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Holley Whipping Against Vaccine Bill

Action Alert to Protest New Jersey S2173 January 13 in Trenton

I stand with New JerseyTomorrow, you're invited show up in Trenton, New Jersey to protest S2173, a bill that removes the right to a religious vaccine exemption for public school students, but allows private schools to retain the right as per an amendment added last week. The bill itself is horrible. The amendment is racist and elitist in the extreme. Students in PUBLIC school will be expelled if they do not have every vaccine mandated for school, and all vaccines that WILL be added in the future.

The Capitol is just a 1 mile walk from the Trenton Train station where AMTRAK runs. The weather is expected to be cloudy with a high of 51 degrees.

Stephanie Locricchio posted this action alert on Facebook. If you can attend, here are details to share and to make the day as effective as possible.  Consider updating your social media profile photo for 24 hours as well.  Thank you - and GOD SPEED to everyone there tomorrow.  Keep your cool. Try not to play into their "crazy anti-vaxxer" playbook.


From Stephanie:

In an effort to maximize our effectiveness and reduce confusion and chaos, we have formed a team of Intel Point People. We will be wearing American Flag lanyards to help you recognize us. Some of us will be inside and others outside. Here is a general idea of the structure of the day. This is NOT a firm timeline, so be prepared to listen to the direction Del gives to the crowd.

9:45 am Del Bigtree arrives in the Annex Courtyard and will be on the fountain area. PLEASE gather here. DO NOT line up to go in the building. We need the Annex Courtyard FILLED with us.

10:15 am Begin the walk over to the back of the Statehouse

10:30 am Caucus begins in the Senate and Assembly Chambers ***We will remain in the Senate Chambers Courtyard area until given direction from Del to move to the Assembly side of the Statehouse

12:00 pm Senate Chambers session begins ***Should S2173 pass the Senate, be prepared to go to the Assembly side of the Statehouse

1:00pm Assembly Chambers session begins ***Should A3818 pass the Assembly, be prepared to go to the Governor’s office (see map)

****WE WILL NOT BE THE ONLY PEOPLE PROTESTING tomorrow! The Vaping bill is back up and there is a bill that affects teachers too so they plan to be there as well! Be kind to EVERYONE as we all exert our right to protest!*****

Some guidance for the day:

1. THIS IS A PEACEFUL PROTEST! Do NOT let ANYONE convince you or those around you to engage in unlawful behavior! Make sure to THANK all of the officers and troopers that you encounter! It makes a huge difference in their demeanor!
2. We need people OUTSIDE to make the biggest impact. The legislators will NOT be walking the halls tomorrow and therefore they will not see us so we need everyone OUTSIDE so that they HEAR us!

3. Del will be leading us and immediately given the intel from our team. If you see one of us trying to get a message to him, please help facilitate that.

4. We will have people stationed around the perimeter with large signs to tell the crowd what we should be chanting. Del will announce the chant and they will hold up the corresponding sign so the ENTIRE crowd will know what we are chanting.
5. Please, NO whistles, horns or sirens! They drown out our VOICES and we need them to hear US! Noise is simply not as effective as the power of our VOICES in unison!

6. Any drums need to be coordinated in unison and around the perimeter in the back of the crowd. That way they can help keep the rhythm without muting our voices.

7. When the legislators take a recess, we must get LOUDER!!! They are only moving to a different room and Sweeney will try to strong arm those Senators that are holding out. If you need to take a break, do so, but we will NOT have ANY scheduled breaks during this Peaceful Protest. If you need to, schedule shifts with the people around/with you. Bring cough drops and a thermos with warm tea. Just be prepared to be chanting for most of the day. Our energy must be CONSTANT and our voices MUST be HEARD.

8. Those that are able to stay until the end, DO NOT LEAVE until we have confirmation from inside that the sessions have adjourned and the legislators are leaving. We do NOT want to leave before they do!

Please spread the word amongst your friends going to Trenton! Thank you for being there tomorrow! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US MATTERS! COME WHEN YOU CAN FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN! MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

(Maps to follow shortly)

Take a look at this photo taken on Thursday in which notes in a window signalling votes.

NJ Senators No Votes in Window
Photo Credit L Carannante


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