New Jersey Proves Health is Not the Goal with S2173 Amendment
Three Goals


For Marcella


Highwire was taken off Youtube but you might like to investigate their site


The video The HighWire 2020 Launch Video: Who Is Lying To You? is no longer available: can anyone help? Thanks

Laura Hayes

If you haven't had time to watch the 2-hr. Highwire show featured above, this 9-min. summary video captures some of the important highlights:

Additionally, here is a just-published article on that revealing meeting in Geneva, Switzerland:

Lastly, on a different but equally important subject, here is an excellent 37-min. interview of Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, in which she explains the catastrophic effects of glyphosate on humans, bees, birds, animals in CAFOs, our food supply, soil, water, and air...including its possible role in causing autism.


They do this all the time, in so many branches of science and government"

Put a pretty face on, and talk out of the side of their mouth.

There does exist some kinds of laws against this type of behavior. I think its called defrauding the public?

Well the justice department should start back enforcing theses laws. Except, alas, the justice departments will not touch these elite liars. Putting a new meaning on the old title of "The Untouchables" .


Bob Moffit, the most amazing thing Dr. Heidi Larson said was that vaccination had created "dependency". Absolutely shocking! So, instead of getting measles, getting lifelong immunity and immunity for our infants, we have adults who will need to continue to get measles boosters to try and maintain resistance. Meanwhile, a disease that we'd come to terms becomes more dangerous. In other words, vaccination is failing but a vaccine-dependent population is a winner for the industry.


As Dell said, even health care provenders are beginning to question the vaccine schedule thanks to parents giving their doctor a copy of the ICAN White Paper:

Wouldn’t hurt either, to email it off ( headed: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN) to any one that you know — or even don’t know for that matter — that works in health care. Send not the link but down load it and make it an attachment. They are more likely to start reading it than just giving a link.

Bob Moffit

Even with a media that absolutely refuses to acknowledge thousands of parents demonstrating at various state legislative and governor offices .. as Del makes clear in this powerful, encouraging video … WE ARE WINNING.

Consider the video of the WHO woman reporting on the FAILING CONFIDENCE statistics wherein she reports confidence n vaccines is falling among HEALTH CARE PROVIDORS .. DOCTORS, NURSES, ETC. This same woman reported the group most confident in vaccines is SHRINKING while the group of parents who have already lost confidence in vaccines continues to grow. According to WHO spokeswoman .. Europe is surprisingly skeptical of vaccines … VACCINE SAFETY IS THE SINGLE ISSUED THAT IS DRIVING THE LOST CONFIDENCE.

Anyone who wants to get encouraged that we are WINNING THIS BATTLE … please view this video. I was so moved by Del that we donated to ICAN immediately after watching the show.


@ Rebecca Lee:

I would consider the recent 2nd Amendment “sanctuary counties” drama in Virginia and North Carolina to be popular uprisings against neo liberalism. I think the uprisings are already here, actually; it’s just that “the greatest power of the media is the power to ignore”. Just wait until we see what happens on Election Day...

Rebecca Lee

I was just reading an article which asked why there are no popular uprisings against neo liberalism in the United States. In fact there don't seem to be any popular uprisings against anything.....except for forced vaccination and medical fascism. But since the press fails to even notice these protests, it is as though they aren't happening.
There will come a point when this popular movement gets so huge there will be no ignoring it. "The emperor has no clothes!" Thank you Del Bigtree.

Rebecca Rust Lee
author of "The Mercury Detoxification Manual."

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