Live from Occupy Trenton
Steve Sweeney, New Jersey Senate President: This is STILL American Land



Congratulations. Dont overlook the possibility of Big Pharma taking this to congress and passing a Federal law if too many states block their efforts at the state level.


@Hans I was pleasantly surprised by the number of men that turned up.

Angus Files

Well done guys.The Pharma chuckle brothers Stephen Sweeny and George Norcross need to get their just rewards,jail time.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Scholl

And when the dads (men) start turning up to this fight its going to be all over for you Merck !

Hans Scholl

Video links Sweeney push on mandatory vaccination to Big Pharma
January 13, 2020
An explosive new video has been posted on YouTube by the media group News In Jersey. The video has already been viewed by over 12,700 people.

Hans Scholl

Big House Party in Trenton New Jersey.
But I hear the next one will be even bigger Sweeney-Pan !
Lets do it again very soon. And the weather is getting warmer.
Best party I have ever been to in my whole life (alcohol not required one iota)


and exhale.
what an inspiring group!

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