Coronavirus Can Be Caused By Viral Interference, A Known Result Of Flu Vaccines
Special Education Takes Center Stage in School Budget Problems

Women's March in LA Proves Exclusive & Vicious

Water fountainWarning: You might find this video from Josh Coleman enraging and disturbing.  Marchers who carried V is for Vaccine signs (women) were harassed, shamed and belittled in this "inclusive" march.  Me too? Nope. Not you! Or me.

All women are NOT included in the women's marches.   We are a movement without a country right now. But we are not going away. Nor are our injured kids.

V is for vagina. And V is for vaccine.  V is for vicious. V is also for Victory.



Michael, he's a profound thinker, isn't he! I often wonder if the autoimmune conditions he and especially his daughter, Mikhaela Peterson, suffer from are from vaccines. My guess is that is almost certainly the case.


Oh Twyla!

"“Privilege” is thinking something is not a problem because so far you have not noticed it affecting you."
So deep, so profound it will just have to some day become a cliché!

Thank you Julie; I will look at this little gem you gave me tomorrow when I am not so tired. Thanks.


I am watching this Jordan Peterson presentation and here is Peterson's words, why what those brave warrior moms do what they did, why we do what we do. This from a presentation at Queens College in Ontario:

His comments are relevant!

JORDAN PETERSON: "One of the things I've learned strategically and this is worth thinking about too is that when you are engaged in a public dispute like this its not obvious when things are going your way. You think well this protest is not such a good thing its like I wouldn't be so sure about that. You know whats happened to me in the last 18 months is virtually anytime that I've been attacked and some of the attacks have been quite well I would say brutal because we haven't got to that, thank God, but they've certainly been, they've taken me aback about you know its not a straight forward thing to be in a hall [or march] when this happened at McMaster where a hundred people yelling at you and blaring their air horns and all of that, but that wasn't a bad thing as it turned out because it was filmed and put on YouTube and it was terrible for the people [opposed to free speech] who protested it wasn't good.

So you've got to detach yourself to, you know to say what you think and your careful about it, its going to have some short-term effects, its going to have some medium-term effects and its going to have some long-term effects. One of the things that you need to do I would say and this is an element of courage is you have to have faith that the medium to long term consequences of you saying of what you have to say as clearly as possible is going to be positive and you have to act on that supposition. You don't know right? You can't know; that's the existential leap of faith is you can't know but you act anyway and my experience has been that you don't know want to make judgement too quickly because it is not always clear when things are going your way. So you might stand up in a class [or hold an unpopular sign] and say something that people react negatively and you might get pilloried for that by some people but you never know who you are touching in the crowd and you don't know how that's going to unfold cross time. Now that might be a defining moment in someone else's life to watch you stand up and say what you have to say. So don't underestimate the power of truth and courage, really."


This video captures the worst of the Women’s March, and yes some people’s actions and words were terrible. But there were many there who either ignored us or argued without rancor, and a small few who expressed interest and support. I don’t mind the argument — that’s what we’re there for — education. And chanting stupid things like “We believe in science!” or “Vaccines are good!” is fine — it’s their right to express their ignorant views. Of course, shoving someone or standing there smirking while she is shoved and her sign thrown on the ground is absolutely terrible, and the opposite of what attendees at a women’s march should stand for.

I really wanted to say to the march organizers and attendees:

“Listen to the women” should include listening to the mothers of vaccine-injured children.

“My body my choice” should include the right to make choices on vaccines for ourselves and our minor children.

“Privilege” is thinking something is not a problem because so far you have not noticed it affecting you.


No, I had forgotten about the Ancel Keys story, if that's what you are referring to. Next time. My sister-in-law said that I should have written 'Science is never settled.' in large print on the board and had the children chant it over and over. Maybe next time for that one, too. 😊
If you found the Ancel Keys story fascinating, you might be interested in this podcast about the history of nutritional guidelines.


diana Mackin: Well, either you are wrong or I too must have some kind of social problems like autism?
I don't see how taking some science based, little known, facts about vaccines into a women's march is equal to taking a sign of Impeach into a Trump rally? Not even close! No, not an good analogy at all.

By the way, in case you have not been following Josh Coleman and his little group; Josh Coleman's little group has a goal of getting on the news and raising some awareness.

They showed up in the background of a ceremony of placing a star on the Hollywood walk of fame for the stars of "Frozen".

On very cold nights they have held those same signs on the streets as people exit out of the foot ball games..

This time around they placed themselves in this march, so it showed up on CNN.

Everybody is always willing to sit on the sidelines, and be a critic: with a BUT or HOWEVER. Don't be one of those type of people. You know "Everyone is a critic!"

The problem here lies totally with the type of people belonging to this crowd; they were ugly, that is the bottom line. I will never be one of them, never.

As proof that they are an ugly bunch; F signs everywhere, Little girls taking turns yelling out the f word, Women so fast to hold up their middle fingers, Men and women not being curious, but closed minded, quick to judge, not hearing some one out on a subject they have not invested one second of thought on before they were confronted with a few signs.

Annie; LOL, Yeah sure looks that way!

Julie; You go girl. Did you tell them that sugar never got blamed for heart attacks cause the sugar industry paid off Harvard scientists to blame butter instead? Even if you didn't; I am sure you were wonderful!

Angus Files

Exactly John to many to list against parents seeking justice,our day will come though.

Pharma For Prison



If that's what "V for visual looks like on film of people getting harassed,shamed,and belittled .
Same sense of science "common sense defectives" techniques of "Shepherding the narratave " with duff as get out tactics getting used in the newspapers as well !

Head of NHS voices "serious concerns"about Homeopathy
The Guardian newspaper UK, 28 October 2019 .

Prince Charles becomes Patron of Homeopathy group.
The Guardian newspaper UK 25 June 2019

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop wellness products condemned by NHS chief
The Guardian newspaper 30 January 2020 .


From this perspective it would seem the electoral college worked exactly they way it was meant to.

John Stone

Hi Angus

I think might be many reasons other than funding through Soros which might drive such behaviour on the ground - but I agree that when it comes to really big money no one is helping us or our children, and while this is the case any claim to big humanity is highly dubious.

Jenny Allan

Well done brave articulate ladies and the gent with the camera who recorded all the nastiness and violence. It seems the lynch mob mentality is still with us. The police of course were uninterested, or even absent, but the guy who faked a fall ( attempting to claim he was pushed), made sure he didn't hurt himself, going down like a monk to the prayer mat.

From across the Atantic I was appalled by the double standards. Here were abortion rights campaigning women demanding the right to kill their unborn babies, right up to viability, yet these same women were claiming 'anti-vaxxers' were killing babies? This reminded me of that CNN Anderson Cooper interview with Dr Wakefield where he too was accused of 'killing babies'. (The same accusation was made by Lorraine Kelly on ITV breakfast in the UK). If Dr Wakefield had been facing a mob he would have been lynched! The facts? In the UK only 4 child measles deaths are recorded post MMR vaccine implementation, nearly all of them unable to be vaccinated due to being immune compromised. Dr Wakefield was actually working on an immunotherapy measles 'amelioration' therapy which might have saved these children. It was pulled.

In the UK a female politician got fatally shot for expressing her views on Brexit. (I can't remember whether she was for or against), but this issue provoked strong feelings on either side. Today at midnight we leave the European Union and calm and optimism has at last been restored. UK demonstrations are usually well policed, although an angry crowd can behave in unpredictable ways, becoming a dangerous 'mob' in minutes.

Recording this nastiness and violence and sharing widely on social media is the best way to engage hearts and minds. We are winning and we must keep fighting. After all, we are simply campaigning for proper informed choices on vaccines for ourselves and our children. This is supposed to be part of our human rights, agreed at Nuremberg.

diana Mackin

The violence of the 'feminist' crowd was horrible. The fake fall was silly. But at the end, when the individual women were interviewed, the sign holding women just broke my heart. It sure looks like this group went into a women's march to antagonize, to BE adversaries. Because they described feminists has having "the opposite mentality of us."

That is simply not true! We are not on opposite sides. We are on the side of truth, and we need to stand unified.

I would never go into a Trump rally with IMPEACH HIM signs. Why would anyone try to talk anti-abortion talk at a feminist rally? That is an absolutely key part of both feminism ... and the idea of my body/ my choice. Why do BOTH sides want it for their own, but aren't willing to give it to the other? BOTH sides are hypocrites! And unnecessarily antagonistic. The divide is quite artificial, but being divided weakens us seriously.

There is so much here that needs healed, and we truly need to listen to one another. As a feminist I know I have serious work to do in that community -- and I'm doing it, I am never silent. But the left is really fragmented. (There were signs that showed me that radical feminists like me would be in danger there!) What we cannot do is let the "anti-vax" label be used to divide women from one another. ALL mothers have a stake in this, whether they know it or not. And the ignorance on the feminist side was appalling.

In the future we need to walk into any such rally with obvious signs of belonging: TRUST WOMEN would have gone a long, long way. BELIEVE MOTHERS would have been a great choice. I will think of more, definitely. But I'm not willing to let the anti-vax movement be something 'owned' by conservatives. (I don't care if you're conservative; it's about ownership of the movement, and as I've said many times, the anti-vaxxers I knew in Washington state varied nicely between way left and way, way, way left -- we exist, in numbers.) It is a mothers' movement, it is a caring-people movement, it is a pro-science movement, and it is a movement of intelligent and well-educated people, whether or not we have degrees and certifications. There are books and research in the public domain that is accessible. There are critical thought and common sense, too. And we have plenty of all of it. No matter what side of the aisle we lean toward.


One cannot demand the right to obtain a medical procedure without equally arguing the right to refuse a medical procedure.

Please note the African American gentlemen who acted to protect the dignity and rights of our protestors.

“Blessed are you when men will revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you.”

Carol Sad

Wow Rebecca you said it all!

Jonathan Rose

Michael: Well, not the Holocaust exactly. But it is a kind of mob mania described back in 1895 by the French psychologist Gustave Le Bon. He argued that people who can be perfectly rational as individuals can be swept up in irrational hatreds once they join a big crowd: once one member shouts for blood, everyone else echoes him. And Le Bon had in mind the explosion antisemitism following the Dreyfus Affair.

But as I say, this women's march is an exceptional case. It has basically degenerated into a hate group with no positive program. The prime object of their hatred is of course Donald Trump, but if another potential scapegoat appears their hatred will quickly find another target.

And yes, the media has attempted to whip up hysteria against "antivaxxers", but here they have failed to gain much popular support. We can mobilize thousands of protesters to preserve vaccine exemptions, but where are the protesters who want to do away with exemptions? They never show up. At the Trenton demonstration I was struck by how courteous the state troopers were towards us. The staff of the New Jersey State Library, which is just across from the State Capitol, graciously allowed hundreds of us to use their restrooms. I'm not saying that they all agree with us, but they clearly don't feel threatened by us.



I had to laugh at your preferred behaviour modification strategies. I usually work in learning support but am in a country away from home and am doing some relief classroom teaching in primary schools at the moment. You would have been impressed the other day when I was asked to do a 'health' lesson using the food pyramid. Well, by the time I had finished the lesson, the young children had heard that 'science is never settled' about five times (and that those who say it is often have something to gain by others believing that), they were versed in conflicts of interests by industries that can influence guidelines on not just food guidelines but any health issue whatsoever, how the paid media can influence decisions and that the only way to make good choices is to research, research and research to find out all the information they can so that they and their parents can make educated decisions for themselves. Do you think I went a bit overboard? I don't think the children had much faith in the food pyramid by the end of the lesson, which is only fitting since it is rubbish anyway.



Shelley Tzorfas

They can have Women's rights, gay rights, transgender rights, rights of married women, rights of single women but what they cannot tolerate is information of Neurotoxic Aluminum, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock and deaths to foods, Aborted fetal cell DNA which is tumorigenic and frankly some say cannibalism, and Majority rights. Majority rights one might ask? The majority of kids have become Chronically ill, a whopping 54% since Regan gave ZERO liability to vaccine makers.

Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

Better yet, let's ask presidential candidates if they are willing to eliminate vaccine mandates...while at the same time reminding them that medical mandates cannot exist in a free and ethical society, and that our elected officials are supposed to protect our rights, not eliminate them.

And, we should most certainly ask presidential candidates what they are going to do about the autism epidemic...while also explaining that "autism" is a purposeful misnomer for vaccine-induced brain, nervous system, and immune system injuries...injuries of a catastrophic magnitude which are next to impossible to undo.

Attendance at town hall meetings is always an excellent idea...for all of our elected officials.

PA Lydia

These people are deceived with regard to every single other issue they were there for. Of course they are deceived regarding vaccines, too. My heart aches for these people. They are completely unable to discern truth.

Trump is not a liar. Trump is not a racist. Trump is not the enemy of women. Abortion is not health care, and vaccines don't save lives.

Angus Files

Well done guys if you got one parent not to vaccinate you saved a life from destrution and possible death.ANTIFA tactics looked to be active along with other paid demonstration deniers SOROS organisations rife by the looks Offit.

List Of 206 Organizations Funded By George Soros That Are Operating In The US
These organizations are directly funded by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Many of them have mission statements that sound high minded and worthy of support, but all of them are committed to goals and projects that are based on the leftist model of collectivism. Their primary appeal is to focus on problems in our society with little disclosure of the kind of society they hope to create. –GEG

Pharma For Prison


John Stone


Yes, I was watching the British Holocaust Memorial Day service at the beginning of the week - moving because of the dignity of the surviving victims - but disturbing because of all the politicians and religious who superintendent official silence over the victims of vaccine damage, and the general sense that they still might be party to anything. If remember it was inaugurated by Blair in 2000. Three years late we had WMD. All these state agendas are disgusting: tacked on to the fragmented vestiges of Liberal Democracy.


Johnathan, thank you for the calmness, thoughtfulness in your response to the "mob" hate mentality on shocking display. My Jewish heritage has me viewing many things in current affairs through the lens of the Holocaust. How close would that mob been, potentially incited to Kristallnacht?


This video is very, very, SAD. The amount of pure, unbridled HATRED! omg. just omg.
"Hatred is like drinking poison, then waiting for your enemy to die".
I've seen several other videos from the so-called "Women's March", and there are MANY examples of people almost literally foaming at the mouth with psychotic rage. I also notice all the vendor$$ $elling merch to the protestors. Ah, "protest capitalism", or something....
The degree of extreme hatred, divisiveness, anger, rage, etc., will NOT solve any problems.
As difficult as this is to watch, we NEED to SEE the TRUTH of what's happening out there.
There's 1 Presidential candidate who has an Autistic son. That's Andrew Yang. I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting both Andrew and Evelyn Yang in person, and seen them in MANY videos over the past few months. So, even if you know you're supporting other candidates, I'd encourage all AoA readers to check out some youtube videos where Andrew Yang talks about his sons, and even interacts with them on the campaign trail. I think AoA readers will have a unique perspective on Andrew and his Autistic son, his brother, and Mom. From what I see, it looks good for the autism community. What do you folks think?
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!


I see vaccine injuries everywhere, and the people that have them don't even know it.

I saw a lof ot people in Josh's video that have received a good, propagandize schooling: awh though never a good education.

I saw a lot of the markings of bipolar of the type called anger mania. Those maybe the very people that follow along with cult religions most times, and absent of much religion these days what has replaced it is science religion.

Of a girl all mad and yelling back "I don't care" and putting her finger up; behavioral modification is needed. I would not make a good behavioral modifier cause my first response is to bend that finger back for her. As a school teacher though, I never got to much of the finger, maybe it was just my look of longing to break the fingers?

A fine testament to the gentler sex, but really I am pretty sure that females have never really been gentle, and in fact can be the most cruel of either sex. It has always been about at least being lady like. Do you get the more nobler outcomes from damaging the hypothalamus? The lower brain regions with vaccines?

On this video, this complete video that Josh put forth; (who is another good observer , and who even took the time to show three cute girls between the ages of (9 -12) yelling out the f word over and over again) is shows that our world is filled with sick, mentally behavior problems.

Josh showed some silly man that is trying to think quick on his feet, knee jerking, trying to act intelligent about a topic he has never thought about before; trying to win some argument about what a placebo was. Something about you can't have a placebo for a drug that did not have a disease? I hope in the quiet of the day, away from the crowds he can think that one out a bit more clearly and maybe his face burns red with shame.

Just seems like there is not enough shame anymore. I wonder if that is a part of a mental illness? Why, yes, I think it is .

Jonathan Rose

These women are indeed wonderfully gutsy. We have to understand that we're dealing here with political fanatics motivated by a mob mentality: as soon as one demonstrator attacks them, the rest all join in. But this is not the typical response of ordinary people to our movement. At the protests at Trenton earlier this month, onlookers were very friendly to us.

Now that the presidential candidates are all doing town meetings, I suggest we show up at them and ask (politely and peacefully) whether they want to do away with vaccine exemptions, and what they are going to do about the autism epidemic. (Will they even admit that it is an epidemic?)

Rebecca Rust Lee

I remember when I first got involved with this issue. I had made the connection between amalgam illness and chronic disease, but it took a grandchild winding up in the PICU for me to start to wonder about the vaccines. I was asking myself, what took down the immune system of a radiantly healthy, breast fed 18 month old child that would give her Hib pneumonia so she had to be intubated and almost died? I remember at the time Andy Cutler saying, "the doctors are lying to you," and my asking, "but why would they do that, Andy?"

Later I went to an Autism Speaks meeting and posted about what I came across. There was an autistic guy who had written a couple of books who gave a long boring talk about how well he is managing and a lot of parents with impaired children all just going along with the status quo. I posted about it on our Facebook group and Andy said, "Welcome to the new world of our child-sacrificing religion."

And that is what you are seeing here. I swear that is what it is. "Science based medicine" is a state religion and one that demands child sacrifice at that. Vaccination is a faith-based holy sacrament of this religion. The reason the people are so invested in it and so adamant about it is because they can't allow themselves to admit that they have inadvertently injured their own children. The doctors can't allow themselves to admit that they are harming little children. The young people can't allow themselves to admit that the emotional and psychological and physical problems so many of them have are anything but "shit happening."

Rebecca Rust Lee
coauthor with Andrew Hall Cutler Phd of "The Mercury Detoxification Manual."
"You have the power to heal all by yourself."

Bob Moffit

God bless these courageous WARRIOR MOMS for standing tall in the face of pure hatred … amazing strength and restraint … with WARRIORS such as these we WILL PREVAIL.

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