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UK Law Commissioner Threatens Criminal Action Against Vaccine Critics

I Am Worthy Video Because ALL Children Have the Right to an Education

LonelyBelow is a short video from Health Choice 4 Action.

Massachusetts advocates are asking residents of The Bay State (where I was born) to forward this video to their Senators and Representatives. We are facing the same laws in Connecticut this week. And I am personally asking my fellow Nutmeg State residents to share this video on Facebook, Twitter and local groups.  Thank you.




Eindecker; how do you feel about all these children who will no longer have an education? Do you feel it is a human rights issue that you should be doing something about?
You should know that per the CDC guidelines, even death of a sibling from a vaccine is no medical reason not to vaccinate! Can you imagine being forced by the government to inject a substance into your child that killed a previous one and that everyone knew had killed a previous one?
In Nazi Germany, a lot of people probably thought what was happening was wrong, but just decided to go along with it anyway. Would you protect these children, or is this something where you are happy to wash your hands and watch it happen?


You cannot be serious Grace (!) Green I think the best answer is to say that Nature invented mild infectious diseases to weed out the weak, and that they are the ones who should be thrown overboard - by banning vaccines! Modern medical science seems to have become the art of keeping alive those who have no hope, at the expense of the healthiest. That's one of the most ridiculous/obscene statements I've seen on this web site survival of the fittest eh? So no antibiotics/insulin for you!

John Stone


No, I don’t have any difficulty at all with the proposition that most micro-organisms are harmless to humans but that some are not. The fact that you think you have made a clever point is what is the problem.


"I am afraid this is just pure whimsy"

No John. "Whimsy" is the belief that a trillion viruses are harmless, but a few dozen are lethal.


I would love to know what your explanation for the above is. Do you think scientists have sifted through and rigorously tested every single one of the trillions of viruses that rain down on us from the sky and determined that absolutely none of them are or could be pathogenic?



I agree that it’s beneficial .for most children to just go through the childhood diseases naturally, and certainly better at a species level. But it’s not that the diseases were designed by Nature to be mild and beneficial. Nature is red in tooth and claw and gave infectious pathogens the tools to pull ahead to promote their own interests and propagate. But at least it allowed us to develop impressive, skilled immune systems with innumerable stratagems to combat germs. We only were able to reduce measles from a killer disease to a mild, universal one by centuries of struggle with it, so that we passed on to our children certain abilities to take it on naturally and with benefit. We may be losing that now, thanks to the dangerous and unnecessary vaccine.


I wouldn’t ban vaccines, but there should be no mandates. Everyone should have the right to get recommended vaccines if he thinks it’s a good choice. Dr. Moskowitz said in his book Vaccines that while he doesn’t give any vaccines, most of his parents got their children the vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus, and polio, and he thought that that was reasonable. Of course there’s still a risk, but it’s much, much lower if those were the only ones you got. He’s against the Hib vaccine because it and the other meningitis vaccines alter the natural biome we’ve achieved over millions of years. I think the Hib series is a reasonable choice after four months old because Hib meningitis was killing one in a thousand babies thirty years ago, before the vaccine, for babies not breastfed and in day care. But it should be up to the well-informed parent to decide.


I don’t think it’s often dangerous to go to a doctor (or vet) regardless of the germs in the waiting and examination rooms. We’ve done both (not very often), without catching anything. I caught that one flu at the doctor’s many years ago, C caught pertussis at a La Leche League meeting at eight months old, I caught strep throat at her play group, and B Victoria flu two months ago coming back from Mexico, either on a plane or at one of the four airports. C very rarely gets sick.


I think it would be easy to do a thirty-second SuperBowl ad. Ten seconds of a baby screaming in pain and terror as he gets a shot. Ten seconds of the baby screaming in agony in his parent’s arms from vaccine encephalitis. Then ten seconds showing the autism which results. Or a seizure. The possibilities for effective visceral communication are endless. Most people have no idea.

Rereading I see that I said that my chilango acquaintance completely discounted vaccine damage. That’s not accurate, the most surprising thing was that he appears to have accepted that we were severely vaccine-damaged, but thought that our interests were outweighed by the mythical millions saved by holy vaccines. I also thought that he was not considering that you could just as easily say that natural selection was the better way to go, and in general the genetically healthy would do better without vaccines.

I also pointed out that the damage was cumulative, so that forty years ago autism was one in 10,000, the rate starting to spiral upward with the increase in vaccines given starting in 1990. I asked him if his theory of genetic unworthiness had any limits. So he finds it right and just to throw overboard one in 10,000, but equally right and just to throw over one in 36? Plus the millions who react with allergic or autoimmune disease or dozens of other syndromes affecting every system of the body? So by his calculation, it was acceptable to throw overboard half of all American children (etc.) in order to prevent one in a thousand from dying of one of the VPDs? At that point he accused me of being vile and manipulative, meaning that he did not have a single clue as to how to defend his ridiculous propaganda with logical and fact-based reasoning. And he didn’t like being mocked by a woman. Live with it, loser.

Grace Green

I've heard others say that children who can't tolerate vaccines should be thrown overboard. I think the best answer is to say that Nature invented mild infectious diseases to weed out the weak, and that they are the ones who should be thrown overboard - by banning vaccines! Modern medical science seems to have become the art of keeping alive those who have no hope, at the expense of the healthiest.


If diseases are contagious then nobody in their right mind would visit a doctor under *any* circumstances. If diseases are not contagious then nobody in their right mind would get a vaccine.


Hard to argue that logic.

One of the things I struggle with is when I come here (... of all places), and watch as people still defend vaccines.

It's like they've forgotten that the one reason most of are even here, is that we have children who have been physically disabled by vaccines.

It's simply mind boggling to me to see a parent with that experience, somehow still believe that any vaccine can be trusted.

John Stone


I am afraid this is just pure whimsy. In the real world infectious diseases exist and life is messy. No one ever actually knows for sure whether they have made the right decisions about everything.


"The answer is not because people secretly believe the same as you"

??? I never said people secretly agree with me. I said that they had accepted history's greatest contradiction without even the most rudimentary level of questioning, and that the most powerful argument (by a long way) we non-vaxers can use is to simply point this contradiction out.

And we know it's extremely powerful because it even gets a histrionic reaction from people on my side! It is impossible to point this contradiction out to someone without making them feel very very foolish.

"that whatever they need from the doctor it outweighs the risk of infection"

No they haven't. They haven't thought about this at all. Not even "mistakenly".

If disease was one hundredth as dangerous and contagious as we have been led to believe then there is scarcely any condition that would warrant visiting a doctor. Remember, if germ theory is true, then you aren’t just surrounded by one or two types of “pathogenic” germs in a doctor office, but hundreds.

You could be haemorrhaging from a gunshot wound and it still wouldn’t justify allowing yourself to be surrounded by various types of meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia, influenza, c difficile, e coli, TB and, God forbid, chickenpox germs.

Let alone people who visit doctors because they have an ingrown toenail, a sniffle or because they need a medical certificate.

And let’s not forget all those people who visit these houses of filth in order to get themselves or their children a vaccine that just might (if they’re lucky) protect them from one or two of the hundreds of germs that they have just exposed themselves to! And of course, it won’t protect them anyway because they just exposed themselves to the germ *before* they got the vaccine!

Oh and we should probably mention, well, doctors in all of this. The only reason they have to put themselves in such “harm’s way” is for a paycheck.

Does this not ring alarm bells John?

The level of contagion of any individual disease is a variable. A variable that is completely dependent on whether or not it improves the income of those in the medical industry.

Let me put it at its simplest.

If diseases are contagious then nobody in their right mind would visit a doctor under *any* circumstances. If diseases are not contagious then nobody in their right mind would get a vaccine.

So it logically follows that nobody in their right mind has ever visited a doctor to get a vaccine.


How would you talk about this in a 30 second Superbowl add?

"We've got to make people aware of how common severe vaccine damage is, starting with asthma and allergies (sometimes fatal), but with one in 36 with autism now, we've got to talk a lot more about vaccine encephalitis."


It's not a science issue -- existing evidence clearly shows the harm done by vaccines and that vaccines are more dangerous than not -- it's a propaganda/religious issue


It's a brainwashing issue.

There isn't a person in this world who can prove that any vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

All they will ever do is attack you for speaking that truth. Because that's all they got.


Thank you, Tim and rtp, I agree with you. The first flu I ever got I caught in the waiting room of the student health clinic at the university, where a lot of kids sick with the flu had come with the mistaken idea that there was anything the doctor could do to treat flu.

Dr. Sears says in the first edition of The Vaccine Book, p. 21, "When parents tell me they don't want their baby vaccinated, I like to assess their baby's overall risk. Placing a young baby in a group day-care setting significantly increases a baby's risk of encountering diseases, including meningitis, pertussis (whooping cough), rotavirus, measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, hepatitis-A, and the flu. An unvaccinated baby in day care is very likely to catch at least one of these infections during his first few years." He himself had children who had measles come to his office to see him, and they gave it to other children in the waiting room. Nothing happened, no deaths, only benefits to those who went through measles naturally, but the point would be the same if the disease in question were one of the more dangerous of those he listed. Say meningitis, the others are not usually very dangerous, except maybe to young infants (who might contract a severe case of pertussis).

That's just reality. It would be much better if our society put money into letting one parent (usually the mother) stay home with young children, or encouraging some women to set up a home daycare with a small number of children. By school age, children's immune systems have matured and most are well able to undergo the milder diseases naturally, to the ultimate benefit of their immune system. But not all of them. Of course most people are much healthier without most vaccines, but just imagine if MERS became pandemic, and let's say it killed a third of everyone it infected. And let's say there was a vaccine effective in most which didn't seem to cause obvious adverse reactions very often. But, like most vaccines, it only protected 90% of those who got it. Most parents would not want their children in a school with children unvaccinated for MERS. "Free" MERS vaccines being given at every supermarket and drug store. You can see where they would say that it was fair to require that vaccination.

I had a fight when we were in Mexico City in November with an old friend who denied vaccine damage across the board. I asked him what specific vaccines he thought were worth the risk of very real reactions. I said the pertussis vaccine was very dangerous and a study in Africa recently showed that mortality was seven times greater in children who got it than in children who didn't. And he said, unwilling to admit that he knew nothing at all about what vaccines were given for what diseases, Oh, I wasn't TALKING about the pertussis vaccine. I was talking about all the OTHERS, and without them we'd be seeing millions of children die. I said Like what? Up to the '80s, it was just smallpox, DPT, MMR, and polio, and these were some of the problems associated with even them. while these diseases were universal and beneficial to most (long explanation followed, and obviously some of those diseases were very dangerous, say diphtheria, tetanus, polio). And since that time, they've added.... which have caused.... He actually said that it was better that those who were genetically too weak to deal with something as mild as a holy vaccine should be thrown overboard, for the benefit of all those other millions saved (sic) by vaccines. I said doctors were ignorant themselves, or cowed by the vaccine industry, and he said Well, they aren't real doctors. (I still don't know what he meant by that. The doctors pushing the long list of recommended vaccines are not real doctors?) I said here last year how one of his nephews was hitting on my pretty daughter, and when I told him how she'd been brain-damaged by vaccines, he gazed at me dumbfounded, as though I had said the sun didn't come up in the morning.

Tim is right. Such ads as these would be more effective if the kids had said why they were going to an adult day program, etc., well, someone more verbal would probably have to give the explanation. We've got to make people aware of how common severe vaccine damage is, starting with asthma and allergies (sometimes fatal), but with one in 36 with autism now, we've got to talk a lot more about vaccine encephalitis. I'm sure that nearly every one of the millions of autistic kids now had symptoms of encephalitis shortly after one or more vaccines, but go ask anyone on the street, hell, go ask any doctor what the symptoms of vaccine encephalitis are. Very few know that constant, inconsolable screaming is the most important symptom, and the longer it lasts, the more severe the brain damage as a rule. Le cri encephalique. Or blank staring episodes, petit mal seizures. Or excessive somnolence. People have to know and they have to be on the look-out for them for at least a month after any vaccine, but know as well that they can become chronic and go on for years. Most people, most doctors, are going to brush them off as normal baby behavior or colic, and miss that the baby is in agony from the pain of an inflamed brain that is in the process of destroying the inborn language and social circuits of his brain. And once they accept that, as Dr. Moskowitz said, autoimmunity is at the very core of what all vaccines always do, both for good and for ill, they would have to admit that it's not fair to force all children (or adults) to run that gauntlet, over half of them winding up seriously damaged from the excessive inflammation of the reaction either damaging the brain or initiating mistaken chronic reactions to harmless substances (allergies) or to its own structures (autoimmune disease). Over half of our population trumps a much smaller number dying or being disabled by any or all of the VPDs. It HAS to be left in the hands of well-informed parents, most of whom, unfortunately, for some time to come are going to come down for vaccines. For their own children, they can't force anyone else to take the same risk for other children.

Sorry for the mistakes in my earlier comment, I'm writing in the morning upstairs on my new cell phone and it's a real and constant struggle, which I seem to be losing.

Jeannette Bishop

I'm reduced to feeling like putting something like this out...



but I wouldn't be surprised if all the same touters would then accuse me of violating them in one way or another by the suggestion...and I would likely agree with them if they dropped mandates altogether...

but I do think something like "100s of new vaccines on the way, trillions more mutating germs left to go..." might make a beneficial meme to promote...

John Stone


This is one of your repeated unreasonable tropes. The answer is not because people secretly believe the same as you, but because they think - no doubt in some cases mistakenly - that whatever they need from the doctor it outweighs the risk of infection.


Yep. Cia is exactly right.

Even plenty of libertarian minded people believe in vaccine mandates. That should tell you everything. Nobody cares about "rights" if they think it means they're going to die.

Tell people "if you're so scared of sick people germs, why do you take your child to see a doctor?" and you make people rethink their position an awful lot more than saying "please let my child come to your child's classroom because it is their constitutional right to infect other people".

Tim Lundeen

@cia -- well said.

We are not going to get rid of vaccine mandates until parents are more afraid of vaccines than the illness they prevent or ameliorate. When more parents realize that vaccines cause peanut allergies, asthma, seizures, ADD, autism, cancer, diabetes and death, then we'll see change.

If the kids said "I am vaccine injured" and "My brother was killed by vaccines", then it would have some helpful impact.

It's not a science issue -- existing evidence clearly shows the harm done by vaccines and that vaccines are more dangerous than not -- it's a propaganda/religious issue. It needs to be countered along those lines, using the evidence as support.


Agreed. I’m sorry to say that others don’t care about our kids. We have to instead make the issue about BIG PHARMA CORRUPTION AND GOVERNMENT TYRANNY.

And then tell them ... YOU ADULTS ARE NEXT...


rI don’t think this is the best stance. Most people think about vaccines on a greatly oversimplified level, but combatting them with my oversimplification will always faail. They think that vaccines are nearly always very safe and have no permanent consequences beyond preventing the targeted disease. Large large numbers of chilAnd they believe that vaccines keep redmany killer diseases at bay which, without vaccines, kill or disable large numbers of children. There are public health programs which offer vaccines for low cost or free.

Framing the issue as denied access to education completely misses the target. We should not deny that most vaccines usually work to prevent the targeted diseases. We should continue the fight, but focus on the easily demonstrable dangers of vaccines, the ongoing damaging processes set in motion in everyone by any vaccine, the nature of each VPD and the low risk from them, and the beneficial nature of many of them in training the immune system.

But if, like most people, you just believe that vaccines are safe and save innumerable lives, then it’s really a no-brainer. It’s very easy for everyone to get all the recommended vaccines for their children. And from their blundered point of view, it “protects” everyone to compel vaccination for school. All the kids in the video could be “caught up” in a short time and then there would be no more problem for anyone. The only problem is the benighted parents.

No one who believes, as most do, that measles and pertussis are often killer diseases (in reality it’s very rarely) will have their mind changed by videos like this.

Laura Hayes

How far our nation has fallen.

Bob Moffit

What has our country become when children and their parents must beg their elected representatives to consider THEM WORTHY of exercising their UNIVERSAL RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT.

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