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Infants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in Vaccines

AluminumInfants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in Vaccines

Professor Chris Exley | 9th January 2020 | Infection/Disease, Paediatrics, Pharmacy/Drugs
The Hippocratic Post

Aluminium is Toxic

In 1984, as an undergraduate at the University of Stirling, Scotland and while carrying out my first piece of independent research, I watched for the first time a fish, a salmon parr, die from acute aluminium toxicity. The whole process took less than forty-eight hours. Within six hours, the fish showed signs of distress and its behaviour changed markedly. It proceeded to seek out the corners of the tank, pushing its head and body against the side of the tank. After twenty-four hours, it began to move randomly and chaotically around the tank before losing its orientation, slipping onto its back, taking a last gasp, before dying. I was left in no doubt about the toxicity of aluminium. I am recalling this event herein because there does seem to be significant complacency concerning the toxicity of aluminium.

An Aluminium Adjuvant is Acutely Toxic Too

In a recent post (https://www.hippocraticpost.com/pharmacy-drugs/the-toxicity-of-aluminium-adjuvants/) I explained why a single injection of a vaccine that includes an aluminium adjuvant is, akin to the salmon above, also an acute exposure to aluminium. It is acute because the total concentration of aluminium in the immediate vicinity of the injection site is extremely high, in the case of a single dose of Infanrix Hexa vaccine, approximately 8000 times higher than is required to kill a salmon parr within forty-eight hours. Even allowing for some dilution of the injected aluminium adjuvant into body fluids bathing and innervating the tissues surrounding the injection site the total concentration of aluminium in a vaccine is sufficient to cause cell death within hours and perhaps minutes of receiving the injection. This is the definition of an acute response, death (cells or whole organism) within a short period of exposure to a toxin. It is a necrotic form of cell death. It initiates an inflammatory response (redness at the injection site). This inflammation drives and perhaps accelerates the subsequent immune response (https://www.hippocraticpost.com/infection-disease/safety-concerns-aluminium-adjuvants/). A number of mechanisms bring about remediation of acute aluminium toxicity at a vaccine injection site. These are chemical, physical and biological. The toxic free metal ion, Al3+, forms soluble and insoluble complexes with myriad biological molecules while particles of aluminium adjuvant and other insoluble aluminium compounds are taken up by cells infiltrating the vaccine injection site. All of these processes act to reduce the acute toxicity of aluminium at the injection site by lowering the immediate concentration of toxic Al3+. These remedial processes act to secure aluminium in a number of different compartments. All are systemic and all are potential sources of biologically reactive aluminium to the rest of the body. Many chemical compartments where aluminium is bound in myriad different complexes including simple organic moieties like citrate or more complex proteins like the iron transport protein transferrin promote the transport of aluminium away from the injection site. These processes can be envisaged as continuous passive diffusion of soluble aluminium away from the injection site. The majority of injected aluminium adjuvant is particulate in the first instance and actively taken up, literally eaten, by a number of different cells infiltrating the injection site. Some particles of aluminium adjuvant are taken up by macrophages and thereafter they are retained at or close to the injection site as a granuloma. Generally, these collections of macrophages are considered as benign ‘cancers’ though such descriptions have been coined for situations where the cellular cargo is not aluminium. For example, macrophagic myofasciitis or MMF is a disease, first described by Romain Gherardi in Paris, in which aluminium-rich granulomas at vaccine injection sites are implicated in disease aetiology. Other cells heavily laden with aluminium do not remain close to the injection site and carry their cargo well beyond where the vaccine is administered, for example visiting local lymph nodes as early stops on their travels. Evidence is mounting that these cells may transport aluminium into brain tissue using both lymph and blood as access routes. Perhaps most worrying, evidence of transport of aluminium into brain tissue across the blood-brain barrier and meninges has been shown in autism (https://www.hippocraticpost.com/infection-disease/aluminium-and-autism/). Read more and comment at The Hippocratic Post.



“….[T]he neurotoxic effects of Al have been repeatedly demonstrated and shown to interfere with a variety of cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system as well as several other systems….[M]any carriers of Al have been identified at the BBB [blood-brain barrier]. Transferrin (Tf)-mediated transport of Al has been suggested to be one of the mechanisms. Another important carrier for brain Al influx may be monocarboxylate transporter (MCT), a proton co-transporter which is located at both the luminal and abluminal surfaces of the BBB….Involvement of a genetic variant of Tf, TfC2, has been found to be responsible for the excess transport of Al into the brain….The concentration of Al varied (58– 196 mg/g wet weight) in different brain regions (frontal cerebrum, temporal cerebrum, parietal cerebrum, somatosensory cortex, occipital cerebrum, cerebellum mid-brain, pons, hypothalamus, thalamus, hippocampus and medulla oblongata) of the normal brain….[B]rain cell-specific studies using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) indicated that astrocytes were more sensitive to Al binding compared to neuronal cells….”

“Aluminium in Alzheimer's disease: Are we still at a crossroad?” Gupta et al., 2005


Angus Files

a bit like the Camel smoking adverts saying smoking is good for you as reommended by your Dr....


Aluminium and health
Although some say that exposure to aluminium can damage your health, scientific evidence doesn’t support this. In fact, aluminium is a great source for various products and compounds that actually improve health.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Scholl

Professor Excellent Strikes Again : (Give the man a Nobel !)


We now have the most powerful evidence yet that aluminium is a cause of Alzheimer's disease


Well, well over a decade Barbara Loe Fisher from the National Vaccine Information Center sent out a small booklet; she and her organization was very excited about the information in that booklet.

It said that vaccine injuries and autism were being caused by inflammation.

And so began the quest of what caused inflammation when it came to the vaccines.

We went through the eye of the needle on mercury.

Dr. William Thompson said when it came to the mercury look no further than tics. Well, our family knows about them. I bet a lot of you here on this site knows those too. My son has an additional diagnoses of Tourettes, but both my kids had some really abnormal eye blinking around the time of their most numerous vaccines, even my daughter up to the age of six.

So now well over - a decade, maybe two what do we know?

Now we know that aluminum adjuvant causes inflammation.

Oh and Gherardi was at that aluminum conference held by the NIH at Puerta Rico. What year was that? Some time after or around the Simpson wood Mercury CDC meeting.

Now we have on video the tape at the vaccine safety meeting of WHO World Health Organization (no less!!!!!) , and all those big shots admit that they test an antigen like pertussis with aluminum and probably mercury too; and know about local reaction, but never, ever even looked for long term systemic reactions, and on top of that, they don't know how it will react with other antigens like tetanus or diphtheria, or even Measles, mumps, or rubella too since aluminum in vaccines are being given left and right.

1990 they should have figure this out and did something. Actually the late 1970s.

Angus Files

Professor Chris Exley a voice they cant ignore try as they might.Many many thanks.

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

Unfortunately this information regarding the dangerous TOXICITY of aluminum in vaccines will not only be IGNORED by the public health and federal regulatory agencies promoting vaccines as THE GREATEST MEDICAL MIRACLE OF OUR LIFETIME … it will also be IGNORED by the media fronting for the predatory vaccine marketing …

Consider … a few days ago in a NYC "homeless" shelter .. the father awaking from a nap found his presumed healthy 3 month old TWINS sleeping in separate cribs DIED . Dad was immediately taken into custody … interrogated and eventually let go .. with authorities now awaiting the autopsy report to find out what happened to these poor children. The few reports written on this tragic incident all mentioned there were many pillows in the cribs … which suggests the autopsy result will be SIDS .. the result of these twins suffocating on the pillows.

None of the scarce reports mentioned whether or not the twins had recently been vaccinated .. but .. I suspect living a city owned homeless shelter these twins were receiving their recommended and approved vaccines .. beginning with HEP B within hours of birth.

What are the odds the medical examiner is going to measure the amount of aluminum found in their blood stream or vital organs????


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