Anti-Vaxxer and Labels of Hate and Social Control

Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Sues Representative Adam Schiff for Censoring Vaccine Debate

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons
– AAPS – is a non-partisan professional association of physicians in all types of practices and specialties across the country. Since 1943, AAPS has been dedicated to the highest ethical standards of the Oath of Hippocrates and to preserving the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship and the practice of private medicine. Our motto, “omnia pro aegroto” means “all for the patient.”

On Jan 15, 2020, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, along with Katarina Verrelli, on behalf of herself and others who seek access to vaccine information, filed suit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Plaintiffs allege that Defendant Adam Schiff has abused government power and infringed on their free-speech rights.

“Who appointed Congressman Adam Schiff as Censor-in-Chief?” asks AAPS General Counsel.  “No one did, and he should not be misusing his position to censor speech on the internet.”

In February and March 2019, Rep. Schiff contacted Google, Facebook, and Amazon, to encourage them to de-platform or discredit what Schiff asserted to be inaccurate information on vaccines. He then posted the letters and press release on the website.

Within 24 hours of Schiff’s letter to Amazon dated Mar 1, 2019, Amazon removed the popular videos Vaxxed and Shoot ’Em Up: the Truth About Vaccines from its platform for streaming videos, depriving members of the public of convenient access.

Under a policy announced in May 2019, Twitter includes a pro-government disclaimer placed above search results for an AAPS article on vaccine mandates: “Know the Facts. To make sure you get the best information on vaccination, resources are available from the US Department of Health and Human Services.” The implication of this disclaimer is that if information is not on a government website, then it is somehow less credible.

On Facebook, a search for an AAPS article on vaccines, which previously would  lead directly to the AAPS article, now produces search results containing links to the World Health Organization (WHO), the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Visits to the AAPS website have declined significantly since March 2019, both in absolute terms and relative to the decline that would result from a story’s losing its recency.

“The internet is supposed to provide free access to information to people of different opinions,” stated AAPS Executive Director, Jane Orient, M.D.

Dr. Orient continues, “AAPS is not ‘anti-vaccine,’ but rather supports informed consent, based on an understanding of the full range of medical, legal, and economic considerations relevant to vaccination and any other medical intervention, which inevitably involves risks as well as benefits.”

AAPS argues in the complaint against Rep. Schiff: “The First Amendment protects the rights of free speech and association. Included within the right of free speech is a right to receive information from willing speakers. Under the First Amendment, Americans have the right to hear all sides of every issue and to make their own judgments about those issues without government interference or limitations. Content-based restrictions on speech are presumptively unconstitutional, and courts analyze such restrictions under strict scrutiny.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a national organization representing physicians in all specialties since 1943.



I can't wait to see him in Court surrounded by publicly funded lawyers, being grilled, like the bratwurst sausage that he is, just like the Demoncrats did to Kavanaugh. What goes around......



Those electronic medical records were digitized right here in South east Kentucky; in sweat shops. They pay 14 dollars an hour if the worker does not not take health insurance. Since private health insurance is shady about if they will pay when a person needs them, that makes any company that has insurance and some backing against an insurance company so much better. However; if the workers takes the company's health insurance they pay them 10 dollars an hour and then fire the worker at the end of January when the first month of insurance takes place. The company claims that the person that took that insurance did not meet their quota.
There is no way to know if one meet their quota, just by the supervisors say so.

I know this because it all happened to my son. He learned the job, worked over time for them for years. We applied for him because we thought it would be better. All the workers told him that he could not afford it. I think he understood that, but he could not explain it to us, since he has communication problems.

I guess I should not be bitter about it. After all it could be worse. California is putting the mentally ill out on the streets to die in their own waste and disease.


Adam Schiffty represents *what* District in California? HOLLYWOOD!....that explains everything!....

Bob Moffit

@ Hans

"Indian physicians have furnished examples of just such “obfuscation,” showing, for example, how a national committee attributed 96% of deaths in Indian infants who had just received pentavalent vaccines as either coincidental or unclassifiable."

In US those "coincidental or unclassifiable" deaths of infants are dismissed a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) .. or .. if older than infants dismissed as Suds Unexplained Deaths (SUDS) .. such as … in NYC homeless shelter 3 month old TWINS were found dead in separate cribs by dad who had just taken a nap .. dad was immediately interrogated and released .. but .. a few weeks now … NO OFFICAL EXPLAINATION ON THE CAUSE OF DEATH … subtle link in all news items mention there were pillows in the cribs …

No one will ever know what happened to these poor children … especially if they had been recently vaccinated ….


We really are down the rabbit hole. Every social cause has become an occasion for tyranny. Public schools, originally started by people who wanted their children to be able to read the Bible for themselves--a radical proposition in that day--are now indoctrination camps that fail to educate. Not content to enforce political ideology, they now want to usurp parental rights in health decisions.

Anyone remember why we needed healthcare reform? It was mostly because 30 million didn't have insurance and costs were spirally out of control for everyone. They said that if we spent $2billion subsidizing and mandating electronic records, it would lower costs. Instead, we got vaccine surveillance and the destruction of medical privacy. All our records are floating around in some Indian database awaiting the next big pharma scheme for exploitation.

Medicine has not been made more afffordable and responsive to patients empowered to seek health. It's being turned into a medical police state. Those promoting tyranny feel quite secure that everything they do is for our own good. Many of them are women, and as one myself, I'm rather disappointed that they are such willing servants.

Parents and children are not the problem, not a nail to be driven with a hammer. It is the system itself that is terminally ill and needs the real reform of removing profits derived from corrupt politics. It needs to restore a proper role for doctors to practice medicine, with respect for patients as citizens with unalienable rights. We don't need Big Daddy doctors, and we don't need State Super Mommies either.


I wonder how much he is receiving in kick backs from Big Pharma?

Hans Scholl

I am convinced, the whole vaccine program now is all about Gardasil. Why would that be ?

Not quite a year ago, Indian pediatrician Dr. Soumya Swaminathan stepped into the newly created and prominent position of WHO Chief Scientist, moving up from a stint as WHO Deputy Director-General of Programs. At the December vaccine summit, she admitted:

[W]e’re not able to give clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine, and this always gets blown up in the media.

Dr. Swaminathan acknowledged that the vaccine community ought to be prepared to provide “a very factual account of what exactly has happened and what the cause of the deaths are”; astoundingly, however, she conceded that “in most cases there is some obfuscation”—with the result that “there’s less and less trust . . . in the system.” Indian physicians have furnished examples of just such “obfuscation,” showing, for example, how a national committee attributed 96% of deaths in Indian infants who had just received pentavalent vaccines as either coincidental or unclassifiable.

What earned Dr. Swaminathan a place at the WHO vaccine table, when she is primarily known for her research and programmatic work on tuberculosis? It turns out that she has been an enthusiastic cheerleader for expanding human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination in India. In early 2018, the Indian government decided against including the HPV vaccine in India’s Universal Immunization Program, swayed by feedback from India’s medical community (which is “split over the vaccine’s use”) and by the concerns of the influential Hindu organization RSS, which argued that adding the HPV vaccine would “divert scarce resources from more worthwhile health initiatives diverting it to this vaccine of doubtful utility and that its adverse effects will erode confidence in the national immunisation programme.” Ignoring these concerns as well as HPV vaccines’ disastrous global track record, Swaminathan—speaking on behalf of WHO—promptly urged India to reconsider. In late 2019, she joined other authors in a Lancet Oncology article that made light of “a few deaths” in HPV vaccine demonstration projects in two Indian states while praising the “successful introduction” and safety of HPV vaccination in two other states.

Hans Scholl

Great isn't it ..... I hope they mean business !

Meanwhile in other news :

And then there is this bombshell : (wowser if true and verifiable)

Bob Moffit

Schiff is only doing what corrupt politicians ALWAYS do … when politicians do not have facts or science on their side … their answer is ALWAYS the same …. CENSORSHIP .. he who controls the information ALWAYS wins the debate.

Unfortunately Schiff has the power of his office to threaten anyone who does not adhere to his call for CENSORSHIP … hence … Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, on and on … willfully surrender to Schiff's corrupt abuse of his power .. and the American people suffer the consequences.

Michael S.

Hooray ! It's time to sink the Schiff.

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