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On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Let's Make Vaccines Part of the Conversation?

Where pinkNote: We ran this post in June of 2016.  Today is "Sanctity of Human Life Sunday":

On January 13, 1984, President Ronald Reagan issued a proclamation designating January 22 as the first National Sanctity of Human Life Day. (January 22, 1973, was the day the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion-on-demand in all 50 states.) Churches around the United States use the day to celebrate God's gift of life, commemorate the many lives lost to abortion, and commit themselves to protecting human life at every stage. Churches continue to recognize the third Sunday in January as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. In 2020, the date will be January 19. 

By Cathy Jameson

I’m sure many of our readers are aware of the vaccine ingredient I’ll mention in today’s post.  Others have already written about the topic and covered the facts well.  Living Whole and Children of God for Life, for example,  have bravely spoken up about the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccine production.  I applaud them.  I wish I could applaud more pro-life groups, but I hardly see them speak up about the topic.

I say that I’m a hardcore Catholic.  But even I’ve yet to take on this subject.  If I were serious about it, I’d have contacted the leaders in my Church about it.  Some leaders have spoken, but their very broad statement seems more of a CYA than anything (and I’m not referring to Catholic Youth Association if you get my drift). 

For whatever reason, “the greater good” that vaccines supposedly benefit seems to trump the act of abortion and the use of this ingredient is justified.  It shouldn’t be.  But it is.  I think that needs to change.  So here goes…


I shared this link of vaccine ingredients in a post a few weeks ago.  I’m sharing the link again in today’s post.  I’d like to do that because some of the ingredients that are listed have been on my mind for a few days now.  They’ve actually been on my mind for years, but I haven’t written specifically about them yet.

Someone highlighted the use of aborted fetal tissue use in a screenshot.

that I saw shared on FaceBook not too long ago:

CJ outrage 3

Sitting here reading those highlighted words makes my stomach turn.  

That image doesn’t include it, but do be on the lookout for WALVAX 2.  That’s a newly derived cell line that’s projected to be used in vaccines, or biologics as I have recently heard vaccines being called.

I remember the first time I learned about the use of these aborted fetal cells.  Years and years ago, someone had put the bug in my ear that vaccines weren’t as perfect as I’d been told.  They said that I should read up on them.  They said I should do that before I took Ronan in for his next appointment.  They said that I may change my mind if I do.  They said that’s because there were some questionable ingredients in some vaccines, like aborted fetal cells.  They said, as a Catholic, I might find use of these ingredients somewhat troubling…or unethical…or immoral.  I looked at them like they were nuts and thought, Cancel the next appointment?  Not likely.  And gee, thanks for butting in a private matter, but no thanks.

Who were they to question vaccines?  And who were they to question me!  They were just another parent.  They had no background in the medical field.  No research articles written.  No degree in biology.  No history of formal studying of immunology or anything else related to the human body whatsoever.  Since they were just a parent and not someone I trusted to educate me about vaccines, I felt that I had no need for their commentary.  Thinking them utterly absurd, I smiled, nodded politely and walked away. 

I walked away from that conversation with only one thought – who in their right mind believes that the pharmaceutical industry uses aborted fetal cells in their product?  That’s just gross. 

Human cells from an aborted baby?  Yeah, right.

Since I was still a firm believer in vaccines for my children, I shrugged off the person and their gentle suggestion to ‘read up on those vaccines’.  Ronan’s development hadn’t taken a major nosedive yet, so I carried on with what I knew – which was to keep his next well-baby appointment.  But before that date on the calendar arrived, that bug the other parent put in my ear turned into a scratch that I had to itch.  I didn’t leap into action like I would have today, but begrudgingly, I began to search for information. 

Still a rookie when it came to doing Internet searches, I slowly found my way around the net to some websites that I thought would put this crazy idea to rest.  The more I searched, though – and verified, the more disturbed I became.  Aborted fetal cell lines were indeed part of the process!

CJ Outrage 2

While this is a current screenshot, the practice dates back long before I spent time to look it up.  

The initial Internet searches I did were time well spent.  As disheartened as I was, each time I went back to read more, I learned how much I didn’t know about vaccines.  I also learned that should I continue to agree to them, I faced a dilemma – a moral dilemma. 

As a life-long Catholic, I couldn’t continue to accept the medical products my doctor and society insisted that my children needed.  Backed up against a proverbial wall, I was forced into a having to make a tough decision. 

Still so new at the vaccine research game, I was comforted to a certain degree when I learned that I had some options.  Those were to get the shots (despite my religious convictions), to find an alternative (if one existed), or to skip them completely (and pray to God that my children would be okay without them).  Options were good to have, but I had no idea which one to pick. 

No easy answer

I did know that I couldn’t continue to allow my children to be injected with the vaccines that had anything to do with aborted fetal cells, so I asked around to see if an alternative vaccine existed.  Turns out, alternatives did exist!  But, how on earth would I obtain them?  I wasn’t a doctor.  I didn’t run a medical practice.  I didn’t have an “in” with a pharmaceutical company.  I’d have to find a doctor who would order the other those lots, who would agree to take my children on as new patients and who would administer the vaccines I wanted him or her to special order.  That sounded impossible.  That’s why, as hard as it was to consider, I kept the last option in mind which was to skip the shots that I know knew were questionable to my faith.  That last option was a viable option, but it came with more risks than I wanted to consider. 

Remember as of yet, I was still a firm believer in all things vaccines.  Even with what I was starting to read, which included learning about side effects and adverse events, I couldn’t wrap my head around how I was going to protect my children from what I thought were vaccine-preventable diseases. 

I honestly had no idea.  I was just a Mom trying to do the right thing for her kids.  That meant filling in all those boxes of the shot record, not haphazardly skip over them.  The dilemma I was facing was not just a moral dilemma anymore; it was a dilemma of epic proportions.

Since I needed more time to think things through, I delayed Ronan’s next well-baby exam.  I also inquired about getting vaccines that were not made with aborted fetal tissue.  Those were available and recommended for those parents who found themselves face-to-face with the same decision like I myself was. 

Coming <this> close to securing those doses for my children, as quickly as they were about to be made available to us, we were unable to get them. 

Long story short

What ended up happening?  I opted for the vaccines that I could that were free of the ingredients I did not want to support.  I also skipped the few others we were not able to obtain that Ronan was also “due” to receive.  Was that the right choice?  At the time, I thought yes.  Would I make a different choice today like skip all the shots completely – if you’ve followed my son’s story for any length of time, you know that the answer is yes.  I would.  And in a heartbeat.  I would because as I look at that screenshot of the vaccine ingredients I posted above, I have issues with some of the other ingredients, too.  I may not have had issues with them way back when, but I sure do now.  But I’ll save those thoughts for another post. 

Today’s post was to simply shed light on the use of aborted fetal cell lines found in vaccines.  It was also ask pro-lifers an important question:  Where is the outrage?  Where, I ask you?  Because I don’t see any outrage like I think there would be and should be.

As I know it, to be pro-life means that one takes a stand to value and defend all life from natural conception to natural death in all circumstances.  Period. 

If there was outrage, that defending of all life in all circumstances would be happening.  But it isn’t.  I know this to be true because those who state that they are pro-life would then not knowingly support the science or justify the use of aborted fetal cells lines in vaccines.  And yet they do.  Maybe it’s because they just don’t know.  Heck, for as Catholic as I thought I was, I didn’t know either.

But I do now.  

No matter how uncomfortable or sensitive the information may be, when the topic of vaccines comes up, the practice of using aborted fetal cell lines as an ingredient will also be included in my conversations.  Churches and other pro-lifers may remain silent on the issue, but you have my word that the next time a young mom or dad asks for my input on vaccines, as a practicing Catholic who is ready to defend all life in all circumstances, I will include that fact from now on. 

Will you?

CJ outrage

As seen on the Healthy Momma Talk FB page 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Rtp; You are just telling us that most people think what ever it takes to save their own family.
I was just saying that people for some reason think that we can't use adult cells because only baby cells from unborn fetuses just are sweeter, tenderer, magical, and well just better.

Just like what happened with the stem cells. They wanted those fetus stem cells really bad, even when they knew it was true what Dr Deisher said about the whole matter. Dr. Deisher then informed President Bush the second that adults had stem cell too and they were also magically those adult stem cells were more stable and less cancer causing.

Lots of sick people, with sick needs hiding behind science and learning.


A friend just sent me this link:

BOMBSHELL: Researchers paid poor women in Mexico to be inseminated, then abort


Benedetta it's very rare that I take Cia's side but on this issue she has a point. I'm opposed to abortions but if I felt that vaccines were the one thing standing between my child living and dying then it would be pretty easy to imagine that I would get them anyway.

Humans are good at that. We are a rationalizing rather than a rational animal.

Of course, after this point is where Cia and I diverge.

Cia wants people to still use vaccines because she thinks that the same government and medical industry that lie about vaccine safety would never lie about efficacy.

I of course know that 100% of vaccines are 100% useless.

The use of aborted fetal cells is an excellent argument to use as a hook. Tell someone who is diametrically opposed to abortion that there is fetal tissue in vaccines and you will at least pique their interest. It just won't be anywhere near enough by itself.

That is why once you have hooked people with this you then proceed to explain that the vaccines are useless anyway and the diseases have just been renamed.

I did that in a meeting with a political advisor and it was extremely effective. I knew he and his boss were diametrically opposed to abortion so I showed him the ingredients. But more importantly I then showed him the data for congenital defect rates. I pointed out that the Catholic Church tried to use the greater good argument but they failed to realize what the actual valid data was. The Church was tricked into believing that congenital defect rates fell since the rubella vaccine and justified its position that way. I showed that CD rates never actually fell.

There's your killer blow. Don't ask people to be angels - they will disappoint. But give them both an emotional connection and an appeal to their self interest and you can make an impact.


Cia: "would it have been better to dispose of the fetus as a waste product and not save lives by the use of some vaccines?"

There are some people that are sick Cia.
I watched just a bit of Dahmer last night, blame the parents, blame some drugs the mother took while pregnant, blame the vaccines. In the end, it probably was a brain injury that caused a fascination and a confusion with death and sex. I don't think this messed up crossed line is rare.

No not rare at all. Example; Germany/ Nazis, and your cruelty of animals in which you speak. That line is crossed by scientists that came along right after they finally decided in Denmark to allow legal abortion of babies. Oh, there was a need for a few women that was wiling to get out the old coat hanger, but then it turned into down right encouragement; just a birth control measure.

Driven by those same ick people that called themselves scientists (using it as an excuse) raveled in the new peep show of death, beginnings of life, and sex. Fast forward the past few decades and you have eager encouragement for women to get abortions, the buying and selling of body baby parts - the marketing of baby body parts, the encouragement of needing baby body parts, creating a market for baby body parts.

The more intact the better- going for high prices that pharma companies of ghouls are willing to pay.

Which really came first? The need? or the sick fascination? The need? Was there really a need? Or a need akin to Jeffery Dahmer storing his victims in jars and freezers?


Again, it’s hypothetical to say that Science should go back to the drawing board if it can’t develop vaccines without using diploid cells from fetuses. That’s water under the bridge. I don’t know how necessary diploid cells are for vaccine development and would prefer they just didn’t develop anymore. I’m strongly against animal experimentation and it makes me sick to read the details of centuries of torture of uncomprehending sentient beings. I’m sure Hell is filled with their torturers. I used to carry around a PETA list of companies that do not experiment on animals. I still get all products I can cruelty-free. But at a certain point you have to just accept the status quo, do the best you can in an imperfect world, try to do better in the future while knowing that nothing will ever be perfect. I’m reading a book by Sonia Shaw about medical testing using human subjects. And the history of it is depraved and hard to conceive. Even reading about control groups in the testing of AIDS drugs, it breaks your heart to read about women not given a drug even after it was obvious that it saved lives. Really the entire book is heart-breaking.

I think these areas are where the rubber meets the road. But as for diploid cells, is it better for lives to be saved now from the use of such vaccines, or would it have been better to dispose of the fetus as a waste product and not save lives by the use of some vaccines?



In this case, I don’t think many would agree with you. Everyone allows the end to justify the means. I know someone who is an expat in Bulgaria. He flies it the US every year to travel and see friends and family. He is extremely worried about climate change. Now flying in an airplane is extremely damaging: some make a contribution to an eco society to offset their carbon footprint. He doesn’t do that, feeling that the enjoyment he gets from flying means that he has the right to do it, carbon footprint be damned. In every area, number of children we have in an overpopulated world, frivolous rather than ethical spending, house size, diet, you name it, most people try to justify what we want to do, and have limited willingness to use uncomfortable means to reach worthy ends. I’d have to look up what vaccines used diploid cells in their development or manufacture, but let’s say for argument that all of them do. You had an unmarried girl sixty years ago who didn’t want to have a child out of wedlock. Let’s say she was poor, unemployed, afraid of her family’s reaction. So she had an abortion and some of the cells from the fetus were used in vaccine development. I guess I’ll say at this juncture that the Catholic Church has officially approved the use of vaccines which used diploid cells. Because it as well most people see a child bitten by a rabid bat. Now WHO is going to say Well, too bad, yes, that’s right, little Carson will just have to die of rabies, because we could not possibly be so unethical as to give him this Rabavert which we have sitting on the shelf. Or, yes, certainly we’ve had twenty deaths from yellow fever this month in the village of Aramanquice. But we’ve decided not to let anyone else get the yellow fever vaccine. Where is your trust in God? If He wants to protect them from yellow fever, He will, but if He doesn’t, I, in my piety bow my head and say Let them die!

The unstated assumption here is that no vaccine is ever worth giving, and I fully recognize that most vaccines for most people are more dangerous than protective. But you can see the fallacy in the moral argument when you recognize how few people, probably not even you, would prohibit a rabies vaccine from being given to save a life.

I have not seen evidence that any pregnant woman who was planning to have her baby was persuaded to have an abortion because a vaccine company offered to pay her. As far as I know, it has never happened. That would be when the element of immorality came into play.


Hi All,
I think Cathy has a great point. The reality is , we are told their is no religious reason not to vaccinate. Yet aborted lines of fetal tissue are in vaccines.For some, that will be a strong religious reason not to vaccinate.
Similarly, the fact that there is pork gelatin in some vaccines may be enough for some muslims not to want to use those products. People , even sharing the same religion, will interpret what religiously or ethically they are required to do differently.
I am close to a vegetarian, and was raised that way. For me, pork gelatin on a vitamin capsule is a no deal, and I won't buy or eat them. For others, it may not be considered a deal breaker. But the fact remains, for some their strongly held religious or ethical beliefs specifically requires them not to inject a product with aborted fetal cells. This is a fact that those saying there are no religions against vaccines need to know, whether they share that specific concern or not.
Getting some "major religion representative" to say it is ok to vaccinate does not mean that they can speak for all people with differing religious beliefs, or even different versions of their own religion..
Sometimes I get a bit off topic too; so sorry for those times and will also try to keep a bit more on topic in future. All you guys are good people, and God bless John for all the work he does with keeping this site going.

John Stone

Sorry Gary - mea culpa. John

Gary Ogden

John: I was merely attempting to answer Cia's question, nothing more. A bit taken aback by Bill Bradford's attack.


Until a man can get pregnant, they have no right to judge a woman's choice.
Just like vaccines, it's all about our right to choose in the privacy of our own lives.

John Stone


Yes, you are quite right, I should have been more careful over allowing the Middle East comments. We have no idea what Cathy thinks about it so Will’s comment was way off beam in the first place. Please no more comments about the Middle East on this thread everyone. Sorry Cathy.

Bill Bradford

WTF? Somebody actually used THIS as their sign-in/screen name: "Let's not make enemies in the Pro-choice crowd."....????.... Thank-you for expressing your opinion. Thank-you AoA for allowing the comment to stand, and not deleting it. If people like "Let's not make...."... actually exist, - and apparently they do, - then I want to know. In the sense of "know your enemy" being a cardinal rule of the study of war. I find "Let's not make"s thinking here to be highly illogical, irrational, and counterproductive. Almost troll-like, or even subversive. Almost sounds like a Pro-forced vaxxer. A "no choice but get jabbed by Gov't order" vaxxer.....
The second comment, above, posted by "Gary Ogden", is so OFF-TOPIC and tangential, that I almost think AoA *SHOULD* delete it..... It's a mish-mash of 1/2 truths, mis-information, dis-information, and twisted "FAKE NEWS". By the mid-1970's, the CIA was very active in that part of Asia, and stating in 1979, the CIA sold/gave shoulder fired "Stinger" anti-aircraft missiles to the so-called "Mujahedin" who were fighting the 1979 - 89 Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. Yes, the CIA, and pretty much ALL the other major industrialized nations militaries and intelligence services have been playing what they actually call "The Great Game" for literally centuries. It's all about money, power, and control. Just like PhRMA & the Vaxx Industry. All they really care about is MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. And, sadly, until WE THE PEOPLE wake up, realize We HAVE ALL been lied to and manipulated through MEDIA and PhRMA PROPAGANDA....
And, pretty much everything I've said here in response to "Gary Ogden" and "Let's not make...".., is also OFF-TOPIC. The TOPIC here is the devout Roman Catholicism and PRO-LIFE beliefs of Cathy Jameson, author of the article above. Thank-you, Cathy, and if I've said anything here too off-the-mark, please say so....
To reinforce the excellent MEME Cathy has provided us: "You cannot be BOTH Pro-Life *and* Pro-Vaxx, because the base of the Vaxx Industry rests on the bodies of legally aborted babies. As a man, I am 100% PRO-LIFE. As a CITIZEN of the U.S., I am gentlemen enough to let you ladies make up your own minds whether you will give birth to your babies, or abort and kill them. I won't take that POWER of LIFE and DEATH into my own hands that way....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!
~Bill Bradford./
ps: I don't directly address the comment from "Will", but I include that here in my response to "Gary Ogden"....


Strangely, I have to agree with Cia here.

You can't bring up the use of aborted fetal tissue without also pointing out that congenital defect rates (the very reason we use the rubella vaccine) have not actually decreased since the rubella vaccine (doctors just stopped blaming rubella (CRS) when they came across a child born with a defect).

Either rubella was never a significant cause of congenital defects in the first place or the vaccine doesn't prevent rubella.

Or, more likely, both.

That takes away the "greater good" argument as the rubella vaccine is a dismal failure regardless of what ingredients it contains. So those opposed to abortion (like me) can't rationalize the use of aborted fetal tissue away. Christians are injecting aborted fetal tissue for nothing.

Let's not make enemies in the Pro-choice crowd

I have never known of a single person who decided not to vaccinate because of the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the making of vaccines. Fear of injury and death caused by vaccines is - and always will be - the top reason people stop vaccinating.

In my opinion, aligning our cause with another highly controversial issue is going to lose more support than it will gain.

Gary Ogden

Cia: There were no armed Islamist groups before the CIA organized, armed and trained the first of them in Pakistan to fight the Soviet invaders in Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden was one of those we assisted. In Syria the Obama administration gave weapons and money to what they called "moderate rebels." I have some swamp land in Florida you might be interested in if you think such a thing exists. The Middle East has been severely damaged by the British, mainly in the first half of the 20th Century, and by us since then. We have nothing to proud of in our foreign policy. Twelve years or so after we "liberated" Iraq, ISIS came storming out of the desert, nearly to Bagdad, and, for several years, controlled a large swath of Iraq and Syria. It was mainly Iranian forces and their surrogates who defeated ISIS. It is a horror show. I largely approve of much of Trump's domestic policy, but he is just making matters worse in foreign affairs. He had the right instincts initially to pull the troops out, but the military/industrial/Congressional complex and the CIA won't allow it. They are the ones in charge of our foreign policy, not our elected leaders.

David L

From corvelva: The contaminating fetal DNA present in all the Priorix Tetra samples analyzed in variable quantities (therefore not controlled) is up to 300 TIMES higher than the limit imposed by the EMA for carcinogenic DNA at 10 ng / dose. This limit is based on the theoretical calculation for the possibility of foreign genomic DNA to cause oncogenic mutations (tending to cause the formation of tumors). The human reference genome was found to be matched by 99.76% reads from vaccine DNA, that means nearly in all its entirety. The human fetal DNA presented in this vaccine is a single entire genome, that means the vaccine contains genomic DNA with all the chromosomes of a male individual (in fact MRC-5 originates from a male fetus).

“The removal of this contaminating DNA has proved impossible. The US government in 1986 recommended a weight limit for contaminating DNA of 100 picograms per vaccine dose. But the manufacturers could not meet this safety recommendation, as was explained at this Workshop. Their failure again led the government to relax its standards, applying the 100 picograms limit solely to vaccines produced from cancerous cells, and allowing one hundred times as much contaminating DNA (10 nanograms) in vaccines produced on other types of cells. But the meeting was told that vaccine manufacturers now admitted they could not meet even this lower standard of ‘purity.’ Thus high levels of hazardous DNA pollution remain in many vaccines. ”
“Fear of the Invisible” Chapter: Highly contaminated vaccines

The cdc has recently quietly removed WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts from ingredients on their website starting around June 2019. You can see in this May 2019 (MMR, Adenovirus etc)
May 2019:


Sweeney’s religious devotion to the ritual of vaccination prevents him from understanding that vaccines are cultured on fetal cells. It’s like not understanding how HELA cells work for chemotherapy. The maintenance of exemption rights are necessary for those of us whom do understand such things, and do not want to be forced to practice Sweeneys’ rituals.

Laura Hayes

I highly recommend the 2019 movie “Unplanned”, now available online. Powerful movie about the abortion industry.

Cia, with regard to your comment, I would put forth the old adage that the ends do not justify the means.

As Megan Redshaw wrote in her Living Whole article to which Cathy linked, “If science can’t advance without abortions, we need to go back to the drawing board.”

Shelley Tzorfas

A dictionary defines Cannibalism as the following.cannibalism ;
can·​ni·​bal·​ism | \ ˈka-nə-bə-ˌli-zəm \
Definition of cannibalism
1 : the usually ritualistic eating of human flesh by a human being
2 : the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of the same kind
3 : an act of cannibalizing something
Vaccines are today's Ritualistic mechanisms and injecting aborted male and female FETUS CELL DNA is not that different from eating the flesh as it is a " human sacrifice" for the herd? We need to Get Off this Not so merry -go- round.

John Stone

One highly relevant thing that Cathy does not mention here is the recent pronouncement of NJ lead Senator Sweeney who had claimed that the religious exemption for vaccines was redundant because there were no longer human cell lines in vaccines, a claim which was, of course, utterly false - well, if he was wrong and in any way principled he should have stopped pursuing this legislation when this was pointed out.


I absolutely agree that those whom assert that abortion is murder should not be forced/coerced to participate in a practice they believe to be murderous. That said, it is my belief that aligning the vaccine risk awareness movement with anti-abortion sentiment is the reason millions of more children will be injured by vaccines. We need the millions of people (like me) whom don’t believe that abortion is murder to hear the message regarding the dangers of vaccines. One of those dangers is the injection of DNA strands from other biological matter. I beg y’all for the sake of my 12yr old biological matter whom I can’t get to pick up her room, please consider toning down the pro-life rhetoric.


I don’t think this is the best way to approach the subject. If vaccines were safe and necessary to save lives which would otherwise be lost to a contagious disease, then you could truthfully say that the vaccine was developed (if such were the case), by using cells from a fetus whose mother chose abortion completely unrelated to the vaccine development. If the vaccine were safe and necessary, you could in good faith say that at least considerable good ensued from the abortion. Not many would say that it was better to allow many deaths which could have been prevented, if the vaccine were disallowed on moral grounds. I think it’s better to stay on the ground that vaccines are inherently and demonstrably very dangerous and often disabling. In some circumstances many would be willing to take the risk (tetanus, polio, maybe diphtheria and Hib), but because they believed the small risk (if few vaccines are given) is worth the risk, which may or may not be the case.

And Will, I’d be interested in finding out why you think the US is responsible for ISIS.


You can be Pro war and Pro Life either. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan has killed hundreds of thousands of children. There was a horrible incident a few years back of disabled children some presumably to have autism killed by ISIL. And who creates ISIL the US government and its foreign policy?! I hate when those Christian Fundamentalists only talk about abortion yet ignore living children such as by donate little to none to charity that help children.

Bob Moffit

We as a country have come a long way from those early pro-abortion days … when all insisted abortions would always remain … "safe, legal and rare".

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