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Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Non‑neurodegenerative/ Non‑neurodevelopmental Disease: A Comparison with Multiple Sclerosis

Annette_Funicello_Former_Mouseketeer_1975Note:  In 1993, my husband won a sales award with his company and we were able to take a trip for four days. I chose DisneyWorld in Orlando. We stayed at the elegant Victorian hotel. One afternoon, I went into a ladies room in the lobby and behind me, in walked in Annette Funicello, with a lucite cane that was filled with glitter. I'll never forget it. We were in the ladies room, which meant we had business to conduct, and I didn't want to embarrass Ms. Funicello.  But I had to say SOMETHING. This was America's Sweetheart! I'd watched her beach movies. I knew she was the most famous Mouskateer.  I'm proud of what came out of my mouth! I said, "Oh, Ms. Funicello, now I really feel like I am in DisneyWorld because I saw  you."  She smiled at me. Funicello died at age 70 from MS. This beautiful girl, gorgeous woman, was destroyed by the disease.

I tell you this because when we read science, like this study from Chris Exley and his colleagues, the conclusions affect real lives. I tell you this, why?

"Because we like you."  M-O-U-S-E.

Vol.:(0123456789)1 3
Exposure and Health https://doi.org/10.1007/s12403-020-00346-9
Aluminium in Brain Tissue in Non‑neurodegenerative/Non‑neurodevelopmental Disease: A Comparison with Multiple Sclerosis

C. Linhart1 · D. Davidson2 · S. Pathmanathan2 · T. Kamaladas2 · C. Exley3Received: 5 October 2019 / Revised: 7 February 2020 / Accepted: 15 February 2020 © The Author(s) 2020


Human exposure to aluminium is a burgeoning issue. The brain is a sink for systemically available aluminium and a putative target of neurotoxicity. An increasing number of studies continue to confirm the presence of aluminium in human brain tissue though primarily in relation to donors who have died of a neurodegenerative or neurodevelopmental disorder. Herein, we have measured aluminium in brain tissue in donors who died of a specific disease or condition though without showing any neurodegeneration. The donors were diagnosed as not suffering from multiple sclerosis. Herein, these novel data are compared with recent data on aluminium in brain tissue in multiple sclerosis. Brain tissues from all four lobes were obtained from the Multiple Sclerosis Society Tissue Bank. Tissues were digested using microwave-assisted acid digestion and their aluminium content was measured by transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Both are established methods in our laboratory. Detailed statistical analyses were used to compare new data with recent data for multiple sclerosis. Aluminium was found in brain tissue in each donor with a high proportion of measurements (189/291) being below 1.00 μg/g dry weight. The data for all cases (median and IQR) were 0.74 (0.48–1.28), 1.23 (0.62–1.63), 0.84 (0.45–1.14) and 1.01 (0.62–1.65) μg/g dry weight for occipital, parietal, temporal and frontal lobes, respectively. There was a statistically significant positive correlation between aluminium content of brain tissue and the age of donor. Comparison of data for this non-multiple sclerosis group with brain aluminium data for donors dying with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis showed that the latter had a statistically significant higher content of brain aluminium. The data reinforce a previous conclusion that the aluminium content of brain tissue in multiple sclerosis is elevated and support the suggestion that human exposure to aluminium may have a role to play in the aetiology of multiple sclerosis. Keywords Human exposure to aluminium · Aluminium in brain tissue · Aluminium in multiple sclerosis · Aluminium and neurodegenerative disease · Aluminium and neurodevelopmental disease  Read the paper here.



My hair analysis showed aluminum higher than mercury. I always suspected that my limbs went numb from the aluminum content of the a MMR vaccine but ALSO the chronic fatigue came from mycoplasma, all vaccines are contaminated with mycoplasma which is why Gulf War vets are so sick. There's a researcher who documents how aluminum from vaccines kills brain cells in an acute episode. Mercury is involved too depending on the contents of each vaccine. I have been chelating mercury with raw garlic for about 15 years. Also our individual genetics and microbiome determine how we respond to heavy metals, for some MS, adem, cancer ...

M Shooltz

This documentary on chemtrails is a must see for anyone concerned about Aluminum, as we all should be. It documents off the chart levels of aluminum falling from our skies.

What in the World are They Spraying?


Grace Green

I suspect that people who are leading successful lives probably do a lot of traveling to exotic places and will receive many nasty vaccines, such as Yellow Fever, etc. This is why a similar disease to MS, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, was dubbed by the press "Yuppy flu". It's also why a disproportionate number of UK GPs are spreading the "corona virus", not from their places of work, but from going on expensive holidays!


I was in grade school with Annette, just before the Disney thing happened. She was there . . . and then she wasn't, perhaps from one semester to the next.

Because I know that we are the same age, and grew up in similar circumstances until Disney -- I have often wondered (recently) if they saw to it that she got a lot of vaccinations that we did not.

At that time, because it was so long ago, smallpox was absolutely required. But almost no others that I can recall.

Interesting to speculate about what could have made the difference.

Angus Files

Professor Excellant speaking the truth where the dark side fear to go..


Pharma For Prison



Oh, I read that wrong. So the cancer patients, but without MS did not have the high aluminum.


Finding aluminum higher in cancer patients -- could mean that these chemo drugs are laden down with aluminum.
Now with out doubt in my mind; inflammation and the DNA from dead fetuses is causing cancer in ever increasing numbers of children, I am just wondering if the medical profession is using these metals in almost everything and not just vaccines?

Hans Scholl

Perhaps The worlds greatest living scientist is speaking in Marylebone London UK tonight .
No not Paul Offit the imposter
Definitely not Stanley Plotkin or any of the other scoundrels Gerberding-Boyle-DeStefano

Professor Chris Excellent himself

Rebecca Lee

I wish Doctor Exley had tested the brain samples for mercury, too. Aluminum is often high in the presence of mercury and the two metals are synergistic in their toxic effects. Andy Cutler taught that the best way to lower aluminum is to avoid new exposure and to lower mercury burden. He also told me once that he had "never seen a case of MS where mercury wasn't involved." Indeed, one of my colleagues lost her MS diagnosis through mercury chelation and you can read about that case at www,cutlersuccessstories.weebly.com.

Rebecca Lee, coauthor with Andrew Hall Cutler, Phd. of "The Mercury Detoxification Manual."

Bob Moffit

"Herein, we have measured aluminium in brain tissue in donors who died of a specific disease or condition though without showing any neurodegeneration. The donors were diagnosed as not suffering from multiple sclerosis. Herein, these novel data are compared with recent data on aluminium in brain tissue in multiple sclerosis. Brain tissues from all four lobes were obtained from the Multiple Sclerosis Society Tissue Bank."

The old fogey in me is reminded of that in 2012 .. eight years ago .. a freezer failure at the world’s largest brain tissue bank damaged nearly 150 stored brains, including one-third of those used in autism research, potentially delaying discoveries in the field for years. "Freezer failures are not uncommon in research, but for a freezer and two alarm systems to fail simultaneously is perplexing"

Not to worry as enclosed article reassures all that …

"Autism Speaks, an autism advocacy group that runs the Autism Tissue Program, a clinical program that makes brain tissue available to scientists and stores the brains at the McLean brain bank, said it is in the process of conducting its own, independent investigation."

I must have missed the results of Autism Speaks "independent investigation" .. and .. whether or not the Autism Tissue Program has replaced these valuable scientific treasures to continue the study that was destroyed by that mysterious set of COINCIDENCES causing the fire?


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