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A New Kind of Fraud: Pediatrician Claims He Lied About Vaccinating Patients in Suicide Note

Vaccine moneyNote: Here is a rather unique story. An Illinois pediatrician confessed to lying to parents that their children had been vaccinated. He in fact did not vaccinate them. My first thought is that he may have been committing financial fraud. There’s lots of speculation about his death. I think of the opiate epidemic and the money behind it.  One theory, and just a theory, dear readers: money. He was being paid  a bonus by the insurance companies for vaccination compliance. He was being paid for well visits - which are actually vaccination visits.  But he was not vaccinating the patients. Surely purchasing records will show if he had brought in the product. And his nursing staff must have been aware of something going on?  Anything is possible. My father was an orthodontist and he knew of a local doctor who kept two sets of books. One with far lower income that he presented for taxes than the true income. Fraudsters don't care about the letters after their name.  That said, suicide is always a lifelong pain for a family. Suicide with scandal is all the worse. Lying to patients, or in this case Mothers of patients, who trusted him to provide the medical care they expected, is onerous and wrong, no matter our position on vaccination. It’s cowardly too. Perhaps we’ll never know the true story.   Kim


EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. (WGN)— Illinois health officials have issued a notice to families who were patients of Dr. Van Koinis in Evergreen Park.

Koinis, 58, took his own life in September. In his suicide note, he revealed he may not have administered vaccinations to children at their parents' request. His note indicated he felt terrible guilt over the way he handled some children’s vaccinations going back a decade.

Investigators said it's not clear who was properly vaccinated and who wasn't since there were record-keeping issues. Although his records are in disarray, in some cases it appears Koinis may not have vaccinated children, even though parents had asked them to.

The Cook County Sheriff's Department is urging parents and families of former patients to call a medical record line that's been set up at 630-670-1673. They are also urged to contact their new pediatrician.

“We have no real ability at this point to be able to narrow the scope," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said. "All we can say is that a person that was very well-respected, well-liked doctor for many, many years committed suicide and left a note that was very clear that he had horrible regrets for how acted, specifically during a 10-year time frame leading up to now. And specifically, as it applied to vaccinations and the records that are kept in regards to that.”


Carolyn ASDMom

and then there are all these 5 star reviews:

(Maybe better screen shot these?)

This whole story is so weird. And why did they wait until Feb to talk about this? He was found in Sept.

Carolyn MomASD

Also, sorry, but read the comments:

It goes with our theory that he didn't vaccinate becasue he knew it was harmful, he sounds like a kind truthful doctor. in the comments . .. .

Carolyn MomASD

His Dad was also a dr, for what that's worth.

And this happened in Sept why is it only being put out now?

Carolyn MomASD

It would make far more sense if he ignored a parent, vaccinated their child, the child died or was ill. .. ANd to follow up on that, how weird,-- why can't we find his relatives?

If he confessed to THAT it would NEVER be published in MSM.

SO we should research infant deaths near him to see if he was the doctor in any of the cases.

Another option (after watching many Columbos) a family member or medical practice partner was mad at him for being kind to vaccine injured parents, killed him, and to get the last evil twist, wrote this note. Why aren't they telling us the entire contents of the note so that we can read it ourselves? I wonder if AofA as a journalism entity, could ask for a copy of the note?

Ida Snow

Something smells. i am not gullible enough to believe it was suicide.

Jeannette Bishop

It's really sinister to watch them portray the parents as victims of deception by this man...really going after the vaccine risks aware physicians and their patients, really want forced vaccination for all locked in, like they're anticipating resistance on the part of those who believe this presentation of events to what they plan shortly, ...or maybe they truly want more vaccines forced into those who develop certain kinds of injuries. In California they now have access to records of these children and I can only think they're either going to vaccinate them anyway, or use vaccine exemptions as leverage on parents to have access to their children as guineau pigs for the bio-tech companies "bio-enhancing" products.

I've been rehashing portions of the recent WHO convention on vaccine confidence and the woman complaining that they are starting to lose the doctors and therefore they are in trouble comes to mind. In a non-criminal world, the discussion should be something like we are apparently hurting people more than they are willing to accept for themselves or to inflict upon others for the temporary partial and not reliable infection fighting "immunity" and poor data practices backing this procedure.

If this is the way they mean to "not lose the doctors" IMO we have to admit that we are just slaves or "human resources," much like a herd of cattle, to a sick slaver class and their selected task-masters running this show and withdraw all support in all ways from these less than human beings!

Grace Green

Like I said - he was murdered.


Since we have a wish list of looking at suicided notes, and all about his little patient's health outcomes, then I will add to that wish list of knowing just how many vaccines had he had? Was he getting a flu shot every year? Was he getting that tetanus (DTaP) every three years?
Was his depression, his mental health linked to his immune system and thus vaccinations, like I strongly suspect? How was his SED rates?

Francis Weibel

This is suspicious. How can the sheriff be sure it was suicide and not murder. It took 24 days to find the body!

Koinis, who is believed to have gone missing Aug. 17, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound Sept. 10 in a Cook County forest preserve in Palos Township, officials said. Attempts to contact relatives on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Donna L.

A more complete version of the story here:

It sounds like he was trusted and adored by many of his patients. This whole story is incredibly fishy and smacks of a media-pharma campaign to scare non-compliant/vaccine-informed physicians.
My heart goes out to his family. I hope someone with integrity investigates this man's death.


I also view this doctor as a hero, who saved probably thousands of children from dreadful post vaccination diseases or death. We need more doctors like him.


Perhaps he realized how unsafe these vaccinations were and withheld them (disposed). This would not be reported by the MSM and we are unlikely to read his real suicide note. His reason for suicide might be because he was caught out. Perhaps someone went out and got an antibodies test and finding no antibodies for a multitude of diseases filed a complaint and he felt he would seen be exposed and faced with legal action that would wipe him out. Or maybe one of his nurses threatened to report him with the same result.

In order for fraud to be a legitimate reason he would have had someone to buy these unused vaccines, and that could only be another Doctor. But Doctors get bonuses and other perks from issuing vaccines from which they need a proof of sale (blackmarket purchases dont count). This seems quite implausible to me.

The first hypothesis would open a can of worms for pro-vaxxers, so they altered the story to show a Doctor committing suicide for denying vaccines to children and make it seem his guilt was for not giving the vaccine when in truth he suicided because he got caught protecting children by withholding the vaccines .

Maybe I am wrong, we never know what is true, but something to be considered.


In my eyes, that doctor was a hero, and many more, if not all, pediatricians should follow his example.
Once a doctor understands what myriads of poisonous shots do to children, he / she is morally obligated to fill those syringes with pure water or saline and destroy actual vials.
I am surprised that most doctors in California and NY don't just issue fake vaccination records to anyone that asks. For those of us who grew up in socialist countries that would be the most appropriate course of actions. That is how people survived under tyrannical regimes.
I fully appreciate that such an approach is repugnant to anyone who grew up with ideals or truth, transparency, human rights... But than forced vaccination laws are repugnant to the Constitution of the US... Real doctors must side with their patients.

Francis Weibel

Here is more information:

An Illinois pediatrician committed suicide last year, and police say that details in the note he left before his death might indicate that he falsified documents for anti-vaccination parents.

The 58-year-old Van Koenis, who practiced in Evergreen Park, was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on Sept. 10. Though his note didn’t include a clear-cut confession, police say, Koenis implied and seemed to regret that for as long as 10 years he had helped parents get documentation showing that their children had been vaccinated when they actually hadn’t been.

Frederic Chopin

This explains things better.


Pretty sure the suicide note will be filed in the same place as Epstein’s surveillance video.


It makes perfect sense John when you read

“He was well known for being someone who was into homeopathic medicine, and from what we have determined, it was well known that people opposed to vaccination could go to him,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said.
He was incredibly regretful for what he did and it was the only thing he mentioned in the suicide note. It was this and only this.”
Investigators believe parents of children who opposed vaccinations for communicable diseases — which are required by statute for all students in Illinois — sought out Koinis with a “purpose” to get fraudulent records to allow their children to attend schools without receiving immunizations, Dart said.
“There seems to be an overarching depression that was driven by years of not vaccinating people properly,” the sheriff continued. “We were not able to nail it down any further. That was the sole reason he gave for this.”
Maybe saw the error of his ways?

John Stone

It is a story that does not make sense. Presumably parents would have to be present at appointments where these the children were not vaccinated, but somehow didn’t notice anything. It is either entirely made up or there is something important we are not being told.

Bob Moffit

I am sorry but the cynic in me does not trust or accept the Cook County's Sheriff office "interpretation" of the suicide note reportedly left after the suicide of Dr. Van Koinis.

Consider … why would this doctor write a suicide note claiming to have 'NOT VACCINATED CHILDREN" as their parents had requested him to do .. and not give the reason for so doing so? For instance .. if his intention was to confess misleading his patients .. for purely financial gain … wouldn't it make sense for him to explain THAT as his MOTIVATION for doing so.

Sheriff's "interpretation":

"In his suicide note, he revealed he may not have administered vaccinations to children at their parents' request. His note indicated he felt terrible guilt over the way he handled some children’s vaccinations going back a decade"

Maybe the doctor did exactly the OPPOSITE … he DID administer vaccinations to children AGAINST their parents wishes … to GAIN THE FINANCIAL REWARD BASED ON COMPLIANCE RATE IN HIS OFFICE????? He just didn't tell parents he had done so .. which would explain his "confession" that he may not have administered vaccinations as parents had requested???

Somewhere is the TRUTH in what this doctor did … whatever it was caused him great guilt .. and vaccinating children against the parent's wishes would be a likely cause .. especially if ANY child so vaccinated against their parents wishes had a SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTION THE DOCTOR WOULD HAVE BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR.

In any event … we will never learn the TRUTH if that was the doctor's cause of GUILT.

Grace Green

Another theory - has the suicide note been seen by the public? Is it genuine? This could easily be a scam by the authorities to check up on the patients. The doctor might even have been murdered - he wouldn't be the first. Don't believe anything you read.


This story doesn't make sense. WaPo says
"In his suicide note, Koinis reportedly said he had been “averse” to immunizations for roughly the last decade of his career, and expressed regrets about his decision to go against accepted medical wisdom."
I wish they would print the actual note, because in reading the above, it's sounds like he's regretting the pressure Big Pharma and the government put on you when you go against them.

Hans Scholl

This story seems incomplete to me. One thing we do know is fraudsters don't generally commit suicide until they are caught (examples being Boyle, Offit, Gerberding, Destefano).
So was this person being prosecuted ? I feel there is something missing about this story.
It doesn't make sense.

For instance, this story, at least 500k euros stolen from a suicide prevention charity.
Leader subsequently commits suicide.

This is vaccine_war is a global_war.

Sen. Guth’s bill would not allow administration of vaccines on school premises without written authorization from parents for each vaccine given

Vaccination bills head for face-off in Colorado legislature
UK Government Approves Net Censorship – British Free Speech Dies (all about vaccines Boris)

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