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Responding to Helen Petousis Harris

image from sciblogs.co.nz By John Stone

It was admittedly not surprising Sciblogs, New Zealand chose not to post my  irreverent comment on the post 'The WHO Vaccine  Safety Summit - from someone who was actually there' of Helen Petousis Harris, chair of the WHO's Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety:


Unfortunately you cannot do medical safety while putting your fingers in your ears and going “La-la-la”. You have to listen to people, whether they are ordinary citizens or other doctors and scientists who are critical. Vaccines can fail and vaccines can harm: it is not all clean and tidy, while both pre-market safety trialing and post market monitoring are largely inadequate.  I have been very critical of Heidi Larson but to do her justice I believe  she ventured rather more at the conference than you are acknowledging here. It is not good enough to say in effect “I’m an expert so go away and shut-up”. I am sorry, but if you are not listening you are not an expert, and you certainly should not be in medicine.

John Stone, UK and European Editor, Age of Autism

Petousis Harris's blog is essentially circular and self-referential: science is only science if she says it is and evidence is only evidence if she say says it is, or if it has been agreed by a relevant committee: this is represented in her remarkable flow diagram which is not so much about science as people who disagree with her. One of her criteria for being an "expert" is belonging to certain societies or sitting on certain committees (which let us face it may be compromised by having responsibility for the policy). According to her to be an expert you have to "adhere to the scientific method" but we do not exactly know what that is. I perhaps adhere to the statement that "vaccines are unavoidably unsafe": a statement that "vaccines are safe" seems eminently falsifiable and whatever she says many people at the summit, which is entirely viewable on-line (whether you were there or not), had serious doubts: "relatively safe" is not the same as "safe" and is too vague a hypothesis to be testable. If you are actually hostile to reports of harm or discussion of mechanisms of harm there is a problem. Committees are no guarantee of science, and often an institutional method of blocking discussion of sensitive issues.

I doubt whether the tone of her intervention is helpful. It sounds like the nursery game of "I'm the king of the castle/And you're the dirty rascal!" 

Source: The High Wire Del Bigtree






I been trying to get more of a reply from her on many issues in her article and following contradictory or misleading statements and of course she has yet to reply. Funny she was willing to write an article claiming the twisting of facts without her even watching the whole video and yet it is her who doesn’t want to speak about what was said in the actual video by Prof. Larson and is trying to twist what she meant. The dialogue I have witnessed on that article is telling. These “experts” are only experts in their own minds.


"Most of you think we know what our vaccines are doing. We don't."

-- Dr. Peter Aaby, expert on vaccines



I would venture to guess that her inclusion of the word "Professor" into her flow chart, is a direct reference to Christopher Exley, even though he has had 30 plus years of specifically studying aluminum.


Thanks John ,very good article .

Malvina Reynolds - Little boxes -- Youtube

Vaccine sector supremacists .Oh What! and yet their basic risk assessments couldn't sit it's own sector selfies the right way round on a bed-pan?
Gaelic proverb says "The little one's do as the little one's see" have they been trained by Plotkins scientific methods as their role model ,policy and procedure manual ?are the being mentored by the fibbing forensics of herr dr Joseph Goebbels?
Apparently the "cost effective " part of the vaccines are "safe and effective" perception banner suggests any vaccine" cost effective" benefit outweighs any risk?
Apparently the self serving experts personal opinions of the vaccininations fractured / failed risk assessment standards does not know the difference between "Actual Risk "and "Relative Risk"? !
Just wait till unique ,very interesting and passionate young Miss Greta probes them about ,
Just what are they doing with the disposal of all those toxic plastic syringes,needles ,and heavy duty plastic sharps boxes ?
Is that toxic garbage heading for landfill septic tanks ,or incineration ,or heading for getting dumped in the deep blue sea ?
See - At home with the Thunberg's /only an excuse Youtube

Jenny Allan

So, this woman has set herself up as an 'expert' in vaccine safety on the basis of her PhD thesis, on HPV vaccine, which Brian Shilhavy, Editor, Health Impact News has strongly criticised for the unscientific baseline and methods used. (See the link supplied by Hans Scholl below).

She has now got herself into an influential position with the WHO and is advising Governments and health politicians. Plainly she is not an expert in HPV vaccine safety, far less an expert in the safety of any other vaccines, but she defends her position by rubbishing any other scientist or even ordinary citizens, who dare to challenge her assertions or express separate concerns. Her treatment of Elizabeth Hart below her blog is disgraceful. (Elizabeth merely admonished her for not mentioning her position with the WHO in her blog). In fact the whole 'tone' of Helen Petousis-Harris's blog reveals the inherent nastiness and unscientific language we now associate with vaccine defenders.

I don't know about the US and Canada, but universities in the UK are struggling financially. In order to attract paying students, standards have been compromised. Degrees are graded higher on lower marks than before, and Masters and even PhDs are now awarded to so many persons, they have, like degrees become completely devalued. Employers are now looking for persons with work experience and proven practical abilities, with or without a degree.

It's interesting to note the WHO is now asking leaders in the developed world to stop vaccinating boys with the HPV vaccine. They are SAYING limited stocks of the vaccine should be reserved for girls in countries where cervical cancer rates are high , the undeveloped world presumably where vaccine damage often goes unreported. Complaints from girls are put down to hormones and histeria, but boys damaged by the HPV vaccine make national news- just saying!

Hans Scholl

My gut feel is that New Jersey was no one off. I could feel a force .
I think if Floridas efforts to force mandatory vaccines go ahead we could see an absolute snowballing groundswell of resistance that they wont be able to control anymore.
I think the revolution is about to begin. And the ramifications of this change will be far reaching.
Doctors will be held accountable for this outrage. There will be no amnesty.

The Vaccine programs days are numbered . The Larsons of this world have lost their nerve.
They are worried for their personal ffutures because we are going to pin this on them.

Hans Scholl

It is worth noting Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris demonstrated to Dr. Pless that she had experience using similar tactics in her February 18, 2014 email which stated: To the best of my knowledge the rebuttal on our website is the only attempt to address this particular issue which Shaw and Lee presented at a coronal enquiry here.


Helen you have been called into question

Hans Scholl

Dr Hang Sin Lee is an expert Helen and he calledyou out for the criminal fraud that you are !


Excellent post John. LIke you said, it is all circular.

You can't use expertise in immunology to prove vaccines are a good idea (ie, that immunology is valid).


I was under the impression that vaccines are not tested against inert placebos. So how is that adherence to the scientific method? In other words, the whole vaccine program fails at the first box. Also, yes, her tone is ridiculously schoolmarmish.


I'd like a flow diagram for "Are you qualified to parent my child?"

Did you give birth to him/her?
Do you love him/her so much you would give your life for them?
Do you have the legal and moral responsibility to live with all decisions made on their behalf?
Do you have the financial and social burden of any illness or disability they may incur?

If no to any of the above, then you are not my child's parent. Stay in your lane.

John Stone


Thank you - I cannot say for sure but perhaps she borrows her vocabulary from her friend David Gorski (apparently another vaccine expert).




One’s own body is the ultimate authority in deciding whether a vaccine is safe and efficacious.

Not just the body’s immune system - the substances that elicit an immune response are proving highly toxic to other physical parts and functions. Yet so-called “vaccine experts” fail to consider toxicology, neurology and, clearly, the full scientific range of immunology.

Any other marketed product would fail financially if manufacturers failed to listen to consumers’ post-purchase input. Coerced mandates are an unethical manufacturer’s dream.


Excellent reply John!
Regarding the slide- bottom left corner:
As someone who has published in medical journals, I'm perplexed by her use of the term "predatory journals"... I wonder what she is referring to, perhaps journals where you pay a fee to publish? Some such journals are open-source thus ask authors to pay in order to submit as they are not behind a pay-wall, I wouldn't call them "predatory". John, do you know what is meant by this term? Predatory in regards to whom, "unsuspecting victims", "gullible media"?

I'm also amused by her language "....loads of publications in irrelevant or predatory journals, a medical degree, the title "Dr" or "Professor" Wow! what a winning approach to win-over influential voices! LOL!!


How pretentious! Just an appeal to (unreliable) authority. And an attempt to disqualify all the intelligent people who have learned the old-fashioned way, through study, observation, and logical reasoning. Pathetic!

Angus Files

I wish I could reply like you John brilliant.

Until then,a crack expert needding more crack!by the sounds Offit..

Pharma For Prison



As soon as one points out where the twisting of vaccination truths begin (WHO, CDC, FDA, ACIP, Peter Hotez, Paul Offit, Merck, GSK, Sanofi, Pfizer, who have I forgotten oh yes Dorit Reiss) their first response is "conspiracy". That says it all. They have nothing. They can't even fall back on their science, because of it inadequacies and Helen Petousis Haris got "inflamed" (a systemic reaction). Isn't a words ending in sis meaning "the state of". The truth is known to do that to those who suffer from the lack of.

Helen--take a couple of aspirin and call Bigtree in morning and he'll hold your hand--yes Helen I know the truth is just hard to take but you will get better.

We feel a lot better and nothing will change that.

Laura Hayes


Loved your response to Helen!

Regarding her flow chart, no need to read further than the box in the top left corner, which states, “Do you adhere to the scientific method?” Seeing as not one vaccine has been tested according to the scientific gold standard, nor has any of the haphazard combinations in which they are routinely administered, we presently have zero “vaccine experts”, per her own definition.

What we do have is billions of vaccine victims, who have been injected under deception, coercion, and government mandates, with invasive, risk-laden medical procedures, not one of which has been studied or approved properly or ethically. That is an unacceptable, immoral state of affairs. Helen would be wise to think on that.

Thank you for this enlightening report, John.


So, Edward Jenner doesn't even get off the starting blocks. Thanks for confirming that for us Helen.

Gary Ogden

Well done, John! Another high public official, apparently trained in science, who fails to understand the nature of science on the most fundamental level. I've long considered the term "expert," as applied to those overlords who dearly wish us to trust them and believe them, as synonymous with "propagandist."

Bob Moffit

Helen Petousis Harris .. chair of he WHO's Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety .. did not address what I thought was a critical observation by Heidi Larson, an anthropologist and Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project (VCP); Professor of Anthropology, Risk and Decision science .. who clearly reported the groups raising serious questions regarding the "safety (risks)" of vaccines is GROWING .. while those with the highest confidence in vaccine safety are DIMINISHING …. including … ominously for Ms Harris … among HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS … meaning doctors, nurses, medical professionals who administer vaccines.

(NYPost had item just yesterday showing "confidence in vaccines" has slipped from 94% to 84% in general population … which to me clearly indicates the only group that believes the SCIENCE IS SETTLED .. (such as Ms Harris) is SHRINKING) …. reminds me of the sad end of the wicked witch in the Wizzard of Oz crying "I'm shrinking, I'm shrinking".)

go Trump

I would suppose a much better version of the "Vaccine Expert Flow Chart" will show up in the next few days.

susan welch

Excellent, John. Love your response!

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