To Protect and Serve: NYPD OFficer Charged in Death of Son with Autism

Connecticut Petition to Preserve Parental Rights Against Medical Mandates

CT families banner
Below is a link to a petition in the state of Connecticut, which happens to be where my daughters and I live. We need to send a message to our legislators that medical mandates are not acceptable to us as voting, tax paying citizens.

Click HERE to go to the petition.

Do you think you should have the right to say no to any pharmaceutical products the government mandates for you or your children? If so, please sign this petition to stop pending legislation that would remove this right for all of us.



So, the same government that proposes to FORCE citizens to take private, for-profit pharmaceutical products, also believes it can allow an insurer to NOT SPEAK with the Mother of a disabled, non-verbal person on their behalf? Hah! And you thought "Idiocracy" was just a movie!....
Yes, I signed the petition....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!



Bob Moffit


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