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New Jersey Proves Health is Not the Goal with S2173 Amendment

Courtesy Childrens Health Defense - Vote to Approve an Amendment to S2173
Courtesy Children's Health Defense - Vote to Approve an Amendment to S2173

We must revoke the Religious Vaccine Exemption in The Garden State!

Immune compromised children are at risk!

Every child needs to be fully vaccinated for health!

OK, how about if just the kids whose families can't afford private school lose their religious exemption? The families who are wealthy or who are able to scrimp and save to send their kids to Parochial, Religious or Private schools will get to keep their exemption.

And this is the message of the amendment which was added yesterday to New Jersey's S2173. These vaccine bills are NOT about public health, kids' health or anything having to with the health except for the lined pockets of politicians, the bottom lines of pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists and probably the teachers' unions.  According to ballotpedia, "In New Jersey, there were 211,150 students enrolled in 1,270 private schools in fall 2013.  ...There were an estimated 89 charter schools in the 2015-2016 school year ... enrolled approximately 44,600 students."

Assuming Charter Schools are included in the exemption, and I do not know that as of this writing, that's a quarter of a million students in one SMALL but populous state who will not lose their right to a religious exemption for full vaccination. The rest of the kids? Roll up your sleeves or you'll be expelled.

This is an outrage. Removal of the Religious Exemption is revolting enough. To add discrimination based on income or access to a private education is elitist in the extreme.

Stay tuned.


John Stone


It always surprises me that the economic discrimination has not played bigger in the US and other countries that have mandates - could it be about to?

Jonathan Rose

The day after our local NJ paper ran that sympathetic story about the Occupy Trenton protesters, the same paper ran this story on the front page:


That is, the autism epidemic is even worse than reported, and it represents a real increase, not just "better diagnosis". A lot of inner city kids with the condition are indeed overlooked, probably because school districts don't want to spend more on special education.

Maybe I'm overoptimistic, but I do sense that the tide is turning. The bill to abolish religious exemptions in NJ may not be saved by an amendment to allow exceptions for private schools, because some black legislators (quite rightly) argue that this effectively allows the affluent to buy their way out of compulsory vaccination, which still applies to the poor.

There will be one more big demonstration in Trenton on Monday, and let's hope that's enough to sink the bill. I'll be there.


Health care may once have been the goal, but that hasn't been the case for many decades now.

What gets 'described' as health care, isn't health care at all. It's sickness care. And the reason, is that the long term 'management' of chronic health issues is OBSCENELY profitable.

Drug companies make trillions (..annually) selling treatments for chronic disease. Does it really makes that these same companies, are so determined to maintain their measly little billion dollar vaccine industry? One that has resorted to the cringy act of forcing people into line ups, to receive a product which supposedly.... prevents chronic illness??

An obscenely profitable sickness care system, requires an obscene amount of chronic illness. And what better way to that create chronic illness, than to somehow launch a wide scale corruption of human immune systems?

A daunting task for sure. But one possible way is to fabricate fear with widespread pronouncements of fake disease outbreaks. Followed by fake promises of injectable cures, which scare people into lining up (voluntarily) for injections that actually offer no medical value at all. But rather, leave deposits of toxic chemicals that are designed to produce the immune system corruption upon which their entire industry is based.

Maybe I got it all wrong. But in my opinion, vaccines have never prevented illness or diseases of any kind. They've created it.

And of course, the earlier they get their 'customers' into the system... the more money they stand to make over that customers lifetime.


Ironically, I can see the push for mandates and amendments of these sorts causing the gullible masses to wake-up and leading to a great undoing of the vaccination religion. Imagine the poor middle-class blokes (and Linda1 is correct, if you are middle-class in today's times, you are poor) who may have been cool with sacrificing their rights for the 'greater good', having now to grapple with the reality that the rich are not being forced to make such a sacrifice. It's the type of seething injustice that can prey on one's mind and causing you to rethink perspectives and allegiances. I can also imagine the wealthy folks in Cali and NY feeling a little peeved and envious that they weren't able to swing such a 'sweet' deal as their New Jersian counterparts.


Amendments are a ruse, a delay in the long march for across-the-board forced vaccination. If forced compliance passes for children in public school, it will spread to adults and to other avenues of enforcement. I imagine wanting to use my senior benefit at a pool and being told I can't unless I'm fully immunized, including this year's flu and maybe ebola (already liability exempt for manufacturers) and whatever else they can think of. Or maybe full compliance in the national database will be required for your Medicare. The leverage possibilities are numerous. The underlying problem is that state legislatures have become as corrupt as the federal, auctioning us off to pharma or anyone else who wants to bribe them into forcing us into a profits scheme. It's just a particularly bad example of what is generally wrong with so-called healthcare. The entire system is failing its most basic mission.

Bob Moffit

@ Jonathon Rose

Thanks for link to the article on religious exemption in Trenton. I sent both "reporters" an email asking if either of them are aware of the comment made by Sen Sweeney wherein he states there is no need for a religious exemption because fetal cells are no longer an ingredient in vaccines … having been removed during 1950-1960's .. which was the main reason the religious exemption had been provided. If you have a moment .. Del Bigtree "Highwire" show has a clip of Sweeney making his absurd statement and shows various vaccines TODAY which prominently list FETAL CELLS among them.

Jonathan Rose

I was surprised to read the following report on "Occupy Trenton" on the front page of our local New Jersey paper:


Of course it's dismaying to read that religious exemptions may be abolished, even if there is a carve-out for private schools. But this news coverage is stunningly balanced and fair-minded. It presents the bill as a matter that reasonable people can debate, and reports that some legislators have legitimate reservations about it. Steve Sweeney comes off as a public-be-damned political fixer (which he is). Normally the media portrays "antivaxxers" as sinister faceless fanatics lurking in corners of the internet, but here they are ordinary parents braving the cold to make their voices heard. They are allowed to make their case and describe what vaccines have done to their children. This is why these demonstrations (which my family participated in) matter. Note also that Gov. Murphy has not yet committed himself to signing the bill.


Dr Paul
The swift switch in healthcare, of late, to create different medical systems for those of means and those without is concerning. (hello New Jersey)
In Medicare (and Medicaid?) the dawn of Accountable Care Organizations is problematic as well. In this program, outside organizations consult to reduce costs with opaque recommendations for patient care, at least opaque to the patient. Providers can be docked if you cost too much.
Accounting Medicine.


We disappeared from the health system after my boy’s injury.
Insurance doesn’t cover his $ 600/month supplements, organic food costs, or the rare doctor that treats vaccine injuries. Simply can’t afford both. So sorry to hear the state of NJ fell to big Pharma.


@Dr Paul - some parents recognize it already, and others need to learn : health insurance system as common in the USA must be abandoned. No one, even the most well off, would be able to afford treatment if their child is severely injured by vaccine. My son has two permanent disabilities that he was not born with, and I have dropped out of "health care system" completely. We are seeing integrative doctors and paying out of pocket. Other people swear by chiropractors, functional, acupuncturist, you name it.
Why would any parent go to a pediatrician selected by "health" insurance company and not to a doctor they can actually trust to keep their babies healthy?


Dr Thomas, you're my hero! By the way, do you happen to know any doctor in Greater Boston, MA area that hold similar views to yours? I already had to leave one practice because they don't allow unvaccinated children. The current family practice is less pushy but they still try to talk me into it and I don't think arguments would lead anywhere.

Thank you,


Protecting their own kids and the kids of those with the means to threaten them in court. Capturing and enslaving the poor, which in NJ means the middle class. How many can afford private school for 5 kids at $30k a year? This country is unrecognizable.
Well, I take that back. I recognize it as a communist dictatorship. Exactly what we were taught during the Cold War - except now it is us. When I was a kid I used to wonder how those people could let that happen? Now we know.


Could this be a political ploy to get the legislation passed knowing it will be challenged in court as discriminatory and then overturned and most likely applied across all schools to "avoid discrimination"?

Paul Thomas

In my State of Orgon, January 1, 2020 I saw the remaining patients I was caring for who had the State Health insurance (Oregon Health Plan) for those needing assistance had been reassigned to plans I had been dropped from over the vaccine issue. I had to agree to vaccinate according to the CDC if I wanted to reapply for a contract. This despite the fact that Oregon still has philosophical choice in vaccines.
Those who cannot afford private insurance, will not be able to find a clinic where medical freedom is an option.

What will risk-aware parents and those who have vaccine injured children do?

I can only imagine we are heading back to the days where they simply disappear from the health care system and will use the emergency rooms for critical care only.
What would you do?
Dr. Paul

Hans Scholl

Posted by: Bob Moffit | January 10, 2020 at 07:32 AM

Corvelva-Diesher have proven otherwise ! Sweeney must be a bare faced liar !

Infants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in VaccinesProfessor Chris Exley | 9th January 2020

Bob Moffit

Just yesterday I watched Del Bigtree's excellent youtube HIGHWIRE .. during which Del showed the leading New Jersey legislator explaining why religious exemptions are NO LONGER valid .. he said (paraphrasing here) "The religious exemption was once allowed because aborted fetal cells had been used in vaccines … that practice stopped somewhere in the 1960s and vaccines no longer contain fetal cells .. therefore the religious exemption is no longer needed".

This is the man who is leading the effort to remove the religious exemption in New Jersey????

As far as I know his statement has gone unchallenged by the media … which raises the question .. who is worse … the politicians or the media?????

Karen Walker

My understanding is the private schools can decide on their own policy; from Louise Kuo Habacus:
"The amendment allows a nonpublic facility (i.e., day care, school) to authorize the admission of children and students who are not in full compliance with vaccine mandates.

The facility must require all students or guardians of minor children to sign an acknowledgement form, which contains their policy regarding the admission of non-compliant participants and the actual vaccination rates for the prior academic year.

This information — both the policy and the actual vaccination rates — must be posted at the entrance of the facility."

Here is Louise's article on Fearless Parent: https://fearlessparent.org/fine-print-s2173-amendment

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