The Grooming of Children By the Vacciphilia Public Health and Pediatric Machine


Gary Ogden

A kind and gentle soul, fine researcher, first-rate journalist, I miss him terribly. I did not know him, except for a single email exchange, but through his writing. He strengthened us; he armed us with facts and brilliant analysis. Because of him, and so many others, we will prevail. Although there is evil among us, although the craven and cowardly control government, we will prevail, because most people are good.

carolyn coughlin

What a good and kind man he was. I met him at an autism event.

He exuded humility and brilliance. This opposite of the arrogance and ignorance that started this epidemic.

He saw a historic truth and stopped everything to pursue it.


The genetic condition which some Amish children have as a result of a certain degree of inbreeding is Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome, or broad thumb syndrome. This is discussed a little in the book The Age of Autism p. 252. It is contrasted to "idiopathic" autism, what we think of as (Kanner's) autism today. I don't think it's fair to deny that Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome exists, and since it occurred in Amish children who were completely unvaccinated for the most part, living the healthy, natural life of the Amish, you can't attribute it to vaccines or pollutants. You could probably attribute it to a relatively small gene pool with limited possibilities for marrying within the religious group.

Donna L.

I sure would have loved to hear his take on everything that's transpired over the last year or so -- he would've had to have been writing non-stop to cover it all.
Thank you so much for keeping AofA up and running strong!


A friend recently recited to me the cynical adage, "Everyone has their price."

Dan resisted that type of lazy cultural acceptance, which has allowed Pharma/government profit partnerships to metastasize into ravenous, out-of-control monsters.

Each of us deserves the utmost in personal integrity and responsibility from our health care manufacturers and providers, from our government - from all citizens.

I miss Dan, too.


I only knew him through his writing, and I miss him calling out a "nothingburger".

John Stone

It should be borne in mind that by now even the Amish are quite a lot vaccinated - was discussing this privately with Dan perhaps c2015. As Hilary Butler says in Vaxxed 2 part of the big project is to make sure there aren’t any vaccinated people left to make comparison with. Of course, according to BBC who large sections of the public correctly now mistrust and despise autism is genetic condition anyway.

susan welch

Grace, I am surprised you listen to BBC with trust any more, especially their 'science' programmes.

Didn't the Amish being diagnosed with a 'special genetic' autism raise any red flags for you?

I am very saddened that the BBC has turned into a propaganda machine for Pharma and government. Maybe they always were, but I look back with nostalgia to the times I could listen and enjoy so many of their radio programmes.


I miss him.

david m burd

Grace Green, OF COURSE a BBC broadcast would publicize a concocted Industry piece that deflects any blame that truly goes directly to vaccine-damages, specifically autism in this case.

The UK and the U.S. are in lock-step --- ALWAYS exonerating the vast carnage brought directly by vaccine excipients, as shown by literally hundreds of published Journal Papers (that are resolutely ignored by the Medical Establishment - pick your own reasons why they do so).

Grace Green

When I was listening, last night, to an item on "Inside Science" BBC Radio 4, about a study into Amish children with autism (!) I wasn't aware that it was the anniversary of Dan's passing. Perhaps the BBC was aware of it. Anyway, it turned out that these children had a form of autism which really was genetic, and nothing like the regressive autism of our community. It seems to me that many different conditions are now being labelled as autism probably to muddy the waters, and in particular to cover up Dan's research.

David m burd

go Trump,

Dan also published about Home First headed by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein (with 5 other pediatric Associates) encompassing the Chicago metropolitan area, having zero autistic cases of 35,000 non-vaccinated home-schooled children. Eisenstein published these results but was completely ignored by the CDC and mainstream media who have long been CDC's toadies when it comes to promoting/coercing all vaccines and condemning such as Dr. Andy Wakefield.

go Trump

Dan was gone much too soon.

Was it not his weeks of study in Southeast Pennsylvania, looking for Autism in an unvaccinated Amish population who were not there, that started it all ???

Be sure to continue to run his writings at any time.

Teresa Conrick

I think of Dan often and miss him so much. I feel fortunate that our work together grew into a friendship. Here's a great video of Dan on C-Span. He was a brilliant and caring human being.

JUNE 18, 2007
Federal Court Case on Vaccines

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