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The Grooming of Children By the Vacciphilia Public Health and Pediatric Machine

Dr Nicole BaldwinBy Kim Rossi

Yesterday, I read that Cincinnati Ohio pediatrician Dr. Nicole Baldwin had pre-emptively blocked "anti-vaxxers" on Twitter, because we were sending her facts about vaccine safety, vaccination liability and what happened to our children.  And some folks were not so nice to her. Sure enough, my @KimRossi1111 account was blocked. I'd never even looked at her Tweets, until today. 

We're used to being attacked. I've had my name dragged through the mud on the front page of a major US daily newspaper. I've gotten threatening emails. I even had to contact a blog company to ask a vehement, well known SkepDoc to remove a cartoon that clearly advocated for violence toward me. And the blog company complied.  That was the end of it. I did not opine on social media that I felt threatened or scared or violated. I took care of the issue.

Remember this.  When the pro-vaxxers want to make us look bad, they will play the victim card every single time. So if a single fringey, out there person sends or says or WORSE does something nasty, you can bet we'll all be tarred with the same brush.  HEAR THIS WELL: NO ONE WANTS VIOLENCE.  Including violence to our children in the form of vaccine injury.

I took a look at Dr. Baldwin's Tik Tok video (TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy), in which she uses a catchy tune to shimmy and wiggle her way into children's hearts to make sure they get vaccinated.   You'd think she was auditioning for "America's Got Vaccines." In the video, she specifically tells them that "vaccines don't cause autism."  Huh? do you really think children are thinking about this at all?  How does a Mom of 2 small kids, an adult son and a teenage daughter and busy pediatrician have time to make videos complete with graphics, wardrobe and makeup, and don't forget the prop stethoscope casually tossed over the shoulder?

In an article in the Cincinnati Enquirer: She says, "Obviously, as a pediatrician, I know that vaccines are safe. And I think there's a lot of misconception out there about them," Baldwin told The Enquirer. 

OBviously!  (Can't you hear Hermione Granger telling Ron Weasley, "You're doing it all WRONG. It's LeviOHsa, not Leviosaaaaahhh."  Hair toss-shrug-flounce.  You know what Nicole was taught about vaccines in med school? How and when to administer them per the CDC schedule.

She is GROOMING children to brainwash them into the cult of Church of the Immaculate Vaccination. Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them. Make no bones about it. The entire public health and pediatric playbook looks disgustingly like GROOMING. For medical means, not sexual. The technique is parallel. The thought is repugnant, of course. But the techniques used to bring children into the Vacciphilia world are frighteningly similar to those used by abusers.


Anybody can be a groomer, no matter their age, gender or race. Grooming can take place over a short or long period of time – from weeks to years. Groomers may also build a relationship with the young person's family or friends to make them seem trustworthy or authoritative.

A groomer can use the same sites, games and apps as young people, spending time learning about a young person's interests and use this to build a relationship with them.  Source:


No Secrets. We have a strict rule in our house – no secrets, ever. Not even for games or between one parent and child. If secrets are ever ok, the line has been blurred and a child will continue to keep secrets between another adult and themselves. A predator will test this out to see how “safe” a child is to their game plan. Source:

Let's talk about "no secrets." There is legislation in play in New York and elsewhere that would allow your minor children to Wiki Howget vaccinated in school without your permission.

Vaccines For Kids? New D.C. Bill Would Allow Minors To Get Shots Without Parental ConsentGeorgia vaccine bill could allow minors to receive vaccinations without parental consent

New York Bill To Allow Kids to Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

That is a huge medical SECRET. Look at this vulgar entry in "Wiki-how":

How to Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Look at your options. Some areas let you get vaccinated without parental consent if you're a minor, and others don't.[6] Potential options include:[7]

Get vaccinated in secret (if your local laws allow it). Run the risk of your family finding out.
Try asking for your family to let you be vaccinated. You may be able to convince them.
Try asking your doctor, your school nurse, or another responsible adult to help convince your family.[8]
Petition the court for emancipation if your parents are really bad.
Wait until you're 18 if you think that your parents would severely punish or abuse you if they learned that you disobeyed them.

Regardless of one's position on vaccination: to fully vaccinate, partially or not at all, surely these hardcore sales techniques should give us all cause to stop and question the motives of how and why vaccination and only vaccination has become the holy grail of healthcare for children when they face so many other life threatening day to day health and mental health issues.

Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.


Adela Ludeke

I wonder if she has kids with disabilities. Then maybe she would understand parents instead of making kids disabled for money.

Lucy Arghish

Eindekker why don’t you take 67 shots adjusted for your weight —on one day and prove how safe they are? Actually I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. But we need to create a virtual reality experience showing those toxins coating the brain.

Go Girl!

This is a beautiful response by an awesome til Tokker sister of a vax injured boy:

Sick puppies

To take something meant “for entertainment and joy” and use it to corrupt, break relationships, and manipulate children to increase profits or even mistakenly contribute to “health” with no adult present to counter—that’s evil and it’s sick. To use a fun tool meant for entertainment to sell toxic injections of microbes to minors. . . To make it “cool” to risk epilepsy or preovarian failure from HPV vax .. for an adult to use sexuality and cute clothes to create a persona to sell anything medically disrupting to minors then run and deny when the side effects come in—and set them up to not recognize the side effects ...suck.

susan welch

Eindecker, you really haven't got a clue about the vindictive, hateful comments those of us who tell the truth about vaccine injury are subjected to on social media, have you? The reason you wouldn't know is because we do what we can to defuse it, respond and/or block, shrug our shoulders and move on. We are used to it and rarely whinge.

This particular doctor has made a huge fuss, but the reality is that she blocked (or arranged the blocking of) an enormous number of people who had never even heard of her. I know this is true because I was one of them.

There is absolutely no question about which side has the majority of polite and knowledgeable followers. I can assure you the 'pro vax' side are rarely polite or knowledgeable. Of course there are exceptions on both sides.


It was a stupid comparison to make of equating a paediatrician with the heinous crime of child grooming. We’ve already seen anti-vaxxers sticking yellow stars of David on their coats trying to emulate victims of the Holocaust, whatever next?
“She is GROOMING children to brainwash them into the cult of Church of the Immaculate Vaccination. Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them. Make no bones about it.
You can’t hide behind the lame excuse of “Oh I said this must not incite violence” yeh well Henry II tried that excuse after Thomas a Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, didn’t end well for him.
Well the outcome is 5000 antivax Facebook pages have been removed and Dr Baldwin’s video has gone viral.


In response I say again: "...So if a single fringey, out there person sends or says or WORSE does something nasty, you can bet we'll all be tarred with the same brush. HEAR THIS WELL: NO ONE WANTS VIOLENCE." And I stand by my opinion that this new Tik Tok Technique is unseemly in the extreme not only as a medical marketing tool targeting children, but also for Dr. Baldwin and the other pretty docs who have taken a giant leap BACKWARD for womankind.

I teach martial arts and self-defense. Don’t accuse me of inciting or condoning violence. It’s the antithesis of my training.


Eindecker, I am adding my response to you here directly in your comment, which I have not changed. "...So if a single fringey, out there person sends or says or WORSE does something nasty, you can bet we'll all be tarred with the same brush.  HEAR THIS WELL: NO ONE WANTS VIOLENCE." And I stand by my opinion that this new Tik Tok Technique is unseemly in the extreme not only as a medical marketing tool targeting children, but also for Dr. Baldwin and the other pretty docs who have taken a giant leap BACKWARD for womankind. Your comment follows:

Kim in a delicious piece of irony your spittle flecked post equating Dr Baldwin to a child groomer first of all led to more some pretty nasty attacks by the anti-vax brigade including
Commenters across Baldwin’s social media platforms insulted her, referred to vaccines as “poison” and suggested Baldwin was being paid to promote vaccination. One commenter wrote, “Dead doctors don’t lie.” People then flocked to her Yelp and Google Review pages, leaving one-star reviews in an attempt to sabotage Baldwin’s ratings.
By Tuesday, people started calling Baldwin’s practice and harassing the staff. When a woman called on Wednesday threatening to “shut the practice down,” the office had to call the police.
But then……
Baldwin ended up with 11 people volunteering their services to monitor her social media pages and prevent the spread of inaccurate information about vaccines. By Thursday morning, the volunteers had banned over 5,000 anti-vaccine accounts on Facebookand the angry calls to Baldwin's office had slowed. By Friday afternoon, Google Reviews had removed all fraudulent reviews of Baldwin's practice.
So well done Kim!

go Trump

Dr. Nicole should point to a sign that says she is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any DAMN VACCINE she provides to her patients.

Here is "Nicole from Seattle" who covers the vaccine issue very well.

Gary Ogden

Kim, you're right on the money. Nothing more despicable than targeting children. How on Earth would a pediatrician know that vaccines are safe? Or much of anything else about vaccines? These people belong in prison. We are rapidly becoming a police state. They won't get away with it, though, because Americans have values, and we value our children above all. I've just finished reading RFK, Jr's book. "American Values I learned from My Family." I highly recommend it. For those who lived through the horrific assassinations (I was 14 when JFK was murdered), get in a supply of tissues. In addition to all his other gifts, RFK, Jr. is a fine writer.

Angus Files

Divide and rule ..didnt somone say.Isnt it sad they call it grooming when grooming in my head is visions of dogs and cats being brushed and combed.I guess it s just another slash at destroying the christian social meaning of life wherever they can.In the UK the child can over rule the parents on the vaccine consent form at school from the age of around 12.The evilness Offit all.

Pharma For Prison



From the anti-forced-psychiatric-drugging crowd, we have the PERFECT phrase for what the GROOMERS of PhRMA are doing to our children:
Forced Vaxxes are NEEDLE RAPE, and pro-forced vaxxers are needle rapers.....
Needle rape is forcing anybody to accept any syringe injection, or other sharp delivery device, without FULL, INFORMED consent. And, telling folks that "vaxxes don't cause autism" is blatantly false, when the taxpayer funded Vaxx Injury Compensation Court has paid monetary awards for vaxx injury, including vaxxes causing autism.
And I think "Eindecker" is WRONG! Grooming of children is grooming of children, whether for sexual abuse or needle rape.....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!


"You are likening a paediatrician to a child groomer"

Good one Eindecker. Because as we all know, not one vaccine skeptic in history has ever been accused of child abuse by you vaccine nazis.

The difference is that we are actually on solid ground here.

Refusing to poison our children for zero benefit is most assuredly *not* child abuse. However, poisoning children and then teaching them to keep critical medical information away from their parents is absolutely 100% child abuse. What happens if something goes wrong? Will the doctor take responsibility?


Never in a million years.

All pediatricians should be in prison.


Baldwin as in pianos..... she is probably related. We used to live in a house that was owned by Baldwin's. She's probably trying to get a jump start on paying off her house she bought three months ago...LOL


Someone on Facebook shared this

The typical comments ensued about "cutting anti vaxxer idiots from their lives" and poor immunocompromised (who somehow are not afraid of the vaccine shedding). I didn't read the study but somehow I doubt it includes an unvaxxed control group).



In the US we have constitutionally-protected freedom of speech and of the press, freedom of religion and protection of human rights. That means that criticizing doctors in general or this doctor in particular for creating and disseminating propaganda which benefits them financially and professionally is the type of expression explicitly covered.

This was exceptionally stupid propaganda. Using sex for marketing. A list of VPDs without one word explaining why they may be dangerous or under what circumstances they might (or might not) be advisable. As for the manifold dangers of vaccines, just one short phrase without a word to establish its truth. Vaccines do not cause autism. Not one single word about inflammation, vaccine encephalitis, or autoimmunity, all of which are crucial to understand if you’re going to talk about vaccine safety or dangers.

This shill is just trying to make a association between vaccination and cool, another attempt by a member of the privileged elite to brainwash the immature and uninformed mind. She’s just a flash in the pan.

Jenny Allan

This is sinister. In Scotland our SNP Government spent years and a huge amout of taxpayers' cash , attempting to impose a Government appointed 'named person' on every child. This person was to ensure the child was brought up in accordance with Government imposed poicies, including ensuring vaccinations. There was a concerted effort to thwart this Marxist-Nazi type policy before it became law in Scotland. The lily livered Scottish Courts gave it a green light, but thankfully an appeal to the Supreme Court succeeded. The SNP initially refused to abandon the policy, but eventually caved in to outraged public opinion.
"Supreme Court blocks Scottish Government’s ‘totalitarian’ Named Person scheme in historic ruling
Key extracts from the judgment:
1. “The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get at the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families, and indoctrinate them in their rulers’ view of the world. Within limits, families must be left to bring up their children in their own way.” [Paragraph 73]
2. “…there must be a risk that, in an individual case, parents will be given the impression that they must accept the advice or services which they are offered, especially in pursuance of a child’s plan for targeted intervention under Part 5; and further, that their failure to co-operate with such a plan will be taken to be evidence of a risk of harm. An assertion of such compulsion, whether express or implied, and an assessment of non-cooperation as evidence of such a risk could well amount to an interference with the right to respect for family life which would require justification under article 8(2). Given the very wide scope of the concept of ‘wellbeing’ and the SHANARRI factors, this might be difficult. Care should therefore be taken to emphasise the voluntary nature of the advice, information, support and help which are offered under section 19(5)(a)(i) and (ii) and the Guidance should make this clear.” [Paragraph 95]"

Wherever we live in this world oppressive laws like this must be fought vigorously. In the UK, arrogant politicians attempted to overturn the will of the people over Brexit. They quickly found themselves to be ex-politicians.


Whoops, spelled that last ‘their’ incorrectly, so while I’m here, would like to remind Eindeker of the late Beau Biden. One of his heroic acts before he passed was to finally jail a serial pediatrician pedophile; remember the criminal who molested the woman’s gymnastics team? The molestation of our youth from criminals peddling ‘health’ poses an absolute risk to our population, and Pharma training practitioners to encourage children to get secretly vaccinated and usurping parents by aiming their add campaigns (ie Tik Tok) at children is dangerous.


What is lost on the vaccine injury denialists today is that a good percentage of the couples starting families grew up in homes where vaccine induced autism was a part of their daily lives. They’re not shunning the unscientific religious ritual because of something they saw on line, they’re doing it because they’re parents taught them what amorphous aluminum hydroxy phosphate sulfate is.

Don’t worry Nicole, my twelve year old’s Tik Tok is coming; should enlighten the fringe as to how much more effective knowledge is over violence and mockery.
But shhhhhhhh, it’s a secret!

Laura Hayes

Kim, thank you for this report. Grooming indeed. Reminds me of my article from a few years ago, titled “Vaccine Trafficking”, which goes hand in hand with your article above:

Vaccine grooming and vaccine trafficking are aimed at all ages. Potential victims, namely every person on the planet, beware. Then, get busy fighting to regain our right to refuse vaccinations:

Should Dr. Nicole Baldwin read this article and these comments, I would urge her to watch or read my “Why Is This Legal” presentation:

susan welch

Eindecker. Your posts never fail to shock me. You talk about 'legal action' for an opinion. How about legal action against anyone who promotes vaccines as 'safe and effective' when they know perfectly well that they are definitely not safe and their efficacy is questionable.

So many lives destroyed by manipulative, exploitative Pharma, governments and media.

Your values are very sadly amiss.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Hmm what caused this young doctor to make such a desperate display? The outrageous number of autistic kids? Her total lack of expertise in how to prevent autism? Parents lack of trust in a medical community that has ignored the autism epidemic for decades?

Grace Green

I don't think you can have read Pogo's comment before writing your own. Both his and Kim's comparisons were entirely accurate, especially today, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auswitz.


Kim is 1000% right. Read George Orwell’s book 1984, or even look at the history of WW2. The ultimate way to govt totalitarianism is to get between children and their parents by making the parents the bad guys. What kid doesn’t respond to that, lol! Except that it can’t happen if I’ve already “indoctrinated” them myself - with the facts!!! Sad that I’ve had to do that, but it obviously beats the alternative...

Kim for Eindicker

Hi John. I disagree. The technique is what I am bringing to light. I think this Tik Tok Cutesy vaccine mascot trend is parallel to grooming. Lie to your parents, kids. Do this in secret. I stand by my opinion.


Kim This is frankly ridiculous and one comparison far too far....You are likening a paediatrician to a child groomer "She is GROOMING children to brainwash them into the cult of Church of the Immaculate Vaccination. Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit and abuse them."
I hope the doctor sees this post and takes appropriate legal action, not that you will post this.

Bob Moffit

Where are the 50 State elected Attorney Generals in this country that IGNORE the child abuse site Wiki-How .. that ADVISES children on how to lie to their parents on vaccines they do not want their parents to know they received? How is this legal???? Why aren't "mandatory reporting of child abuse" laws being enforced on a site that appears written by child "sexual" predators????

go Trump

I would guess that Dr. Nicole in the photo, like most not long out of medical school, is $300,000+ in debt with her school loans and setting up her practice.

Most offices have one or two people on staff just preparing bills for the insurance company. The number one item for revenue of any pediatric office is billing for the seven or eight vaccines given on the same day, which is often 80% of their revenues.

Vaccines, followed by the endless treatments for the problems they cause, is their business model.


And with the State condoning grooming, it sends a shiver down the spine.
“The Nazi Party knew that families—private, cohesive groups not usually under political sway—were an obstacle to their goals...”.

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