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Aimee Doyle

@Cia -

Since you are certain Trump will be re-elected, I don't see that anything will change. I guess we can look forward to four more years of watching the vaccine lobby get ever stronger and more controlling, watching the autism rate climb,and watching education and services and health care for our children and young adults decline. Funny how Trump can stand up to anything and everything except Pharma.

Now I'm not saying any of the Democratic candidates will stand up to Pharma or reduce the autism rate. I doubt it. But I don't think they'll cut Medicaid, SSI, and IDEA funding. And I do think they would appoint someone to oversee the Education Department who would at least know what an IEP was (Betsy DeVos could care less about Special Education). If Medicaid and SSI get cut, my son will have no money, no day program, and no healthcare. I suspect thousands of others (maybe more) will be in a similar situation.

I would like to see all the candidates - Republican, Democratic, Green, Libertarian asked tough questions - about vaccines, about what they will do in office regarding the autism epidemic. I think we must force our candidates - of all political stripes - to start having this conversation.


I am afraid we and our whole nation are doomed, if we continue to be so cowardly and naïve as to believe that the US is a democratic country where people matter. We are tyrannical corporatocracy, where blood and money thirsty corporations are sacrificing people for profits. Among all presidential candidates I don’t see anybody, who would truly care about our nation. They only care about power and money and they are too debrained to understand that, when they destroy the people they also destroy their own power and wealth. Hence, it is pointless to beg the politicians to save the children from vaccine holocaust. We ourselves must do this. We must disobey their tyrannical rules, regulations and laws pertaining to health of our children and our own. Massive civil disobedience must be our arm and defense.



I share your concerns and I also would like to ask Trump these questions. But thank Heavens I also am certain that he will be reelected. Goodness gracious, what a shameful farce this sham-- has been. When he first appeared in a debate, let me think, when was it that he said he knew someone who had a healthy baby, took him in for vaccines voluminous enough for a horse, and he regressed immediately into autism? November 2014? 2015? His son ---- (better not say more). So what happened?

I'd say that the pharma industry got to him. It's hard for me to imagine the leverage they appear to have at every level on all authorities of every kind. Of course I think it's despicable. And we're struggling right at this moment with the employment issue for young adults with autism. It's too upsetting and depressing for me to go into further at this time. My -- is almost sui----. All I can say is that I was researching it yesterday on the Internet, and several articles said that this was a NEW situation. They said that right now there are formidable obstacles to employment, but that, given the numbers involved, this IS going to change. And I thought What a change! They're finally recognizing that it's NEW, and NOT a question of mere improved diagnosis of a problem which has "always been here and at the same rates." And yes, they may cut SS, Medicaid, and everything depending on a Medicaid waiver (I had no idea that so much did). But then what are they going to do? They went from "guaranteed government-sponsored housing" for -- given her degree of affliction up until this past June, to slamming the door shut in June and saying Nope, no government-sponsored housing for any but the most severe and urgent cases due to an unanticipated huge increase in autistic young adults seeking this assistance. Why unanticipated? They materialized out of nowhere? Or they were lulled into complacency by the laughable meme of "no real increase"? They've known EXACTLY how many there were from the time the current generation started kindergarten fifteen years ago. Well, I say that, -'s former speech therapist said that the school district was so blindsided by the soaring numbers six or seven years ago, that the autism "specialists" employed by the school district were told to just cross out a certain number from the autism diagnosis rolls to bring the numbers into line with what was "expected." Oh, what a tangled web we weave... I'd say I wanted life in prison for these ***, but it would really be better to leave them at liberty, but to force them to pay a certain amount every year for the rest of their lives to pay for the damage they are responsible for.

Aimee Doyle

It looks like there is a good chance that Trump may be re-elected. Since he is essentially the only Republican candidate, I would like to ask him these questions. I wonder if he would answer them.

I'd like to ask Trump why he appointed pro-vax, pharma-affiliated individuals to HHS (Thomas Price, Alex Azar), FDA (Scott Gottlieb, Stephen Hahn) , and CDC (Brenda Fitzgerald, Robert Redfield).

I'd like to ask Trump why he changed his tune on vaccines, specifically regarding measles. He said "“They have to get the shots. The vaccinations are so important,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House. “This is really going around now. They have to get their shots.”

I'd like to ask Trump why he issued an executive order in September, directing the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to overhaul seasonal flu vaccine production and urge more Americans to be vaccinated.

I'd like to ask Trump what he's going to do about the autism epidemic. The economy may be "booming" but individuals with severe and moderate autism are not employable, regardless of how good the economy is. The unemployment rate for adults with autism (throughout the spectrum) is 90%. And if SSI and Medicaid and food stamps are cut, these individuals will be in an extremely dire situation. So far, I haven't seen the economy do much for affected autistic individuals or their families.

I'd like to ask Trump why he hasn't met further with Dr. Wakefield and Robert Kennedy on the autism issue. Kennedy was told by Trump that he would be appointed to lead a commission investigating malfeasance in the federal government aimed at covering up vaccine damage, but that did not happen.

Barry Stern

Are you as a candidate for public office concerned that conscious government policies largely formulated by lobbyists of the medical, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries are responsible for the following:
1) Today’s children are the sickest American generation of any since World War II?
a. Kids and young adults are so engaged in social media that they get little exercise and have difficulty focusing their attention as well as relating and empathizing with others.
b. Children from countries with far less resources are healthier and more fit than most of ours.
c. Today’s CDC-approved vaccination schedule for children under six years old has never been proven safe, increasing from roughly 12 vaccinations 50 years ago to over 65 today.
2) The U.S. is the most medicated, vaccinated, wireless connected, overfed and fattest nation on earth, and one of the least fit. We consume most of the world’s barbiturates, anti-depressants and other drugs both legal and illegal.
3) U.S. food has roughly half the nutritional value than it had a half century ago. Large corporate monocultural farming practices which fail to replenish the soil with diverse nutrients are among the major reasons.
4) Some 70 percent of those who volunteer for the military are not accepted due to insufficient mental or physical capacity.
5) The rates of serious chronic diseases affecting the elderly such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes have increased markedly in recent years.
6) Male sperm counts in North America, Western Europe and Australia have declined by over half from 1973 to 2011 reflecting a sharp decline in male health and requiring many more procedures (usually expensive) to enhance fertility.

A combination of poor governmental policies and personal lifestyle choices are responsible for this state of affairs which is driving up the cost of healthcare and our national debt to levels never imagined even 10 years ago. My commentary “What we must do to get healthier and reduce health care costs: a matter of national security and solvency” attempts to pull together a number of recommendations to change course. I invite readers to provide feedback.

Angus Files

Why is Pharma untouchable? or as I tend to think of them unflushable like a turd that you cant get rid off in the pan.

Pharma For Prison


Dr. William H. Gaunt

If Trump is reelected...Will he form a Vaccine Safety Commission composed of scientists and doctors with no financial ties to big pharma? If yes, will that commission be effective or will it be corrupted like the CDC?


My questions:
How are mandated vaccines Constitutional?
Why Hippocratic Oath does not extend to massive vaccinations of babies?
Why the principle of informed consent and Nuremberg Code does not cover mandated vaccines?
Why are doctors, nurses and pharmacists not held responsible for massive vaccine injuries and deaths?
What are you going to do when the parents mount armed resistance to medical tyranny?

Greg Hill

Who will you appoint as Secretaries of DHHS, USDA and the less well-know Department of the Interior which is above the notorious EPA? Hopefully it will be individuals who will work aggressively to clean up those horrifically corrupted branches of the medical-industrial complex (controlled largely by Big Pharma) as well as Big Ag, Big Food, Big Oil and Big Tech, all of which are complicit in destroying this country's health in their persuit of wealth. We desperately need regulatory agencies that are not just sock puppets of the corporations they are supposed to be regulating, which is all we have now.


I don't think any of them would do anything but mouth platitudes. I think Trump will be reelected, and it is to be hoped that this record-breaking booming economy will continue, to lay stores by for the care of the millions of the autistic, whose numbers are still growing.


Will you make pharmaceutical companies financially liable for vaccine injury?

Jonathan Rose

I would quite simply ask them what they're going to do about the autism epidemic (assuming they admit it's an epidemic). Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I can tell none of the candidates is saying anything about autism. That's a stark contrast to the 2008 campaign, when it was a major issue.

The candidates are holding town hall meetings throughout the country. I suggest that we show up at these meetings and ask them.


@ Bob,

They won’t even be able to DO a vaxxed vs unvaxxed study any longer if these repeals of religious exemptions continues nationwide. Which was, of course, their whole plan...


How will you reform the corruption of mission by corporate interests, for all gov agencies involved in healthcare, including HHS, CDC, FDA, CMS, and Surgeon General.

Bob Moffit

Would you require federal public health agencies to promote an independent scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations to ascertain once and for all time that our national vaccine policies and schedules are as safe and efficient as these public health bureaucracies claim them to be?

Our public health bureaucracies have witnessed the deteriorating health of our most precious resource .. our children .. over recent decades .. as evidenced by a Harvard study that found 54% of this generation suffer some type of neurological, biological, physical chronic life-long, life-threatening, life altering … autoimmune development problem . that all previous less vaccinated generations did not suffer.

Our country can no longer ignore nor deny the poor health of our children .. if allowed to continue our country will not have sufficient healthy volunteers for our military forces and our country will become financially bankrupt providing life-long health and care for those with chronic autoimmune disorders .. as even today our schools are inundated with "special needs" students that were far less common in past .. less vaccinated .. generations.

They have the resources .. data .. experience and expertise to conduct such a study … they lack only the will to do it.

Whoever becomes President cannot just ignore what has been happening to our children's failing health as his/her predecessors have done .. our future President must make the health of our children our nation's highest priority.

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