Southold School District Joins Opposition of Mandatory HPV Vaccine
Yet Another "RARE" Autoimmune Disease Caused By Vaccines

Robert Kennedy Jr at Occupy Trenton

Occupy Trenton RFK speechThis week, a series of events is taking place in Trenton, New Jersey to fight against S2173, which removes the religious vaccine exemption in the state and opens the door to more mandates.  The process and results will set the stage for similar protests around the nation.

Below in italics is an excerpt from Robert Kennedy Jr's speech that can stand proudly next to the Ich bin ein Berliner speech made by his uncle, the President of the United States, in 1963.

The reason our message has been so soundly rejected by the average American (in my  opinion) is that  Doctors, Public Health "experts", Politicians and Moms especially do NOT believe that vaccines can harm their children.  They do not and they will not - because the mere thought is so disturbing as to be unthinkable. So profound as to require a level of critical thinking, a loss of status and income and bodacious decision making that most are not willing to undertake.


Companies make safe(r) products when their ass is on the bottom line.  Or they go out of business.
Vaccines are exempt from liability.

1 + 1 = 2.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
January 6, 2020, NJ State House.

“The four companies that produce all 72 vaccines that are mandated for American children, every one of them is a convicted felon. Since 2009, those four companies collectively have paid $35 billion dollars in criminal penalties and damages and fines for defrauding regulators, for falsifying science, for bribing doctors, for lying to the public, and for killing lots and lots of people.

Vioxx, a drug made by Merck, they knew it would cause heart attacks. They sold it as a headache pill. They didn’t tell people, you won’t have a headache, but you might have a heart attack. Of course, if they had, not too many people would have bought it.

So, they decided to keep it a secret. They killed a hundred and twenty thousand people minimum, probably five hundred thousand people. So I said to Adam Schiff, “What kind of cognitive dissonance does it require, to believe that this company, which is lying and cheating and killing with every other pharmaceutical product it makes, has found Jesus when it comes to vaccines?” Everybody knows you can’t sue a vaccine company. That’s why we had this gold rush explosion of vaccines beginning in 1989.”

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
January 6, 2020, NJ State House.


Ethel Mertz

So, I want to ask RFK Jr, what did Adam Schiff say back? His inability to comprehend this is stunning. Just stunning.

Hans Scholl

“This type of amendment will once again allow the wealthy to buy their way out of a law via private schools. Unless you have enough money, your religious beliefs are not valid.”
— Sue Collins, co-founder, New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice

State Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat, said the bill is a “public health issue” and said he expects it to pass on Monday when the chamber reconvenes.

John Stone


Yes, a critical moment was in 2013 when the “bio-ethicist” Art Caplan argued in Harvard Law Review that the public should be made legally responsible for their diseases if they did not vaccinate. Caplan was ably contested by Mary Holland but instead of replying to her substantive points, Dorit Reiss - whom no one had ever encountered before - popped up in Caplan’s place and unloaded a lot of flannel. Caplan would have been sorely tested to answer but Reiss, of course, was un-embarrassable, nor did it matter what she said not being bar qualified.


Something that strikes me is the criminalization of childhood diseases. It's not illegal to get measles. Yet, the media hypes "outbreaks" with the unstated presumption that it is horrible if a school has to close for a few days. It used to be normal. Now it's treated like a terrorist attack. Also, medical rights used to be something you could only have curtailed through a court of law. Now schools and legislatures are nilly-willy deciding what have always been private or parental decisions. This is the civil rights issue of our day.

Jonathan Rose

Hans: Though about 80% of the demonstrators in Trenton were women, there were some males there (I was one of them). And to address an issue raised in another thread, though many of us feel betrayed by both political parties, most of the Republicans in the New Jersey state legislature voted against S2173, and we were able to peel away enough Democrats to stop passage of the bill before Christmas.

Kim: I don't think our message has been so soundly rejected by the American people: 31% of them believe vaccines can cause autism, and the majority have at least some doubts about vaccine safety. Our demonstrations are attracting ever larger crowds. Many protesters are parents whose children have not been injured by vaccines -- and want to keep them that way. And where are the huge demonstrations demanding an end to religious exemptions?

Hans Scholl

Where are the men in this resistance movement ?
I am sorry but I think that is the main problem we are looking at.
The warriors are missing in action.


Although I agree that one of the reasons 'our message has been so soundly rejected by the average American' is that they do not believe that vaccines can harm their children, Greg Beattie, interviewed by Meryl Dorey makes a strong case for that rejection arising from a fear of the 'return' of diseases such as polio; a reason commonly brought up by pro-vaxxers who believe the 'rare' side effects from vaccines are worth the risk in order to keep these 'diseases' at bay. Greg Beattie, interviewed by Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccination-risks Network makes a strong point about where we need to focus a lot of attention.

I remember that the graphs I saw decades ago, before the days of the internet, were what shocked me into researching more. I simply could not believe that what I had been taught about the history of vaccines was a scam and I just had to find out more. Thank you for all you do.


Not only did Vioxx cause heart attacks, it caused a disease called pulmonary hypertension, whereby the blood supply in the lungs becomes elevated, causing a horrible and fatal disease. I had a friend who had actually worked for Merck, promoting Vioxx overseas, and was a victim of Vioxx and the pulmonary hypertension. She died a horrible death from it.

Gary Ogden

David L: Thank you very much for that link. Fascinating. If only such research could be published here!

Bob Moffit


"Vioxx, a drug made by Merck, they knew it would cause heart attacks. They sold it as a headache pill. They didn’t tell people, you won’t have a headache, but you might have a heart attack. Of course, if they had, not too many people would have bought it ….. so, they decided to keep it a secret. They killed a hundred and twenty thousand people minimum, probably five hundred thousand people."

From RFK's speech today in Albany … read contents of DISCOVERY PROCESS of ongoing trial of a young woman who suffered severe damages from Merck's HPV vaccine … which RFK says inside of Merck's corporation … (paraphrasing here) … HPV means Help Pay for Vioxx. According to RFK the discovery documents revealed emails between various Merck corporate mucky-mucks on their corporate policy to "neutralize" any and all doctors who were warning of Vioxx dangers .. spent millions "neutralizing" these folks ..

Anyone watch Ray Donovan? Ray gets paid to "neutralize" anyone who has angered or threatened a powerful mogul .. Ray is ruthless in his methods to "neutralize" those he is paid to destroy. I suspect there are more than a few Ray Donovan's working for Merck and pharma industry.


Is there another rally Thursday in trenton

David L

Christine Stabell Benn and colleagues including Peter Aaby recently published a summary of their past 40 years of research on the non-specific effects of vaccines in Clinical Microbiology and Infections. For 40 years, Danish researchers from Statens Serum Institut and the University of Southern Denmark have shown that vaccines against everything from polio and smallpox to malaria and tuberculosis have both beneficial and harmful health effects that are unrelated to the diseases the vaccines protect against. Now these researchers have put the research into a historical perspective that they hope can help to make the world’s health authorities realize that the relationship between vaccines and disease is not always simple. In fact, their research shows that some vaccines protect against completely different diseases than those for which they are designed. Unfortunately, other vaccines are associated with excess mortality from unrelated diseases.

Six of 10 vaccines investigated were associated with increased mortality. They found that the live vaccines containing the disease-causing organism in a live but attenuated version – the old measles vaccine, the BCG vaccine, oral polio vaccine and the smallpox vaccine – appear to boost the body’s immune response to various infectious diseases that can otherwise result in death. In contrast, the five non-live vaccines the researchers studied were: DTP vaccine, pentavalent vaccine, inactivated polio vaccine, H1N1 influenza vaccine and hepatitis B vaccine. These all increase the overall mortality rate, especially among girls, even if they protect against the target diseases.

According to Clinical Professor Christine Stabell Benn the topic is so sensitive that many health authorities, including the World Health Organization (WHO), have so far decided to ignore the truth that some Danish researchers tell them they have known for a long time. “What do researchers do when they discover that vaccination opponents are justified in being concerned? No vaccines have been studied for their non-specific effects on overall health, and before we have examined these, we cannot actually determine that the vaccines are safe. In addition, our research shows that some vaccines actually increase overall mortality, especially among girls, and this is very worrying. Its a good article to share with politicians and those promoting only a bumper sticker of safe and effective...

RFK, Jr's speech in Trenton NJ can be watched here:


Another good point from Bob Moffit, above, as usual....
Also, the main-stream, lame-stream, FAKE NEWS media has for MONTHS been filled with stories about the so-called "anti-vaxx" Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish communities in New York, and their resistance to FORCED VAXXES, with NO religious exemption. The pro-vaxx crowd has been DEMONIZING the conservative & Orthodox Jewish community for months, in the media, trying to cram the FORCED VAXX agenda down everybody's throats..... And, now, the same media is flooded with stories about anti-Semitic, and anti-Jewish HATE CRIMES....including multiple fatality knife and gun attacks at a Rabbi's home. Make no mistake, the PRO-VAXX, FORCED VAXX crowd has Jewish blood on their hands. That's my opinion. What does Michael Bloomberg have to say about this?....

Bob Moffit

Just yesterday media reported IKEA was found GUILTY by a jury of causing the death of a 2 year old child who was crushed beneath a chest of drawers made and sold by IKEA .. poorly designed and obviously not safe … IKEA had already been sued for causing similar deaths of innocent children who were sold this particularly unsafe chest of drawers.

IKEA was penalized 43 MILLION dollars in compensation to the family of the lost child … which will most likely be found excessive and lowered upon appeal to somewhere in the lower MILLIONS of dollars.

Had this precious child DIED as a direct result of a defective and unsafe vaccine … the family would have been compensated with a payment of $250,000 because THAT is the amount a parent can receive for their child's death. $250,000 v $43 MILLION … the only difference is IKEA is a furniture company that sold unsafe and dangerous product .. while MERCK is a vaccine manufacturer who sold unsafe and dangerous VACCINE …

Is this a great county to be vaccine manufacturer or what?????

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