Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Non‑neurodegenerative/ Non‑neurodevelopmental Disease: A Comparison with Multiple Sclerosis
WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a “serious breach of international ethical standards”


Susanne Senk

I love the simple clear TRUTH you delivered to the ACIP! Thank you Kevin Tuttle


Thank you Kevin Tuttle excellent presentation of giving them the good news that the truth re vaccines "Will not miss them, and hit the wall behind them!"
Are vaccines the core business, best pharma profit makers for the industry?
Sold as cost effective for economic health and wealth ? Sold as safe, but considered unsafe at the same time ?
WHO? is response-able and accoun-table for giving our dear medical professionals a lop-sided, full frontal, perception lobotomy?>news>Aug 2019 .
BMA Anti-vaccination: a needless waste of life
Why is the vaccine industry still trying to build it's "High Flying ?" profit driven ,essential second wing, of it's own capacity and competency in mid flight ! coronavirus vaccine development a perfect example of same !
If it looks like ,presents as, and behaves like "A one-wing-puddle-jumper" What is it?

The Three stooges -Swinging' The Alphabet [1938] Youtube
United Nations states it needs a new narrative to deal with vaccine hesatancy ?

"Good God in Govan!" If the present attempt at "Shepherding the narrative" thinks it's ok?
Then God help them" because normal ordinary people will not"

Gaelic Proverb says "It only takes a small hole to sink a big ship !

Peter Miles

I agree that the vaccination issue should be considered a crime against humanity, However the USA has still not ratified the ICC, and it is becoming quite apparent that this is one of the many reasons that the USA will never, without a monumental change to the administration (Republican or Democrat) ratify this important global initiative. Skeletons are bursting out of the USA closet and the lawmakers (insert sarcastic comment here!), in the pockets of business (insert second sarcastic comment here!), are writhing in their efforts to manipulate logic and reason to cover-up their, and their masters' culpability.


At some point their guilt and culpability will become so apparent and undeniable, that the trial (and presumed innocence or just following orders)-- might be skipped and go straight to sentencing.




Kevin Tuttle is a hero. AoA, thank you for posting this.

susan welch

David L. Thank you so much for the transcript. Definitely one to save.


So grateful to this man for calling this what it truly is.


Yes, another Nuremberg Trial is in order. Officials, scientists, CEOs, journalists. Do we have enough rope though? Better yet, just vaccinate them according to CDC schedule for kids.

Angus Files

Well said Kevin you speak for all of us thank you very much!.

Pharma For Prison


David L

@debbie, quick transcript.

Hi I'm Kevin Tuttle, a former Air Force officer, father of two, as well as president of the Adverse Events Recovery and Information Center which helps fund recovery to the people injured by your decisions. I sat down the other day to watch Netflix and as happens to every middle-aged man, I decided to watch a World War 2 documentary. It occurred to me while watching this - hey, you people are going to be in a heap of trouble when the Nuremberg Tribunal like trials happen here after your crimes against humanity are uncovered, because what history shows us is that truth prevails.

My grandmother survived a Nazi regime that eventually crumbled due to what the world finally saw was happening, mass murder. Your tyrannical regime is also crumbling. The people are rising up against a slow Holocaust you're inflicting upon us. You can't hide the truth from parents who have witnessed vaccine harm.

I read this week that your buddies at the WHO recently revised how adverse events after vaccination are classified. So that if a child with a heart condition for example gets vaccinated and then was his heart condition that caused the death and not the vaccine. Isn't that convenient. Tell me how that's ethical. It's shocking how a product that isn't safety tested isn't tested for carcinogenicity or mutagenicity and has no liability can be so revered amongst medical professionals. What you call science is simply marketing and people are seeing through it. For instance, people know that acute flaccid paralysis is polio triggered by the oral polio vaccine. Changing the name doesn't change the condition.

Your lies are being uncovered. The lies that come from this board and the CDC caused far more sickness and death than measles, chickenpox, whooping cough, and all the other diseases all vaccines for combined. Let's take a look at some of your lies. Your slogan of safe and effective. The definition of safe is protected from or not exposed to danger or risk. Effective means successful in producing a desired or intended result. Clearly, your products aren't safe since the Supreme Court ruled they were unavoidably unsafe, and countless testimonies prove their danger. I can only presume your intended outcome is to injure and kill so I'll let you have the effective portion of that. You should be sued for misleading advertising. When you tell patients that you need Gardasil or they will get HPV, that is a lie. When you say the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself from the flu, that is a lie. When you tell the new mother that her baby is in danger unless it receives the Hep B moments after birth, that is a lie. Vaccines don't cause autism... that is a lie.

Remember the Tuskegee Experiment. Their lives could have been saved, but those in authority watched them suffer and did nothing to help, much like the Nazi leadership. How is what you're doing here any different? Your lies are catching up with you. I'd start worrying about that trial.


Mediocris Kevin?
He is seriously amazing!

Stand Up!

Kevin, Perfectly said !...and with a perfect amount of irreverence pointed at this unaccountable, unethical, grossly misinformed, and ultimately immoral committee. This systematic poisoning of our children—our most vulnerable—has to stop!!! I look forward to their trials becoming a reality —so their unmistakeable arrogance be put on full display.

Debbie A Barry

Is there a transcript of his comments?


BOOM! Who is this guy?!? I couldn’t have said it better myself. Love him!

susan welch

This is so amazing. Kevin sounded just a little nervous for the first few seconds, but very quickly he 'got into his stride' and socked it to them!

I would loved to have been there to see their faces.

So well said, Kevin.

Bob Moffit

Thank you Kevin for introducing the obvious comparison of those prosecuted at the Nuremberg trials for conducting cruel medical experimentations on innocent, healthy citizens in Nazi Germany .. and .. those presently sitting on the ACIP committee making callously indifferent, reckless decisions regarding vaccines THEY know have not been subject to minimal scientific safety policies .. such as .. placebo blind control studies .. or .. REFUSING to conduct an independent scientific study of vaccinated v unvaccinated populations that would be critical in determining which population is healthier.

Kevin's testimony will likely be used in future Nuremberg like trials to demonstrate these participants will be held personally accountable having been forewarned their callous disregard for the health and safety of GENERATIONS OF CHILDREN WILL NEITHER BE FORGOTTEN NOR FORGIVEN

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