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Village Connection Network Interview with Professor Mary Holland and Dr. Larry Palevsky About the Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Village Connection NetworkFrom Village Connection Network, Long Island, New York, Professor Mary Holland and Dr. Larry Palevsky, on HPV vaccination.  As of this date, New York State is seeking to mandate HPV vaccinations for school attendance in S298B. Even parents who have fully vaccinated their children per the pediatric CDC schedule see this bill as overreaching in terms of public health. Of course, if they refuse the Gardasil vaccine for their sons and daughters, they will join the ranks of the "anti-vaxxers," in an aut0matic inclusion.

Vaxxed II has a powerful segment on injury and death following HPV vaccination. Below, meet Colton and his Mom from the first Vaxxed movie. Colton was an athletic, gutsy, active teen paralyzed by his Gardasil shots. You'll have to meet him in the video. You'll never meet him in person.  This beautiful boy. Is. Gone. He died  in January of 2018.



Anaphylaxis in double va$$ed dogs: https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/1913/richet/lecture/

Bob Moffit

How these vaccine merchants of death can IGNORE the THOUSANDS of HPV victims who have DIED or suffered life-altering, life-threatening, life-long INJURIES from this particularly DANGEROUS vaccine is beyond my comprehension.

While knowing THOUSANDS of injuries in other countries due to this vaccine have caused those countries to cease recommending the HPV .. there is pending legislation in NY that will require our children to receive the HPV or be denied access to public schools, day care, etc.

Simply holding these willful ignorant legislators and governors to political account …..in addition .. any State Legislator or Governor who supports this pending disaster should be made aware they will be held CRIMINALLY LIBEL for all children who suffer death or permanent injury from this vaccine.


"Vaccination is child abuse. Vaccination is the unethical practice of medicine. Vaccination is fraudulent science. Vaccination is corrupt business practice. Vaccination is barbaric. Vaccination must be stopped."

But but but... haven't you heard Laura? Moderate positions are much better for us and easier to argue.

The same governments and pharma companies that lie through their teeth about vaccine safety would never lie about the efficacy of vaccines or the dangers of these diseases.

Besides, I remember when I was growing up a doctor told me that some kid had died of measles. And I'm sure this doctor did lots and lots of useful tests to prove his statement and he didn't just say so because it suited his narrative.


..."Vaccination is child abuse. Vaccination is the unethical practice of medicine. Vaccination is fraudulent science. Vaccination is corrupt business practice. Vaccination is barbaric. Vaccination must be stopped."

I'll second that.

Laura Hayes

Worth the watch.

A heartfelt thank you to the two well-spoken women whose health and well-being have been shattered by HPV and flu vaccines. Listening to them opens an important window of understanding to what happens to infants and toddlers who cannot put into words what is happening to them post-vaccination.

Vaccination is child abuse. Vaccination is the unethical practice of medicine. Vaccination is fraudulent science. Vaccination is corrupt business practice. Vaccination is barbaric. Vaccination must be stopped.

susan welch

Fantastic video. Thank you for posting.


I have seen the video with Colton and his mom. It's absolutely heartbreaking.

Highly recommend the video with Mary Holland and Dr. Palevsky. It was so interesting and the two young women who described their horrific side effects from the Gardasil series needs to be seen by anyone who would even contemplate this vaccine for either themselves, or their children.


Ohh, and Colton and his Mom just breaks my heart.
I know he always had that one arm of his in a sling; that he could not breath on his own, but the pretty smile! Oh, his mother's efforts to make things as normal as she could. His father too. I was just shocked that it beat him emotionally. I guess he was not getting better and when hope is gone.


Yeah Hans;
Let me see if I can get this quote right from the Tucker Carlson's show.

A right now; 40 year old woman has a better chance or an equal chance of becoming pregnant as a younger woman in her teens and twenties.

Seems like they know a lot.
How much do they know, and when did they know it?

I want prison times and I am getting to the point that maybe some crimes do need to call for execution's. Hmmm well by the time our justice system ever, Ohhhh, -if ever - gets around to it; we are going to need every human being left even if they are scum.

Hans Litten

Zonastat- P (P is for Primate) aka Gardasil


For years, when community residents became agitated about the presence of deer in their neighborhoods, government leaders and residents often defaulted to shooting or even killing the animals with arrows as a way to reduce their densities. Now, in a move that will help communities interested in considering a different and humane response to conflicts with wildlife, the Environmental Protection Agency has approved the registration of the immunocontraceptive vaccine, Zonastat- D, for the management of deer populations.
Similar to the Zonastat-H vaccine, whose use in the humane control of wild horse populations is well established and effective, Zonastat-D is the trade name for the porcine zona pellucida (PZP) vaccine, adapted for deer. PZP blocks fertilization by triggering the production of antibodies that bind to the protein envelope surrounding the egg.
Adding this vaccine to the management toolbox enables wildlife managers to reduce populations gradually, often without resorting to lethal methods. Sport hunting or sharpshooting management options are often considered unsafe, impractical, and unpalatable in many urban and suburban communities.
The HSUS has traveled a long road with its partners to reach this point. Field studies on deer that provided the foundation for this registration stretch back to 1993, when scientists from the Science and Conservation Center in Billings, Montana, and the University of Toledo joined HSUS staffers to administer the first PZP-filled darts to deer at Fire Island National Seashore in New York. Subsequent HSUS field studies at the National Institute of Standards and Technology – our neighbors in Gaithersburg, Maryland – and a collaboration with Tufts University at Fripp Island, South Carolina, provided more validation. These were experimental programs, and the authorization for the use of the vaccine had only been made at these select locations.
Having treated many hundreds of deer with PZP, HSUS scientists and other researchers who have experience with the vaccine have abundant evidence to demonstrate that it’s safe for the animals, doesn’t pass through the food chain, and is effective in reducing reproductive success. When used properly, PZP reduces fawning rates by 85 to 90 percent. The EPA’s approval of the vaccine affirms those conclusions, and I’m pleased to see this piece of good news for animals coming out of the Trump administration.
But there’s still work to be done. The HSUS will need to work with state wildlife agencies and legislatures to ensure that the use of PZP — where appropriate — is sanctioned. And now that Zonastat-D is federally registered, The HSUS is looking forward to working with communities whose residents want to embrace non-lethal programs and build comprehensive, humane solutions that will encourage all of us to better understand and celebrate our wild neighbors.
When it comes to 21st century wildlife management, we need more options than mass killing. PZP is one revolutionary option that can help remake our relationship with deer, wild horses, elephants, and other species where localized overabundance is a social and even an ecological concern.
P.S. If you’d like to learn more about non-lethal wildlife management, I recommend checking out the Botstiber Institute’s 8th International Conference on Wildlife Fertility Control, which The HSUS is co-hosting next week in Washington D.C. The use of fertility control for deer populations, as well as many other species, will be discussed by experts from around the world. Register here for the conference.

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