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Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Non‑neurodegenerative/ Non‑neurodevelopmental Disease: A Comparison with Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Presents Coronivirus How Bad Can It Get

Coronavirus  and/or the fear of this virus, is affecting the world. Parts of northern Italy are locked down. Travelers have been stuck in cruise ship and other travel limbo. Lord knows what is happening to citizens in China. We all want to protect our families. Despite accusation against us otherwise. I'm not worried so much about the actual virus, but what could happen if CDC decides to "shut down" areas based on cases.  Stay puts, if you will. Well, as long as there's plenty of coffee and electricity for chargers, I think we'll be fine.

What are your thoughts on this year's epidemic? 



In answer to your question, I think....what thoughts would be running around in Dan Olmsted's head about this virus. I imagine he'd be looking for vectors - we have a virus yes. What else do we know....

Are there any new chemicals used in food or farming?

We know that kids seem not to be too affected by it compared to adults.

Can we narrow a second vector down to something like coffee or tea or something else that kids don't consume?

No answers here of course...just remembering Dan at this time and wanted to share the thought.


@Cia I am so sorry to hear about your hospitalization and everything you have endured. May you find healing. I recently found out that the Medical Advisory Board at Emerson Ecologics recommends boswellia for cytokine modulation during respiratory illness: https://www.emersonecologics.com/products/detail//boswellia-phytosome/18925/T06435


Sorry, I said I was hospitalized for three and a half months with the paralyzing MS attack, I meant three and a half weeks, nearly a month.


When I started drinking the silica-containing Fiji water (Exley protocol) I had several severe attacks, partly because I was also taking the Andy Cutler DMSA and ALA three days a week. I stopped taking the AC protocol and stopped drinking the liter and a half of Fiji water every day, doing it just once a week. I did it on Monday, and like clockwork, two hours later I had an attack of feeling very hot, dizzy, nauseated, and ataxic. I went to bed and an hour later was back to normal.

atgue all this time that these were simply mercury intoxication attacks: mercury poisoning can cause severe permanent insomnia, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, ataxia, numbness, paralysis, and attacks are brought on from fatigue stress fever or environmental heat sorry this phone suddenly lost the ability to punctuate or capitalize yesterday I red that the symptoms of cytokine storms are dizziness nausea vomiting hot flashes and sweating and insomnia and severe fatigue then I found articles on cytokine storms in multiple sclerosis So (punctuation suddenly restored) now I think that activating the mercury and aluminum stored in my brain from vaccines did not simply cause acute intoxication attacks as I had thought, but the agents I took activated them and that triggered cytokine storms. I told two doctors and my dentist about them, but they just dismissed me as lying or crazy. During the attacks I could not have driven myself to a doctor or hospital, an ambulance would cost a thousand dollars, and I had and have no insurance or means of paying doctors who were completely clueless. Now at least I could possibly get their attention during an attack in progress with the words cytokine storm and especially with the word for the extremely expensive treatment involving something like dialysis that recycled your blood, CytoSorb, filtering out the excess cytokines before putting it back in.

I think this concept is going to have far-reaching results in treating not only those with life-threatening reactions to coronavirus and other viruses, but possibly all those with MS, lupus, other autoimmune diseases, and maybe autism too.

In the meantime, I ordered CytoSuppress and two other products Amazon said were frequently bought at the same time. One was Co-Q10 with something which enhances mitochondrial function (Boyd Haley says there’s nothing better than mercury for damaging mitochondria at a cellular level, and the mitochondria are responsible for breaking down nutrients in the food you eat to release their energy).


Golden chameleon,

Thank you for the suggestions, I’’ll look into them. I realized yesterday that the many dramatic attacks between five and three years ago were probably cytokine storms, and they were identical to my second severe attack of MS nearly thirty years ago, diagnosed by a neurologist. Nearly five years ago a homeopath recommended ascorbyl palmitate, an oil-soluble form of vitamin C. I googled it and found that it pulled stored vaccine mercury from the brain. (When I was nineteen I got a tetanus booster which paralyzed both my arms the same day, it was my ninth mercury-containing DPT or dT. The first one at three months old caused days of encephalitic screaming syndrome. A high fever many years later triggered the new phase of damage which eventually ended in my first obvious MS attack, diagnosed by MRI. I had three severe attacks in six years, the third completely paralyzed my left arm and leg for a month and I was hospitalized for three and a half months. Their only treatment, IV prednisone, had no effect. And then I was pretty well for many years, though always with quick fatigue (a mitochondrial disorder from the mercury) and severe permanent insomnia. Often dizziness and nausea, ataxia in the first few years and then not until the attacks in the last five years.

Taking six ascorbyl palmitate capsules a day as the homeopath had said prevented me from sleeping at all, even taking all the natural and pharmaceutical things I’ve been taking every night for decades. (It must have been from the mercury pulled from my brain and mobilized.) I cut back to one capsule a day, taken in the morning, and was again usually able to sleep taking a ton of stuff. But several weeks later I had a sudden attack of extreme vertigo and nausea, and wobbliness, I had to hold onto furniture to walk. And I vomited several times. It lasted a few hours, then it lifted and I was able to get up and fix supper or whatever, feeling normal again. At first it was mercury attacks once a week, then increased to twice a week. They started in June 2015, but it wasn’t until an attack in August so sudden and so severe, with me having to fall into the nearest bed, vomit on the floor, and call my neighbor to ask her to come over to tell my daughter in the basement that I was very ill, that I realized it was the oil-soluble vitamin C. I stopped taking it and the attacks stopped. Until May 2016, when I saw homeopathic Mer Detox on Amazon and bought it, thinking it would be gentle and gradual. But no, I sprayed it twice under my tongue. Two hours later we were at the health food store when I felt a sudden attack of dizziness, nausea, and ataxia (loss of balance). I tried to soldier on, leaning into the cart for balance, it got worse, I sat down for a few minutes, it got worse, and I told my daughter we needed to go home right away. I vomited four times while driving home, ten minutes away, then four more times in bed. I had learned by that time to take a pot with me and turn on the fan at the end of the bed as I always became very hot and sweated profusely (which is unusual for me) during attacks. I felt extremely bad for three hours (the attacks always lasted between two and four hours), often with the vertigo extremely bad even when holding perfectly still. And those two sprays of Mer Detox under the tongue set off twice-weekly attacks for two months. I still had hopes of homeopathy and thought maybe explaining the problem one-on-one a homeopath could design an appropriate protocol. I consulted online with a homeopath in India, he mailed me remedies he had compounded himself. The first night I was completely unable to sleep, even taking all the things which are usually successful. He said to keep taking it. Three days later at PetSmart I had a sudden attack of dizziness, nausea, and ataxia. He said to keep taking them, but I said I was afraid to do so. He refunded half my money. And sure enough, that started another two months of twice weekly attacks. The last one, in September 2016, at three in the morning I suddenly became sweaty and nauseated, and vomited twenty times in forty minutes. I had gone back to the gentler Andy Cutler chelation and everything went back to normal until June 2017, when I increased the amount of the amino acid ALA. And standing in line at UPS I suddenly had another attack, vomiting in the car six times in the way home. I went back to the lowest dose and haven’t vomited for any reason since then. Better post this now and conclude.


@Cia I don't know hardly anything about the cytokine storm. I'd welcome more information from you or anyone else here. Thank you for the information on Cyto Suppress, very interesting. Speaking of MS, Terry Wahls, the Coimbra Protocol, and low dose Naltrexone appear to be some of the more helpful approaches the people I have known with MS have used.


Researching cytokine storm I found something interesting which I hadn't known. I said the other day that it seemed similar to all autoimmune diseases, triggered by a vaccine reaction. It turns out that all the symptoms of my MS are also symptoms of chronic overproduction of cytokines, and I thought, well, autism is said to involve chronic brain inflammation and MS as well. I found that while echinacea, elderberry, etc., are good to enhance Th-1 immune response and fight contagious diseases, you don't want to use them if you have this problem, but instead enhance Th-2 response, with caffeine, green tea, mung bean seed coat extract, and several other supplements, to control chronic inflammation. I ordered Cyto Suppress: several reviewers on Amazon said it had given their lives back to them. I hope that will be the case for me. And I'm wondering if that puts me in the ten to fifteen percent prone to developing cytokine storm if they get coronavirus or other viruses.



I am also unhappy about the state of medicine in the US. I think it was in Pharmageddon that I read that there were no drugs you had to have a prescription to buy before about 1960. I'd like to go back to that. It's people's own responsibility not to overdose and not get addicted.

The pharma industry is the most powerful government lobbyist after weapons of defense. Of course everyone in government is going to do its bidding.

But I think the worst abuse is the extremely high prices here for all aspects of medical care and drug costs. Higher than anywhere else in the world, which means all the other developed countries have systems which prevent the abuses we have here. But sure, if you have a lock-hold on antibiotics and prescription sleeping pills, as well as what you need to control asthma and diabetes, why not charge back-breaking, outrageous prices? They say they have to pay back outrageous student loans for med school and malpractice insurance, but, again, everyone else has ways of avoiding these problems, why not us too? It's obscene to have to pay three hundred dollars for ten minutes with a doctor. And it's just skirting the problem to try to provide medical insurance for all. As long as medical charges are so high, then insurance will be very high as well.

I have MS, and when I was hospitalized with an attack which paralyzed my left arm and leg for nearly a month, the neurologist urged me to start taking a daily drug to reduce attacks. I refused, I don't want to take a dangerous, expensive, stressful injected drug every day for the rest of my life. So I've never taken a drug for MS, never go to the doctor, but have not had another paralyzing attack. I think the thing to do is get the mercury and aluminum out of my brain which caused the problem. I took the Andy Cutler protocol for over five years, and I think I got a lot out, but couldn't tell that it helped. I've been drinking the Exley Fiji silica water, and it also pulls a lot out, I suddenly get dizzy and nauseated two hours after I drink a liter bottle, from circulating mercury and aluminum. It's a little easier to sleep, which I take as a sign that it's working.

I understand that some people have to get medical care in some cases, but don't understand going for things like flu, or, really, nearly everything else people go to doctors for. All drugs are dangerous: none is benign. In some cases they might be life-saving, and then by all means take them. But most people seem to think that if the doctor prescribes it, it's not only safe, but actually beneficial to your health to take it, and that is simply not the case. It's just that that's all doctors are trained to do is match symptoms with drugs, with no idea what the short- or longterm consequences may be. And charge outrageous prices for it.

I would be absolutely against a mandated coronavirus vaccine, but it doesn't look like the disease is dangerous enough for even them to claim justification for a mandate. Although I'm sure they would like to, as with measles. For the rest, I want to wait and see. Right now I think it's sixty in the US diagnosed with coronavirus, no deaths. Milan is on lockdown and it's had two, TWO, coronavirus cases. Ten people in other countries diagnosed with it who came from Milan. But in all of Italy, there have been several hundred cases, with a number of deaths. Iran has had several hundred cases as well, with mortality much over two percent.

I don't know, at this time it looks like twenty percent have severe cases, mortality more or less than two percent depending on area and other factors. I don't know how scary that is. They're now saying it's inevitable that it come here, and everywhere else. I don't think it will be that bad, but I could be wrong. If they try to mandate the vaccine, we will refuse. If the virus comes to Missouri, we will probably shelter in place, but we'll have to wait and see. I don't feel fear for either reason.

It looks like cases are way down in China. Does that mean that every location can expect a duration of about a month of the epidemic? Two months? Only if you also have strong quarantine measures? Will it go the way of SARS and MERS? (Probably not, it's much more widespread and common.)

Benedetta F Stilwell

How come the American government allowed the medical profession to empty out our bank accounts?

Because the government and government agencies got involved in regulating all the health stuff in the first place.

We need regulations.
We need uncorrupted people working in these agencies.

We need a DOJ that really works as well, but even the DOJ is corrupted, and they cannot, will not police their own sister federal agencies.

People that are germaphobes? Hmmm do you think that they might be in with the stats of those harmed by vaccines? Might be; but I too ordered some more vitamin c. No nos what ever -- but some silica acid drops. Cause I am more afraid of the coming vaccine, and can I stop my daughter from taking the vaccine. Oh please that she will be more afraid of the vaccine than the coronavirus.


Thank you, Eindecker, I had read the information you gave on analysis of the corona virus, and was thinking about looking for it.

Golden Chameleon, and anyone else,

I was looking for where I had read that a genetic mutation in ten to fifteen percent could result in cytokine storm. I found this but I’m not sure if it’s what I was thinking of. It has a lot of information about cytokine storm, published in 2017, and mentions iatrogenic factors and mutation. Online library.wiley “Cytokine Storm Syndrome: Looking Toward the Precision Medicine Era,” Edward Behrens, 19 Feb 2017.

How long has this syndrome existed? It’s an immune system malfunction, has existed at least since 1918, so is not always caused by the many toxins, drugs, and vaccines most people are exposed to now.


Golden chameleon,

I had exactly the same thoughts. Everyone agrees that in the case of the Spanish flu, it was young, healthy people between twenty and forty who were the hardest hit, because of the cytokine storm in which their own immune systems reacted to the virus too vigorously, it caused a very fast-moving strange pneumonia which consolidated their lung tissue (and coughing out blood, hemorrhaging, if they’d taken aspirin), and often killed them.

And now there seems to be no doubt that coronavirus hits the elderly harder, mortality increasing starting at fifty, especially in those with a preexisting condition. I asked yesterday if anyone knows how often the cytokine storm is involved, both in the elderly and in younger victims. Is ARDS always part of a cytokine storm? In the case of several of younger men in their thirties or forties I read that the cytokine storm was involved.

I, like you, would really like to know more. I’ve read that mortality seems to be two to three percent in China, one percent outside of China, but then that mortality outside Hubei province is less than one percent. Also that mortality in Italy is higher than that and in Iran much higher. I was reading yesterday why they thought that was, several high officials have it now. I was surprised that they didn’t mention the sanctions which have reduced access to food and other necessities. I support the sanctions, no one wants to see a nuclear Iran, but a reduced standard of living and health are just to be expected.

I am also confused and will just keep reading. Worldometer shows that the daily number of recovered people in China is now greater than the number of new cases, but I guess there could be more waves of illness. The Spanish flu occurred in three waves, but by the end of them, every person in the world had antibodies to it, either through clinical or subclinical infection.

They’re saying that the antibodies present after recovery from coronavirus don’t seem to last for very long. I’m wondering, though, if anamnestic memory would cause a rapid and massive increase of antibodies upon reexposure, or if immune memory would provide protection even without antibodies. Some people are incapable of making antibodies, but still somehow acquire permanent immunity to measles after having it.

We’ll just have to stay tuned and do what we can to avoid coronavirus until it’s attenuated. Homeopathic prophylaxis and treatment successfully reduced mortality from Spanish flu to one or two percent, so that might be the best way to bypass the whole issue of a cytokine storm.

What are your thoughts on this?


Eindecker, can you please lay out precisely how the authorities came to their conclusion that this virus is a *new* human pathogen?
rRT-PCR testing of swab samples, RNA genomic analysis to differentiate from other corona viruses


I got an answer from my ex in Milan. He says the supermarket shelves are now back to normal, that after a moment of panic, people are calm and back to normal. He said he’s been working from home for the past two weeks and it will probably continue another week.


I just saw an article about an American who had gone to China, returned, got symptoms he feared might be coronavirus, went to the hospital to be tested, and got a bill for over three thousand dollars. It said a lot of Americans because of exorbitant medical charges, whether or not they had insurance, would mean large numbers would not get tested and would resist being hospitalized.

I went to a doctor in Mexico City in November to get a prescription for Xanax (Tafil) to make me sleep while traveling. No problem. Fifteen minutes and he wrote the prescription. He charged the equivalent of twenty-five dollars. Here it would have been between two hundred and three hundred dollars with no prescription given. That’s nuts. Before we even say Medicare for All we need to ask why we allow this rapacious monopoly. We need to consider free public health clinics with a computer that takes your temp, blood pressure, heart rate. You tell Hal your symptoms and he gives you his program results and a scrip, which is all doctors do anyway. Have registered nurses on the staff and doctors trained in other countries uncorrupted by American gold. Why has our government permitted the public to be violated in this way? Nowhere in the world is medical care as expensive as it is here, and it’s alleged high quality is worth nothing if most people can’t afford it. I personally would not go to be tested for coronavirus. I have no insurance and could not pay over three thousand dollars for testing.


I second Rtp's question. I'd also like to hear how the authorities determined, in so little time, that the pathogen is causative and not merely associative (at best).



I’m sorry, we were essentially saying the same thing: I was concerned about the sickest twenty percent while you said twenty- five percent needed to be hospitalized.

Could you tell me how many of the sickest are experiencing cytokine storm? Do all of them experience ARDS? Do we have the supplies to administer CytoSorb to potentially thousands? I have no idea.

There are several questions. I think the US could build new hospitals as fast as China. They could also commandeer many public and private buildings to put patients in. Would there be a publicly-funded program to pay for the care of everyone who needed it? (So who cares if you’re dying of cancer, we only care in the case of a transmissible disease.) I was going to say they couldn’t enforce quarantine if many patients couldn’t pay for hospitalization. Then thought it wouldn’t matter at that point, then thought that it seems to be the case that China succeeded in limiting the virus’ spread through China by its quarantine measures, and now cases in Hubri are decreasing, so maybe they’re out of the woods, and stringent quarantine was a good idea.

Laura Hayes

Hans Scholl,

Thank you for alerting me to Kevin Tuttle's excellent testimony! I just watched it and commented. Here is the link for others who are interested to do the same:



@Cia thank you for posting those stats....they are sobering. The cytokine storm scares me too. Although I am confused - I thought that was what killed young, healthy people with the Spanish flu of 1918? That their younger immune systems produced such a robust cytokine storm that that was what accounted for the increased mortality in that age group (?). But with the coronavirus it seems the elderly are the more vulnerable ones.


I'm at my desktop computer now and can put up a link to the interesting site I've referred to several times: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/

Both new cases and deaths are falling in China. The site asks if the stringent containment measures in Hubei are responsible for the virus not spreading widely in China. I'd like to know why mortality outside Hubei is very low, under one percent, even when the virus occurs.



Thank you for the information and the Classen study: I just saved it to my desktop. I didn't have time to read it yesterday, but it's extremely interesting. I just read it now. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes surging in response to vaccination, but Japanese and Caucasian children reacting in exactly opposite ways, depending on the involvement of a cortisol response. And it may indeed be relevant to interpreting possibly much higher mortality from coronavirus in China than the West.

"Races with high risk of developing type 2 diabetes have a decreased risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Data from Italy confirmed an inverse association between obesity and type 1 diabetes. Further studies indicate the inverse relationship between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes/obesity is due to cortisol production. Data indicates those with low cortisol responses have a predilection for type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders following inflammation, while those with high cortisol/ immune suppressive responses develop type 2 diabetes/metabolic syndrome/obesity which resembles a Cushingoid state but are spared in the autoimmune disorders. Japanese children produce much more cortisol following immunization than Caucasian children. The later explains why discontinuation of BCG vaccination was associated with a decrease in type 1 diabetes in European children and a decrease in type 2 diabetes in Japanese children. Both the epidemics of type 1 diabetes and metabolic syndrome correlate with an increase in immunization. Finally, there is a strong mechanism data that macrophage produced interleukin 1, tumor necrosis factor and interleukin 6, which are released following inflammation, causing destruction of insulin secreting islet cells and increase cortisol release, and thus have the ability to cause both type 1 and type 2 diabetes/metabolic syndrome (which resembles a Cushingoid state). The propensity to develop type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes/metabolic syndrome depends on the propensity to release of cortisol which correlates with race. "



I agree with you that this is the first time in our lifetimes that we in the West have been affected by a serious pandemic. And that we'll just have to wait and see. Epidemics always burn themselves out when they've infected most people, who then get immunity (or die). But they may always come back or evolve into something similar.

I'm concerned, but am waiting to see if Westerners will be as severely affected as those in China have been. I support efforts to slow down the spread as much as we can while we're gathering knowledge and information.

Of course the vaccine makers hope to sell a vaccine for this. And I recognize the dastardly nature of many of them. But I don't think they manufactured the virus, they have analyzed the virus: bat reservoir, pangolin vector, no snake DNA. What has happened is fully consistent with what has happened in many other cases with many diseases. The coronavirus seems to have been around forever, usually affecting animals, but humans as well in a cold-like illness. It's made the species leap three times in the last twenty years, but in every case it was consistent with a natural occurrence. Ebola and yellow fever too, which have also been epidemic, even pandemic, in the last ten years. Every year they analyze wild goose livers in China to see what the new season's predominant flu viruses are probably going to be.

I saw that the DHS was recommending that every American household store enough food and water for a two-week siege. That surprised me: why would the water supply be in trouble? And why just two weeks? Maybe because 80% of patients get it and recover in that time? I doubt all 80% of the population have it all at the same time.



I read (and again cannot say to what extent it's true) that many patients hospitalized in China are not even being fed. So, again, just warehoused. I saw a video of a hospital in China in which there were apparently three dead bodies covered and sitting in the hallway among a lot of people sitting in chairs. One was a young woman with thick black hair spilling out from under the plastic she was covered with. Impossible to tell what it means, unknown if they died of coronavirus or something else, even impossible to tell if they were dead, but their faces were covered. A commenter said it might mean that the morgues were full.

And as for here, if I got it, I have no medical insurance and would not be able to go to the hospital. And, of course, there are millions like me, with no insurance. So it really wouldn't matter if the hospitals had room and available treatments. If I got it, I'd stay in bed and take a lot of vitamin C, but if I went into ARDS, I'd just die. Just saying. We can't afford Medicare for All, so that's just the way it goes.



I read a week or two ago that yes, China had built new special hospitals very quickly, but were just warehousing patients there, not treating them, so an elaborate method of quarantine, nothing more. Of course I don't know anything for sure, just what I read. I read that they can treat the cytokine storm with steroids, another drug I'd have to look up, and the CytoSorb blood transfusion. I don't know how many of the seriously ill patients are getting those treatments. Short of that, like all viral diseases, there really is no treatment (not counting the dangerous antivirals). Since 80% of cases are relatively mild, it doesn't matter for them. They should just stay in bed at home, well-hydrated, and take a lot of vitamin C.

I'd have to disagree and say that morbidity means that prevention methods have failed. Beyond that, it isn't important. It's the 20% of serious cases which are important, and I think we're going to have to wait and see how high the fatality rate will be in the West. I would agree that we need to do all we can to slow down transmission with quarantine, isolation, border controls, shutting down businesses, schools, and events with large gatherings of people. Just to buy a little time while we find out more. And I think the virus will be attenuated the more time passes, both from natural selection and people's immune systems becoming familiar with it.

I'll write to Maurizio and ask what they're doing about groceries: they live in an apartment in a small city close to Milan, where they commute for work. Not now, they're in lockdown and confined to their apartment right now.

Hans Scholl

Kevin Tuttle spoke at the CDC ACIP meeting yesterday .
The recording is on the FREE web for now. May not be for long

I dare anyone anywhere to do more than Kevin did yesterday.

Laura Hayes - Are you there ? You have to see this hero....
A true warrior - A true man - A real man


Cia the bigger problem is not the relatively % low mortality but the high % morbidity, about 25% of CORVID 19 cases require hospitalisation and yes, nearly all recover, but just imagine the effect on any modern health service of, say 100,000 diagnoses in a short space of time with 25000 hospital beds required, it would be swamped in terms of both facilities & staff, apart from China where apparently they can build a hospital in 10 days....

Hans Scholl

You know Trump had just recently proposed to cut CDC funding by 16%

And then along came this worldwide corona global pandemic ? just saying

Event 201 .... Is this a simple flexing of muscles ? A power struggle ? An exhibition of power ?


Here in New York Governor Cuomo has asked the government for several million dollars to combat the virus. The World Health Organization said it is only a matter of time that it will be called a world wide pandemic and people will have to work from home and schools will close as well as businesses. One wonders how are the people in Italy getting food supplies when the supermarkets are closed and every one is under lockdown in their homes. They say France and Great Britain are next to wind up like the situation in Italy. Here in San Francisco they have just announced the first case of the virus and the person was not from China nor were they in contact with anyone who had the virus. They say there is no medication to fight the virus and all they can do is help you to breathe and nothing else. This will be the first time such a severe worldwide pandemic has occurred in our lifetime. We have no control over what will come, but must hope for the best outcome.


Golden Chameleon,

Yes, I think there are genes which determine probability of having a severe or fatal case. I’m alarmed about the cytokine cascade which is fairly often triggered by the virus, leading to respiratory or massive organ failure. All I can say is that we need to pay close attention. I just looked on worldometers.info, and as of today these are the numbers of diagnosed cases and deaths. I’ve got to go out, but I’d like to discuss what this means and how dangerous it looks like this might be for Western countries. No doubt it’s much more dangerous the more over fifty you are, but that includes me.

This is number of cases, then deaths so far. The chart also has number recovered, but I don’t have time to put that.

China 78,514;2,747 deaths; South Korea 1,766; 13; Diamond Princess 705; 4; Italy 528;14; Iran 245; 26; Japan 207; 4; Singapore 96; 0; Hong Kong 92; 2; USA 60; 0; Kuwait 43; 0; Thailand 40; 0; Bahrain 33; 0; Taiwan 32; 1; Germany 27; 0; Australia 23; 0; Malaysia 22; 0; France 18; 2; Vietnam 16; 0; Spain 15; 0; UK 15; 0; UAE 13; 0; Canada 12; 0; Macao 10; 0; Iraq 6; 0; Oman 4; 0; Switzerland 4; 0; Philippines 3; 1; Austria 3; 0; Croatia 3; 0; Greece 3; 0; India 3; 0; Israel 3; 0; Finland 2; 0; Lebanon 2; 0; Pakistan 2; 0; Russia 2; 0; Sweden 2; 0; Afghanistan 1; 0; Algeria 1; 0; Belgium 1; 0; Brazil 1; 0; Cambodia 1; 0; Denmark 1; 0; Egypt 1; 0; Estonia 1( 0; Georgia 1; 0; North Macedonia 1; 0; Nepal 1; 0; Norway 1; 0; Romania 1; 0; Sri Lanka 1; 0.

Most of these have just been added in the last few days and they think on average when death occurs, it’s about two weeks after diagnosis, so I think we’re going to have to wait and see.

Hans Scholl

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

A leaked UK government document warns that under a worst case scenario, 80 per cent of Brits could be infected with the coronavirus and half a million would die. (remember this figure)

WMDs : I think I found those missing weapons of mass destruction ..... Vaccines

Angus Files

You would think Trump would see that Pharma is destroying his recovery plans with the Stock Market fallinng

'Panic-selling' reached on the stock market as coronavirus sparks Friday tumble


Meanwhile in Pharma UK defeat has been admitted..

UK preparing 'mass burial sites' - terrifying 'excess death' plans
CORONAVIRUS "mass burial sites" are being planned by the UK Government for a worst-case scenario pandemic, it has emerged.


Pharma For Prison



@Cia I wonder if genetic differences could explain the difference in mortality rates seen in China vs. outside China. Here is a research article with more information about the differences in cortisol response to vaccination between Japanese and Caucasian children:


@michael I don't know about attenuation with serial infection, but virulence is typically inversely related to how contagious a pathogen is. For example, measles is highly contagious but a mild disease in most people. HIV is highly virulent, but takes more work to get than the measles. From an evolutionary perspective the most successful pathogens maximize the duration of infection and their capacity to infect new hosts while suppressing virulence just enough to keep hosts alive. "Our microbial adversaries have a shared interest in our survival." (Joshua Lederberg)

go Trump

Some want nearly 8.5 billion dollars for "coronavirus vaccine and support efforts" which amounts to about 25 dollars for each and every American, for something at least 18 months away.

As only on few million dollars is needed to create a 30% effective vaccine, they rest of the money can go to those who "vote for the funding" for their 2020 campaigns.

The same thing happened with ZIKA four years ago.



Everyone is scared because there’s so much we don’t know. It may turn out to be no big deal, but if forty to seventy percent of Americans, or people in the world get it, as they’re projecting and as seems likely, then if you do the math, if two percent die, or say just one percent outside China, and even if most of them are over fifty (as would be probable), that’s still millions of people.

I am completely against vaccine mandates and we will not take the vaccine, but I think quarantine and isolation are very effective common sense measures. Why would you be against isolating those either certainly or very likely carrying the virus?

It’s worse than the common cold or seasonal flu. Flu kills about one in a thousand of those who have it, it’s still uncertain what the mortality of this is either in or outside of China. It is certain that there have been many thousands of unreported cases, even unrecognized or subclinical, cases both in and outside of China, which would lower the mortality rate. But if you just look at diagnosed cases, it’s about two percent mortality, which is twenty times more than seasonal flu. And it’s spreading fast: five days ago there were just a handful of cases in Italy, like ten, and now it’s five hundred. A fifty year old woman tourist died in the apartment of an Italian manifesto it and now he’s hospitalized with it, in critical condition. I’m sure everyone’s seen grocery store shelves sold out in Milan. Carnival in Venice was cancelled. Wasn’t that a reasonable thing to do? If it had gone ahead as originally scheduled, it’s certain that many attending would have caught the coronavirus and probably some would have died of it.

It’s hard to say how far we should take it, we can’t shut everything down indefinitely, but at the same time there are a lot of unknowns, and the life you save may be your own. I think each individual will have to read a lot and stay tuned and try to protect his family as best he can.

I think, though, that it’s very unwise to view this situation completely through the lens of paranoia about government and pharma/medical authorities. Terrible, often fatal contagious diseases have always existed, and, as Sonia Shaw’s excellent book Pandemic demonstrates, there are new horrendous diseases evolving all the time, with old ones often reappearing. I think vaccines are usually a poor answer, but the problem exists and better answers should be sought.


Its basically a bad cold thats being hyped to get support for mandatory adult vaccinations. Just need to look at who was behind Event 201 and the Pandemic documentary released at the start of the outbreak in January to know this was planned. The same guy who funds GAVI and WHO and behind ID2020 alliance to give digital ID’s by vaccine.

Seriously, people need to do some math. WHO reported that the world experiences 200 million cases of pneumonia each year, and CDC says over 30,000 deaths due to flu in the US each year. Of course both are pushing vaccines so take with a grain of salt but still, this virus contribution to deaths and pneumonia is a drop in the bucket by comparison. The tests used to confirm positives has not been validated, maybe some false negatives but probably more false positives.

The main difference is draconian actions by government taking peoples rights away with quarantines and travel restrictions, and soon mandatory vaccines. These are creating disruptions and the MSM does its part to cause panics with hysterical reporting. Thats exactly what they want.

China actually passed a new law in December to enforce mandatory vaccinations for certain diseases and emergency vaccines. One of Gates funded companies got a patent approved in November that applies to processes used for coronavirus vaccine. China signs trade deal in January promising to honor intellectual property like vaccine patents.

Hollywoods best writers must have been hard at work putting the script together. That would explain the dismal shows on TV and movies.


I didn’t understand what you meant. Could you explain it? I found a study which showed that a serial infection with Friend virus in mice had much higher mortality in mice of similar genotype: mortality dropped in mice of diverse genotypes. I’m not sure, but wouldn’t that be hybrid vigor?

I just looked at Worldometer.net (sorry, I wrote it wrong this morning), at the section on mortality. They’re speculating but think probably 2 percent overall is correct, but there’s a link to a study which shows it’s three percent. But breaking it down, it’s 2.1 percent in all of China, 4.9 percent in Wuhan, the place where it began, apparently with a species leap from pangolins (I had never heard of them but read yesterday that it’s the most trafficked animal in the world, you said because its scales are believed to have medicinal properties), so it’s to be expected that outcomes would be worst there. 3.1 percent in Hubei, the province where Wuhan is, 0.16 percent in other provinces. That one I don’t understand. I assume the rates of elderly people, smokers, preexisting conditions, etc., would be similar everywhere in China: why is mortality so low once you get away from the epicenter? Several people in Italy have died, most elderly, and a number in Iran: it’s not that no one is dying outside China. They’re saying it looks like two percent in China if you include the epicenter, one percent outside China, but that’s probably from the cytokine cascade which can be triggered possibly only in certain people by any viral infection. It’s a tendency to a hyper inflammatory response, which may be closely related to some people’s tendency to react to vaccines with too much of an inflammatory response, with the neurological and immune system damage which that can cause.


Perhaps I am mistaken, but is there a concept that overtime of serial infection, that a particular pathogen will attenuate?

Adela Ludeke

The CDC may say that the Corona Virus is an epidemic. But guess what? Autism has been an epidemic for years and they haven't said a word about it.


Also, treatment with CytoSorb appears to be very effective at interrupting the cytokine storm that so often results in death in coronaviruses and other cases of cytokine storm. It recycles the patient’s blood.

I think we should research the symptoms of cytokine storm and think about what to do when it occurs. Things that improve immune function like echinacea, elderberry, etc., are contraindicated when the immune system is in overdrive. I just read yesterday about it’s occurring in ten to fifteen percent of patients because they have a gene mutation. I fon’t Know more about it than that at this time. Would high- dose IV vitamin C be helpful or harmful to these patients? I’m glad to learn that it is not normal, but a malfunction.

Tim, or anyone, what are the symptoms which indicate that a cytokine storm may be starting and you’d better think very carefully about how to proceed? And then ask for CytoSorb treatment if it seems indicated. I don’t know if that’s ten to fifteen percent of all humans who have the mutation or what groups would have more of it.


I just looked to see where I had gotten the nosodes. Holistic Animal Remedies dot com in Australia for feline coronavirus (all species), and Homeoforce in the UK. I also ordered more influenzinum 200 c and arsenicum album 200 c on Amazon, about ten dollars each.

Tim Lundeen

Vitamin C, of course. http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n11.shtml


There’s a really good blog, Worldometer.com which has dozens of charts and statistics on novel coronavirus updated daily, with links to interesting articles on local conditions around the world. They just started a feature in which you can look up individual countries outside China. If you put influenzinum coronavirus in your search engine, that gets you to sites with information on homeopathic recommendations. I’ve also looked at several sites with information for preppers.

I forgot to mention the most obvious protective measure, washing your hands well with soap as soon as you get home.

I ordered one nosode from the UK and one from a pet site from Australia. I thought what’s good for feline coronavirus would work for all species, and the site itself said it was for all species. I thought since they’re coming from abroad I might as well order both and hope one gets here soon. We’ll take it as directed for prevention, and, if we get it, for treatment as well.

In the Spanish flu of 1918-9, mortality was forty percent in those who took aspirin to treat it because aspirin is a blood thinner and increased hemorrhaging from the lungs. In those patients who didn’t take aspirin, mortality was twenty-five percent. Only one to two percent in those who took homeopathic remedies, even though only low-potency remedies were available then.


I also ordered N ninety five respirator masks on Amazon. The physician masks only protect other people from your germs. The respirator masks only filter out viruses down to a certain size, .3 microns I think when some of the coronaviruses are .2 microns. I think they would be adequate, though, and we’d probably only go out to go up the grocery store. Or we might phone for delivery. We’d wear disposable gloves when we went out. The purpose wouldn’t be to avoid the virus completely or forever. I think the main reason several young Chinese doctors have died of it is that they got a hefty viral load from exposure to coronavirus patients. It’s more dangerous for Chinese with certain receptors and for males than for females, a two to one ratio. More dangerous the older you are, if you smoke, or have preexisting conditions.

I’d say it’s good to try to avoid it for a year or at least attenuate it by using a mask and gloves when out once it reaches your community, clean all frequently-touched places in your home with Clorox wipes or Lysol spray, and stock up on enough groceries to last several weeks. For eighty percent of patients it seems to be a mild, flu-like illness. In a year people’s immune systems will be better able to cope with it, once it’s been around in the environment that long.

Donna L.

I'm with you, Bob M.
I'm much more terrified of my son's vaccine-induced grand mal seizures than I am of any stupid virus, however real or imagined it may be.

Jenny Allan

AnneS - There will not be a vaccine for at least 18months; even then it may not be all that effective since viruses mutate. Tons of vitamin C have been sent to China. I recommend vitamin B complex and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Probiotics might help and will do no harm.

Masks and gels do little to contain viruses. The only protection is to stay indoors, but people get bored or need provisions.


We started taking inflenzinum last night every night for three ns ofnights then will take arsenicum album 200 c every night for three nights. The Indian government has recommended this, and has been widely mocked and reviled for it, but it has had no cases (yet), unlike dozens of other countries. I ordered the nosode and we’ll take that when it comes and also vitamin C.


Dr Lyons-Weiler
I noticed you had a link in twitter to a sciencedirect article about disulfiram viral effect

just wanted to note observations from the lyme community use of the drug (based on invitro study by Dr Kim Lewis, Northeastern, and subsequent case studies by Dr Liegner.)

Notable effects can be psychosis, peripheral neuropathy, liver damage, and mast cell activation.


I believe Dr Fallon is going to do a small study on this drug for lyme.


I think it will spread quickly all over the world and a year from now most people will have gotten it. It seems to be more dangerous than flu, but still has low mortality, two percent or less. It’s more dangerous the older you are, those in their eighties have fourteen percent mortality, in their seventies eight percent. As with nearly all contagious diseases, the big problem is the pneumonia it often causes. Maybe because it’s a new virus that no one’s immune system has experience of, in ten to fifteen percent, because they have a gene mutation, their immune systems overreact and start a cytokine storm which is often fatal.

My ex-husband and his wife live near Milan He says they’re in lockdown and working from their apartment


I feel like this is all about Bill Gates wanting to prove his theory about how quickly an outbreak can spread. He paid for software, put huge amounts of money behind vaccines, and now wants to prove how sage his advice was.
It's not surprising to see the vaccine manufacturers all salivating to see who will be first to have a vaccine to market. Moderna is ready to do human trials - auto-immune diseases here we come.
Instead of peddling fear, why can't mainstream media let people know what they can do to help themselves? Work from home if you can. Wash hands often. Take things to boost your immune, and have key home remedies in stock.

Bob Moffit

I wish I were not as cynical as I am when it comes to recurring "pandemics" .. such as .. SARS and Zika to name just two of the more recent .. but .. I cannot help but remember the "BOY WHO CRIED WOLF" so often when there really was a wolf .. no one believed him.

I guess basically... I JUST DON'T TRUST ANY OF THEM .. CDC, WHO, CHINA, ..

Jenny Allan

"I'm not worried so much about the actual virus." -Yes we are all getting told this is just a 'mild' illness for healthy persons. In the UK we were all getting initial reassurances, from our esteemed Government Health Secretary Matthew Hancock, he who is hellbent on introducing mandatory child vaccinations in the UK. His complacency is now costing lives.

As the bodies started to pile up, initially on that ill fated cruise ship anchored in Japan, where it was belatedly realised 'kettling' thousands of passengers was spreading, not containing the virus, the US got a fleet of buses and planes to evacuate their nationals. The UK procrastinated, as in Wuhan, where again the US and Aussies got their people out promptly, but the belated UK evacuation left a few behind, some of whom got the virus. Eventually, the UK nationals on the cruise were repatriated and quarantined, but those who tested positive were left to be quarantined in Japan. A married couple who blogged their experiences, and begged to be rescued after testing negative, eventually tested positive and were left behind. Their relatives say they are in a 'bad way'.

The virus is spreading rapidly in Europe and will already be in the UK. Get ready folks!

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