Occupy Trenton Against S2173 Starts On Epiphany
Southold School District Joins Opposition of Mandatory HPV Vaccine

Occupy Trenton to Rally Against S2173 Starts Strong

Ignore_your_rights_and_theyll_go_away_bumper_sticker-p128826149292922003trl0_400We'll be updating you on the events in Trenton to fight against the removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption in the Garden State - New Jersey, called Occupy Trenton. As we enter a Presidential election year where every single imaginable group (and some unimaginable until recently) is clamoring for and receiving protective measures, rights and positive press, ONLY ONE GROUP is consistently demonized and denied a voice and rights. And that's all of us fighting for the right to say NO to a vaccination. Even a single vaccination. A child who is one vax short of the required list for school will be out of compliance and unable to secure an education. Can you fathom that in America? What happened to the days when we all fought so that Ryan White, a boy with HIV who was not a threat to his fellow students by his mere presence could attend school?  Today, children with HIV and HEP B and other diseases are able to attend school while legislators, and to be blunt, the majority of them are from the party that starts with a D, are pushing for laws that would deny an education to healthy children, because of vaccinations status. We're approaching a witch hunt level of fear, dehumanization and ridicule that will, and I mean WILL lead to harm against us.  When you pit brother against brother, you can launch a bloody civil war.  Where are we in the mix of US residents (not all are "Americans") rightfully standing up for the right to exist and take part in society? Measles is not racing across the nation with death. And yet measles is the vehicle used to instill the fear needed to convince voters to let go of their rights. Many of us in the autism community are particularly affected by these laws, because our children have already fallen prey to vaccine side effects and injury. We know the horror of choosing a medical procedure with blind faith only to have it bite us from head to toe. Imagine the feeling of having to subject your children against your will to these procedures to attend school?   If the kids stay how, Mom and Dad can not go to work. The domino effect will tumble into areas we can't imagine.

If you're at Occupy Trenton, send me an email at KimRossi1111@gmail.com with your perspective.   Stay safe. Use your common sense. Don't let the other side rile you into a mistake. And thank you.



susan welch


Aimee. You may find this of interest.



The Afghan Papers (the WAPO expose) revealed for the last 18 years--Three administrations Two Republican and a Democratic one lied repeatedly to the American People using spin, marketing and public relations, using deception and lying:

1) Systematic effort[s] to lie to the public.
2) Rosy pronouncements.
3) Hiding unmistakeable evidence.
4) [documents are] privileged, the public has no right to see them.
5) the Afghan papers the reality is far different from what the public is being told.
6) Truth was rarely welcomed.
7) The metrics were always manipulated.

Aimee, this is what the Afghan papers revealed: How to hide the truth. This list applies to vaccinations, don't they?

Three elected administrations engaged in a cover up. Sure glad we can place our trust in the CDC.

We live in an era (and by my experience, the last 3 decades) in the "Industrialization of Deception". Its why fluoridation still exists, vaccinations have become a religion, and 5G is being deployed world wide. Industrialized deception and you've and most at AOA have taken the red pill. Most of my democratic, progressives dear friends have not will not, because they don't want to see that the world has been pulled over their eyes.

Omission and Commissions.

Before the WAPO printed the Afhgan papers they were part of the deception of selling the rosy deception to a trusting, American public who cannot be allowed to believe that vaccines cause injuries in horrific numbers.

Lets have coffee.

Aimee Doyle

@Benedetta - good points. I am disappointed in the Democratic party. I am disappointed in the Republican party. I am disappointed in the media, in the medical profession, in government, in the way science has been co-opted to serve corporate interests. Sigh. Here's hoping 2020 will be a better decade (for all of us and our families). I would like to be optimistic about the future for our autistic children and adults.

@Michael - Fair enough. There's certainly plenty of arrogance and willful ignorance on both sides of the aisle. And the arrogance and ignorance of a few certainly doesn't apply to all members of both parties. And you're certainly right that a lot of Democrats put their faith in NYT and NPR, just as Republicans put their faith in Fox News (which has been pretty mum on the whole vax issue). But you also said that the answers to my questions are in the cumulative postings on AoA. Haven't found the answers there (and I follow this blog pretty closely) - part of the reason I keep asking the question. But I'd be curious about your opinion on the questions I raised.

In thinking about it, more often the Democrats seem to err by commission (actively promoting vaxxing, getting rid of exemptions) and Republicans err by ommission (not speaking out, not doing anything even when they have the power to make a difference). But in the end, however each party responds, the results are the same - more kids end up with autism, learning disabilities, auto-immune disorders, etc. This is why I believe it is a non-partisan problem.

David L

In the first six months of last year (2019) alone, political action committees run by employees of drug companies and their trade groups had given the 30 senators expected to run for reelection nearly $845,000, the latest update to Kaiser Health News’ “Pharma Cash to Congress” database shows. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/08/26/pharma-industry-ups-donations-senate-republicans-mcconnell/2116231001/ and this link is pretty eye opening showing the millions that go to both parties, 5.6 million to house and 3.3 million to senate. The numbers on this page are based on contributions from PACs and individuals giving $200 or more. https://www.opensecrets.org/industries/summary.php?cycle=2020&ind=H04

A snowflake never blames itself for the avalanche, for it is just a small part of a much larger problem. It is easy for each individual person to see themselves as having no part in it. Senator Pan, chair of the Senate Health Committee, took in at least $432,000 from health care interests during the 2017-18 election cycle. https://californiahealthline.org/news/health-care-industry-pays-tribute-to-californias-influential-lawmakers/ Our public health regulatory agencies are now appendages of the very pharmaceutical companies that Congress charged them to regulate. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/americans-can-handle-an-open-discussion-on-vaccines-rfk-jr-responds-to-criticism-from-his-family/


Aimee; I am so very sorry that your heart is so broken about the Democrat party.
There are a lot of people that gets disappointed in a lot of things organized by men.

A political party is nothing to mourn over compared to what others though, don't you think?

Think of
Katie Wright, I am sure she has a heavy heart when ever she thinks of all the work her parents put into Autism Speaks
I have a very religious Catholic friend that is more than hurt and confused over strange, pedophile, gay priests. How could they do such and still believe in Jesus and all that.

Come to think of it, after 911 a lot of people were disappointed in religion; period, cause they made the mistake of lumping all kinds of religions as well all "religious" people together. They did not know what a zealot is, I guess?

So with that in mind; big Pharma probably greased more of the party that has the majority than they would the party in the minority. Every time! And that is the way it will always be till the end of time.


Aimee, when I said Democrats are arrogant I was thinking of a few in politics and medicine, but I would include a few highly educated individuals who are very opinionated as well. In calling them willingly ignorant and influenced by NPR (WAPO, NYT as well) came more from a recent conversation with one who placed their salvation and trust in those 3 entities and ran quickly from anything which challenges that belief that those speak truth which deserve our trust.

"Why didn't a Republican controlled House Government Oversight Committee ever hold hearings?" Too many inconvenient truths and money at stake.

"Why hasn't the Republican controlled Senate ever held hearings?" Same answer as above.

"Why has President Trump appointed pro-vax heads (multiple times) to government agencies, and urged Americans to get vaccinated for measles and flu?" The man has no principles or core values. He would throw his wife and son under the bus without qualms if they challenged him.

"Why aren't there protests and outrage at the lack of religious exemptions in Mississippi and West Virginia? Sounds to me like the Republicans are also "entrenched"" Because Jesus or Robert Kennedy Jr. can't be everywhere all the time.

The real discussion and answers are found in the cumulative posting and writing of the many at AOA including yours.

Aimee Doyle

@Michael - "Democrats are just plain ARROGANT and willingly ignorant. When I talk to other democrats, neoliberals, progressives and listen to where they get their news--NPR--its understandable why they are so entrenched in their ignorance (and fear)."

Based on your example of the Republican lawmaker, you say she also seems driven by ignorance and fear. You're probably right that not every conservative politician is influenced by pharma money (but I do think a lot are - particularly at the federal level). I think the media position also comes down to money - most conservative, liberal, and alternative media are bought out by pharma. Neither Fox News nor NPR are reliable sources of information on vaccines. And I haven't seen either conservative or liberal newspapers discuss the issue in an honest way.

If you think this is solely partisan - solely Democratic - I'd like to hear your opinion on why legislatures in red states and governors in red states don't do anything to expand exemptions. Or address issues related to the autism epidemic. Why didn't a Republican controlled House Government Oversight Committee ever hold hearings? Why hasn't the Republican controlled Senate ever held hearings? Why has President Trump appointed pro-vax heads (multiple times) to government agencies, and urged Americans to get vaccinated for measles and flu? Why aren't there protests and outrage at the lack of religious exemptions in Mississippi and West Virginia? Sounds to me like the Republicans are also "entrenched"

I know personally that not all liberals/Democrats are arrogant and willingly ignorant. I also know personally that not all Republicans/conservatives/Libertarians are arrogant and willingly ignorant. And I doubt that calling people "arrogant" or "willingly ignorant" ever changes anyone's mind.

Surveys have shown that a sizeable number of Americans (of all political stripes) are concerned about vaccines, and the impact on autism and other health conditions. So it's not exactly the grass roots who are the problem.

Bob Moffit

@ Shelly

"This is akin to a Modern Day Ethnic Cleansing"

I prefer to think it akin to Modern Day Population Control.

By the way .. you mentioned Rockland County .. which is in NYS .. which is now experiencing a wave of "hate attacks on the Hassidic community". Rockland County Supervisor, Gov Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio spent entire summer DEMONIZING the unvaccinated children of the Hassidic community for posing a threat to public health … blaming these children for measles outbreak. The demonization worked and all politicians were extremely proud of their successful effort to eliminate the religious exemption for everyone .. especially the Hassidic community.

Apparently .. punishing parents/children for practicing their religious convictions is not a "hate crime" .. but .. in my opinion .. IT SHOULD BE..


Aimee, I've spoken to a Republican lawmaker who insists this issue is bi-partisan. (She does this to make herself feel more comfortable that she is one of a few outliers in the state party, totally ignoring how she violates other principles she professes to believe. She is also tremendously afraid and seems to fear driven of polio, measles; has no clue and doesn't want to know anything contrary to her beliefs. I don't think she is influenced by pharmaceutical money. She is being driven by fear and profound ignorance.

Democrats are just plain ARROGANT and willingly ignorant. When I talk to other democrats, neoliberals, progressives and listen to where they get their news--NPR--its understandable why they are so entrenched in their ignorance (and fear).

Shelley Tzorfas

Once a large Pharmaceutical Company moved into Rockland County & donated to their causes, suddenly, without warning, religious exemptions in NYS were removed. Suddenly, without warning the NYState Supreme Court ruled -something to the effect that unvaccinated children (Healthy kids without Neurotoxic Aluminum, deadly thimerosal-Mercury, Cancer Causing Formaldehyde, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods & ABORTED FETAL CELL PARTS & DNA which is TUMORIGENIC) are being DENIED an Education and being REMOVED from schools. The LARGER PICTURE however is that private Religious schools are being SHUT DOWN & Removed. Hebrew Schools, AMISH Schools, and others are getting removed from NYSTATE Terrain. Intelligent Religious families are Fleeing or preparing to flee NY. They are asking where a Safe Place with FREEDOMS are? Should they flee to Texas, Florida, Chapel Hill? Some were moving to New Jersey...and now are having their Constitutional Rights potentially Destroyed. This is the kind of thing that happened to kind, religious families in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Terezin, Auschwitz and others.
Many Amish kids stay on their own farms in their own schools and don't leave their families. They don't go to the cities or mingle with others and can't possibly spread illnesses to other communities so Why then are they being shut down? It is partially because people would see how healthy they are-no Brain Encephalitis known as Autism,, No ADHD, No Lupus, no juvenile Diabetes, No Cancers in their communities. This is akin to a Modern Day Ethnic Cleansing

Angus Files

Well done Leah many thanks on behalff of the Autism activists in the UK..we`ll get them one day.

Pharma For Prison


Aimee Doyle

I agree that Democrats are pushing the current wave of legislation to end of religious vaccine exemptions.

But let's reserve some outrage for Republican Mississippi and West Virgina - who also lack a religious and philosophical exemption - and this has been true for years. I see almost no press about that as a problem - where are the activist parents? Where is the outcry? And how about some anger toward Republican Arizona governor Doug Doucey, who has vowed to kill any legislative bill that "expands" vaccine exemptions.

Even if we could restore the religious exemption in all fifty states (although I agree it should be restored), that wouldn't solve the autism epidemic. There are many parents who (for various reasons) can't or won't use a religious exemption.

This is not a partisan problem. This is a Pharma problem - and I suspect Pharma has just as many Republicans as Democrats on its payroll. Witness the total lack of action on the autism epidemic in both red and blue state legislatures, and at the Congressional and Presidential level.

Perhaps not as many Libertarians and Greens (both members of those parties are less likely to get elected).


Peter Hotez has been invited to be on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast again. Date to be announced. Dare say, he wouldn’t dare appear with anyone else present — like Kennedy or Dell. Rogan likes to do his own research before his gusts come on (which is why perhaps he asks such really good questions) and sometimes gets Jamie (who operates the studio control console) to google for ‘facts’ etc. during the show and puts them up on the screen. So I was wondering if there is enough prep time for Dell and/or Robert to furnish Joe and Jamie with some reliable sources; such as can be found on Children's Health Defense and Informed Consent Action Network. The approach would have to come from someone like them, if it is to have a chance of getting past Joe’s gatekeepers. Input to Joe from other movers and shakers in the movement may help to add weight for Joe asking Hotez again as to why he steadfastly refuses to debate the subject. Hotez may well be reading this on AoA and therefore insist that Joe doesn't ask about certain topics but we’ll let Joe deal with that. Oh. If you are, reading this Peter, I’d like to ask you just one question — how’s your book sales doing? Last time you were on his show, you were complaining how terrible it was that ‘anti-vaxxine’ books were selling far better. After you’re mentioning of the title several times, (I gave up counting after the sixth mention) did sales pick up?


Not "how" - home. Sorry!
I am not a native speaker, so I read every word.


Rebecca Lee's comment here is right on. Never thought of it that way before.

Hans Scholl

Harald zur Hausen


Zur Hausen's specific field of research is the study of oncoviruses. In 1976, he published the hypothesis that human papillomavirus plays an important role in the cause of cervical cancer. Together with his collaborators, he then identified HPV16 and HPV18 in cervical cancers in 1983-4. This research directly made possible the development of a vaccine which was introduced in 2006. See also HPV vaccine. He is also credited with discovery of the virus causing genital warts (HPV 6) and a monkey lymphotropic polyomavirus that is a close relative to a recently discovered human Merkel cell polyomavirus, as well as techniques to immortalize cells with Epstein-Barr virus and to induce replication of the virus using phorbol esters. His work on papillomaviruses and cervical cancer received a great deal of scientific criticism on initial unveiling but subsequently was confirmed and extended to other high-risk papillomaviruses.

He received the Gairdner Foundation International Award in 2008 for his contributions to medical science.[6] He also shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine with Luc Montagnier and Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, who discovered the human immunodeficiency virus.[7]

There was controversy over the 2008 Nobel when it was learned that Bo Angelin, a member of the Nobel Assembly that year, also sat on the board of AstraZeneca, a company which earns patent royalties for HPV vaccines.[8] This was exacerbated by the fact that AstraZeneca had also entered into a partnership with Nobel Web and Nobel Media to sponsor documentaries and lectures to increase awareness of the prize.[8] However, colleagues widely felt that the award was deserved,[9] and the secretary of the Nobel Committee and Assembly made a statement that at the time of the vote, Bo Angelin did not know of AstraZeneca's HPV vaccine patents.[8] (try not to laugh)


I was there yesterday. Anyone who can, write or call NewJersey State Senators. Call Governor Murphy and ask him not to sign the bill. Overheard in the cafe of the Statehouse: they feel they can get it passed by Monday. Anyone who can act in any way, do so now. Oppose S2173. This is a critical moment. Del Bigtree will speak on I think the 13th and I believe Dr. Tenpenny is coming the 9th.

Bob Moffit

It is more than just "coincidental" that NY is experiencing a vicious outbreak of "hate crimes" against large Hassidic Jewish communities after that particular religious community suffered a SUMMER LONG effort to DEMONIZE them for exercising the "religious exemption" to vaccines. All summer long .. the Hassidic community was blamed for having caused an outbreak of MEASLES because their children were unvaccinated … eventually Gov Cuomo signed legislation that eliminated the "religious exemption" many within the Hassidic community relied upon to protect their children from the onslaught of required vaccines a child MUST have to have access to public education, public parks, day care .. on and on.

Today .. and .. every day.. brings news reports of another "hate crime" against this besieged religious community .. and .. in every public press event the very same individuals .. Gov Cuomo, NYC Mayor De Blasio, NYS Senator Carlucci .. responsible for DEMONIZING the non-vaccinated Hassidic community for posing a threat to the public health all SUMMER LONG .. are highly visible denouncing the rampage of "hate crimes" now occurring.

Odd yesterday's TARGET for demonization is suddenly no longer a TARGET .. having succeeded in their collective effort to deny the Hassidic community's RIGHT TO INFORMED CONSENT AND EXERCISING THEIR RIGHT TO RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION FROM VACCINES.

As some wise sage once said … "You reap what you sow" .. which means you (Gov Cuomo, Mayor De Blasio, Sen Carlucci) must eventually face the consequences of your actions.

Rebecca Lee

I heard once that to see what is most important in a society you need to look at which institutions have the biggest buildings. It used to be churches with their cathedrals and basilicas. Now it is banks and hospitals. The hospitals are like great holy temples with the new priests wandering around in their white coats and stethoscopes looking important and the new parishioners scurrying around looking pleased because they are compliant. Vaccination is a holy sacrament of this new religion.

Rebecca Rust Lee
Co-author, with Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, of "The Mercury Detoxification Manual."

Gary Ogden

I've been reading a Mollie Ivins book. One of the things she talks about is Edison, New Jersey. The Air Force had oodles and gobs of Agent Orange left over from Viet Nam. They got rid of it by shipping it to, among other places, Edison New Jersey, to a fly-by-night chemical company, which went by a series of different names. The middle man in these transactions? The Rockefeller Foundation. The purpose? To ship it to South America for use in agriculture. Warms the heart. I get the feeling New Jersey should be called the Poisoned State.

go Trump

Go Trenton !

War is when the government tells you who your enemy is.
Revolution is when you figure it our for yourself.

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