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Europeans to Unite in Munich on March 21 to Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

From the Corvelva YouTube channel, in Italy:

March 21, 2020: this is the date chosen for the European event for freedom of choice.

The law imposing the vaccination obligation on children and adults who work in contact with them is unfortunately now reality in Germany and German parents opposed to this imposition organized a demonstration in Munich on March 21 next.
Since the limitations of individual freedoms in the health sector are certainly not the prerogative of a single country or another, but are part of a global design of the WHO and of all governments ready to transpose its directives, we have willingly joined Germany and we have transformed this event into an opportunity for all of Europe to make the voice of those who claim their right to self-determination heard.

The event is supported by the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance, of which we are part, and will be an opportunity for a meeting and comparison between associations to determine together the line to follow in the near future.


Hans Scholl

The Year is 1889


Vaccination; Proved Useless & Dangerous
by Alfred R. Wallace LL.D.

Hans Scholl

Munich March 21st 2020

info on EFVV.EU

NETZWERK IMPFENTSCHEID DEUTSCHLAND .... - Freie Impfentscheidung, gegen Zwangsbehandlung | Facebook
NETZWERK IMPFENTSCHEID DEUTSCHLAND. Anlässlich der Demonstration für die freie Impfentscheidung in Berlin am 16.9.2017, haben wir, Daniela Gerlemann und Andrea Feuer vom Orga-Team, zusammen mit Daniel Trappitsch vom „Netzwerk Impfentscheid“ diesen neuen Verein gegründet.



Here is the same but shorter clip that Highwire used.
The speaker is anthropologist Heidi Larson who also gets paid by Glaxo the makers of Gardisil. One reference appears under Funding: “C Simas and HJ Larson are both on a collaborative research grant with GSK on maternal vaccine acceptance”. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6605877/#__ffn_sectitle
Another Ref:
HPV vaccine confidence and cases of mass psychogenic illness following immunization in Carmen de Bolivar, Colombia. Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest:The Vaccine Confidence Project has a research grant from GSK to study maternal vaccine acceptance in 15 countries.
Also has professional relationship with Simon Wessely.
“Bartholomew R, Wessely S, Rubin G. Mass psychogenic illness and the social network: is it changing the pattern of outbreaks? . Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 2012;105(12):4.”
Wessely is already infamous (google it) for squandering some £2 million provided for research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) but instead used to try and prove ME was psychosomatic. It was later found that the selection criteria he used, automatically excluded anyone you actually had ME. There was no inquiry into this apparent fraud.
“Health policy and the media: The case of HPV-vaccination” https://www.sdu.dk/-/media/files/om_sdu/institutter/ivoe/nhe_discussion_papers/2019/nhedp3_2019.pdf?la=en&hash=44EB5964EEDFFAD65631F2543369BBD47F93FA44
was written by Kjeld Møller Pedersen
Guess from where the funding comes from. Am I being cynical to say I see a pattern here?

Hans Scholl

Please everyone film the event and post the recordings on any available uncensored platforms.

Bobb Moffit

Del Bigtree's excellent show .. "HIGHWIRE" .. available on youtube .. had video of WHO conference wherein the woman in charge of monitoring COMPLIANCE rates of countries and groups within those countries made stunning observation that the numbers of NON-COMPLYING groups continues to GROW ... while the numbers of COMPLIANCE groups is dwindling .. with the most troubling DECREASE in compliance among HEALTH CARE PROVIDORS … such as … doctors, nurses and those responsible for administering vaccines .. adding the growth of SKEPTICISM on the SAFETY of vaccines in EUROPE is growing quickly.

It is my hope and prayer that 2020 is the year when TRUTH PREVAILS … they now have THOUSANDS in the streets protesting their determined effort to REQUIRE EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD BE FULLY VACCINATED … NO EXEMPTIONS … and those THOUSANDS will continue to GROW until their numbers exceed the vaccine industry's corrupt public health, political, media's collaborators ability to IGNORE THEIR DEMANDS.

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