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Plotkin's Vaccines“...the fully protective level of neutralizing antibodies is not known" (Plotkin)

“However, the vaccine gives an attenuated infection, and it is not the case that antibody levels remain permanently elevated in vaccinees. The current situation is responsible for reevaluation of the long-term efficacy of measles vaccine" (Plotkin)

"..the circulation of new genotypes of measles virus (as well as mumps) make vaccination campaigns ineffective"

"It is finally admitted that vaccinees can spread the virus!!!"

Revised link: See the original at The article by Stanley A Plotkin is viewable here.

By Nassim Langrudi

EXPLOSIVE NEW PUBLICATION BY STANLEY A. PLOTKIN - Order to retreat: vaccines are neither safe nor effective! Undersigning  it is the world leading expert on vaccination.

An article was published on  November 1, 2019 which was to say the least explosive [1], that strangely enough has nevertheless gone under the radar: no one is talking about it, at least in public. Perhaps because the impact of its contents is remarkable. However, rumors tell us that the World Health Organization would be rather worried about these black-and-white admissions that unequivocally certify those problems that have been reported for a long time - on the one hand by doctors, epidemiologists and researchers an on the other hand, by a large slice of the population that questions the enforced expansion of vaccination practice today.

First of all, the weight of these considerations is considerable because of the author: we are not talking about just any university professor or any immunologist, but Stanley A. Plotkin, regarded for all intents and purposes as "the father of world vaccinology" - author of the book "Vaccines" [2] which is the reference text with regard to vaccinations in general.

 Plotkin has lately ringed-up a series of public admissions of enormous importance. He was summoned as an expert witness in favor of forced vaccination in a legal dispute between parents divided over whether or not to vaccinate their daughter. Aaron Siri, the mother's lawyer who was opposed to her daughter being vaccinated, questioned the doctor under oath in New Hope, Pennsylvania, on January 11, 2018. The footage of the deposition is easily available on youtube. [3]

Subsequently, just last November, the same Plotkin published this article, entitled: "Is there a correlate of protection for measles vaccine?", which aims to re-establish the effectiveness (in other words revising current beliefs about the effectiveness) of measles vaccinations in the light of the latest "epidemics" found or declared in Europe and the USA. The article contains facts and deductions that demonstrate the bad faith of the whole propaganda operation underpinning global vaccination programs. In practice, many of the doubts that parents have when they critically consider whether to have their children administered vaccines are justified. The doyen of vaccinology certifies in black and white the same issues that parents who are against compulsory vaccination  are calling for. Many concepts are exposed, let us move on to the points. It turns out that:

1) It is not possible to rely on the antibody titer that has so far been deemed appropriate to confer immunity. More precisely, “the fully protective level of neutralizing antibodies is not known".

So, how can we establish the effectiveness of the vaccine?

2) It is not possible to say with certainty that the measles vaccine gives permanent (lifetime) immunity as the natural disease does-and this is contrary to what has so far been propagated with regard to vaccinations: “However, the vaccine gives an attenuated infection, and it is not the case that antibody levels remain permanently elevated in vaccinees. The current situation is responsible for reevaluation of the long-term efficacy of measles vaccine".

So what are we supposed to do? Vaccinate throughout life with live virus vaccines without even knowing when and to what extent you will be protected? And what consequences could this have on the immune system?

3) We have no idea exactly how antibody protection works, what the role of antibodies or the role of cells themselves in providing protection at various levels against infections. It goes without saying that if we are not sure how these immune processes work, it will be impossible to talk with certainty about the effectiveness of vaccines... If we do not know these mechanisms, how can we sustain a priori the legislation to vaccinate everyone and pretend that there is no doubt about it?

4) As if that were not enough, it is finally admitted that , since vaccinated do not appear to be immune to the new viruses currently circulating (!!!) Have these new genotypes always existed or are they "off-spring” of massive vaccination campaigns against genotype A? The answer already exists: it is well known how viruses have the ability to mutate, especially under conditions of selective pressure (that is, exactly what we are exercising with vaccination campaigns), and it is for this reason that talking about the eradication of” measles " is a colossal mockery. Why are we vaccinating billions of people against a genotype that is probably no longer the main culprit of epidemics? But most importantly: why do not genotyping proceed on all subjects who are diagnosed with the disease? Is the purpose of immunisation and health protection, or is it to vaccinate everyone regardless of the need or effectiveness of this intervention?

5) It is finally admitted that vaccinees can spread the virus!!! This admission is epochal. For years it was denied (without proof) that this could happen, snubbing research that demonstrated the presence of the virus vaccine in the oropharynx and in the urine of vaccinated, relegating to “non-contagious measles” events exanthematic in the vaccinated (and continuing to load the blame purely on the unvaccinated), and now,  before our ears, as it turns out, is - and always was - a risk that is real and plausible that the infection due to the subjects just vaccinated! Plotkin writes “ the possibility that a subclinical infection or a few symptoms with measles virus occurs between vaccinated people should be taken into account. Although I am not aware of evidence on the excretion of viruses from vaccinated with some but not all measles symptoms, one should attempt isolation of the virus from these patients.”

Plotkin's conclusion is also interesting:  "The measles epidemics occurring in Europe and the United States could serve a useful purpose if specimens were obtained from exposed contacts before they are or are not infected. The scientific community should take advantage of the current situation brought on by vaccine resistance and vaccine ignorance to better define the correlates of measles immunity". I think it means more or less: we have no idea how the situation is changing, not we have no idea if vaccinations are effective, we have no idea how a vaccinated's immune system reacts compared to that of a non-vaccinated, so we should take advantage of unvaccinated individuals and current epidemics to find out.

The real news, therefore, is that we are subjecting the world population to mass experimentation, including by means of compulsory vaccination  laws, without having the slightest idea of ​​the consequences that this will bring and will bring on public health.

And now perhaps the most important question: how will the "scientific community" react to these considerations? Will they remain silent? Will they  pretend that nothing has been said? Will it invoke even more stringent and even more massive vaccination programs?

What will  the WHO say about these admissions? Note one thing: here we are not talking about "new discoveries" or a single newly published study; simply, these data have been available to everyone for years, the pure evidence, only that now they have been put together and declared in writing by a personage that the "scientific community" can neither scoff at nor accuse of propagating "fake news"; at best the great strategists will be able to decide to ignore everything, as is usually done with uncomfortable issues that are difficult to credibly deny ...

This article basically shows that those who spread false news and those who work on scare-mongering, those who ignore scientific evidence are not the non-vaccinators, but those who pretend to have reliable data and certainties, those who play with people's lives are not parents who are concerned about health of their children, but the authorities, the scientific community, the international bodies that pass off these vaccines as "safe and effective" without having the slightest scientific proof of what they say.

So pay attention to the next moves from above: the health organizations will be facing from now on with new problems, not related to vaccinations, but probably CAUSED BY VACCINATIONS.




Hans Scholl

When asked about his nickname at the International Society for Vaccines’ annual congress held in Belgium recently, Plotkin smiles. “I think it’s ambiguous, since the Godfather was a criminal,” he says. “I wouldn’t [call myself that], but obviously, I can’t stop others.”

Stanley has read my mind !

David L

I had collected some of the research that showed that individuals with prior evidence of measles vaccination and vaccine immunity were both capable of being infected with measles and infecting others with it (secondary transmission). A recent outbreak of measles in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan included 33 cases presenting with modified measles as a result of insufficient protection against the disease. In total of the 99 cases, 32 cases (32%) had been vaccinated against measles: 20 with one dose, 10 with two doses and two with verified vaccination but the number of doses unknown. Seventeen cases had not been vaccinated, while 50 did not know their vaccination status. 33 (33%) presented with modified measles. Modified measles is less infectious than typical measles infection, but those with modified measles can spread the infection to others and still require watchful observation. This I believe is starting around page 13 of the document.

Some other research in there shows that all recently circulating genotypes B3, D4, D8, and H1 measles virus have mutated, becoming less able to be neutralized by antibodies, causing a rise in measles outbreaks and putting both vaccinated and even those with lifetime immunity at risk for reinfection. In one study subgenotype D4.1 MeVs were isolated predominantly in Kenya and Ethiopia, whereas the measles antibody resistant subgenotype D4.2 MeVs were isolated predominantly in France and Great Britain, countries with higher vaccine coverage rates which suggest that an higher level of vaccine coverage provides an environment more prone to adaptive mutations, and by fueling the mutations it is making outbreaks more frequent and will get worse with continued vaccination as the virus continues to mutate. For example, Between January 2016 and July 2019, 95% of the sequenced samples belonged to genotype B3, and the detection of several distinct measles virus B3 genotypes were found (Phylogenetic analysis of these strains showed that the sequences were divergent). The B3 strain has higher transmissibility than other MeV genotypes, is highly virulent in a macaque model, and has been shown to be neutralized less efficiently than other MeV genotypes by sera of vaccinated individuals. Plotkin even mentions this: "Genotypes B3 and D8 are now circulating, and these viruses are not as well neutralized by antibodies to the vaccine genotype (ie, genotype A) as by antibodies raised against the new strains." Genotype D8 strains detected in Japan between 2009 and 2017 were divided into as many as 51 different sequence variants (D8 seq1 to D8 seq51 [D8 seq1–51] variants), but these mutated D8 strains have not been studied as well so far as the others.

John Stone


You are quite right I am not going to publish personally snarky comments from people who won’t even leave their real names. Thank you for the reference - I will bear it in mind.


John you may or may not publish my response but just to reiterate the point I tried to make: your reference referred to the isolation of measles vaccine virus from urine samples of recent vaccinees, it did not refer to the transmission of measles vaccine strain between people.
In fact this has been looked for and there is no evidence that it has ever occurred We reviewed 773 articles for genotypic confirmation of a vaccine virus transmitted from a recently vaccinated individual to a susceptible close contact. No evidence of human-to-human transmission of the measles vaccine virus has been reported amongst the thousands of clinical samples genotyped during outbreaks or endemic transmission and individual case studies worldwide.
I would also like to understand how the headline to the Corvelva article "Order to retreat: vaccines are neither safe nor effective! Undersigning it is the world leading expert on vaccination." can have been mangled in translation when Plotkin's article never mentioned safety, nor does he state or imply measles vaccines are ineffective!!!

John Stone


Well, it was published - the quote was from the article ie the information was disclosed in the article (although not published by the CDC when it should have been). We did not publish you earlier comment because it had no noticeable content apart from bad temper.

Ferderic Chopin


You didn't publish my comment yesterday pointing out this post is your translation of an Italian AV site's misrepresentation of a Plotkin opinion piece, and now you're claiming the US measles outbreaks are vaccine strain? To support that claim you linked an article describing a genotype method to differentiate vaccine reactions from wild measles, then quote genotyping results from the 2015 Disneyland outbreak as "unpublished data". There's never been a published confirmed case of vaccine strain measles in an unvaccinated person.

John Stone


I don’t really see any misinterpretations let alone errors by Nassim Langrudi here - the style is not very Anglo-Saxon, but it is fine. Langrudi is right that it is an explosion and I would go a little further and suggest that it is a controlled explosion admitting really that they have never really known what they are doing, and perhaps if they say so themselves no one will much notice.

Of course, we do know about the vaccines strain being transmitted:

Felicia Roy, Lillian Mendoza, Joanne Hiebert, Rebecca J. McNall, Bettina Bankamp, Sarah Connolly, Amy Lüdde, Nicole Friedrich, Annette Mankertz, Paul A. Rota, Alberto Severini , 'Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR' "Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 were identified as vaccine sequences (RJ McNall, unpublished data)".


What errors were you refering to?
Well John compare & contrast what this Corvelva piece said with what Plotkin actually wrote:
"..the circulation of new genotypes of measles virus (as well as mumps) make vaccination campaigns ineffective" Please point out where that is stated in Plotkin’s article, he says no such thing
However, the vaccine gives an attenuated infection, and it is not the case that antibody levels remain permanently elevated in vaccinees. Plotkin wrote: Although the great majority of measles vaccinees remain seropositive indefinitely,
It is finally admitted that vaccinees can spread the virus!!!" Plotkin wrote Although I know of no evidence for virus excretion by vaccinees with some but not all symptoms of measles,
And finally
since vaccinated do not appear to be immune to the new viruses currently circulating (!!!) Plotkin wrote Genotypes B3 and D8 are now circulating, and these viruses are not as well neutralized by antibodies to the vaccine genotype (ie, genotype A)
Plotkin wrote a very measured article which the hysterical writing of the Corvelva article totally misrepresents.
And of course John the fact remains that MMR vaccination remains highly effective, even the Geiers (father and son), !!! published this retrospective analysis in 2019 which concluded:
“revealing that routine childhood MMR vaccination in the US significantly reduced the incidence rate of diagnosed measles cases.” & strikingly It was also revealed that on rare occasions in the 30-day post-MMR vaccine administration period about 1 in 10,000 doses of MMR vaccine developed MMR vaccine-associated measles adverse events.


So, would my vaccinated with the MMR children be in danger of these new mutant measle strains?

The Israeli air line stewardess that die from the measles had been vaccinated for the measles. My understanding is that might have played a role in her death?


@Bob Moffit - yes, that is exactly what they are doing with their criminal mandatory vaccines!
Eliminating control group, along with natural immunity passed through generations.
You sir hit the nail on the head.

John Stone


I agree: the whole thing was an experiment from day one without even basic trials:


Plotkin's reference to "vaccine ignorance": Does he thoughtfully infer since there are no placebos hence ignorance is pervasive from day one for immunity and safety?

John Stone


Sorry, omitting the link to Stanley Plotkin article was oversight. I have now added one at the top of the article. Prof Plotkin can also respond to some of these issues in BMJ Rapid Responses.

What errors were you refering to?


One can't help but wonder if a properly written article, not ridden with errors, might better address the issues involved? It is almost impossible to make sense of either what was actually said by Plotkin or what conclusions might justly be drawn.


I wonder if the lawyer questioning Plotkin for nine hours might of helped clear Plotkin's head of lofty ideas and make him look logically at the real naturally world?

Or as Dr. Wakefield has been saying all along, the truth will have to come out cause it is nature, and it is going to come out anyway; one way or the other?

I have two adult kids that showed as far as I could see at the time: no reaction at all to the MMR.
Of course I was looking for the immediate reactions like both of them they had to the DPT. What did I know, I was an ignorant parent, and they both sure were a sick couple of kids with periodical fever all the time, and on top of that every pneumonia, strep, cold, flu that came near them.

But besides the MMR there were all the other vaccines the peds and the schools were giving at that time; like the Hib, and so many more that I was losing count. They sure wanted to give the Hep B to my son when he was a Freshman as he advanced into full blown epilepsy, and puberty. We skipped that one, and it was not me, it was only because God sent us to Michigan. God assembled for me a group of educators (earthly angels) that heard my story, got out a piece of paper out of a drawer, and encouraged me to sign it. I signed a piece of paper that I was refusing the Hep B and the tetanus shot which I had no idea at the time was the DPT vaccine. I was allowed and encouraged to do so; I was encouraged!

So, when I moved back to Kentucky in a couple of years, and the little school nurse insisted just like they did to my daughter a few years earlier to get that tetanus shot. -But I had been empowered, and -By then I was just mad and really obstinate. Being Obstinate is apparently not un Godly after all.

I was rather obstinate on my daughter's first Hep B, I went with her to the University and talked to actually health department that would be giving it. They did not want to do it , they hesitated, they hesitated! The nursing department was a different story. I wished we had figured out another way.

John Stone

Hi Grace,

My letter in BMJ Rapid Responses yesterday also brought this up


Grace Green

Original Someone,
Click on the link in blue at the top of the article, then you can get the the other links from there.

Grace Green

A few days ago there was an article on the BBC website describing the present situation with the measles vaccine. But the concern they identified was that other viruses related to the measles virus could take up the gap once measles is eradicated, such as the canine distemper virus, which would be much more dangerous to humans than the present measles is. Their conclusion was that we must keep vaccinating against measles even after the disease has been eradicated, and possibly also vaccinate against some of the other related diseases in anticipation! I fear that this is the way Stanley Plotkin's latest message will be interpreted. I for one will be watching this space with bated breath. Thanks, AofA for bringing us this news.

The Original Someone #1

The information above must be very disturbing to those who promote vaccines, because none of the links above work.

Bob Moffit

……. "Plotkin's conclusion is also interesting: "The measles epidemics occurring in Europe and the United States could serve a useful purpose if specimens were obtained from exposed contacts before they are or are not infected. The scientific community should take advantage of the current situation brought on by vaccine resistance and vaccine ignorance to better define the correlates of measles immunity".

Is it me .. or has the world's most trusted high priest of vaccines .. in a carefully constructed few words .. finally admitted a scientific independent study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations would "take advantage of the current situation brought on by vaccine resistance and vaccine ignorance???


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