceutical companies, they bear no financial responsibility if their patients’ health is harmed by that product.

CHART US ER visits children drug reaction vaccine injury

A 2016 JAMA study of pediatric adverse drug reactions revealed that in children under five years old who required emergency room admissions, 19.5% had suffered vaccine injuries(Shehab et al., “US Emergency Department Visits for Outpatient Adverse Drug Events.”) Yet AMA and AAP play little proactive role in promoting the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of vaccine adverse reactions. If you are injured by a vaccine, you’re on your own – unless you connect with any of many endlessly growing networks of vaccine injury victims.

Instead of recognizing patients’ medical susceptibility to vaccine adverse reactions, Minnesota’s AAP branch essentially promotes vaccine mandates’ one-size-fits-all medical treatment:

“Public health comes first and foremost. When anti-vaxxers start to talk about personal freedom, remember that state and federal law rightly allows the government to protect the health of the community.”

Everyone has the right to not be injured by a medical intervention – especially one forced upon them by government. Public health policymakers’ “greater good” excuse is chilling in its selective regard for human life, and willingness to coerce fellow humans into health-altering medical interventions by using punitive legal oppressions. Moral philosopher John Bordley Rawls states in A Theory of Justice:

“Each person possesses an inviolability founded on justice that even the welfare of society as a whole cannot override... It does not allow that the sacrifices imposed on a few are outweighed by the larger sum of advantages enjoyed by many… the rights secured by justice are not subject to political bargaining or to the calculus of social interests.”


The Atlanta-based Task Force for Global Health was founded in 1984 by a former director of the CDC, with the goal of raising childhood vaccination rates globally. This “non-State actor” boasts “powerful partnerships” that include funders such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, CDC and WHO. In 2019 TFGH absorbed the former Brighton Collaboration, a group formed in 1999 to “build trust in the safety of vaccines” – but actually generated fraudulent research intended to erase evidence of vaccine adverse reactions.

Vaccinate Your Family (formerly Every Child By Two) exemplifies profit-first mission creep in its very name change.The group lobbies state legislatures and Congress to create mandates and eliminate exemptions. VYF is funded by vaccine manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer and Sanofi Pasteur.

The Immunization Action Coalition, based in Minnesota, receives funding via a CDC grant and from pharmaceutical companies. IAC is pushing for more adults to be vaccinated, even tying it to driver’s license eligibility. IAC encouragesmedical clinics to insert standing orders for vaccinations into patient records, through deceptive communications instead of informed consent. IAC executive director Deborah Wexler also serves on other vaccine group boards.

Voices For Vaccines, which lobbies legislatures to eliminate vaccine exemptions, is a funded program of the Task Force for Global Health, which owns the V4V website. A detailed 2014 investigative article features charts detailing ethically conflicted financial relationships amongst the Task Force for Global Health, CDC, Emory University and vaccine manufacturers.

Voices for Vaccines, co-founded by Minnesota mom Karen Ernst, issues inane pronouncements devoid of factual reference, such as these hostile 2014 Tweets:

“Stop using #autism as a reason not to vaccinate.”

“The privilege of living among so many others who vaccinate makes anti-vaxxers feel complacent.”

Ernst is paid to fly across the country attending other states’ legislative hearings, and recording videos of people who oppose forced vaccination. When she herself was asked by Washington State advocates about informed consent, mercury and aluminum toxicity, Ernst’s evasive stumbling and hasty retreat showed that intellectually she is way out of her depth.

Around the world, countries are banning Monsanto’s herbicide glyphosate due to its scientifically proven carcinogenicity – yetin 2019 Ernst posted on Facebook:

“Roundup does not cause cancer. The lawyer in that Roundup lawsuit was RFK Jr, who is a kook. The one study that suggested cancer was retracted. Roundup is one of the least toxic herbicides we have.”

Really, Karen? A judge, jury, and independent glyphosate researchers beg to differ – not to mention that “least toxic” still means “toxic.” Also Ernst fails to consider cumulative body burden over months and years of contaminant consumption, especially in small children.

Ernst is a fan of pioneering vaccine developer Dr. Stanley Plotkin – a man revered or reviled, depending on whether you profited from his experiments, or were victimized by them. Orphans, lacking a caring parent to deny consent, were used byPlotkin for his unethical medical experiments on minors.

Dr. Plotkin is listed as a V4V advisor; Ernst’s request that he testify in a court case ended up backfiring. During a January 11, 2018 deposition of Dr. Plotkin, conducted by New York attorney Aaron Siri, the vaccine researcher was (as reported by columnist Levi Quackenboss):

forced to admit that over his career he’d tested his vaccines on mentally retarded children, orphans, and babies born to female inmates… Needless to say, the very next morning Dr. Stanley Plotkin withdrew from testifying as an expert witness on vaccines – he no longer felt confident to speak about the safety and necessity of the products that made him a millionaire.”

VaxXed Bus2 Craig Egan Karen Ernst Patsy Stinchfield Mpls 8-26-17
Craig Egan, Karen Ernst, Patsy Stinchfield

Ernst shows similar callous disregard for other humans’ vaccine-induced suffering – recklessly indulging her overt schadenfreude with heartless grave-dancing when crashing events to honor vaccine injury victims, living and dead.


Over the past 10 years, mainstream media has usually failed to report factually or fully on vaccine safety issues, or blacks it out entirely. Conspicuous by their absence are consumer-focused investigations into problems with vaccine efficacy, toxicity,contamination, spoilage, and citizens’ civil rights abuses. The problem is journalists’ recent willingness to accept CDC’s PR statements as fact, rather than doing a deep dive, following the money and finding the frauds.

Facebook billionaire and community journalism funder Mark Zuckerberg made observations about journalism that extend to legislative discussions of bills:

“You’re not going to be able to bridge common ground, unless you have a “common set of facts so that you can at least have a coherent debate.”

If vaccine profiteers’ mythical “mountain of evidence” on vaccine safety is based on fraudulent research, then it’s a mountain of garbage. Vaccine safety advocates defendeveryone’s freedom of speech and right to publish well-referenced information about all medical products – an absolute necessity when honest information is not forthcoming from industry or government.

Pharmaceutical companies spend $6 billion on drug advertising declaring vaccines as safe and necessary – backed up by front groups demanding that anyone refusing the product should face loss of privileges and punitive penalties. These tactics influence mainstream media content, leading to coordinated op-eds strategically planted in advance of legislation and afterward. And with large influential publications bought by billionaires who own vaccine-related businesses, money wins again.

A peculiar media hybrid is emerging: A national network of reporters focusing on state capitol coverage, writing articles for new and traditional forums. One such organization “backed by non-disclosed donors” is States Newsroom, whose “non-profit” Minnesota Reformer hires former writers from the less-than-objective  Minneapolis Star Tribune. The noble-sounding but disingenuous mission of the presumptuously named Reformer:

“We’re in the halls of government tracking what elected officials are up to – and monitoring the powerful forces trying to influence them.”

But the MN Reformer turns misinformer with its biased February 9 article:

  • pejoratively uses “anti-vaccine” instead of “vaccine safety advocate”;
  • polarizes a complex medical issue into a political party-loyalty standoff;
  • omits Dr. Robert Jacobson’s ties to vaccine sellers;
  • leverages measles fear, but neglects to mention the cases in vaccinated people;
  • fails to address biological studies on vaccine adverse reactions, substituting polls and opinions from financial stakeholders;
  • omits interviews with victims or parents of vaccine-injured children, to learn the facts of post-vaccination regressions.

With mainstream media’s ad revenues dependent on medical companies, these public-private collaborations can devolve into “news for hire” services that churn copy customized for any agenda… which amounts to public relations. The sad state of the Fourth Estate as described by the Columbia Journalism Review:

“Journalism likes long reads, but right now it needs the money more.”


Back in 1950, pharmaceutical pioneer George Merck remarked on financial conflicts of interest:

“We try never to forget that medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits.”

In April 2016, Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Gregory Poland, a Merck vaccine developer, gave a PowerPoint presentation to the national lobbying group Women In Government on how to incentivize state legislatures to promote vaccines for adults:

“If a private donor could be identifies who would provide each of you a $1,000,000 ‘grant’ IF you developed legislation and policies that materially improved the health of your states and communities – could/would you do it?”

In 2018 Dr. Alix Casler, a paid Merck spokesperson, spoke at an HPV symposium put on by Maryland Department of Health staff. Dr. Casler encouraged attendees to offer free dinners, wine and sales bonuses to encourage physicians to promote HPV vaccines, such as Merck’s Gardasil.

In November 2019, U.S. Right To Know reported that the CDC’s National Foundation took “nearly $80 million from drug companies and other commercial manufacturers during fiscal years 2014-2018.”

By 2023, global pharmaceutical spending is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion.


Greed has corrupted many vaccine manufacturers, government regulatory agencies, media, and even institutions of higher learning into enabling research fraud or facilitating corporation-driven government policies. Worse, that greed has blocked access to truthful information about vaccines’ risks and limitations – but by motivating ethical citizens, that is a solvable problem.

Organized, informed citizens are using their constitutional rights to speak out against corrupt government and industry practices that harm health. Ad hoc watchdog groups alert legislators to corrupt practices by federal agencies, which can infect state policies. The National Vaccine Information Centerand Health Choice are tracking a variety of state vaccine billsthat hold powers that be accountable:

  • HAWAII introduced a bill to allow conscientious exemptions for children’s vaccines.
  • SOUTH DAKOTAintroduced House Bill 1235 that would prohibit schools from requiring immunizations. HB 1235 states:

“No public or nonpublic post secondary educational institutions may mandate any immunizations for school entry. A public or private post secondary educational institution may request any student to submit medical records. No educational institution may use coercive means to require immunization.”

  • MINNESOTAintroduced SF 3110 (known as the ICAN bill, also filed in other states):

“Vaccine minimum safety standards requirement for any vaccine required to enroll or remain enrolled in an elementary or secondary school.”

Public health policies propelled by the “good intentions” of legislators, state immunization departments, and medical professionals are perversely damaging countless people’s health – and forcing citizens from schools, jobs, homes and communities. American taxpayers cannot allow their legislatures to continue legalizing state vaccine mandates written by irresponsible affiliations of corporate profiteers, which has only proved disastrous to public health.


(Nancy Hokkanen is a Contributing Editor at Age of Autismand a member of the consumer advocacy group Health Choice.)


For Amanda

Hi. Yes. Thanks for asking. Kim


Do we have permission to copy with credit, large sections to include in text of emails (or print out) for legislators? So much great info here.


Dear PFT,
I am so sorry that the amazing American Healthcare System will have to be reduced to wink and nod socialist "medicine". It is truly very sad.
But still better than burying your baby, or dealing with a life-long disability...

bob martin

BASTDS and in the monarchy that is now moving into Canada and the usa https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/how-to-tweet#source-labels



Actually Big Pharma DOES care where the vaccine ends up, because they need to get rid of the growing de facto control group of unvaxxed / undervaxxed people. And besides that, there is the issue of them making money coming and going... off the vaccine, as well as off the resulting chronic autoimmune issues that follow. Which is why my pediatrician told me she faces loss of her license and perhaps jail for fraud if she messes with them. I wouldn’t put it past them to even stage sting operations on doctors to make examples out of anyone who tried to get around their control.


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The site administration avian flu talk has forbidden to leave a message on the site

Hans Scholl

Vaccinate Your Family (formerly Every Child By Two)

I wonder if the web address "Eliminate Your Family" is taken ?


You don't need an exemption. Just a friendly Doctor who will bill you for the vaccine and write up the certificate but inject it into the sink instead of your child. You might need to sweeten the pot though. So the Doc gets his bonus for meeting the vaccine quota and something extra. What a racket.

It just occurred to me to ask. Will Big Pharma/insurance companies still give bonuses to Docs if the state has mandatory vaccination. Seems not necessary now if informed consent is out the window. Docs will need to find another source of revenue to replace the bonuses.

So the industry saves on bonuses and even if people buy the certificate and they still buy the vaccines as the Doc needs to avoid detection, and that would come with inadequate vaccine purchases. The vaccine makers don't care where the vaccine ends up (sink or child) although Big Pharma makes money off the illnesses children get from vaccines. They do realize only a small fraction can pay to avoid vaccination in this manner so will look the other way

Of course, maybe they still keep paying bonuses to maintain control over the Docs to keep them from speaking out.


I hope advocates feel free to copy the text and information at the links to advance their their lobbying efforts.

Emailing part or all to lawmakers is quick and easy. States have websites listing the email addresses and webform links for legislators.

Alice Schneiderman

Now is the time to get money out of politics.
Seek out candidates that have Campaign Finance Reform as a priority.
Seek out candidates that do not accept dark money, super pac donations, special interest donations, and donations from corporations including pharmaceutical companies.
Campaign rhetoric is not a credible source.
Follow the money, math is not biased.
Compare & contrast the candidates here:

Angus Files

Pharma Pay to Play and the game is vaccines - game total destrution to the life and health of our children,HOW EVIL!

Many thanks Nancy superbly written and researched as you always are.

Pharma For Prison


Kristin Sullivan

Thank you Nancy for your fabulously written article (as always). Karen Ernst's pharma funded group is hosting a miniscule rally tomorrow at the MN State Capitol to advocate to remove Minnesota's conscientious exemption to vaccines:

She also organized a lobby 101 session for medical students with Senator (Dr) Klein (DFL). The only people who advocate for mandatory vaccination are paid by pharma - either directly or indirectly.

Bob Moffit

If anyone still does not understand what is meant by THE SWAMP that now rules supreme over our country .. Nancy's excellent presentation in this column defines, identifies and explains how the SWAMP works … until the SWAMP is DRAINED from the top to bottom … that damn



At 1:51:00 in the WHO video, Dr. Robert Chen spoke about the need for tracking the vaccines with bar-codes or something. China is about to introduce a tracking system for Vaccines. It will be a whole-process tracking system, which means it will provided an audit trail detailing each stage of manufacturing, through to recipient. Hopeful it will thwart manufactures from the practise of dispatching shipments which comprise of mixed batches to avoid multiple vaccine injuries from a single batch clustering in one geographic area. Thus making it harder to identify the vaccines as being the cause. Makes me wonder though, if a contributory reason for its introduction is to ensure the authorities, that they haven’t missed anyone.
From other sources (from inside industry) I gather, the audit trail will be recorded as a blockchain. This ensures that the data can’t be tampered with (unless one’s very clever and it has been done). As far as know the Chines haven’t made this bit public yet, so your reading it on AoA first.
China sets timetable for national vaccine tracking system http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2019-12/16/c_138634769.htm
And just in case anyone is at all interest in what a blockchain is:


A very well put together article .

www.rt.com>Shows>going underground 15 Feb 2020
Coronavirus threat : Can we develop a vaccine ...RT .com
Dr Thomas Breuer,GSK .Vaccines chief medical officer .
Says "Vaccines are not medicines" I did not know that ? but I am not a gambler in the new speak nomenclature clucking cleek ,except that homeopathically speaking "It takes one to spot one!"

The Gambler- Kenny Rogers Youtube

Tim Lundeen

@nancy California's SB-276 makes it impossible for normal people to get vaccine exemptions. Only if you are extremely well-connected politically might you be able to get them. Children attending public and private schools will be de-facto 100% fully-vaccinated per school mandates.

The next step will be to increase the number of mandated vaccines, which can be done by administrative hearing per the prior SB-277.

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