HB 5044 Hearing This Morning in Hartford
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CT HB5044 Has Votes to Pass Committee and Moves Forward

CT hearing vote
Yesterday, I spent several hours in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, CT while HB5044 was voted on by the public health committee. After a recess of several hours, the bill passed through committee. It now has changes that are being reviewed by many. It is not law yet. Above is the list of yays and nays.  All of the nays are Republican.  Democrat Hennessy and Michel also voted nay. Kim



Bob Moffit

Del Bigtree .. a proud, life-long "progressive" his entire life .. appears pained when he speaks of the Democratic Party today .. such as in today's HIGHWIRE show when he reported a bill in Iowa .. (I think it was Iowa).. that sought nothing more than requiring medical examiners and doctors to report the last vaccine administered to a child under three years of age whose death was classified as SIDS.

Why would politicians not want to know what vaccine a child received just prior to dying of SIDS??? Suppose the same vaccine is the most common factor in demystifying SIDS … wouldn't that be worth knowing? The ONLY people who would not want to know if the same vaccine is associated with SIDS would be … ta daa .. the manufacturer of that particular vaccine.

Why is it ALWAYS the Democratic politicians that exercise such careless indifference to vaccine???

John LeBeau

This is truly unbelievable when looking at correct history or real science. But I will not use this opportunity to ream so-called experts. I think HB5044 can be denied looking at only 2 undisputed facts:
1. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, since 1989, has paid out 4.28 Billion dollars regarding injury and deaths due to vaccines with approx 20,000 claims (and that is considering an estimation of only 1% doctors reporting adverse reactions - VAERS) due to lack of training or assuming a normal reactions to vaccines)
BRUESEWITZ ET AL. v. WYETH LLC, FKA WYETH, INC. Argued Oct 12, 2010 Decided February 22, 2011
In the conclusion our Supreme Court which closed a loophole where vaccine companies can be held liable, they also concluded that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”
I believe that this should be part of the informed consent given to parents before we give approval of any vaccine entering a human body.
I have at least 5 other arguments regarding the history of vaccines where anytime there was mandated vaccine there we huge breakouts of the disease meant to prevent, most involving smallpox. And polio... does anyone know of Frederick Klenner who in the late 1940’s and 50’s was curing polio with IV Vitamin C and thanks to Dr Salk we have virus SV-40 in the adults today (polio shot of the 50’s and for decades afterward) which we know causes cancer.

Greg Hill

Marianna, YES, I was thinking exactly the same thing. Once the Maine 1 veto of LD798 passes by popular vote, I hope the veto's backers will follow up by informing everyone who voted in favor of it how their current legislators voted on the bill being repealed, and encouraging them to vote against those who voted in favor of that bill. Making the elected politicians afraid of losing their office if they allow themselves to be bought out by Big Pharma is the surest way I can think of to put a stop to this nation-wide outrage.


People of CT, forget about “catching more flies with honey than with vinegar” at this point. All that the pols understand is vinegar, so give it to ‘em with both barrels now! Don’t waste your time or breath arguing any more with them; just tell them straight up that, so help you God, if they vote for these bills stripping away parental rights and medical freedom so as to be Big Pharma’s puppets, you and the rest of the community will make it your new mission in life come November to END THEIR POLITICAL CAREER. VOTE NO OR GET VOTED OUT! You’ll all be feet on the ground to get their opponent elected whether it’s a primary or general election. And you’ll be checking for updates of their position on social media too, so no more bs either about how they haven’t decided yet.

Bob Moffit


Why hasn't the supposed "independent media" asked all Democratic candidates on that stage if THEY would seek PROTECTING HERD IMMUNITY .. BY REQUIRING ADULTS AS WELL AS CHILDREN .. BE FULLY VACCINATED AS RECOMMENDED AND APPROVED BY PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS???

Indeed … why aren't REPUBLICANS speaking out on the partisanship that is dividing our country, our communities, our families??? Every political campaign going forward in those states where the DEMOCRATIC PARTY enjoys majority in legislative houses as well as the Governorship .. this SINGLE ISSUE SHOULD BE A HIGH PRIORITY TO EDUCATE VOTERS ON WHO THEY SUPPORT .. MANDATORY VACCINES FOR ALL .. OR … INDIVIDUAL INFORMED CONSENT MUST FIRST BE HONORED.

This ISSUE must become as much discussed, debated in the court of public opinion as ALL OTHERS .. abortion, gun control, immigration, health care .. etc. IGNORING this issue must END.

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