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Hundred Protest Removal of Religious Exemption in Hartford

0239F22F-8561-4EA0-9625-0E4224886FD8 From WTNH New Haven, on the Rally in Hartford, CT yesterday to fight against the removal of the religious exemption. We need all hands on deck, New England. New Jersey fought like gladiators and beat the legislation (for now.) New York wasn't so fortunate and kids are on the ropes, kicked out of school.  Josh Elliott, Representative, is pushing hard for this legislation to pass. He owns a health food store a new  miles from my home. I am disgusted by the thought of him profiting off of families of vaccine injured children who use natural treatments and choose a healthy diet. I would shop at the gas station for groceries before I'd spend a dime a the ironically  named "The Common Bond" market.

The Common Bond Market has two similar underlying philosophies. The first is that food, good food, serves as a cohesive bond for families and communities. The second is that the local market is still an important idea in the age of the big box supermarkets. Locally grown produce, locally manufactured food and goods, and farmers’ markets are becoming more and more important for people as they realize that our relationship with food has become too distant. We plan to remedy that by providing products that consumers can trust and focus on through building strong local relationships.



HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — An advocacy group took to the State Capitol Wednesday, fighting for the religious exemption that allows parents to opt out of vaccinating their children.

Hundreds came out to the Capitol fighting for the religious exemption. Both sides argue it’s all about protecting children, but both feel very differently as to how that should be done.

On the Capitol’s steps and on the streets outside the Legislative Office Building, hundreds came demanding to keep the religious exemption for vaccines.

Something the Governor is looking to take away.

“There is no public health crisis,” said Brian Festa.

Brian Festa is with the Connecticut Freedom Alliance. He says they have legitimate concerns to keep the exemption and does not believe the state should enforce vaccinations.

“Parents should have the decision to, the ultimate decision, the only decision as to what goes into their child’s bodies. It’s not for the state to tell us that, it’s not even for doctors to tell us that,” said Festa.

“There’s also the freedom of ensuring that your child is allowed to a healthy and disease free space,” said Rep. Josh Elliott/Hamden, (D).

Representative Josh Elliott argues that even though there’s no public health crisis now, it’s better to be proactive. He points to the fact that the CDC and the majority of the medical community say vaccines save lives.   Read more here.

“What we don’t say is that you absolutely vaccinate. What we’re saying is if you go to a school, you have to vaccinate your children. So this still allows you to home school your child if you want to,” said Elliott.



Education of the unaware general public is the key here, is it not, as asserted by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai?

People carrying "signs by Joshua Coleman" (along with new ones containing URLs such as, others) should saturate New Haven around the Yale University campus until the largest possible number of people (the more influential the better) become better informed.

Same should happen in NJ around Princeton University (other college campuses) and in California around Stanford, Berkeley, Cal Tech, etc, IMO.

Forgive them for they know not what they simply don't yet know. Ironic that MSM is currently fawning over Mitt Romney's expression of religious beliefs in the context of impeachment while UNREPORTED nationwide efforts are underway to strip citizens of the the right to assert a religious objection to vaccine mandates via the religious exemption.

Hans Scholl
Bill would prohibit discrimination based on vaccinations

Priscilla Giddings, R-White Bird, introduces legislation that would prevent employers from using vaccination records against workers

Professor Excellent : You may be interested to hear my latest podcast with Dr Bob Sears;

Laura Hayes

I just called all 3 numbers I posted previously. I spoke with a store manager at each of Josh Elliott's stores (both were polite and listened to my concerns/complaints/plans to encourage those in CT to boycott his stores, and one expressed alignment with and gratitude for the work we are all doing to advocate for parental rights and medical choice freedom), and I also left a voicemail for him at his legislative office. I hope others here at AoA will join me!

Laura Hayes

Josh Elliott also co-owns Thyme and Season in Hamden, CT.

This is an excellent opportunity for those in CT to boycott his stores as he works to remove your rights, and encourage others you know to do the same.

To call his stores to register your complaints, and to let them know they will not be receiving your shopping dollars, here are the numbers:

The Common Bond: 203-513-8200

Thyme and Season: 203-407-8128

To call his office: 860-240-8585

I would also encourage people to leave reviews on Yelp, and other forms of social media, letting potential shoppers know that the co-owner of these stores is working hard to strip CT residents of their rights, freedom, and health.

Jeannette Bishop

"’ markets are becoming more and more important for people as they realize that our relationship with food has become too distant. "

Our understanding of healthy immunity has become too distant from reality. Representative Elliot perhaps doesn't understand that live vaccines can shed, hep B vaccine isn't designed to prevent transmission, same for tetanus, hib vaccine has only shifted the potentially invasive haemophilus influenza risk to other h.i. strains (including some for which we don't know how to develop vaccines), HPV vaccines are shifting HPV prevalent strains (whatever roll they actually play in cancers) and cancer is on the rise in the vaccinated generation (admittedly more vaccinated and more wi-fried generation), dtap vaccine makes those primed with it more susceptible to whooping cough throughout their lifetimes (and contagious whooping cough incubators for a time whenever infected--how does that make school a safe place?), polio vaccine only addesses some microbes that may be involved in paralyzing outcomes (the real culprits should perhaps be seen as the immune system/gut health compromising interventions like pesticides, vaccinations, and tonsilectomies that were increasingly used in the 1900s), the injected form probably never really beneficially impacted adverse polio outcomes, and the (live?) vaccine in India appears to actually increase risk for "non-polio" types of paralysis, the killed influenza vaccine appears to increase risk for flu in suceeding years and perhaps non-specific effects research will find it also compromises immunity like the DPT vaccine still in use in the world and once considered the most important infant vaccine globally even though we are only just now analyzing all-cause mortality impact and finding 2 to 10 times increased risk for the vaccinated. How did all the physicians of the world miss this risk?!? and is there a comparable increased infection mortality risk from dtap, hib, injected polio vaccine, hepb, most flu vaccines, and gardasil? Do the lifetime risks of live vaccines from viral and DNA contamination and shifting of age of infection vulnerability not to mention risks of disabiling and life-threatening reactions outweigh the temporary partial immunity they might invoke, especially when there are alternative disease outcomes from infection prevention practices not even being considered or implemented by petropharma based medicine?


I think the owner of the market must be in his fifties or older, still in the generation which believed in safe vaccines and myriad deadly VPDs. And which was unaware of the benefits for lifetime good health in going through the milder diseases (including measles, pertussis, and flu) naturally. Unless he had an autistic child born in recent decades, it’s easy to just float along wrapped in the narratives of yore.

That being said, even the milder diseases are not safe for everyone who catches them, and everyone catches contagious diseases from someone else. It should not be said that unvaxxed children or adults are never a danger to anyone. It’s that everyone disabled or killed by a vaccine did so because they got a vaccine, so no one has the right to force anyone to get any. It’s saying that the right not to vaccines takes precedence over a perceived right of schoolchildren to a germ-free environment, which could never be established anyway, between non-responders to vaccines, unvaxxed kids, unvaxxed teachers and staff, vaccines which have worn off, and hundreds of pathogens which are not VPDs.

But I think we need to recognize that a few people die if they get usually relatively mild and beneficial measles. The more children unvaxxed for measles, the more likely it is that the unlucky few will catch it from a classmate (as I did in first grade) and be disabled or killed by it. But the bottom line is that no one has the right to compel anyone else to take any vaccine, because there is always the danger of vaccine damage.


How noble and Christian of them to allow you home school unvaccinated.

But not allowed to attend public education that you paid for with your tax dollars.

Or did I misunderstand, perhaps they mean that you no longer have to pay property tax, or taxes on motor vehicles, or sales tax, or the government will opt you out of even being tempted to playing the lottery since none of your losings would go to pay for a public school for your child?

Yeah, you no longer have to pay school teachers, school staff, school principles, school superintendents, or school maintenance and up keep but are allowed to opt out of that, and put it into your own home schooling?


Rep Josh Elliott appears to have an advanced case of lobbyist symbiosis.
If removal of pharmalobbyist not successful due to advanced parasitism, may be cured by ballot box.


As a business owner does he believe businesses have a right not to serve unvaccinated children?

Bob Moffit

“There’s also the freedom of ensuring that your child is allowed to a healthy and disease free space,” said Rep. Josh Elliott/Hamden, (D).

That is the statement of the very same "owner" of the "The Common Bond Market" .. a local "health food store" that proudly advertises his store has two similar underlying philosophies .. the first is that food, good food, serves as a cohesive bond for families and communities … the second is that the local market is still an important idea in the age of the big box supermarkets"

Apparently the "store owner" and the "politician" have conflicting "philosophies" .. as a "store owner .. he has the right to determine what HE considers "good food" for his "local market" .. but … as "politician" HE believes he has the right to deny PARENTS their right to avoid what THEY believe to be UNHEALTHY for THEIR CHILDREN.


Would it be okay for this genius if his 'food market" was MANDATED what "good food" to sell?

Hans Scholl

And in other news : (Canada is censorship lockdown- making up laws as they go along)

The Science is NOT settled Canada !

Anti-vaccine billboard 'played upon the fear of parents,' violated ad accuracy rules

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