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Yet Another "RARE" Autoimmune Disease Caused By Vaccines

Vaccines colorfulBy Teresa Conrick

This case study, just recently out, shows a bad result and we cannot deny its existence: 

✹    Man Develops Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia After Getting Flu Vaccine, Case Study Reports  DECEMBER 3, 2019

The case highlights the importance of educating patients to report any unusual symptoms after vaccination.

The study, “Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in a Renal Transplant Patient Following Seasonal Influenza Vaccination,” was published in the journal Case Reports in Hematology.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, or AIHA, occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks the body’s own red blood cells, causing a reduction in the number of these cells and leading to hemolytic anemia.

Symptoms may include weakness, fatigue, and jaundice. Cold agglutinin disease (CAD) is one of the most common forms of AIHA, marked by the formation of autoantibodies against red blood cells formed upon exposure to cold temperatures.

AIHA can have an unknown origin or result from an underlying disease or medication. Vaccines have been associated with triggering this condition.

This report described the case of a man, age 58, who received a seasonal flu vaccine (quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine IIV4) as part of routine care.

That may have been considered a “rare” occurrence but researching Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia brought the following case studies up, also as a result of vaccination.  It’s important people are aware of this as it is a serious consequence, not always medically investigated, and can be fatal. 

Case in point: 



MILLMAN, Special Master On January 28, 1999, petitioner filed a petition on behalf of her daughter, Lauren Brown (hereinafter, “Lauren”),for compensation under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 19861 (hereinafter the "Vaccine Act" or the "Act"). ...Petitioner alleges that Lauren’s vaccinations were a substantial factor in Lauren’s contraction of hemolytic anemia, causing her death. Respondent denies causation. The court held a hearing in this case on May 10, 2000. Testifying for petitioner was Dr. Ralph Shapiro. Testifying for respondent was Dr. Gregory H. Reaman. Both are specialists in pediatrics, oncology, and hematology….

...The court agrees with Dr. Shapiro that the significance of petitioner’s exhibit 6 is that DPT can cause the hemolytic process in vaccinees resulting in anemia. The Federal Circuit in Knudsen states that requiring “identification and proof of specific biological mechanisms would be inconsistent with the purpose and nature of the vaccine compensation program.” 35 F.3d at 549 (emphasis added). The court does not find Dr. Reaman’s explanation of Lauren’s condition persuasive. First, Dr. Reaman admits that fever post-DPT is quite common. For him to posit that Lauren’s 104-degree fever the evening of her five vaccinations(DPT, HiB, polio) was due to a viral illness, and not to the DPT, is not persuasive….The court is most impressed with the continuity of symptoms from the time of vaccinations until Lauren’s demise….There is also legal precedent to hold that vaccines cause hemolytic anemia…. She has provided a prima facie case of causation in fact that any or all of the vaccinations Lauren received January 30, 1997 caused in fact her acute hemolytic anemia and death. The statute provides that she receive $250,000.00 in compensation

Though it was shown that Lauren’s DPT was responsible for her AIHA and her death, how many other cases have lost?  How many more vaccines are also now responsible as well? How heartbreaking. 

I dare bring this up for the possible horrible emails that I may get from those who deny vaccine injuries, but I don’t want any family to not know about this possibility.  It should not be happening and we need to make sure that our loved ones are safe. The following are other case studies with a variety of vaccines:

✹   Vaccination-associated immune hemolytic anemia in two children.


The girl experienced two attacks of hemolysis. The first episode occurred 2 weeks after oral polio vaccination, and the second episode was observed 7 months later, when she received a simultaneous vaccination against mumps, rubella, and measles. The DAT was strongly positive with anti-C3d. No autoantibodies were detectable in either episode. The boy experienced acute hemolysis a few days after a simultaneous revaccination against diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus, Haemophilus influenzae, hepatitis B, and polio. The DAT using anti-IgG was strongly positive, and the DAT performed with anti-C3d was weakly positive.


Vaccination-induced AIHA resembles those forms of AIHA related to infectious diseases, and it may occur more frequently than has been reported.


Discussion: This case of autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA) illustrates an extremely uncommon complication of routine vaccination in a healthy child. Although cases of AIHA have been reported after DTP, oral polio, hepatitis B, measles, H. influenza, smallpox, and other vaccines, no reports could be found implicating the varicella or pneumoccocal vaccines. This child had the most common form of AIHA, which is characterized by warm IgG autoantibodies, usually formed in response to infections, autoimmune disorders, immunodeficiency syndromes, malignancies, or medications. Mortality from warm AIHA in the pediatric age group ranges from 9 to 29% and is usually due to severe anemia or hemorrhage from associated thrombocytopenia. Corticosteroid therapy is first-line treatment followed by immunosuppressive drugs and splenectomy in refractory cases. Other treatment options include IVIG, plasmapheresis, and immunomodulary agents. As the number of recommended childhood vaccines increase, pediatricians should be aware of the possibility of rare but important complications such as AIHA.

✹  Anti‐Pr antibody induced cold autoimmune hemolytic anemia following pneumococcal vaccinationThis is the first reported case of cold antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia due to anti‐Pr autoantibodies attributed to Pneumococcal vaccination in an adult patient. The patient presented 1 week after receiving the vaccination with low hemoglobin, jaundice, and dyspnea with no prior history of anemia. Extensive workup including ruling out infectious and malignant causes was unremarkable, and his treatment consisted of transfusions and a course of steroids. An autoantibody anti‐Pr was identified with persistence but decreased reactivity up to 3 months after his initial presentation. Most cases of this identified autoantibody are associated with infectious causes or vaccination associated in the pediatric population.

✹  Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Following Influenza Virus Infection or Administration of Influenza Vaccine :   AIHA associated with influenza infection or vaccination may be fatal in patients with primary illness who are in poor condition at the time of diagnosis

✹    A Toddler With Rash, Encephalopathy, and Hemolytic Anemia: The VZV identified was confirmed to be Oka (vaccine) strain using 4 real-time Forster Resonance Energy Transfer PCR protocols targeting vaccine-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA). In addition, throat swabs obtained 2 months after vaccination were positive for vaccine-genotype mumps and rubella viruses by PCR.

✹   Three Cases of Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia following Primary Varicella Infection and Vaccination: Possible Pathogenesis in the Context of Current InformationA 14-month-old female patient was administered a measles-mumps-rubella and varicella vaccine at the age of one. She suffered from a varicella infection one month after the vaccine was administered and recovered afterwards. She presented to another hospital due to a widespread rash on her body a month after the varicella infection. The IgA, IgM, IgG and IgE levels were normal but the CD3+ CD4+ lymphocyte value was low and CD3+ CD8+ lymphocyte value high in tests conducted with a suspicion of immunodeficiency when she was ten months old (Table 1). She was referred to our hospital for the investigation of anemia and thrombocytopenia etiology. We found out that her sister and brother had died with high fever when two months old. 

✹    A Case of Evans' Syndrome Following Influenza Vaccine: Background

Evans' syndrome is an uncommon condition defined by the combination (either simultaneously or sequentially) of immune thrombocytopenia purpura and autoimmune hemolytic anemia with a positive direct antiglobulin test in the absence of known underlying etiology.

Objectives  We present a case of Evans' syndrome following influenza vaccination.

✹   Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Following MF59-Adjuvanted Influenza Vaccine Administration: A Report of Two Cases:  Influenza vaccination may rarely trigger severe AIHA, shortly after vaccine administration. A mechanism of molecular mimicry is probably involved in the development of these reactions, although the possible role of adjuvants can not be excluded. Patients should be instructed to report signs and symptoms of autoimmune disorders occurring in the first weeks after administration of influenza vaccine

✹    AUTOIMMUNE HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA-THREE CASES REPORT.  :  Case 3. 10-month old child manifested severe AIHA, 3 days after immunization (diphtheria, poliomyelitis, pertussis and tetanus). ,,,,The result is intravascular destruction of the red cell. Two clinical entities exist - one with cold reacting and the other one with warm reacting antibodies.

✹   A Case Report of Coomb's Positive Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia in pregnancy following administration of influenza vaccine

✹   Acute autoimmune hemolytic anemia following DTP vaccination: report of a fatal case and review of the literature   ….Infection, disorders of autoantibody production, immunodeficiencies and malignancy may stimulate the production of autoantibodies that can result in AIHA 1.  We report a fatal case of AIHA temporally related to diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccination

It does not appear that “rare” gives an accurate portrayal of the number of vaccines that seem to cause Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia nor the devastating effects on a life.  I am interested in autoimmmune diseases as my daughter has one.  Her severe symptoms began after the MMR vaccine in 1994, though other vaccines did cause more subtle reactions, often difficult to ascertain in an infant and toddler.  Meg now also has a diagnosis of nonfamilial hypogammaglobulinemia, a condition in which her immune system is unable to mount a good fight against the bacterial, viral and parasitic bad guys in our world (see the MMR insert below).  This cascade of events then unfortunately leads to another immune assault on her brain, called PANS .  It is a devastating life with 24/7 care needed.  Some questions to consider -- Why is it babies and children are not being tested for immune issues before vaccination?   Can certain vaccines trigger autoimmune diseases?  How can this topic of conversation lead to helping children and adults rather than the whole “anti-vaccination” witch hunt?  

On the package insert for the MMR, you can read this as part of the CONTRAINDICATIONS:

...cellular immune deficiencies; and hypogammaglobulinemic and dysgammaglobulinemic states….

That’s important to know but it is not mentioned by medical staff when getting the vaccine.  I never was told as a parent nor was Meg checked back then. Many children with autism, PANS/PANDAS or both, have immune issues.  Parents need to be vigilant and vocal to the increasing risks for safety.  As we watch states wanting to end religious/philosophical vaccine exemptions and make doctors intimidated to grant medical exemptions,  these cases continue to grow.  Politicians need to be aware and alerted. Being informed and wanting infants and children to be safe should not brand any doctor, parent, researcher or politician as “anti-vaccine.”  God bless us, every one.

Teresa Conrick is Science Editor for Age of Autism.



Well said John Stone. No one was a strong enough leader to step up and stop it. The public was too in awe and worship of the whole medical establishment to stop it. Our esteemed education system wove wonderful mythic lore around vaccine researchers.

This is really a mess, the whole thing.

Time for a quick definition of hemolytic anemia . Red blood cells develop in the bone marrow, which is the sponge-like tissue inside your bones. Your body normally destroys old or faulty red blood cells in the spleen or other parts of your body through a process called hemolysis. Hemolytic anemia occurs when you have a low number of red blood cells due to too much hemolysis in the body.
There are many types of hemolytic anemia, which doctors diagnose based on the underlying cause of your anemia. Certain conditions can cause hemolysis to happen too fast or too often. Conditions that may lead to hemolytic anemia include inherited blood disorders such as sickle cell disease or thalassemia, autoimmune disorders, bone marrow failure, or infections. Some medicines or side effects to blood transfusions may cause hemolytic anemia.
Hemolytic anemia can develop suddenly or slowly, and it can be mild or severe. Signs and symptoms may include fatigue, dizziness, heart palpitations, pale skin, headache, confusion, jaundice, and a spleen or liver that is larger than normal. Severe hemolytic anemia can cause chills, fever, pain in the back and abdomen, or shock. Severe hemolytic anemia that is not treated or controlled can lead to serious complications, such as irregular heart rhythms called arrhythmias; cardiomyopathy, in which the heart grows larger than normal; or heart failure.
To diagnose hemolytic anemia, your doctor will do a physical exam and order blood tests. Additional tests may include a urine test, a bone marrow test, or genetic tests. People who are diagnosed with mild hemolytic anemia may not need treatment at all. For others, hemolytic anemia can often be treated or controlled. Treatments may include lifestyle changes, medicines, blood transfusions, blood and bone marrow transplants, or surgery to remove the spleen. If your hemolytic anemia is caused by medicines or another health condition, your doctor may change your treatment to control or stop the hemolytic anemia.

Serious disease. And Bob Moffit tells us of his daughter's spleen removal for yet another closely related auto immune disease thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) mentioned as co existing after vaccination. ITP is a bleeding disorder in which the immune system destroys platelets, which are necessary for normal blood clotting. My own daughter almost had her spleen at two years old with Kawasaki disease.

Interesting to look up quick definition of Kawasaki disease.
or for that matter Raynaud’s Disease which is another small blood vessels disease, in which 1 out of 10 people's feet, hands, noses turn blue with a tiny big of cold. There is no end to what a sickened by vaccines immune system can do.

John Stone


I think the big problem for “Concerned” is cognitive dissonance. She lives in an imaginative world in which government is rational and wise - she perhaps thinks that justified criticism would find public health to be 5% wrong rather than 95% wrong, so she cannot understand why we are so far adrift. And if we just step away from the scientific problem we have the problem that government (the officials and the politicians) is serving an industry and escapes forever being held to account, while its critics are pilloried and publicly abused (aided by the media which is also 100% in the hands of the lobby). But we no longer live in a liberal democracy in which governments are held to account. More than a century ago Ambrose Bierce quipped that a corporation was “an ingenious device for extracting individual profit without individual responsibility”; more than a century ago Woodrow Wilson complained that big business had overtaken the government (while failing to do anything about it); 60 years ago Eisenhower warned:

“In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity....The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded...”

And what we have to say is we are reaping the whirlwind because no one did anything about it, and for much of the public their reality is determined by bureaucracies which are only subject to token checks and balances, and the government juggernaut is way off course. The American Revolution wanted to limit government and hold it to account but it has failed. George III was nothing compared with pharma.

For three and half decades now government has let the vaccine industry completely off the hook in terms of liability, it has token monitoring, and the schedule only gets longer as corporate behemoths manoeuvre to get their products mandated - you only have to look at Admiral Schuchat’s face at the ACIP to realise it is all a big joke.


Thank you John for being an excellent moderator. I followed this conversation and almost weighed in with the fact that Congress declared vaccines unavoidably unsafe in 1986 precisely because in the current state of technology they can not be made safe. The recent WHO safety meeting confirmed the profoundness and accuracy of the unavoidably unsafe designation. Thirty three years later we know and WHO knows unavoidably unsafe is the tip of the chronic ill health and death iceberg for generations of children.

I found Concerned lacked some fundamental awareness of the decades of animal studies which should have stopped the one-size-fits-all mass vaccination hysteria which grips this country.

Perhaps I will see comments from Concerned on other sites engaged in reducing environmental pollutants.



You asked Hera if her doctor were one of those being investigated for charging to write an exemption. So you think it’s OK for the doctor to insist on following the new laws and vaccinate even those almost certain to have a severe reaction (and charge big bucks for doing so), but not for the doctor to listen to the parent and do what they choose to do (and, obviously, charge big bucks)?

Any vaccine has the potential to disable, even kill, the person who gets it. According to human rights conventions, Nuremberg, Heldinki, this means that every human being has the right to accept or reject any medical intervention. In no case may any doctor force any vaccine or any other intervention on any patient. The choice is at all times completely in the patient’s hands (if he can come up with the money to pay for it, a big problem in the US). But doctors are employed and paid by their patients, paid for whatever the patient decides to ask him to do.

Parents are compelled to give schools either a complete vaccination record or a valid exemption, and ethically they should always be given the option of a religious or philosophical exemption. And it should come as no surprise to you if many would rather protect their own children from autism and autoimmune disease than protect yours from germs they might give your children.

John Stone


Thank you. You have ignored many substantive issues which have been put to you, and you keep on raising the straw man of what we all think according to you. Perhaps this is a good point to close the conversation. Obviously, many things have been discussed on this site every day over a dozen years of which you are completely unaware.


Thank you for reading that study. It is just one example in many and a good example how to look at big trends. I read the whole thing, and what is interesting is how the studies of factors from different angles are compared. Long term trends over many areas and situations is the only way to start to narrow down the problem. How can you claim 100% so many problems are due to only vaccines, when there is no way most of us can avoid pollution, for example? Or infections, same issue. These factors are not being discussed on this site, and that is concerning for anyone that really does have immune issues. You can’t ethically put children in a bubble and test them, and then there would be obvious other environmental factors then you wouldn’t be able to rule out. This is why comparing different studies is key. Like my late dad said, “never make a decision without looking at all the alternatives.” I am obviously not a scientist, and hope I haven’t said anything that is really silly, but I do know a little stats from the social sciences. I am looking at the same data a bit differently from you all here. Stats is stats, and it makes logical sense to not make conclusions on cases or single studies.

I know California, and definitely you can’t get a vaccine without signing a paper saying you don’t have all these risk factors. It always makes me a little nervous, but I sign it anyway because I know the risks for infection are worse than the vaccines for my family. We also have to drive our kids to get them to school, and that has risk too.

Our doctors have done good by us. Honestly if you have been afraid of regular doctors for a long time and you have any autoimmune issues, maybe it is time to go back to them. Things are better now and I have never had one that doesn’t listen in the last 10 years. Some of the alternative treatments you are discussing might be triggering more problems. I don’t know, but have seen it happen with one of them. You may not even know why you have walking problems or hurt, it may not be what you think it is. It might be a flare from something else. Going on faith in only those you trust, and not reading outside areas that only support your views could be putting you at risk from what I know at least.

John Stone


Maybe it is because 60% of the time you either post off topic or you post personalised attacks on people (while never actually identifying yourself).

Hans Scholl

Concerned. You concern me greatly but I do love your comedy !

"And always check with your doctor first. " Brilliant.
You must have laughed yourself silly writing that

Who was it who said ?
"The Doctors can no longer be trusted"

JDS-AOA why do you allow concerned to post here with this absolute nonsense when you disallow my posts on a 60% basis ?
Vaccines and Pregnancy: The Criminal Conspiracy to Create Autism



I looked at your link to the abstract of the meta study, which said environmental factors must be involved in causing autism. It said it had looked at things like exposure to pollutants in traffic, plastics, this and that. It said whether they were causal factors was unknown and needed further study. Just when I was wondering how they could prove a causal link when nearly all the children studied would have been vaccinated. So it really didn’t say anything at all, just that MAYBE it might be these things.

John Stone


“In our area, this is not the case, and the exemptions allowed are wide enough to cover anyone who is at risk of an autoimmune trigger. Why not work to make the exemptions work for everyone? Just arguing against all vaccines and all rules puts children at risk. If you think you are at risk for an autoimmune disease, you want high vaccination rates, not lower ones. Same for autism based on all the meta studies, babies are more at risk from infection.”

What exactly happens where you live may not be entirely relevant if what you are arguing adversely effects people who live elsewhere. What about the people of California? The press conference by human rights lawyer Leigh Dundas just before the pernicious SB276 was passed into law last September is particularly disturbing - there is 50 mins of it but it is fascinating just to watch the last seven just after she finishes speaking in which in one telephone conversation after another mothers requesting exemptions for a child with anaphylaxis gets turned down by Californian doctors - if I remember hundreds of calls were made and not one doctor dared to consider it. So, the doctors live in terror and the welfare of the immunocompromised is not what this is about at all.

But then, of course, you don’t live in California, do you?


Hi Concerned;
thank you for your kind words re my son. No, the doctor is not under investigation (and as far as I know, has not ever written a vaccine medical exemption) and in my experience, being willing to quietly admit the problem while making sure not to write anything down is about as good as it gets with preventing or dealing with vaccine injury.
It takes an incredibly brave man or woman to risk their medical career by writing vaccine exemptions in this current climate , no matter what the medical condition.
From this article
The CDC itself warns that there are risks involved with vaccinations, and where there is risk, there should at least be a discussion between a doctor and a patient, like with any other pharmaceutical,” she said. “This bill is nothing more than government overreach….Doctors were scared to write (medical exemptions) before this bill; this is just creating an additional killing effect.”

Doctors get a large bonus from insurance companies to have 100% vaccinated clientele ( regardless of the medical conditions or contra indications that their clients have.) They are already losing money by treating kids who aren't safely able to get vaccines.. Risking their careers too is asking too much, and most doctors are pragmatic enough to read the writing on the wall and not risk their livelyhood by bucking the system and writing vaccine exemptions, or they wouldn't have made it through med school.
the existence of "medical exemptions' is in reality, most likely a fantasy vaccine pushers promote so people will go along with their agenda. Do you know anyone who has actually got one in the last year or two from any doctor for any medical reason or medical condition at all?



I'm afraid that it is on the immunocompromised and their families to determine how best to protect them. No one should be forced to gamble with their own or their childrens' lives hoping to protect them from germs by getting any vaccine. And in nearly every case they have compromised their immune systems by taking vaccines. They made a bad choice. But it would not be fair to insist that they drag everyone else down with them.

It really doesn't matter as far as the outside world goes what may trigger attacks of autoimmune disease. In my case it's heat, fatigue, and stress, but there you go. I get no assistance from anyone in reducing my stress and fatigue. It is unfortunate that my parents were unaware at the time of how dangerous the DPT vaccine was, how many it had damaged, or that it would cause a serious autoimmune disease in me. My father would not have let me get it if he had known.

It would be better for parents at the outset to realize how dangerous the routine vaccines are and refuse most of them. Then their children wouldn't get autoimmune disease to start with. You're worried, for reasons which are clear, only about what triggers attacks of a diseased state already in place when it would be better to prevent it to start with.

susan welch

Concerned. A rather timely article from Children's Health Defense which you may find of interest.


Hi Concerned:
Here are a couple of quotes directly from the main text of your meta- analysis.

"Vaccines contain carriers and adjuvants (e.g., aluminum), each of which could possibly cause toxicity, and the active ingredient is an immune trigger that, itself, may be deleterious for the developing nervous system."
"The second exception was from a study of thimerosal from hepatitis B vaccination in the 1st month of life, limited to males, that showed an elevated association (Fig. 6, purple).102 This result has not been included in prior reviews. Alternate explanations of this elevated result include (1) the failure to adjust for temporal trends, (2) random error and a consequent bias away from the null given that only 30 cases were included, or (3) that non-mercury constituents of the hepatitis B vaccine could increase autism risk."
"Of note, additional community and research attention regarding vaccines and autism has focused on measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, which never contained thimerosal and so is outside the scope of this review."

It is often worth reading more than just the abstract, as it often glosses over information contained in the text.

Don't know if you have ever seen the Princess Bride?It's a great movie, ( and you might well enjoy it if you have not seen it;a family friendly swashbuckling adventure) Anyway, one character keeps saying "inconceivable" about events which then keep happening. Eventually, another character says " I do not think that word means what you think it means.." Similarly, there is an old saying "the devil is in the details.."so if you are suggesting that your meta analysis proves no link between vaccines and autism, then in true Princess Bride fashion, I suggest that "I do not think that study proves what you think it proves" ....



That is awful about your doctor not giving an exemption. Are you sure he is a regular doctor? Maybe he is one of those doctors already under investigation for charging for exemptions. Might want to change doctors. That just sounds odd for a normal pediatrition.

And look into the shedding thing. That isn't at all proven to be significant or last.


I am so sorry about your Dad. I am just asking for open minds for other people in different situations. I am not trying not to be offended at the comments about me giving my kids flu shots, and neither should you about my comments. This is just sharing information to help each other in case there is something to be learned. I have had the best tips from other parents along the way. I like to take what works for us and ignore what doesn't. Of course we need to each do what is best for oursleves given what we know. And always check with your doctor first. There is so much more known now about autoimmune disorders, it doesn't have to be as bad as it was 15 years ago. So much good informaton out there to learn that helps. But have to look at it all without pre-bias.



Are they still giving the hep-B vaccine to all newborns, with or without the parents' knowledge or permission? Newborns are particularly vulnerable to vaccine injury, their immune systems having no experience at all in the world. As the testimony at the congressional hearing in May 1999, thousands of babies had reacted to it with autism. Please post your source if they are no longer gambling with the lives of newborns by giving this vaccine to infants born to mothers who do not have hep-B, as I did not. Otherwise you would have to admit that they are rapaciously injuring millions of newborns at no risk at all of contracting hep-B.

Is there anyone out there who has gotten a vaccine recently, or knows anyone who has? Now that they're demanding that all school children in New York and California get a lot of vaccines for school, my understanding was that they no longer permit any medical contraindication. Even the boy in New York who had cerebral palsy, whose doctor certified that it would be dangerous for him to get the vaccines, it was still No shots, no school.

Concerned, I have a feeling that it is you who are out of touch with the current scene. They no longer admit ANY reason for refusing vaccines, not a past history of severe reactions personally or in the family. Current illness is no longer a reason. They're trying to go after the homeschoolers now, as well as all adults. I heard that a national bill will be introduced to make a complete vaccination record a condition for getting a passport. Regardless of your history of autoimmune disease, autism, encephalitic or anaphylactic reaction.

It seems as though you are just saying what you think will make your case with no supporting evidence.



Yes, thank you for those. If you read the link I posted an risk trade off on vaccines for Lupus, you will see I do not disagree with you about possible risks for people with autoimmune disorders.

However, I do not see you posting any studies that look at all the possible triggers of autoimmune diseases, including infections. And then the possible triggers of autism by infections. This is what I mean about expanding the scope before making conclusions.

And you are still posting case studies that do not really seem that surprising to me given what I know. What surprises me is ignoring the bigger issue of infection and other environmental triggers. Genetics must interact with these things, so have to look at all possible triggers. And look at meta studies before making broad conclusions. Until you start providing people with that information, you are misleading by omitting critical information.

I stand by what I said before about not making conclusions without meta studies of studies. As you know from your stats knowlege, case studies only are for asking questions, but not for conclusions.

John Stone


From my recent article 'The Echo-Chambers of Public Health:-

When, last year, I queried the evidence base for general MMR safety the CMO cited only the review by Taylor (2014) which was restricted to the issue of autism, MMR and thimerosal – there were just six MMR studies, the first of which was published a full fourteen years after MMR was first introduced the British schedule (when the issue was already highly contentious) and which perhaps only closed the door after the horse had bolted. It does not answer the ethical problem of what evidence health officials had that the products were safe at the time of introduction. Indeed we know that the most favoured MMR product in 1988, SKB’s Pluserix, was already withdrawn in Canada at the time [25, 26].

While our health officials have succeeded in not finding a connection between the vaccine programme they promote and autism they also have no explanation for the rise of autism from 0.2% for those born 1984-8 and the 3.3% rate recorded in Northern Ireland schools earlier this year [27,28]: they have neither predicted it, nor can they explain it while every day the reports of chaos pile up [29]. The United States government in its Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, however, have acknowledged the connection between vaccines and autism on a number of occasions.

The HHS HRSA told journalists Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby on separate occasions [30,31]:

"The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."

And CDC director Julie Gerberding admitted to CNN following the Hannah Poling settlement [32]:

"Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism…"

An investigation into US vaccine injury court in 2011 found 83 cases of compensated vaccine injury in which autism is mentioned, but which because they are sealed cannot be used as precedents [33]. In an unsealed ruling relating to autism it is stated [34]:

“The Court found, supra, that Bailey’s ADEM was both caused-in-fact and proximately caused by his vaccination. It is well-understood that the vaccination at issue can cause ADEM, and the Court found, based upon a full reading and hearing of the pertinent facts in this case, that it did actually cause the ADEM. Furthermore, Bailey’s ADEM was severe enough to cause lasting, residual damage, and retarded his developmental progress, which fits under the generalized heading of Pervasive Developmental Delay, or PDD. The Court found that Bailey would not have suffered this delay but for the administration of the MMR vaccine, and that this chain of causation was not too remote, but was rather a proximate sequence of cause and effect leading inexorably from vaccination to Pervasive Developmental Delay.”

[25] John Stone/CMO correspondence,

[26] Canada Diseases Weekly Report, 15 December 1990,

[27] Metzler et al, 'The mental health of children and adolescents in Great Britain' National Statistics 1999, p.33 Table 4.1 'Prevalence of Mental Disorders', Pervasive development disorder is listed under 'less common disorders',

[28] Ian Waugh, The Prevalence of Autism (including Asperger Syndrome) in School Age Children in Northern Ireland 2019', Information Analysis Directorate May 2019,

[29] Chaminda Jayanetti, ‘Special educational needs crisis deepens as councils bust their budgets…Observer investigation reveals 30% rise in overspending against backdrop of a failure to meet demand for services’, Observer 18 August 2019,

[30] Sharyl Attkisson, ‘Vaccines, Autism and Brain Damage: What's in a Name?’, (Downloaded 28 August 2018)

[31] David Kirby ‘A new theory of autism causation’, Huffington Post 29 March 2009,

[32] House Call with Dr Sanjay Gupta, 29 March 2009,

[33] Mary Holland, Louis Conte, Robert Krakow and Lisa Colin, ‘Unanswered Questions: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury’, Pace Environmental Law Review, vol. 28, no. 2, 2011,



While I certainly believe in choice the recent pitiful spectacle of the WHO summit shows that the products have neither been adequately tested for safety or monitored, this is not to mention the political sleaze surrounding recommendation and mandates. I would question whether any of these present products are safety tested to an adequate level to be licensed.

The Kalkbrenner paper is limited in interest - I am not surprised you can detect mild associations with other toxic environmental factors but many were present in the past (or worse) and not sufficient to explain the dynamic rise over the last 30 years.


Hi Concerned;
actually you can get a vaccine very easily Exemptions, not so much. My son already has an autoimmune disorder ( celiacs) . He also has a history of Idiopathic thrombocytopenia,( as do I, which is a contraindication for the MMR, and also a risk factor with a genetic condition for epilepsy of 1 in 4, and autoimmune disease runs right throughout our family. He can't get one of these "easily available" medical exemptions you talk about. His doctor agrees that the DTP will increase his chance of developing epilepsy. But he won't give a medical exemption, because well who wants to be seen as giving vaccine exemptions, now a days? And after all, he will no doubt be sad about it, because he is a nice man, but at the end of the day, he can walk away from the vaccine injury afterwards. It is not really his problem, and he was just following orders....his suggestion to me was stick with parent based exemptions. As I said, he is a nice guy, and he really doesn't want to hurt my son. He is not alone.Most places in California have apparently now decided that they will no longer give vaccine exemptions for any reason, as they don't want to risk being potentially investigated.
Of course, if my son develops lifelong epilepsy,that is really not anyone elses' problem at all, is it?
So, here is the bit where it may effect other people. We also have IG A deficiency in our family
Which means we are likely to shed viruses from vaccines for far longer.
Here, by the way is a study of oral polio virus vaccine shedding. you may be intrigued to discover that one child continued to shed the live virus for 6 months after vaccination.(Though not mentioned in this study, there has been a documented case of one person shedding polio from the vaccine for 20 years; you may want to look into this for yourself.)
How long would my son continue to shed varicella, or measles, mumps or rubella from the MMR vaccine? the average is two weeks for most kids, but with him, who knows. But if he is forced to be vaccinated, he will be sitting right next to all those immune compromised kids in the classroom.
( You know , the ones who are don't really exist, because they are so sick they can actually get a doctor to sign off on an exemption, but so healthy that being in a school, and surrounded by potentially sick kids with colds, RSVs, runny noses, viral infections and the odd case of not yet diagnosed flu ,strep throat or pink eye is not actually a problem for them.)
Highly immunocompromised people can't be in crowds,and can get serious illness including pneumonia from the common cold or RSV virus.

Of course he will probably be having seizures as well from time to time, which might disrupt the classroom somewhat, but hey.He will at least continue to get an education, and the doctors ( and the mandate pushers) have already decided his health isn't worth anything to them anyway.
You also asked about research into causes of autoimmune disease. Here is an article you may find interesting.

I wish you and your family well with your health challenges, and am sorry about them, and also hope you can understand why the issue of forced vaccinations is so dangerous to many, including the immunocompromised.

Teresa Conrick


There are case studies, case reports, case-control studies, and Population-Based, Self-Controlled Case Series Analysis. What it comes down to is that there is plenty of evidence that vaccination can cause adverse reactions. Autoimmunity is one.



As i said at the outset, my father got a flu shot in November 1999 which paralyzed him until he died in June 2003. So how was that good for anyone? Not only that, but, as was mentioned in the article, he was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia and jaundice, he literally turned yellow. All related to his vaccine reaction. My brother reacted to his with POTS, another autoimmune disease, and my mother with Alzheimer's.

I've never gotten a lu shot, nor ever will. Obviously. If John used this platform for " good" meaning pushing flu shots, we might easily be far worse off than we are now.

If you're that afraid of the flu (I'm not), why don't you get the homeopathic nosode everey year, made with the same three viruses used to prepare the vaccine, predicted to be what will cause this year's predominant flu? Unlike vaccines, it doesn't hurt anyone, and, if you read the reviews on Amazon, is very effective.

Why would you ignore what I said about my father's paralytic reaction to the flu vaccine and just continue pushing for everyone to get it so that your children be a little less likely to be exposed to the virus? Look it up. There are thousands of people who have had similar reactions to the flu vaccine. Look up Lisa Marks Smith. She got an award from Vaccine Court (and that's really hard to get), for a routine flu shot at her neighborhood drug store causing her to be paralyzed for several years. She got it because her father had just had an operation and she didn't want to inadvertently expose him to the flu virus if she encountered it. So was it worth it? Worth it to possibly prevent one immunocompromised person from exposure at the cost of paralysis in the one who gets the shot? That's the bottom line, and one you seem unwilling to address.


Hi Cia,

If you read what I wrote, I didn't ever say this.

"Your bottom line seems to be that everyone should be forced to get all the vaccines so that the immunocompromised be protected from germs of VPDs.

Just asking for open minds to other possiblities. You can't get a vaccine nowadays anyway without signing that you are not sick or have a serious immune disorder. And I said to check with your doctor first. If you haven't had any vaccines in a while, you may not know that you are not even allowed to get them with certain issues. That is a good thing.

I posted that link on advice on vaccines. It tells you which ones are risky for people with autoimmine disorders. I thought it was helpful advice that I shared as it helped my family stay healthy.

David L

In the past 40 years, Danish research has shown that the story of vaccines is not quite as simple as the World Health Organization, national health authorities and others portray it. The five non-live vaccines the researchers studied were: DTP vaccine, pentavalent vaccine, inactivated polio vaccine, H1N1 influenza vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine. These all increased the overall mortality rate, especially among girls, even if they protect against the target diseases. We examined the vaccines for common features and found that the live attenuated vaccines have the beneficial non-specific effects, whereas the non-live vaccines produce the adverse effects, especially among girls,” says Christine Stabell Benn. Some vaccines protect against completely different diseases than those for which they are designed. Unfortunately, other vaccines are associated with excess mortality from unrelated diseases. GlaxoSmithKline has been working on a new antimalarial vaccine, and the results of the trials of the new vaccine were published in The Lancet in a blaze of publicity. The vaccine provided 18–36% protection against malaria, more than any other previous vaccine. This a potentially important step towards preventing a disease that kills millions of people each year, but Christine Stabell Benn and Peter Aaby scrutinized the research results and found that the vaccine did not reduce mortality. Overall mortality was 24% higher among people who had been vaccinated against malaria compared with unvaccinated individuals. This was the SIXTH non-live vaccine that we associated with increased mortality among girls – exactly as we had seen for other non-live vaccines,” says Christine Stabell Benn. The researchers published their alarming findings but WHO is now rolling out the vaccine in Africa.

There is now substantial evidence that mortality is lower when the live BCG vaccine is co-administered with DTP than when DTP is administered after BCG. When studies with survival bias or coadministration of BCG and DTP were excluded, DTP-vaccinated children had higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated children. A non-live vaccine administered after a live vaccine will reduce the beneficial NSEs of the live vaccine. For example, when BCG was co-administered with DTP it reduced the negative effect of DTP; when DTP was administered after HTMV this had a strong negative effect for female survival. So far all studies have shown that non-live vaccines are associated with higher female than male mortality. We observed beneficial Non Specific Events after single Measles Vaccine was introduced in low-income countries in the 1970s. Subsequent observational studies and randomized trials confirmed beneficial NSEs of live smallpox vaccine, BCG and OPV. However, no non-live vaccine has yet been documented to produce beneficial NSEs.,,



You have a platform to use for good. I have no problem with my friends opting out of vaccines, but have a problem with misinformation by ommission. This leads people who benefit from vaccines to be afraid and opt out when it could help them and others who have to opt out. Most parents do not have the time to go get the education needed and then go discover all the information themselves on the internet. If you really care about increasing rates, please look at all the factors. I posted that meta study twice. Please read it. It has a lot of good information that you are not talking about.

If I believd everything you said, my kids would still be having health problems similar to some of the ones you discuss here, not on their way to college and I would be sick like my mother was. I am not saying our case is conclusive for anyone else either. However, you are not explaining why before flu shots we were a mess, and after we are better. Last year we forgot until too late, and the first time in a decade we all got a horrible flu that set one of my children back so far, we are still trying to drag him back to normal. Maybe it wasn't the flu shot that helped us when we remembered them, but it sure didn't hurt us either. And you are not explaining why this works for many families like mine, especially those with autism and autoimmune disorders. Staying healthy is absolutely critical for my kids to progress. So this is one "cure" that needs to also be looked into for people that can handle it. I aggee that the flu mist can trigger flares, so good for you to advocate against giving that to all kids in GB. I am really glad you are doing that. That does sound really stupid if schools there are really doing that. Parent permission should alwasy be required.

Fully with you on some of what it sounds like you are doing, but please do not make conclusions about all vaccines for all people. More information is out there you are not looking at.



Your bottom line seems to be that everyone should be forced to get all the vaccines so that the immunocompromised be protected from germs of VPDs. How do you think it is appropriate to evaluate vaccine safety, and why do you think that the vaccines given now are safe? If you don't think that they are, how do you propose to make them "safe" ? How would you bypass the inflammatory reaction which causes the vaccine reactions (as well as allergic and autoimmune disease? How have you discounted the value of homeopathic remedies and nosodes? Just because the pharma industry says so? And why do you prioritize the well-being of the immunocompromised over that of everyone else? And I agree with the commenter below who said she had never seen or heard of immunocompromise until recently. My cousin Dee was allergic to chocolate. I had a " boyfriend" in second grade who had asthma, caused by the DPT. No one else I knew or heard of had an allergy or autoimmune disease. No one was sensitive to gluten, casein, etc. That's been new in the last twenty years, in the throes of the vaccine epidemic.

If you cannot answer these questions, you cannot be surprised if the vaccine-damaged resent your dismissal of us.



Are saying that case studies is all the proof you need?

I can see that i am mostly just upseting people, and I really didn't mean to do that. I had hoped to provide another perspective that may help you see why you might get pushback and how there are other paths that do in reality also help people with both autism and autoimmune disorders. I think we have the same goals, just interpreting some of the same information differently.

I don't mean this as rude, and I do need to be more careful to be polite especially given most people here are stuggling with really hard issues. I can relate how intense it all can get and it is awful for anyone to dismiss my worries too. So thank you for pointing out I was rude. I aggee, that is never helpful.

But if you are the science editor, how can you really think case studies are conclusive?
Please explain. I don't mean to be rude in asking this question, and maybe this is not what you mean.

John Stone


Most people who come have witnessed bad vaccines reactions, which are btw not at all uncommon even according to the literature but their sequelae are not monitored and doctors are trained to ignore and discount them. The infant schedule gets ever more loaded, our children get more chronic disease, more autism, lower IQ and still our health officials and politicians recklessly want to add to the schedule - and all they are really concerned with is not to acknowledge the harm caused as a result. They don’t do sound studies and hey-presto they don’t find anything.



I was diagnosed by MRI with MS, characteristic brain lesions which cause neurological symptoms, in my case dizziness, nausea, lack of balance, insomnia, and severe fatigue. I had another MRI six years later when I was hospitalized for an MS attack which paralyzed my left arm and leg for a month, it also found the brain lesions. They did it because the paralysis came on so fast and was so severe, flaccid paralysis, the flesh just hung from my bones when I was unable to move my arm or leg for so long. They said I was very young for it to be a stroke, but the symptoms were so stroke-like that they wanted to rule it out, which they did.

The MS was caused by an autoimmune reaction to the myelin sheaths protecting the ends of nerves in my brain and spinal column. That’s the proximate cause, the ultimate cause was vaccine mercury poisoning, and I’ve been working for seven years to detox the mercury.

But to the extent that anyone has an autoimmune disease, I have one. It may be that you are mistaken as to what causes flare-ups of an autoimmune disease, or it may be that they are highly individual.8

Teresa Conrick


I have looked at the "big picture" for over 20 years so I feel confident about the research that I read and post. Your comment- " All I am saying is you need more information to evaluate these studies" ---- but we really don't as they are mostly case studies and all of the information is right there. Further studies will definitely help those stricken as we need more treatments, right?



You asked how I could tell the difference between a child born with immune deficiencies which cause him to react to vaccines and a child who reacts because the vaccine itself caused deficicencies. You have not understood what I said. First, I don’t think the propensity to react to vaccines is any kind of “ deficiency.” I think it’s the result of a strong and vigorous immune system and under normal circumstances, would be protective and often save your life. Vaccine circumstances are not normal and are out of the range of the immune system’s competence.

Your question is which came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s not conceived properly. Everyone has a different genetic profile, and all of them are the result of mutations over millions of years. Genes promoting aggressive reactions are good for survival in a tough environment, not so good in a civilized environment where cooperation is more productive. But reacting vehemently to the invasion of vaccine ingredients into the bloodstream, the turf which the immune system is designed to defend, would pre-vaccine usually have been a very good thing. It is not a defect, just maladaptive if vaccines are received. But it’s possible that go-along-to-get-along genes may have favored survival when vehement reactions often led to death rather than recovery, and the ability to tolerate an endemic chronic disease was more adaptive. Meaning in this case genes that tolerated vaccine invasions without an excessive inflammatory reaction.


And obviously of course I am a fan of this research as it all is helpful to people I love. All I am saying is you need more information to evaluate these studies. To help people. This is too serious an issue to not widen the scope of study.


I don't have time to respond to all go this but I am very sorry for upsetung you and didn't mean to be rude. I really was trying to explain a concept of why I feel it is so important to expand your scope of what you consider in fewer words.

Just please read more on triggers of autoimmune diseases and risks of autism from infections. If you widen your scope and learn more about what can trigger autoimmune disorders, you may better see my point of view. And it may help



I don’t know where you got your information that autism is associated with an infection, but not vaccines. You need to read more widely and not take for- profit pharma sources at face value, reiterating what John said. Read The Age of Autism and Denial, chock- full of hundreds of scientific studies. Evidence of Harm and Vaccine Epidemic. Ginger Taylor’s list “No Evidence of any Link, with links to over a hundred studies proving the link between vaccines and autism.

There was no autism before vaccines. Not from infections, not from anything else. Dr. Leo Kanner identified the first cases in the ‘30s, and The Age of Autism presented the links to mercury poisoning in every case. The causes can be mercury and/or aluminum toxicity or vaccine encephalitis which can be triggered by any vaccine. Millions of years of infections, no autism. Dr. Kanner collaborated with neurologists at Johns Hopkins to compile an anthology of every mental disease ever identified in children, yet there was no condition with the symptoms of autism because it didn’t exist yet, but shortly would after mercury was first put into the diphtheria vaccine in 1932. I mentioned the other day the records from Bedlam on children who reacted to the smallpox vaccine with what was probably autism, but they were few and far between.

You should read Dr. Richard Moskowitz’ book Vaccination: A Reappraisal. He explains how in most cases the vaccination sets into motion a process in which the immune system reacts with confused and damaging responses. A later infection or fever often triggers a new and more damaging phase of the reaction. But without the earlier vaccination this process would not occur. It’s similar to what we were saying about flu (or any other respiratory disease) and pneumonia. The pneumonia rarely occurs if another disease has not weakened the lungs already. I think it’s appropriate to talk of flu, measles, pertussis, and chickenpox pneumonia. The pneumonia is separate from the other disease but would not have occurred without it. In the cases of autism you say were caused by an infection, the autism would not have occurred without the vaccination which was the ultimate cause.

In the cases with which I am most familiar, the damage was more direct. My daughter reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth with screaming syndrome, vaccine encephalitis, for four days and nights. She had no fever, no infection. That being said, Dr. Moskowitz said that the antigen used in the hep- B vaccine is said not to be alive, but it is DNA surrounded by a protein coat, so it is as alive or dead in the vaccine as it ever is in the world. She didn’t have a fever, but may have been infected with an aberrant form of hep-B caused by the vaccine.

Please give your sources and for them to have clean value would have to be in completely unvaxxed children who developed autism shortly after having an infection.

susan welch

Concerned. When I was young in the mid 20th century, there were no immune compromised children, (or none that I ever heard of), but, then, there were very few vaccines. It was the same when my children were young in the 1960s.

Until the 1980s good health was the 'norm'. In the 1990s my grandson reacted to MMR immediately, then regressed and is now 27 years old and requires 24/7 care. Another grandson regressed more slowly and will never live a fulfilled life.

Now in the 2020s there appear to be many immune compromised children but, then, there are very many more vaccines.

I simply do not understand your logic of promoting even more vaccines. They really do not appear to have improved the health of the latest generations, do they?

Teresa Conrick


Those studies I posted are examples of the direction research is taking. Maybe you are not a fan but to become rude is not nice -- it's a defense some use when they don't have data to back themselves up.

"Always think of the bigger world picture, the relative quanties and widen the focus to think about all the possiblities. Like the flat earth idea was debunked when we had a wider view of the universe. What you don't know is more than you know. You really can only use meta studies of studies to start to rule out issues and make any kind of conclusions. What got my interest in your movement was this topic. Using a serious problem that is helped by vaccines to scare people about vaccines. Making general conclusions about people you don't know that I have seen with my own eyes are just not true.

John Stone


Apart from the fact that you keep alluding to junk government data in a vague way in support of your position the fact is that the only real imperative is to mandate as many products as possible at the public’s expense. The agencies are owned by the industry - I make no apologies for recycling this clip from the February 2018 meeting of the ACIP, a vision of profound moral twittishness and irresponsibility.

It is very clear what I am against is a lobby and a culture which is so compromised you cannot trust them about anything. The farce with the NJ legislature is an excellent example. The only common sense here is that these people are trying to line their pockets - the public good doesn’t come into it. Meanwhile, the cost of vaccinating a single child has gone up by more than 100 times since the beginning of the millennium. Every time you prescribe a new product you monkey randomly with a child’s immune system with no science to support it.



I replied to your comment yesterday that you said no one replied to, but it didn’t go up. Let me try again.

Parents of immunocompromised children must think carefully about whether they should be in school at all. Even if every single person who ever entered the school were up on all their vaccines, there are many contagious diseases for which there is no vaccine. No vaccine is one hundred percent effective: ninety percent effective is probably the overall average. The flu and pertussis vaccines are rarely effective at all.

While on the other side, vaccines are very dsngerous and often cause severe and permanent disability, even death. While it is very beneficial to most people to get the usually milder VPDs naturally. They improve immune functioning for life and give protection against many diseases, including cancer. Lifetime risk of cancer goes down twenty percent per childhood disease gone through in childhood.

The case of each child is different and must be evaluated independently of any others. But in no case is it fair to demand that other people’s children be forced to vac to go to school. No one has the right to force them to take the considerable risk of any vaccine. You must be assuming that the immunocompromised children are exempted from vaccines because they might be dangerous for them? First, those pushing for mandates are saying that no vaccine is dangerous for anyone, and there are no medical contraindications. Second, most of those who react appeared to be previously healthy. But then they reacted. If the parent decides that one or more vaccines is a good idea, fine, that may or may not be the case. But by what right may anyone force someone to vaccinate their child for any reason whatsoever? You say it would be reasonable if the vaccine were safe, but how could you ensure that no one ever react with excessive inflammation to any vaccine? I hope you will not say that the drug companies test their own vaccines and thereby prove them to be safe.



Those studies are intersting, and the one on autism supports the meta data that infections have a significant correllation with autism but not vaccines. Always think of the bigger world picture, the relative quanties and widen the focus to think about all the possiblities. Like the flat earth idea was debunked when we had a wider view of the universe. What you don't know is more than you know.

You really can only use meta studies of studies to start to rule out issues and make any kind of conclusions.

What got my interest in your movement was this topic. Using a serious problem that is helped by vaccines to scare people about vaccines. Making general conclusions about people you don't know that I have seen with my own eyes are just not true. I am all in on working to keep everyone safe, but not all in on making fixed conclusions on limited information.


In our area, this is not the case, and the exemptions allowed are wide enough to cover anyone who is at risk of an autoimmune trigger. Why not work to make the exemptions work for everyone? Just arguing against all vaccines and all rules puts children at risk. If you think you are at risk for an autoimmune disease, you want high vaccination rates, not lower ones. Same for autism based on all the meta studies, babies are more at risk from infection.

Teresa Conrick

Dear Concerned,

So sorry for your family's health issues. We are a family of no autoimmune disorders and there is not one other than my daughter. We are learning more and more about the immune system and it's interactions with vaccination and natural infection. It is important to keep an open mind as too many are being affected. Here are 2 recent examples of research that is revealing more of these concerns ----and a 3rd that is relevant as my daughter also has an autism diagnosis,

The onset of rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus following influenza vaccination: report of three cases

Measles Vaccine Virus RNA in Children More Than
100 Days after Vaccination

First evidence of immune response targeting brain cells in autism
"In a second set of experiments, Anderson's team determined that the perivascular cuffs were made up of killer T-cells, a subset of immune cells responsible for attacking and killing damaged, infected or cancerous cells or normal cells in autoimmune diseases. With no apparent evidence of viruses known to infect the brain, the presence of these tissue-attacking immune cells throughout the autistic brains suggested one of two scenarios, explained Anderson. Either the T-cells are reacting normally to a pathogen such as a virus, or they are reacting abnormally to normal tissue—the definition of an autoimmune disorder."

John Stone


If I had an immune compromised child I probably wouldn’t feel happy having them at school at all. It is absolutely ridiculous in the U.K. that we give out these nasal flu vaccines every year in schools despite warnings to stay away from the immunocompromised - the only consistency is screwing the public. As to measles you can catch it from vaccine strain and the vaccinated can catch it from the vaccinated.


Here is a meta study of studies that shows strong correlation with pollution, and not with vaccines.

Basically says there must be both genetic and environmental causes. There are other studies on autoimmune diseases, the link of infections to autism. Obviously we can't lock down on one cause, there are probably many. Makes sense that genes and environment play in all of it.


No one answered this question: Why would you want to put any child with a serious autoimmune disease in a school with low vaccination rates?

There is no way to get around the fact that the actual diseases can trigger worse reactions than the vaccine (if you really have a serious autoimmune disease). If you think the immune system over-reacts to a vaccine, watch what happens with the actual flu.

Glossing over this point makes me think that maybe most on this site really do not understand autoimmune diseases, or maybe you don't have serious autoimmune problems. If you can take echinacea you probably don't have much of a problem with an over active immune system. Something is wrong here in the logic you all are using. In this site there are stories of bowel problems after catching a bug, and there is no way to prove that this was from a vaccine. This may explain why maybe those that are ok with vaccines see their kids grow out of the gut problems faster that do seem to be somewhat common with autism. Just from what I have seen, anyway. No one is explained here why I know so many people with autism that are just fine with vaccines. Or with autoimmune disease that are not harmed by vaccines and get fewer or less severe flu when taking the shot. I think it is important to look at every possible factor, and not lock down on only one theory. Otherwise you miss something that could help your own families. I am not saying you are wrong about your own experience, but I do feel you are rejecting too much information to be able to say for sure about anything. Not everything is marketing. That is just an excuse for rejecting information that doesn’t fit what you have already decided.

It was better when children with serious autoimmune conditions could go to school and be protected even if their doctor recommended against some vaccines and they had to opt out of them. At least they had less chances of getting infected.

This is the basic logic problem with using autoimmune disorders as a reason to argue against vaccines in general.

Sorry for my own typos. My kids need me now. But please listen to another viewpoint. You may be partially right but looking at some of this with some bias that was locked over a decade ago.

Yes, there is probably environmental and genetic factors working together. We could discuss that topic forever, and smarter minds than mine are on it. I think Cia is on the rigth path there, just not so sure that we can say for certain what environmental triggers are the cause yet. That much seems to be clear at least. But pollution has a far higher correlation to autism and autoimmune disorders than vaccines, and you may be missing a major risk factor by only focusing on vaccines.

Look at the meta study on this I posted. This starts to sort the whole topic out.

For Concerned

I don't think you have the slightest clue as to how sick and disabled our vaccine-injured kids really are. Or maybe you're not even who you say you are...I have my doubts because I have no idea why you keep wasting your time here.
But anyway...what do you do with info like this study?
The Hep B vaccine is given at birth. Do you think it's worth the risk for some people to end up with Lupus, in order to supposedly protect the herd? Yeah, I didn't think so.



It would not be possible to make a safe vaccine. The concept of vaccination itself depends on provoking the immune system into reacting to a disease antigen with inflammation, which causes it to produce the desired antibodies. But you cannot control the results of the inflammation you provoke deliberately. Many people's immune systems react with more than the desired amount of inflammation and it often causes acute inflammation of the brain, vaccine encephalitis, which can range from short and relatively mild to severe and like a stroke, which can kill. Or the inflammation can be chronic and permanent. Autism is a permanent inflammation of the brain, which usually goes along with permanent inflammation of the digestive tract and bowel disease. All allergic and autoimmune diseases include chronic inflammation. But that's just what vaccines do, what they are meant to do, and if they didn't do it, they wouldn't work.

And confronting real disease is how the immune system learns how to function. It cannot learn how to protect you effectively if it doesn't learn through experience. And that's the greatest benefit of the childhood diseases like measles, mumps, chickenpox, rubella, even rotavirus, flu, or pertussis. Even meningitis: most people have had mild, subclinical cases of it by the age of five, and gotten permanent immunity to what they have had. And going through these diseases provides both specific and non-specific benefits. So the first question is whether you should be trying to eliminate these usually beneficial diseases. Lifetime cancer incidence drops by 20% for each childhood disease experienced naturally.

If we had yellow fever or Ebola running through our country, I'd say you might want to consider the vaccines for them. Still dangerous, but you just have to play the odds. But it must be left up to the judgment of each person, never mandated.



I agree that mutations can be caused by chemicals in the environment, radiation, or many other things, including de novo mutations, cause spontaneous or unknown. But many of them are good mutations, that's how evolution occurs. If a mutation leads to increased survival, as many do, then, well, it gets handed down more often than the standard genes. But I think the original point was that there's what I would call great genetic variance in the human population, and that sometimes leads to good and sometimes to bad outcomes. Sickle cell anemia is caused by a gene which protects against malaria, and I think the fatal condition requires inheriting the gene on both sides. So you can't really say it's a good or a bad gene. It has saved the lives of millions who have it. OK, members of my family have genes which cause us to react with more inflammation than most to a vaccine. But that would have saved our lives in other circumstances, like when it was a dangerous infection. Although even then, healthy young adults were decimated by the Spanish flu because they had the very vigorous immune systems which went into overdrive when confronted with the new flu virus, and it often caused them to die very quickly of a new kind of pneumonia. I'm sure there are usually negative mutations (which quickly die out most of the time), but I don't think that that is what leads to a propensity to react negatively to vaccines.


I just reread your comment. On what basis do you say that a flareup of an infection is usually worse than one caused by a vaccine? Reactions to vaccines often cause encephalitic brain damage, including autism, ADHD, seizure disorders, diabetes, MS, all autoimmune diseases, asthma, eczema, respiratory allergies, and food allergies and inflammatory bowel disease, reactions that not only usually cause life-changing and serious medical conditions which often require hospitalization, prescription drug treatment, or exclusion of most of life's valuable experiences, or death. And often is the word. Autism now in one in 36 children. Is that not often enough?


Hi Cia,
I didn't notice typos. I probably shouldn't spend so much time at this either, but what you said really made me worried about you given what I saw my mother go through. I'm not an expert, obviously, just another mom sharing tips that you need to check out for yourself. I hear you on on the sleep 100%, and I am not totally sure about Xanex, but do remember my mother would be taken off everythingfor the first few days during hospitalizations, and anything addictive caused terrible problems so you are smart to be careful. It was on a list to avoid, so might want to just double check that for yourself.
My mom tried echancia becasue a freind suggested it not really understanding what an autoimmune disease does, and it caused a small flare. But even small flares can be a lot of pain, swelling and weeks in bed, so better to avoid any of that if you can. If you really do have an autoimmune disorder, please be careful. Maybe the fact that it is ok for you means you don't have autoimmune problems ,but something else. What do I know, just wouldn't want anyone to go through what my mom went through. I have a lifetime of worrying about these issues, so just sharing what I know helped my family in case it helps you too.
Take care.


Here is something else to think about: I know this may sound insensitive, but I don't mean it that way. It is a real question. If you think your chidren really do have serious autoimmune disorders why would you want to send your child to a school with low vaccination rates? They will be at greater risk of infection which could put them in serious risk. This is why I think the "safe-vaccination" angle makes so much more sense to argue for, rather than lobby against any vaccine or any rules at all. Someone asked why not test kids early for problems before vaccinations. That sounds logical, and I think the problem is these problems are rare in children and don't show up in tests. I am not sure, but that is at least a more reasonable question to ask before making claims that all vaccinations are bad for everyone.



You should read Dr. Moskowitz’ Vaccines: A Reappraisal. He says that everyone has areas of genetic susceptibility, and those are where vaccine damage for that person will first appear. And he gives many examples from his own patient base. No one should think that you’ve got a majority 100 percent healthy group with intact, pristine, perfect genes, and then you’ve got your minority group of those with defective genes who are the ones who succumb to vaccine injury. Everyone will succumb given certain genes and certain provocations, but they are different for everyone. And the tendency to react with vaccine encephalitis was an advantage in most cases before vaccines. It means that your immune system using the tools at its disposal, like inflammation, will spring into action immediately and vigorously. So five hundred years ago it would have saved your life. These days it may cause brain damage when it has no effective method of getting rid of the vaccine.

And even those in whom this tendency is owing to a weak immune system do not deserve to be cast aside as unworthy recipients of the “blessing” of vaccines.

If you are unwilling to give the preexisting terrain any role in vaccine damage, how do you account for the extremely wide range of vaccine damage and who reacts with what?


When I was young; my professors asked the questions many times;

"What is more important the environment or genetics?".

Being a young student I did not fully understand.

When I became older and wiser, and more life experiences I can tell you it is always, always, always the environment.

Does it matter what your great grand parents ran into? Oh yes, it does.
I've worked with generations of mice at Dow environmental Labs, and once again, Oh, yeah it does.

Things that they say are genetic -- some where, some time; there has been an environmental insult that caused that genetic little problem to begin with.

What causes mutations in the first place if not also something in the environment.

CONCERNED? Are you still reading this? Are you still there?
You need to read "Age of Autism" the actual book by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill. They focus on mercury and it's use. You will be shocked just how long they have been using mercury as a medicine. Way, way, way back from the time that syphilis became a problem. The time was Sigmund Freud, the time when something happened to the syphilis bacteria that it became a super bug.

Further recent theories and thoughts points to two types of a syphilis bug, one from the Americas and one from the Old World met and began among the French troops fighting in Spain.

Then there are the articles written right here about Polio; some of the best reporting and thoughts ever done. I mean "EVER" by Dan Olmsted. Thoughts on what else was happening when polio begin to emerged to be --- darn Polio. It use to be nothing but just common cold and stomach viruses, only to start causing epidemics of paralyzing and deadly illnesses. Dan Olmsted researched the use of arsenic used as a weed killer for sugar cane, and how the first outbreaks of Polio were in the poorer part of New York around the Sugar factories.

That was another question asked often by the professors to their students.

They would ask why did three common stomach viruses that never caused polio suddenly cause polio and death often? They theorized to their students that it had to do with young babies not crawling through as much filth and thus not being introduced to the virus at an early age when they "thought wrongly" that a baby's immune system could handle it.

That whole thing was just silly. The worse outbreaks came later during the use of DDT.

King George the Third; King during the time of the American Revolution went insane. Arsenic was used a great deal in medicine and even wall paper. In 2005 it was reported in the Lancet that hairs in King George's hair contained arsenic.

Then we have aluminum that is not going through the stomach, but being injected.
We studies out of France, Canada, Spain, and United Kingdom have you all read them? Read them.
Then come back here and tell me it is genetics too. Well it ain't.



Sorry for the typos in what I wrote last night on this cell phone. My daughter was agitating for me to stop typing and get up, so I was typing as fast as possible.

You said that echinacea and Xanax were dangerous for those with an autoimmune disease. I think that’s just pharma hype. I’ve used echinacea when I have a cold or flu for thirty years and it has never had any ill effect. I avoid taking Xanax when I don’t have to. It’s addictive and expensive. But if you agree that you have to sleep at least a little to function at all in the day, that often I wouldn’t sleep at all without taking it (you’ll have to take my word on that), and that I have had no bad reactions taking the smallest dose necessary for thirty years, then you’d have to say that you do what you have to do. But that’s true of everything. When you take the flu vaccine you are doing it in full awareness that it has disabled or killed many people, but since you are very afraid of the flu, you take it anyway. I talked to a young pharmacist on the phone about fifteen years ago, and he said there was nothing that could touch Xanax, nothing in the ballpark, for making you sleep, and, as they say in commercials, leaving you refreshed and alert in the morning. But when possible, I only take two or three doxylamine succinates OTC, and a lot of herbal sleep capsules and tinctures. I have never found a recommended protocol for how to sleep if you’re severely mercury-poisoned.


I did not say there is no risk in vaccines, and I said nothing about mandates. But if you really have an autoimmune disorder there is a careful risk trade off on a few vaccines due to the fact that infection usually causes a bigger flare up than a vaccine. So, for your own sakes, please read up a little more on this issue from different angles. And check with your doctors on what vaccines are safe and what are not for you. The risk trade off starts to change as vac rates are lower, so we all need to think carefully about this. It is a serious topic. I provided a link earlier with some good information on this topic that is worth 5 minutes to read. There really is some information missing in your stories as I am sure I am missing information in mine as well. So many unanswered questions. Neither of our stories should be taken as the absolute final word. It is interesting the examples of bowel disease were triggered by a bug, and this is one of the reasons my kids get the flu shots. I think maybe we have seen the same things; we just have found different solutions. If there is another way to help, why not listen a little? Don’t have to do it, just consider all the alternatives first. Chelation therapy is risky, I wouldn’t try it on my kids. So, if you would consider going there, why not at least gather more information outside of your comfort zone? This is my motivation; I have seen how infection can trigger flare ups in autoimmune diseases. I am not sure you really understand what that looks like and how dangerous it can be. I don’t really believe that anyone with a serious autoimmune disease will breeze through measles, mumps, chicken pox or the flu, but somehow the shots are more dangerous than that. Think of the relative quantities. Something just doesn’t make sense, probably in my stories either, as I don’t think anyone really has all the information yet.

Anyway, this is just information that maybe will help you see why you may get some pushback when not providing the whole picture of the risk trade-off for everyone. And maybe it can help if anyone does have a serious autoimmune issue by encouraging you to at least read more about it and check with a doctor that specializes in it.

For the increasing rates, here is more food for thought. This is a wide-open issue, and open minds are needed right now. Pollution has not been ruled out and there is a significant correlation there for both autism and autoimmune diseases.



You’d have to describe the child from many years ago that you thought sounded like he had autism. Inability to use language to communicate at anything near a normal level is the most important symptom, and never seen before the Age of Autism in those with normal hearing and a tongue. Even the MR can use language better than those with Kanner’s autism. And if the child did have autism, it could have been from an encephalitic reaction to the smallpox vaccine, widely given from about 1800 on. And before that many were variolated with smallpox virus from someone who had it.

You have only read pharma sources about nosodes. I’ll get my link to the study on the dengue nosode when I’m on my computer. Dr. Golden provided tables in his book Homeopathic Prophylaxis and Vaccination. It’s a fascinating book. I’ve seen homeopathy perform miracles, and I assume you haven’t.

I didn’t say that the fever I had which triggered my MS was from a vaccine. While it’s considered common and normal to react to a vaccine with fever, my family has not had that reaction. I reacted to a tetanus booster by having both arms paralyzed starting the same day. No fever. My arms went back to normal after a few days. But years later, when I was in Italy, with no vaccine given since that tetanus shot, I got a fever of 104 Fahrenheit. It triggered a new phase in my vaccine reaction. First permanent severe insomnia, then dizziness, listing to the left when I walked, numbness which started in the left tip of my tongue which spread over days to all of the left side of my face. And that’s when I was diagnosed by MRI with MS. Dr. Richard Moskowitz in Vaccines says that that’s usually the way vaccine reactions play out: a trigger like another illness, a fever from the illness, environmental heat, physical or emotional stress, can all start a new and more horrible phase of the reaction to a long- sho vaccine. My daughter reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth with screaming syndrome: vaccine encephalitis. Later to the DTaP booster with having her only words erased, diagnosed with autism two months later. But she did’t have bowel disease until she was seven. A summer flu caused a high fever, and that’s what started her bowel disease. Similar with my Asperger’s nephew. He didn’t have bowel disease until he was nineteen. He got bronchitis with a high fever, and that’s what started his bowel disease.

I couldn’t compare two conditions not connected to specific people and say which is better, which is worse, and if death might be better. I would never say that any life on any terms is better than death.

And it’s a big mistake to say that because a hundred people a year out of four million cases used to die of chickenpox, horrors! There you go, better run out and get the varicella vaccine. It was 450 a year who used to die of
measles out of four million cases. But having natural measles confers many benefits, a stronger immune system, protection for future babies, protection from many diseases in later life. A 20 percent reduction in lifetime cancer incidence for every childhood disease undergone in childhood. A flu with fever that you don’t lower in adulthood substantially prevents cancer for five years.

Yes, it comes down to what you’re more afraid of. I agree that many people get very bad cases of flu and some people die of it. The flu vaccine is very dangerous and very ineffective, but if you want it, no one will stop you. I got a tetanus booster in 2005when our gerbil bit me, none before or since that fateful tetanus booster when I was nineteen. I haven’t had any dangerous contagious disease. I and my family members have suffered the torments of Hell from vaccine damage. And if I do eventually have a fatal case of flu, it will be a blessed release.



I don’t understand what you are saying. A genetic predisposition to react to vaccines is not just yes/no. If you have it you’ll have the maximum adverse reaction possible as soon as you get any vaccine. It’s much more complex, some people will reach their tipping point with one polio vaccine (probably the safest there is for most people, along with the day). Others can take five of the safer routine shots before they tip into Asperger’s. Or peanut allergy. Why does only one in fifty react to the Hib series with peanut allergy? Why not thirty or forty out of fifty? Or all? Why is it only one in a hundred thousand of those with peanut allergy who died of it? Why do some children who react to vaccines with autism never speak or become toilet- trained, while others, like those in the Thompson Center voc training video, look, speak, and act like typical kids? Why can some children get all the vaccines and remain perfectly healthy?

The answer in all cases is that it is a complex interaction between genes and environment. But we’re seeing many times more cases of autism now because many more children are getting the large number of vaccines recommended now, and more and more are being pushed past their genetically- set tipping point.

Compassion for Vax & Disease Injured

Dear Concerned,
Thank you for giving us the respect to engage us.
Here is the problem.
Your family may have been protected by vaccines, or by others getting them, and they may have been injured by inflammation caused by disease.
Therefore you have every right to get shots and to advocate that others get shots, that they hear your logic and your story.
But we have every right to tell our stories, that we clearly saw serious issues happen to our loved ones after shots.
This balance was fine in the 80's, most people got shots, and when vaccines did hurt people, they got compensated. But when vaccine manufacturers lost their liability in 1986, and gained the ability to do substandard safety tests (just read ONE entire package insert, please--the 4 pages--about how it has not been tested on pregnant women, or more than one vaccine together) that things got out of balance.)
If you want to see vaccine compliance in those families that you think are benefitted by vaccines, help us meet these goals:
--No vaccine mandates, so that we can choose to not hurt our children if experience has taught us that vaccines will do more harm than good
--Testing to identify WHY our kids get hurt by vaccines, but yours get protected--imagine if we had this. Vaccine compliance would go way up because the risk would be far less. Without COERCION.
--Testing to identify as soon as possible, which kids then should NOT get the birth vaccines etc , and which kids are so at risk for disease it is worth the cost/benefit
--Explanation of every ingredient and adjuvant. ALso please see this as just one example of the difference between injesting and injecting heavy metals (there are plenty o studies on this)
--Investment and acknowledgement of treatments for vaccine injuries
--Dr and nurse and ER training in how to identify and report vaccine injuries. A Harvard study said that only 3% of vaccine injuries are reported. 3%. And then the CDC shut them down (you can find that study linked elsewhere on this site).
--Support for vaccine injured families and illness-affected families, and respect for all of us.
--True studies of how disease travels and how much percentage "herd immunity" is actually needed. True studies of which vaccines actually shed live viruses.
--Restoral of the liability of vaccine manufacturers or at least a far fairer vaccine court
--Respect for victims of disease AND victims of vaccine injury and their families--no horrible attacking and calling each other names. (You do not do this, and I thank you. And I don't support people attacking those who legitimately question our concerns about vaccines. I was once in your shoes.) Your story is valid, and you tell it well. Our story is valid too. And we are getting censored from telling it well. Even stories about our own families reacting to vaccines are being pushed down the search results on Google. This is terrifying to me in a democracy and should be terrifying to everyone. Think about this: What possible motive do we have to spend energy on this topic other than concern for our children? What possible motive does Pharma (who brought us Vioxx and Opoid addictions) have to lie at the highest levels, to assure drs and everyone else that vaccines are perfectly safe? Do you think we WANTED to believe our child was vaccine injured when we saw it happen before our eyes? We were just like you. We thought vaccines were great. We didn't want our kids getting polio. We thought people who warned us about vaccines were misinformed at best. And then it happened right before our eyes. ANd when we told our story we found out we weren't alone.
--Tons of money directed toward developing other methods of disease prevention and treatment for those who cannot take vaccines

If we had no mandates, and help treating children who we know were vaccine injured, who we know could at least partly recover, and all the things on this list, we would put all our energy toward that.

But becausue we are losing exemptions around the country, we are terrified. I am LITERALLY terrified to give my son another vaccine. As terrified as you are NOT to. And this is because we each had different lives that we can be friends and respect and report. If any in your family have autism, yes, perhaps it was caused by the inflammation of illness. And I respect your eye witness account. I know that you respect my eye witness account. But I promise you, if you support us in demanding no mandates, we will not have this desperate need to educate others about vaccine injury. We are doing it to save our children from additional injury. And we won't change our focus on shouting our truths until the mandates go away and we are treated with respect . Except, for some like me, I will always speak out and tell my story, otherwise I I am complicit. But it wont' be so desperate and it won't be necessary if they just admit this happens and do all the things we said. THey think we are stupid. They think people can't keep two truths at once:
Truth 1: Inflammation from disease may well cause brain injury like autism
Truth 2: Inflammation from sensitivity to adjuvants and from overreaction to the antigen may well cause brain injury like autism
Both of these things can be true at the same time.

And literally, we all need the right to take the risks that make sense to us. You--taking the risk to vaccinate. Me --taking the risk to endure frightening illnesses. For both of us, the devil we don't know is worse than the devil we know. And we are all very smart. And we deserve this right.

Posted by: Compassion For Illness Harmed & Vax Harmed | January 12, 2020 at 03:02 PM




“ Lots of other factors happening at the same time. Who knows what they used on farms back then that may have triggered problems in my great-grandmother. Or maybe nonstop work did it. Maybe genetics. We just don’t know enough yet to make firm conclusions. That was my point - to stay open minded.”

Only thing you seem sure of is that vaccines are safe and effective, when half of children have immune disorders and autism is heading beyond 3%. Nothing to see here folks!


I mentioned before, my family history doesn't prove much, like any of your cases are not conclusions. Have to look at meta studies of studies to start to even begin to get answers. I am thinking of my great-grandmother who had the similar issues as my mother, and one of her sons as described sounded like he was autistic. She was probably born in 1870's. My mother told me they didn't have vaccines when complaining that they didn't even get polio shots. Her younger cousin needed a cain. Not that this really matters, since correlation doesn't mean causality even if they did. Lots of other factors happening at the same time. Who knows what they used on farms back then that may have triggered problems in my great-grandmother. Or maybe nonstop work did it. Maybe genetics. We just don’t know enough yet to make firm conclusions. That was my point - to stay open minded.


Also, there are some things you are saying that do not make sense or could be explained by other factors. How do you know for sure the "fevers" were from a vaccine? A major trigger of an autoimmune reaction is a virus, like the flu.

And I remember from my mom that there is something dangerous about taking Xanex if you have an autoimmune disorder. I know my doctor gave me an endless list of medications never to take and I think that was on it.

I know life can be hard having health problems and caring for kids with disabilites. Sometimes I think the all the aternative medicine businesse are cashing in our our problems and giving information that isn't helpful at best and at worst harmful.

I looked up echenacia again and that can trigger a flare up. If you think you really do have any kind of autoimmune disease please read more about it. I am not an expert, but learned so much in caring for my mom and avoiding getting sick myself.

I also did look up nosades and they have been independently tested and do not increase immunity to any flu. This is just a waste of money at best and at worst may not have good quality control. Just like you don't trust pharma to do their own testing, don't trust the people who profit from these either. Doubt they put in all the projected viruses for each season, really unclear what is in there. They are just vaccines too weak do anything. 50% reduction in flu is better than 0% reduction. Over time 50% reduction in infection is major help.


How do you predate problems of your family back past the time they gave vaccines?
Sitting pretty where I am; our family line is coming to an end soon. I too am from a very tight knit community, full of interest in ancestry, family cemeteries, family lore and what not.

Pre vaccine, Even as far back as 1917 they were vaccinating with Typhoid. They were not just giving it to the WWI soldiers, but they had organized county health departments, county doctors and nurses and they were dedicated, busy people, visiting all the one room schools, on horse back and gum boots through the deep mud puddles on the back roads.

Even before WWI they had the small pox vaccine even further back than that, and they had organized health professionals even further back too?

The DPT vaccine was around in the late 1920s, again organized health professionals were going to all the one room schools.

And not enough of what in the vaccines? Mercury to make a difference? Aluminum to small to matter? Really? Are you sure? How does your child that knows biology and chemistry know that?

Barry is right, Barry is right, Barry is right. If it was so predisposition, genetic weakness then how come autism is climbing; auto immune diseases are climbing.

And Bob Moffit; they discussed removing my daughter's spleen when she was two years old when she had Kawasaki disease from a DPT vaccine. Except I did not know it was a DPT vaccine, and they made sure she had more of them as she went along in her life. Only they called them tetanus shots. We all may know it now, but we sure did not know it back in the day.



I am so sorry for everything you have gone through. I spent half my life taking care of my mother during emergencies that left her hospitalized for months. Lupus flares are really scary. Problems can hit every organ. Antibiotics not working. Lots of weird associated issues including constant blood clots. Strokes, heart attaches. I have tried to block it all out of my memory, but your posts dismissing the dangers of flu are bringing it all back to me. No, no, no, not just a couple days sick with the flu . Think ER for a week hooked up to tubes as organs fail. It is alarming that anyone on this site would think that, being so concerned about triggers of autoimmune diseases. Infection is how we lose more people with Lupus than anything else. A virus can trigger a flare and then there can be a spiraling downward. Long ER stays, tubes, all of it.

From what you are saying I am a little worried about people on this site that may have problems with autoimmune diseases that ignore modern medical advice. My heart goes out to you, but my mother got really heathy for a long period when there were advancements in treatment. I was not able to walk unaided for a while but test negative for Lupus now. I cannot stress enough about being so careful about all those untested treatments. It is so easy to trigger flares. You say you take echinacea. That could trigger things to get worse in anyone with an autoimmune issue. I know for Lupus, you definitely can do things or not do things to keep from getting sick. So much is known now, it doesn't have to be as dire today as it was for my mom.

Please, I hope for your sake, you do what you are asking me to do, and really read information outside your comfort zone. For yourself and your kids. My kids are really happy with me for not being afraid of vaccines. They know there are risks, and happy that we can step back and look at the whole picture. The fact is that their autism has improved since they have had the flu shots over the last 10 years, probably because they get sick less. I get sick less too. Less infections means more learning. I regret the years I was hesitant.

I thought you were saying it was worse to have autism. I am glad that is not what you meant, and I misunderstood you. Of course we value everyone equally and love each other for who we are. I am sure you agree with me and love your kids as much as I love mine. We are both just trying to do our best.




I said this the other day, I don't know why it didn't go up. My mother reacted to a diphtheria vaccine when she was four, in 1933. It caused Asperger's and bowel disease for the rest of her life. It's not the case that the DPT from 1948 was the first vaccine routinely given. Millions of children got the diphtheria vaccine in the '30s and '40s, and that's what started the Age of Autism. One of the Dionne quintuplets reacted with a seizure disorder which eventually killed her. But if your mother saw children with autistic traits in the '30s, that's the reason. Vaccines.

And a few children reacted to the very dangerous smallpox vaccine with vaccine encephalitis. Some of them got autism from it. Records from Bedlam Asylum (I read this in the superb book The Age of Autism) show that some children were dumped there after developing normally, getting the vaccination, then lost their language and started doing things like picking up hot coals with their bare hands.

Allergies require introducing an antigen into the bloodstream and it causes a chronic reaction to it. And it's usually by vaccine. Any ingredient in vaccines can cause an allergic or autoimmune reaction to it or substances closely resembling it in molecular structure. It could be an insect sting, a natural injection. A few people with bowel disease could get tiny holes in their digestive tract through which partially digested food could seep, starting an allergy to milk or bread. But before vaccines, that was about it. Your autoimmune disease was almost certainly caused by a vaccine reaction. But other commenters are right, getting more vaccines is just adding fuel to the fire. Better to take the flu nosode (you can get it online, even Amazon), get Randall Neustaedter's The Flu Guide and do what he recommends. And the flu vaccine is both extremely dangerous and very rarely effective.

MS is thought to be an autoimmune disease, but I cope with infectious diseases very well. And I take things like echinacea, which I've read may not be a good idea for those with autoimmune disease, but I've taken it when I'm sick for many years with no ill effects.



You ought to read the book The Age of Autism. I read it about eight years ago for the first time and couldn't put it down until I had finished it. Absolutely fascinating. And it goes into MANY studies and suveys. On exactly how mercury in vaccines does the immense damage that it does in many. On how there was NO autism in African children before the WHO vaccine programs. Surveys were done on African children in mental institutions, and there were statistically a lot of them, but not a SINGLE one with symptoms of autism. Until vaccines, of course, now there are many. About how rates of mental disease in England were low before the industrial revolution and then they went through the roof. With detailed charts showing the increase over time.

Yes, I saw the charts showing how autism is higher near industrial areas. The one unvaxxed Amish boy with autism got it from a nearby electrical plant. But if you look at how autism is one in 36 vaxxed children and almost none in unvaxxed, you realize how dangerous the vaccines are. The MMR never had mercury, yet has always caused autism. Mercury is far from the only cause of autism. Many of us have the genetic predisposition to react to vaccines with too enthusiastic of a reaction from our immune system, so enthusiastic at meeting the threat that the necessary inflammation involves the brain, impedes circulation, and results in stroke-like damage to the language and social center of the brain, meaning autism. It may be that mercury and aluminum do their damage in a similar way, causing excessive inflammation. But any vaccine can do it in those of us so predisposed. I reacted to my first DPT at three months old with days of screaming. My brother did too. And it caused Asperger's in us. Later MS in me and POTS in him. My infant reacted to the hep-B vaccine, given after birth without my permission, with screaming syndrome for four days and nights. Vaccine encephalitis. She was saying two words by 18 months old, I foolishly permitted her to get the fourth DTaP vaccine, and it erased her words immediately and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. Ruined her life.

The answer has to lie in trying to inform everyone as completely as possible and then letting each individual or parent choose or refuse any vaccine. In many cases I think death would be better than this much suffering.



Vaccines are extremely risky. We're now up at one in 36 with autism, one in ten ADHD, one in twenty a seizure disorder, one in six a learning disability. One in nine asthma, over half an allergic or autoimmune disorder (a hundred years ago it was close to zero), one in fifty peanut allergy. I'd say the DT series after three years old is worth considering, HIb for babies not breastfed who have to be in daycare, polio only if it comes back here. For people living in a yellow fever or Ebola zone, those would be worth considering after careful examination of your risk factors: after a certain age the yellow fever vaccine becomes very risky, but the disease is as well if you live in an active zone.


I forgot to mention that Gay Tate had her children tested for mercury: the oldest had very little, but the two younger who got the ton of vaccines with mercury and developed severe autism from it tested sky-high for mercury. She said she looked at the results with tears in her eyes. How could the government have been so careless as to triple the amount of mercury in vaccines and not add it up? It was many times over the presumed "safe" level.

Also, my arms being paralyzed the same day as a tetanus booster was brachial plexus neuropathy, KNOWN to result from the mercury in the tetanus shot, I read it was the interaction of new mercury with the old stored mercury.



Many people are able to eventually detox the mercury from the vaccines they got. But many do not. It seems to depend on a genetic predisposition whether you're able to excrete it eventually or store it in the brain, where it may be released by a future trigger event. Read the essay "Three Short Years" in Vaccine Epidemic, by Gay Tate. She had three children, one before 1990, and two after. 1990 was the trigger year when the Hib vaccine and hep-B were both added to the routine schedule, both in three doses, all with mercury, so that amount of mercury injected was tripled almost overnight. And that's the inflection point for the autism epidemic. In 1980 it was one in 10,000, in 1990 it started its upward spiral, and now it's one in 36.

Mercury can cause autism, aluminum can do it, or just plain vaccine encephalitis caused by any vaccine can do it. But read about it for ten minutes, here, at VaxTruth, Evidence of Harm. There is no doubt at all that mercury in vaccines has disabled millions, including me. Read the studies by Boyd Haley, Mark Noble, Burbacher. No doubt at all. Look at the list comparing symptoms of mercury damage and autism (and multiple sclerosis). They are identical, because mercury can cause both conditions. I think it is the only cause of MS, which did not exist before industrial mercury toxicity in the nineteenth century. The ethylmercury in thimerosal is now known to be even more dangerous than the methylmercury in fish.


You have to think what causes autism, autoimmune disease, etc. Many people get all the vaccines and don't get anything. Many others get the vaccines and are disabled for life. The difference is both genetic and environmental causes, but mostly genetic. They now KNOW many nucleotide sequences which predispose the person to reacting to a vaccine with diabetes, autism, MS, asthma, etc. jBut one person will react with diabetes (like the son of our Parents as Teachers person), while another will get the same shot(s) and not get diabetes, but maybe ADHD. Everything has a cause. Don't you think it is a genetic profile which determines who reacts with autism, who reacts with eczema or peanut allergy? But they make no effort to screen for them. If you don't think it's genetic, what do you think makes the difference between most children in a school getting all the vaccines and most of them do not get autism. It used to really upset me to go to my daughter's school and see them, talking, running, conversing, and they had gotten all the shots.



If you were to read the book by Dr. Isaac Golden on vaccines and nosodes, you would see the results of studies which were done comparing outcomes of disease prevention by nosodes and by vaccines. The nosodes were as or more effective than vaccines at preventing the targeted diseases. The book The Solution also cites many studies on the efficacy of nosodes: in one for which I have posted the link before, and could do again if you were interested, a protocol (not strictly nosodes, but select remedies) resulted in a tiny portion of dengue cases in Brazil compared with surrounding, non-treated districts.

You didn't know what they were the other day. You should not dismiss them when you have not done any research on them at all. Nosodes are harmless. In the C or M potencies, the most common, they do not retain even a molecule of the original substance, but the energetic resonance remains and teaches the immune system how it should react.

As for whether or not it was worse what happened to your mother than what has happened to me and many members of my family from mercury poisoning and encephalitic vaccine reactions, it would have to be a judgment call. Is it worse to die of pneumonia or encephalitis? In a car accident or in a plane accident? From a reaction to the MMR or from measles? Statistically, your chance of horrendous suffering is greater from a vaccine reaction than from a VPD. My mother suffered for fifteen years from Alzheimer's caused by mercury and aluminum in the flu vaccine. Her suffering at being aware that she was losing her mind was incalculable, as was that of being paralyzed in her bed, unable to talk, walk, read, or watch TV for five years before a series of strokes killed her. Similar for my father. Being paralyzed in bed for years, and in a lot of pain at least for my father, was a level of suffering that I think is incomparable to suffering that only lasts days or weeks, not years. And I have been dizzy, nauseous, often without balance, sometimes completely unable to walk, completely unable to sleep without heavy sedation, with a very low level of energy, for over thirty years now, from the MS caused by my own mercury poisoning. I got a tetanus booster when I was 19 which paralyzed both arms for several days, was later diagnosed with MS (caused by mercury poisoning) by MRI, in one attack had my left arm and leg completely paralyzed (flaccid paralysis) for a month. And every night it's the same struggle to decide what to take to hope to make me sleep. Last night it was three tablets of OTC doxylamine succinate, ten capsules of different herbal remedies, Deep Sleep, Peaceful Slumbers, ashwagandha, etc., three large droppersful of melatonin, two large droppersful of hops, one of Deep Sleep, three sprays in the glass of Peaceful Sleep, and some kava kava. And it still didn't make me sleep. I remembered that I hadn't taken the four capsules of selenium that catch the circulating mercury, turned on the light and took that, still couldn't sleep. At one I took a quarter of a tablet of Xanax, an hour later was still awake. I took a whole tablet of Xanax then, which finally made me sleep until nine. Now I've been translating for hours, a very difficult legal translation that I've been working on for days, but have to finish and proof tomorrow and send back. What's worse, thirty years of a severely degraded life or two days of dying of flu at the hospital?

I slept great every night of my life until a fever moved me into a new stage of my vaccine reaction thirty years ago, and never since that time. Just as a fever moved my autistic by vaccine daughter into bowel disease for the first time, and a fever did the same to my nineteen year old Asperger's nephew. Never had bowel disease before, and then permanently.

Now one in 36 American children has autism. Among the completely unvaxxed it is much lower, and in those whose parents and grandparents were never vaxxed it is almost zero. One Amish boy who lived near an electricity plant which put mercury into the air got autism from it. It's really a matter of learning the facts and then making a decision. Yes, sure, it's infinitesimally possible for a healthy person to get and die of measles, chickenpox, flu, whatever. If you're absolutely terrified of lightning hitting him, go ahead and get the shots, bearing in mind that the odds favor his having a disabling reaction to them are well over 50-50. If you don't care that you may cause your child to get autism and be severely disabled for life, don't care that he may have life-threatening attacks of asthma for the rest of his life, as my nephew did, even with the best of medical treatment, don't care that he might suffer horrendously from the allergy, autoimmune disease, bowel disease, and might die from them (thousands die every year in the US from asthma attacks caused ultimately by the DTP/DTaP vaccine), if all you're worried about is preventing a death like your mother's (bearing in mind how EXTREMELY ineffective the flu and pertussis vaccines are), sure, go ahead and get the vaccines. All of them. If your child retains his mind and manages to grow up, he may never forgive you for it.


Thank you for posting my different experience and viewpoint. I think it is important to listen to each other especially when we disagree. I hear you about how bad mercury is. It creeps me out too. However, watching my mother die was worse, and getting my kids and myself out of the constant virus/infection cycle helped me see a different perspective. Watching a loved one react from a real flu and the long painful snowball effect of a life-threatening flare up of Lupus is nothing I would want anyone else to ever have to go through or helplessly watch unfold. This is my motivation for adding my different perspective. We really do know autoimmune problems in our family, and there is a different way to look at the risk trade off of vaccines than you are looking at. The part you are missing is half lives of the specific toxins that we are injesting every day by living. And compare that to vaccines. That is the missing piece that my son taught me in understanding why some good intentioned smart people may disagree so strongly with each other. I don't think there is zero risk in vaccines, either. I just think we need to be careful about looking at the whole picture before making fixed conclusions for other people in different situations from our own that may put them at higher risk. We probably agree on more than you realize.

John Stone


The last time I wrote about this was in September:

Autism Mom

It is a long while since I did the maths for this - in 2005 I calculated that 1 DPT shot for a two month old infant was up to 66 times the EPA reference exposure by body weight (see my letter 19 April which was not disputed).

As Mike Wagnitz also pointed out the amount of mercury in a vaccine using thimerosal as a preservative is 250 times the level for toxic waste. This is inexcusable. I agree with David Burd that although no level of mercury exposure is desirable the digestive system is more likely to be able to cope with exposure than if the substance is injected subcutaneously.

Also, if a batch of hg containing vaccines has to be disposed of instead of being injected into infants they suddenly become an environmental hazard!

Posted by: John Stone | September 09, 2019 at 12:51 AM



This is a very serious matter - actually in the U.K. after 2004 the authorities have liked to assure us that there is no mercury in the vaccines, although they brought it back for the swine flu vaccine and it is possible it is still used in the sterilisation process of some flu vaccines. But while it is true that after 2004 the autism rate continued to rise what we have seen a lot less of is toddlers with tics: flapping, spinning and tip-toeing. We used to see it loads and I haven’t seen it for a decade.

When I was in touch with our licensing agency back in 2005 they tried to make the point that in the developing world the amount of mercury in vaccines was relatively small compared with some environmental exposure - which does not seem be any more encouraging than it being much more than the norm in the developed world. Notwithstanding, if you were asked to gulp down a glass of water with 50 times the EPA daily reference level you might hesitate, and even then your digestive system might be better geared to dealing with the assault than if it was injected into a muscle which has no mechanisms for filtrating toxicities at all.

Posted by: John Stone | September 09, 2019 at 10:42 AM


My brilliant son who can't do much yet, but sure learned his chemistry and biology has looked into this for me, and the type of mercury and amount just isn't enough to be as dangerous as you say it is for everyone. If it were that bad, most of us living near industry and traffic would not be able to debate this right now from just breathing the air every day. The volumes of how we get toxins really are so wildly different that I am not buying the argument that a shot is so much worse. My kids hyper logic is rubbing off on me, thank goodness. I think they are helping me make better decisions and we are all healthier for it. The studies that show risk of autism with high levels of pollution are really interesting. AoA should look into those as part of your efforts to protect children from dangerous toxins. There probably is increasing rates, but not at all clear yet why yet. Of course mercury is bad, so is anything in too large quantity including vit D btw. Anyway, was trying to help with a different view point that has helped our family stay healthy. This topic is serious if you really do have an autoimmune disease.

david m burd

@Concerned, ALL

My previous comment should have included (for some who may not know) that flu shots taken from multidose vials have 25 micrograms ethylmercury per .50ml shot; and .25ml infant doses taken from the multidose vials (the vast majority of infants being. so injected) have 12.5ml ethylmercury per shot- repeated 3 times before 3 years old. Also, those adults getting a pre-filled flu shot (a small minority) will probable have 1 microgram ethylmercury but not required to disclose this per the FDA. Flu shot, anyone?

david m burd

@Concerned, Al

Over the laset 3 years I have previously supplied this url revealing the vast majority of flu vaccine shots in the U.S. contain 25 micrograms of ethylmercury for everybody over 3 years age, and 12.5 micrograms of ethylmercury going into infants/toddlers under 3 years of ags.

THIS injection of ethylmercury via yearly/accumulative flu vaccines shots has been totally covered up by the CDC and its completely dishonest ALLIES.

THIS annual injection of ethylmercury is - BY ITSELF - is defacto criminal, but not prosecutable thanks the 1986 Federal Law exonerting all vaccine makers and their lock-step medical personnel also so protected.

Anybody who can read this HIDA Market Brief, and still gets their annual flu vaccine shot apparently has a death wish. Since so many here on AoA apparently (not including newcomers) have poor memories, I guess I'll have to send this HIDA Market Brief several times again each year. Wishing all good health in 2020, and DO NOT get a clearly neurotoxic flu shot.

Grace Green

Before vaccines were very widely used mercury was used in many medicines in Victorian times and even earlier. It was added to many cosmetic applications, and also teething powders for babies. So it's not just as simple as vaccines alone, but that doesn't mean vaccines aren't a cause in most recent cases of autism.



As someone with a life-threatening immune condition the last thing I felt I needed was a flu vaccine - something about a bird in the hand (in fact I have had one go with flu in three and a half decades and it was not vaccine strain). Asked at the time of the swine flu scare what action he would take infectious disease expert Tom Jefferson told Der Spiegel he washed his hands a great deal - the best defence against infectious respiratory and gastro diseases. Flu vaccines may easily make you unwell without protecting against the prevailing strain and they are trying to give you one every year. It is just a marketing operation at the public expense. Apart from Jefferson’s advice I also avoid touching surfaces in public places.


Cia, Nosades still seem to be a very bad idea. This sounds to me like an unregulated watered down primative vaccine that doesn't work but you think works. We'll stick with flu shots in my family as we've been heathier since we've been getting them If any of you really have serious autoimmune disorders better read the link I posted.. Gives fuller picture of risk trade offs. I just have a hard time believing that flu is no big deal if you really do have a real immune issue, given what I've seen. Yes, know MMR is live. Why it's a bummer that lower rates may change risk trade off for many


Autism mom, I'm sorry I didn't see your question. I'm have not been able to work because my kids needed too much support. And used to have some autoimmune issues myself but fine now. I just have found this site helpful in staying healthy. Vit D is really helpful, but don't have to overdose it. I'd be cautious about anything not fully vetted. Be as cautious as you are with vaccines. There's profit motives in alternative medicine too. Trying to help.




I agree that they lump flu and pneumonia together. But it’s not common for pneumonia to appear out of nowhere as a separate disease. Usually it occurs in a body already weakened by another disease: flu, a cold, chickenpox, or pertussis. When it causes death in someone who has the flu, I think it’s appropriate to group them together. They talk about measles pneumonia, which is the most common cause of death from measles. Pneumonia occurs in about one in twenty cases of measles but is usually mild and self-limiting. In 1960, only one case of measles in 10,000 resulted in death. I think we should talk about flu pneumonia, chicken pox pneumonia, pertussis pneumonia ( which is, again, usually the cause of death when, very rarely, it occurs).


If you stick around this site, you’ll quickly see that over half of children now have been severely vaccine-injured, starting with allergic or autoimmune disease in over half, but with neurological disease caused by vaccines in about a third. There is
No VPD which would take anything like that number of lives even if no one vaxxed for anything.



A homeopathic nosode is prepared by succussing and ediluting a disease pathogen as many times as the potency required, the same way remedies are. They’re usually used for prevention, the concept being similar to vaccination itself. It’s energetic medicine. The pathogen is not alive. You might look at Isaac wGolden’s books or The Solution for more information.

All kinds of vaccines are dangerous. Live vaccines like MMR are, but so are killed pathogen vaccines like DPaT or most of the others, because they have to have something to kill germs if it’s from a multi dose vial, and aluminum or another adjuvant to make the immune system react appropriately to it. And recombinant vaccines like hep-B are also extremely dangerous.
My mother reacted to the diphtheria vaccine in 1933, when she was four years old. They first put mercury in it in 1932, when it started The Age of Autism (see book). It caused Asperger’s and lifelong bowel disease in her and many others.


It takes two things, genetic predisposition to vaccine reactions and the vaccines, to cause the reaction.


How could you possibly say that with such certainty?

There is no way to tell the difference between a child who's vaccine injury, was somehow exacerbated by pre-existing immune system deficiencies.

And a child who born perfectly normal. But has immune system deficiencies NOW, that are 100 % the result of their vaccine injuries.


Thank you so much in supporting me in acknowledging that there are serious risks of the flu. I have read a little of that book and I don’t want to drag you into debating it. I just want to let you know that there was autism in my family pre-vaccines. Also, my mother had kids in her k/1st grade classes from the 1940’s on that must have also had autism. (Maybe our schools were inclusive earlier so memory is different in different areas?) They were severely late speech and other issues, just like my brother. Diagnosis is easier to get now, thank goodness. There is also statistically positive correlation of autism with pollution, but not vaccines. So increasing rates could be from many factors, and this is a wide open topic that hasn’t been concluded yet.
Your last comment is sad, and I hope you don’t really mean that or you misworded that.
Also, what is a nosaid? Is it a live virus? I am pretty sure that would be dangerous for people with autoimmune diseases. Please read the link I posted. The shot is safer than the mist which is a live virus and could trigger a flare. If this is what a nosade is, I would stay away from that if you think you have an autoimmune problem. My point about the flu is that a live virus can trigger a really bad reaction that can snowball into other problems. Like what happened to my mother.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Concerned, How do you happen to know your family’s medical history prior to 1786? (small pox vaccine) Do you really believe the autism epidemic is caused by 1 in 59 pregnant women getting an infection? If so, why hasn't the CDC named the cause of the epidemic infection? Why isn't there an autism vaccine in the development pipeline? Please read the paperwork inside the box of your flu shot. Pay particular attention to the list of adverse reactions. Look at the number of awards under the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (flu vice all others). You were vague about what you have read - you don't have to wait for friends to give you this information. You can look it up yourself. Word to the wise - anything that has the word Foundation in it, is a tax dodge by wealthy people who crave tax exempt status - publishing propaganda pays for their spray tans and vacations. Take a look at how much the Foundation link you provided spends on salaries and grants for research. ($4 million compensation for officers and employees and less than $600K a year on grants for research). You want to trust their “believe us” statements on a cheesy website? What a minute … are you one of those profiteers promoting your website?


They lump together the deaths from flu, pneumonia and other viruses so it seems high while in reality there maybe a few hundred (or less) proven deaths in any given year. And yes, the complications in some cases may be serious but it's not a deathly threat they scare you with. I'd say the cumulative effects of mercury and aluminium in the vaccines are far more dangerous.

By the way, the maintenance dose of Vit D should probably be higher, around 10000 IU for adults (preferably with cofactors like K and magnesium). I've been on this protocol for a couple of weeks and already feel better.



It takes two things, genetic predisposition to vaccine reactions and the vaccines, to cause the reaction. Without the vaccines, there is no reaction. Look at Mark and Dan's book Denial for proof that there was no autism before vaccines. But that's why not everyone is autistic. Nearly everyone has gotten many vaccines, but not everyone reacts with autism. Reacting with allergic or autoimmune disease is more common, but still takes a susceptible genetic profile.


Many people die of the flu, although many more die of flu pneumonia. But they wouldn't have gotten pneumonia if they did not have the flu. It's not fair to deny the risk for many people involved in getting the flu. I agree that vitamin D is a good treatment and will prevent many severe outcomes, also C, homeopathic nosodes and remedies, Sambucol, echinacea, etc. A friend of a friend died of the H3N2 flu two years ago. That being said, the flu vaccine is rarely very effective, and its dangers are substantial. I'd always refuse the vaccine and take appropriate measures if I had a severe case of flu. But even dying of flu is better than being disabled by the vaccine.


Yes people do die from flu. I lost my mom who had Lupus, an autoimmune disorder. Risk is worse for people with autoimmune disorders. Please read the link I posted. Vitamin D is helpful, and don't know anyone with Lupus who doesn't already take it. But it isn't enough to prevent the flu. And taking more than you need isn't safe. Have to check with your doctor to know what you need.


To Concerned,

No one dies from flu and serious side effects are rare, even CDC actual data supports it. Meanwhile, even the lamestream media admits the flu shots are often ineffective. At the same time, it's the most compensated vaccine by the vaccine court (and those folks are pretty stingy with the "awards"). So basically you're asking already sick people to have dangerous and ineffective injections against something that they might not even catch and will most likely be mild.

Besides, high dose vitamin D (and C) is much more effective (and safe) for the flu prevention (as well as other infections).


Please read this for fuller picture of risks to flu to people with autoimmune disorders.

You all have all my sympathy since my family has a long history of both autoimmune disorders and high or medium functioning autism. I can relate to a lot of the daily issues in this blog. However, since my family issues can be traced back to pre- vaccines, it looks more to me like the autoimmune issues may be the trigger of the autism in our family, not the other way around and not vaccines. And infections during pregnancy seem to go along with autism in babies later. But we are just one case and like yours, correlation never is proof, only meta studies of studies that factor in all the possible influences can begin to start answering questions. I have seen how any virus can trigger a nasty Lupus flare up with snowballing effects including death (my mother), but never have seen a flu shot trigger a flare up in my family. So, to me, these stories lack full context, and give a dangerous false impression that people with autoimmune diseases are less at risk from getting the flu than getting vaccinated. Limiting or dismissing the risks of the flu is serious, and not surprised you will face some objections when you make conclusions without full information. It could even be that vaccines for families with autoimmune tendencies could help prevent autism and make it easier to even have children. I doubt we really know yet, but sure is looking that way to me based on my family and what I have read. BTY, I’ve been sent by friends the main evidence you use, read it all, but don’t make the same conclusions that you are making. I am no expert obviously, but know a little stats, and the data you use is just too narrow to make conclusions from.


Infant immune systems flux a lot in the 1st few years of life this is why the IMM schedule is redundant.The same is notable about their response to allergens and antigens. Something they are not sensitive to now is no guarantee that they not be sensitive to it their whole life. There are other factors to be considered as well such as health at the time of the IMM. People who are sick or immune compromised should not be administered. One of the reasons I don’t think pharmacies should be in the business of administration of the Flu and Pneumonia vaccines. They do not know the people only that they want the vaccines. As far as vaccines causing a lasting disease or condition I would consider the fact that if they do they are few and far between. Measles can kill and polio can cripple these things we know. It should certainly be a parents choice but don’t say you weren’t told or warned about what could happen?

Bob Moffit

@ Benedetta

"thrombocytopenia" Thrombocytopenic Purpura, and I actually know people that have this, lots and lots of people!"

My daughter .. now in her fifties and mom of three of my five wonderful grandchildren .. was diagnosed with "Thrombocytopenic Purpura" at 4 years of age .. at that time it was called "Idiopathic" or "ITP" because the doctors admitted they had no idea what it was .. hence .. they were "idiots". Anyway .. my then 4 year old daughter had her spleen surgically removed to prevent her SPLEEN from attacking and destroying her blood platelets .. which are critical for "clotting" required to stop bleeding. Fast forward 35 years .. when ITP became one of the many problems comprising GULF WAR SYNDROME .. it was FINALLY ADMITTED that ITP was CAUSED by at least two vaccines .. DPT & MMR. It is now listed as a potential adverse reaction on BOTH vaccine inserts.

Twenty years ago my beloved second grandson was diagnosed autistic .. AGAIN HIS DOCTORS HAD NO IDEA WHAT AUTISM WAS LET ALONE WHAT CAUSED IT. I suspect it will require some catastrophic event such a GULF WAR SYNDROME to FINALLY force them to admit autism .. just like ITP .. was VACCINE INDUCED.


"thrombocytopenia" Thrombocytopenic Purpura, and I actually know people that have this, lots and lots of people!
I know what it is. I know how they suffer.

I see vaccine injuries every where; and the people don't even know they have a vaccine injury!


CIA; So beautiful, so horrible. Still there is that moment when we learn something more, when we come to make the connections to all the troubling dots in our life, and it astounds us. Makes me grateful too.

Both of my children went through a long period of having anemia. Husband did too by the way and we were sent to a cancer doctor. I thought it was because they could not process regular B12 or maybe we did not have the right gut bacteria that puts a methyl group on the B 12 they were eating.

Dr. Wakefield said in his book that at the Royal hospital the kids they were working with; had high amounts of B 12 in their blood because their metabolism could not process B 12 without a methyl group.

A Methyl Group is carbon and three hydrogens on it. It is common in organic chemistry, Methyl group is like a handle to a bucket - makes it easy for many of our metabolic pathways to grab on to a particular molecule.

Yeah Spartacus go annie

And Chopin you are composing, but it ain't music. I tell you what; when you come down with anemia let us see how well you fight off the flu or any of the thousands of other microbes that we run into daily. .


I feel that the "I am Sparticus" moment of this all, is all of us just standing up and saying, "I am anti-vaccine"!!!! I'll pause for the politically correct response, meanwhile, my kids need to go to school, so eff off!


One more interesting thing. I went to the city where my father was in a nursing home a week before he died when a nurse told me I’d better come if I wanted to see him before he died. We went: Cecily had recently turned three. I had written a eulogy for my father and took it to read to him. He loved it, and asked Was I really that good? I said You were, Dad, you were the best of us! He asked me if I would write one as beautiful when my mother died, which was ten years later. A nurse called my brother to tell him she had rallied, and was speaking intelligently and coherently for the first time in five years. We went to say good-bye to her. She could no longer speak when we got there, but she raised her arm straight up in the air when we came in and I said Hi, Mom! She recognized me. I read her the eulogy I had written and would read at her funeral a week later. My brother said not to tell her she was dying, but that appalled me. I held her hand and said she was dying, but in a few days she’d be with my father again, and her parents, and she’d be able to walk, talk, and laugh again after long years in darkness.

I don’t know what her rally meant, but it seems as though at some level her mind survived even when it appeared to have been destroyed. In a way that’s worse. And it was the mercury and aluminum in the vaccines she got that did it.



My father would much rather have died quickly of complications of the flu than fight as hard as he could against the paralysis caused by the flu vaccine for three and a half years. He clung to the end to the belief that he could and would recover, but it did no good. He thought doctors could help him, and underwent painful back surgery which they said might stave off a certain measure of his disability and he suffered horribly from it, but it did no good at all.

Obviously I’ve never gotten the flu vaccine nor ever will. My mother was one of the many who thought it was emotionally rewarding (I can’t think of a better way to put it), to go the mall every fall and get their mercury- containing flu shot, and my father liked doing things with her and doing what she advised. So they started doing it around 1980. She got Alzheimer’s from the mercury in the late ‘90s and lived with it for fifteen years.

I was going to mention vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy to treat the flu, but remembering how good my parents were and how they suffered the tortures of hell as the result of their vaccine reactions, all I can say is that dying of flu pneumonia would have been a million times better. Like all Alzheimer’s patients, my mother first lost her memory, then became paralyzed and unable to speak. She lay in bed in a nursing home unable to move, speak, watch TV or read, for five years before she died in April, 2013.

My brother also got yearly flu vaccines. About fifteen years ago he got very low blood pressure and fainted a number of times while he was at work or jogging. His doctors had no idea what was wrong. They thought in both my brother’s and my mother’s cases that they might have MS, and did MRIs to test for it. Negative on the characteristic brain lesions. I realized about a year ago that my brother had POTS, another autoimmune disease caused by vaccines, especially by the mercury in the flu shots they all got every year.


Teresa ,

I notice that Fred has emerged pretty quickly, to try and ridicule the content of this story.

Which tells me that when it comes to a connection between vaccines and autoimmune disorders, you might just be poking at something really big.


This is interesting. I have mentioned many times that my father was paralyzed by a flu vaccine. He was also diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, which I googled several years ago but couldn't find much that seemed to help me understand what happened to him. I've also said that he was very yellow, jaundiced, and I've said here that I thought it was a recurrence of the malaria he had had in Louisiana at twelve years old. I read in this article that jaundice was a symptom of hemolytic anemia, so it now seems likely that that is what caused him to become so weak and yellow. He was the best man in the world, kind, and always hard at work on something. He was friends with everyone, and was always looking for ways to help out his friends and family members. Another victim of vaccines. He suffered so much the last three years of his life as a result of his condition.

Frederic Chopin


Unless he received a kidney from an identical twin he's very likely on lifelong immunosuppressants. A better case report would have listed any medications he was on.


"Many children with autism, PANS/PANDAS or both, have immune issues." And.......Many more children develope clinical or sub-clinical immune issues as a result of the immune assault from vaccinations.

1994 Renal Kidney Transplant


I think you missed that the transplant was 26 years ago -- hardly the picture you paint.

"received a living
related kidney transplant in 1994. He was in his routine state
of health with stable allograft function and was seen in
internal medicine clinic for health maintenance visit where
he received a seasonal influenza vaccine (0.5 ml
intramuscular in the deltoid in October 2018—Quadrivalent
Inactivated Influenza Vaccine IIV4). (ree days later, he
presented with malaise, chills, fever (up to 101.6 F), and
yellowish discoloration of eyes. Physical examination confirmed icteric sclerae. His labs were significant for hemoglobin of 12.5 g/dl (baseline hemoglobin of approximately
14.4 g/dl), total bilirubin of 5.1 mg/dl, and mildly elevated
AST, ALT, and ALP. Platelet count and serum creatinine
were normal. LDH was elevated and haptoglobin was very
low with an elevated reticulocyte percentage of 4.2%. He
denied any new medications, history of allergy, or any
autoimmune disease. Rapid flu test was negative for both
influenza A and B. (e clinical picture and labs were suggestive of hemolytic anemia post routine influenza vaccine."

Frederic Chopin

Even if the flu shot had anything to do with it, which isn't known, he had very mild anemia at baseline which only slightly worsened transiently and required no treatment. Better than dying from Influenza with a secondary bacterial pneumonia, which is a whole lot more likely in a renal transplant patient.

Hans Scholl


Professor Chris Exley
London W1G 9EB Marylebone


Bob Moffit

Teresa justifiably asks common sense questions:

'Why is it babies and children are not being tested for immune issues before vaccination? Can certain vaccines trigger autoimmune diseases? How can this topic of conversation lead to helping children and adults rather than the whole “anti-vaccination” witch hunt?"

The obvious answer it serves THEIR best interests THEIR being vaccine manufacturers, public health bureaucrats, medical professionals .. and other similarly INVESTED in vaccine COMPLIANCE … not to know if children have "immune issues" before vaccination.

Better to claim … WE DIDN'T KNOW …. rather than … WE KNEW BUT EXPOSED CHILDREN TO THE RISKS ….

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