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Southold School District Joins Opposition of Mandatory HPV Vaccine

Just say noSouthold School District has joined the list of several North Fork school districts who have publicly opposed the potential amendment to Section 2164 of the state public health law, which mandates a human papillomavirus vaccine for all public school students.

In a letter dated Dec. 18, 2019, from Southold’s five school board members to New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Senator Ken LaValle and Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo, board members said that they “fervently object to this proposed legislation” that would immunize all children born after Jan. 2, 2009.

The letter comes after one family in the district expressed concern to board members about the mandate. Superintendent David Gamberg said in a previous interview that the board has been working to consider “how they would like to proceed with these concerns in mind.”

If the legislation is approved by the Senate, it could take effect Sept. 1, 2021.

The letter states that “HPV can only be transmitted through sexual contact and poses no threat to the school-aged population at large.”

“To require that children be vaccinated against a sexually-transmitted disease or be denied entrance to school is unconscionable,” the letter states.

The HPV vaccine, which prevents certain cancers, is typically given to children around the age of 11 or 12. The revised bill states that HPV is “an incredibly common sexually transmitted infection that can be passed even when an infected person is asymptomatic, and can cause genital warts or cancer.”

Only parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s health care and education, the Southold letter noted.

“It is a parent’s/guardian’s right to decide … what is appropriate for their children in regards to vaccinations beyond the extensive list of communicable disease vaccinations already required for school attendance.


Ethel Mertz

Even if this vaccine worked, which has not been proven, to use the argument "you are saving your future wife from cancer" is creepy to do to a 12 year old.

What if the child is not sexually active until his 20's and a much safer more effective version of the vaccine is out? What is the hurry?

IT's creepy. It's a money grab or a lazy way for a dr to think they are doing good when really, they just didn't bother to research.


Tom, the vaccines have always been unsafe. But unlike, say smallpox, today vaccines are less likely to cause immediate injury which means folks are less likely to put two and two together and start rioting like they did in the past. Of course, the propaganda in school, in the media and in the medical establishing keeps the population complacent while we're led to the slaughter.

Yes, most of my generation survived the vaccines... but what are long term consequences? I and most everyone I know have some sort of autoimmune condition, gut problem or diabetes/obesity (and cancer/heart disease in some cases). The younger, the sicker they are. When I was growing up in Easter Europe I never knew anyone with the endometriosis or fibromyalgia but apparently it's quite the rage today among the young girls :(

Brad Call

Tom, you and I and all of us were propagandized about polio. Polio was largely a matter of toxicity from DDT and the DPT vax. Salk himself said that the vaccine didn't do a damn bit of good. Though it was a boon to the cancer "industry." Along with the sugar cube came SV40, simian virus #40. The poor West African Green Monkey, whose kidneys were sacrificed to manufacture the polio vaccine was riddled with viruses with which we were infected. SV40 was number 40 down the list of monkey viruses. It is carcinogenic and is still part of the human condition. With regard to toxicity and polio, Dan Olmsted did some fascinating research on the polio spike in 1916. In the Hawaiian sugar cane fields growers began using arsenic as a herbicide which the sugar cane readily sucked up. The shipments of sugar went to The Bronx (?) and the children there were stricken. There was also heavy use of lead arsonate in fruit production. What could possibly go wrong with that treatment?

Tom Rommelmann

Today's vaccines are inherently unsafe and that's why pharmaceutical companies are completely off the hook as far as liability. When the pharmaceutical companies threatened to stop producing vaccines back in the 80's because they knew they were inherently unsafe and would leave them open to massive lawsuits, Congress passed a law in 1986 (National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act) relieving them of all liability. This in itself has allowed vaccine manufacturers to throw caution to the wind because they can no longer be sued for vaccine injury. While conducting drug trials to test the HPV vaccine for its safety, they actually put aluminium IN THE PLACEBO so the results would then be skewed to show that the vaccine was no more dangerous than the "placebo".
It's not that any single vaccine will necessarily cause Autism by itself, as much as the fact that today's vaccination schedule is so ramped up that many children's brains simply can't handle the chronic neuro-inflammation that results from continuous exposure to all the toxins used in modern vaccines (eg adjuvants such as aluminium, mercury, squalene etc).Yes I survived the few scant vaccines I had as a child...Not to mention all the same childhood diseases that now “require” vaccinations. The problem is, too many young brains simply can’t handle today’s modern vaccination schedule and all the toxins laced within. We should never focus on a single vaccination to evaluate its safety. We need to look at the whole picture. Yes, I'm glad I had my little sugar cube with the polio vaccine back in the early 60's but this is now a whole new ballgame! For example, we have no business injecting the Hep B vaccine into newborn infants if for no other reason than the relatively massive dose of aluminium it contains. What newborn child needs that for its first day on the planet?
I think people tend to look at this issue in terms of black or white, pro or con but it's not that simple. It doesn't make sense to point to the polio vaccine to demonstrate the value of vaccination....If a glass of water could save a person dying of thirst, submerging that same individual to the bottom of a lake wouldn't necessarily be a better choice.

Bob Moffit

“To require that children be vaccinated against a sexually-transmitted disease or be denied entrance to school is unconscionable,” the letter states."

Amen to that statement …. too bad the very same common sense was not exercised when the vaccine cabal recommended and approved HEP B vaccine for INFANTS WITHIN HOURS OF BIRTH .. another dose at 2 months, a 3rd dose between 10-12 months.

How in God's name the HEP B vaccine continues to be recommended, approved and administered to newborn infants is an absolute disgrace to the entire medical and public health professions … and the country at large.


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