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A New Decade in The Age of Autism

96B72065-81E0-4B3E-BA82-947D1C28D1B7Happy 2020 from The Rebel Alliance. For many of us, this marks the 3rd decade in which we've worked to speak out about the epidemic of autism, and so many other issues facing families around the world today.

Our work is more important than ever, as freedom is under attack in so many areas of our lives. Thank you for your support, shares, etc. Let the “roaring” 20s hear us well.... 




The BBC has an article today that I think will get shortly re-edited to sanitise it.

It expands on what I posted here a long time ago about the growing number of Monkey Pox outbreaks amongst vaccinated humans in Africa. In short, it is warning that as we lose immunity to measles, other viruses of the same morbillivirus family may evolve to fill the gap left by measles.

“The first barrier a virus must overcome is cell attachment and entry. According to Dr Dalan Bailey, a virologist based at the Pirbright Institute, what makes morbilliviruses so adept at cross-species transmission is that the proteins it commandeers to do this are very similar across different mammalian species, so the species barrier is low.

"We've definitely got evidence that non-human morbilliviruses can easily adapt to enter human cells, and we're confident that it can replicate in them too," Dr Bailey said.

Prof Cosby added: "Compared to measles, when you look at how CDV and the other morbilliviruses behave in the host, they're really devastating."

As I said, the article may get sanitises so it might be worth downloading and saving as a html image.

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