Negative Efficacy: UK Cervical Cancer Rate Rising in Teens Vaccinated for HPV

Ben Swann on CDC Vaccination Schedule

Ben-swann-fullBy Anne Dachel

Investigative reporter Ben Swann makes the case for questioning the mandated, one-size fits all vaccine program.  

Jan 21, 2020, New study warns about potential harm of present vaccination guide

A new study says that the CDC's vaccine schedule, a guide for doctors and parents detailing which vaccines to get and when to get them, may have harmful effects. Plus, I explain the systemic bias against those who question the effectiveness and possible health impact of some vaccines.

I covered Mr. Swann in 2015 and in 2017.

He is truly one of a dying bred: a real journalist.


Gary Ogden

Thanks for posting this, Anne. Though few in number, real journalists still exist.

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