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More Parents Delaying Vaccines Per ABC News Report

Action Alert: Voting on HB 5044 Vaccine Bill Monday February 24 in Hartford

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We need concerned citizens to come to the Legislative Office Building next to The Capitol in Hartford, CT tomorrow.  At 10:30am, legislators are voting on HB5044 and Connecticut families will lose big. Not just the religious exemption, but any sense of protection from an onslaught of future vaccination mandates, including the genital wart vaccine called Gardasil.

Monday 2/24 @ 10:30AM in ROOM 1D of the Legislative office building. 300 Capitol Ave. Hartford, CT - Arrive by 10AM.

Please use your common sense and ask yourself why there is this push to mass vaccination across the United States and Europe. Infectious disease and "lack of vaccination" has been made to be as dangerous as Al Qaeda and Isis.  And just like we gave up freedoms after 9/11, we're being told to give up more freedom, the right control what goes into our and our children's bodies.



What about able to sue Vaccine Manufactures for injuries...put that on the table.

Bob Moffit

@ John

If holding that public hearing .. over hours and hours .. listening to EVERYONE that asked for 3 minutes to speak .. was nothing but a ruse to placate the anger that will result should this atrocious bill pass .. they sure fooled me. I listened to as much of the "testimony" as was made available and was surprised to hear Legislators asking very good questions .. evidence they had been paying attention to those parents visiting their offices on this bill.

As I said before .. while the Legislators asked great questions … they receive the same "talking point" answers from public health officials that I heard 20 years ago .. nothing in their answers changed … even waving Dr Wakefield's name like the proverbial "bloody shirt" evidence all anti-vax is a fraud.

Would love to see a hearing where public health officials are sworn in and then subjected to CROSS EXAMINATION of their talking points .. such as was done to Stanley Plotkin by an accomplished attorney who knew his subject and witness well.

Without FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS to the TALKING POINTS .. it will never change.

John Stone

Dr Martin

Unlike the NY legislature the CT has permitted a lot of testimony - much of it expert. Are they just going through the motions? A wise judgment in the face of so much well argued and well documented evidence would be that apart from anything else they have no knowledge base to justify such draconian measures. But perhaps they are just engaged in the ploy of pretending to consult? We shall find out pretty soon.


Let me get this straight, as culture of people we are laying claim to the “fact” that there is a valid reason to deny children access to an education. I’m pretty sure that means we’re not that cultured, or advanced scientifically.

W John Martin

There would be no vaccine mandate if the leadership of those concerned with vaccine safety were to cite published information on vaccine-derived stealth adapted viruses. Alternatively, they could arrange for someone better qualified to address this topic. I would be pleased to assist such a person.

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