Steve Sweeney, New Jersey Senate President: This is STILL American Land
Infants are Uniquely Vulnerable to Aluminium in Vaccines

If At First You Don't Succeed Introduce the Bill Again

An Act concerning exemptions from mandatory immunization requirements and amending various parts of the statutory law

New Jersey is ready for the next session after their loss on Monday.

We aren't going away.  None of us. There will be more of us. We'll get louder, more vociferous, fueled by our passion for safety and our determination to prevent what has happened to our own precious children from happening to others, and from taking our kids further down the rabbit hole.   In every state in the nation.

We will haunt you for your sacrilege.



I believe it was Bendetta in another thread who wrote that the Democrats will pay for their mandates push in the next election. So indeed, what percentage loss could the vaccine vote bring the Dems in the next election? I've linked a recent poll reporting 10% declining confidence in vaccines over the past decade. On the autism question, interestingly, 46% of the respondents stated they weren't sure if vaccines caused autism, and another 10% reported believing vaccines caused autism. That was over half of people being pessimistic about vaccines not causing autism. Yet, reflect on that !0% figure of the respondents believing vaccines caused autism. I consider that figure represented those that could be deemed as 'hardcore' vaccine sceptics, such as many of us here commenting at AoA.

Generalizing that figure and considering a 50-50 split by party affiliation,that would give us 5% vaccine sceptics who ordinarily identify as Democrats. The next interesting speculation is, what percentage of these folks are so peeved at their party's vaccination mandate push that they're prepared to jump ship and vote Republican or Trump in the coming election? Taking an educated stab at it, I would say 3%. I encourage commenters here to share whether they agree, and are also Democratic voters thinking of voting red in the next election.

Also, Democratic vaccine sceptics spurning their party for their vaccination stance and voting Republican in the next election is a direct way the Democratic party could lose votes, but they could also lose votes indirectly. That would involve concerned Democratic voters that can't bring themselves to switch sides and vote Trump or the Republicans, simply choosing not to vote. These individuals don't even need to be hardcore sceptics, and could simply be parents who are vaccine hesitant or wary. Taking another stab at their numbers, I would conservatively put it at 2%.

So In total, we could potentially see the vaccination issue costing the Democratic party a net 5% votes. That figure may not sound significant but if you look at the interactive map of the vote count for the 2016 election, of the states that Hillary won, she won 8 by a margin of 5% or less -- and she still lost the election! If things hold from 2016 with voters voting on the three main issues of Healthcare, Immigration and the Economy as they did, the fringed vaccination vote may yield Trump an epic blowout in the coming election.

Looking back on that poll, some may also notice that 45% of respondents reported that they did not believe vaccines caused autism. Surely, would this 'provaxx' support not more that compensate for the lost vaccine sceptics votes? I say, no! The simple reason being by far and away provaxx individuals and parents are less likely to be single issue, committed voters in the same way vaccine sceptics are. They are simply less passionate about the vaccination issue. Consider, where were the provaxx supporters, rallying in Trenton and countering the 'antivaxxers' by calling for passage of the bill mandating vaccines. Where are they now decrying the failure of the bill?

All said, I honestly believe vaccine mandates is such a stinker of an issue that the Democratic party has pitched its tent on. Politically, that stance brings them nothing, and is in fact costing them dearly.

Angus Files

Democratic Democracy Deniers.

Pharma For Prison


....what more, what else can I say, besides,
*KEEP* *UP* the *GOOD* *WORK*, **PEOPLE**....!!!!....

Bob Moffit

State Senator Sweeney reminds me of Theophilus Eugene "Bull" Connor … an ardent segregationist who served for 22 years as commissioner of public safety in Birmingham, Alabama, Bull Connor used his administrative authority over the police and fire departments to ensure that Birmingham remained, as Martin Luther King described it, “the most segregated city in America” (King, 50). In 1963 the violent response of Connor and his police force to demonstrations during the Birmingham Campaign propelled the civil rights movement into the national spotlight.

I predict Sweeney will suffer the same as did Bull Connor .. his self-determination to ignore the thousands protesting his arrogant dismissive attitude towards THOUSANDS protesting in Trenton .. WILL PROPEL OUR GROWING CIVIL RIGHTS VACCINE MOVEMENT INTO THE NATIONAL SPOTLIGHT.

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