Health Choice 4 Action Responds To False & Disparaging Remarks
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The right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly is critical to a functioning democracy and at the core of the First Amendment.

V for Vaccine Mask Protest
Anti-vaccine protesters demonstrate outside Comic-Con on July 20, 2019 in San Diego.Daniel Knighton / Getty Images file

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Below is an article from NBC critical (shocking) of the V is for Vaccine movement, which is flash mobbing accurate information critical to informed consent from coast to coast.  I've complied a short list of other articles from NBC News that illustrate how the language changes based on whether or not the protest content jives with NBC's marching orders. 

The ACLU has something to say about the importance of protests in the United States of America.  Protests about civil rights tore the fabric of the nation. Protests about gay rights tore the fabric of the nation. The fabric heals. Unlike our many of our vaccine injured children.  The fact that powerful forces in government, industry, public health and worldwide organizations despise that we are opening the eyes of citizens enrages them. And so they must make seem out of control and dangerous - and then they can start cracking down. 

I train in Shito Ryu Karate-do. Karate-do means "way of the open/empty hand."  We never strike first.  There is no opening attack in Karate-do. But we are duty bound to defend. To any of our friends and family and colleagues who join these and other demonstrations, I implore you. Stay calm. Breathe. Remember that the other side will taunt you, and try to goad you into reaction - into striking first. DO NOT. Ever. You'll simply feed their narrative. To Joshua Coleman and the V is for Vaccine movement - which is to say, most all of us: I will share the 5 tenets of the Shito-Ryu style, called the Go Do Shin:

1) Never forget the spirit of first beginning
2) Never neglect courtesy and etiquette
3) Never neglect effort
4) Never lose common sense
5) Never disturb harmony

From the ACLU: The right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly is critical to a functioning democracy and at the core of the First Amendment.  

Protected by the First Amendment and upheld over time as a bulwark of our free society, the rights to assemble, protest, and petition continue to come under fire today... ...We challenge laws that attempt to silence protesters, document abuses at these gatherings, represent protesters in court proceedings when their rights have been violated, and push back against government surveillance of protesters on the streets, in meeting halls, and on the Internet. We continue this fight because the right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly is essential to a functioning democracy.

From NBC News: Anti-vaccine groups take dangerous online harassment into the real world The aggressive approaches are "an awful new normal."Anti-vaccine groups take dangerous online harassment into the real world The aggressive approaches are "an awful new normal."   Opposition to immunizations was once largely limited to online bullying, but now opponents are increasingly taking their harassment tactics into the real world: aggressively following legislators and doctors and, in some cases, using physical violence.

NBC News Sexual Misconduct Controversy Draws Small Protest Outside 30 Rock 

Makes NBC look bad? It's just a "handful." A handful of protestors gathered outside NBC Studios at 30 Rockefeller Center on Wednesday to demand the ouster of top NBC News executives for the network’s handling of internal sexual misconduct allegations, among other issues.

‘No Justice, No Peace!’: Hundreds of People March Brooklyn Streets to Protest NYPD Tactics

Peaceful protesters filled main avenues Friday evening as they passed Barclays Center, angry over what they consider over-policing of the subway.



The photo Brandy has chosen for this fictional, libelous diatribe has nothing whatsoever to do with the random lies she's strung together to fluff off her desperate clinging sponsors.
The event depicted in the photo was ComiCon. No clinic. No patients.
As one of the people behind the mask in that photo I can attest to the fact that the only "harrassment" came from passersby and our costumes were tame by comparison to all who entered. The activists attending this educational event did nothing more than hand out flyers.
Her fictions place the costumed event out of context in the minds of her readers and as such makes a target out of those captured within the photo.
This aggressive obfuscation places the photographed in harms way and that places liability upon you, Brandy Zadrozny.


Very toxic and nasty stuff going on.
Rick Wilson on twitter "Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a...
https/>The Rick Wilson;

Truly repugnant,pass the vomit bucket please .

Halls of correction /Konzentratzionne halle ? with iron gates saying Dachau - Arbeit macht frei .

Staff in Dachau general hospital will want to chuck up their lunch hearing that toxic spew !


We are in the midst of a PROPAGANDA WAR....
A Propaganda Civil War....
AoA is certainly NOT "pro-vax", but neither is it "anti-vax", I believe.
But when PhRMA & their media and political puppets spinn truth against us, that's the LIE they claim.
It's good to start a Monday by both defending against, and attacking, the forces of GREED behind the pro-vax agenda.... When they claim "public health" drives them, is a shameful deception....
Mass over-vaxxing, sadly the current standard, is a profit-driven effort.

Bob Moffit

Webster defines "sophistry" thus: "misleading bur clever reasonable".

Unfortunately we live in a time where 'sophistry" has replaced what we once revered as "free press journalism" ….. where today's "journalist" is better described as a "sophist" … where a "peaceful, lawful demonstration" to a "sophist" is instead reported as "dangerous harassment".

It has become all but impossible to distinguish between today's "sophist" and history's "propagandist" .. described by Webster as ,, "any widespread presentation of particular ideas and doctrines".

Hans Litten

Neo-Con Republican strategist and Never Trumper Rick Wilson has suggested that anti-vaxxers should be put in re-education camps and have their children taken away.

Yes, really.

Wilson was responding to an NBC News story about how people who question the safety of vaccines are now taking their fight “offline” due to mass censorship by the likes of Facebook and are “harassing doctors and private citizens.”

“Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody,” responded Wilson.

Anti-vaxxers are a scourge and a strong argument for re-education camps, the immediate seizure of their property, and putting their children into protective custody.
— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) December 6, 2019

One could make the argument that anti-vaxxers are pushing harmful misinformation, but to suggest they should have their kids seized and put in gulags is clearly demented.

Respondents to the tweet were not impressed.

“Like China is doing to the Uyghur?” asked one.

“You should definitely visit the @AuschwitzMuseum because a place like that was only possible thanks to people who think like you,” remarked another.

While Wilson purports to be a conservative, he is in reality a deep state neo-con who has trashed President Trump for 3 years solid.

Hans Litten

The Greatest CRIME in all history EVER :

As the Merck MMR whistle blower case proceeds toward a resolution that increasingly appears to spell doom for Merck’s scandal ridden MMRII blockbuster, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) officials are scrambling to get Glaxo’s version of the MMR teed up to fill the coming vacuum.


RECAP: Two senior Merck scientists, Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski, filed their Federal whistleblower lawsuit in 2010 claiming Merck fraudulently added rabbit antibodies to human blood samples to gull FDA officials into believing the vaccine 95% effective and thereby win an MMR monopoly. When the scientists threatened to expose the fraud, Merck officials offered bribes, threatened them with prison and then destroyed the laboratory evidence in garbage bags.


Merck’s defective MMRII is currently causing dangerous Mumps epidemics in fully vaccinated adults across the globe. At FDA’s behest (GSK) recently published the results of US clinical trials for the hasty licensing of Glaxo’s (MMR) vaccine Priorix® (Klein et al. 2019). Knowing that no MMR can survive safety testing against an inert placebo, FDA allowed GSK to test Priorix against Merck’s MMR II. The results were so horrifying for both vaccine formulations that Glaxo and FDA decided against publishing them in the main paper burying them instead in a supplemental table within an addendum.

Table 6 displays the shocking results; Nearly 50% of vaccine recipients experienced adverse events within 42 days of vaccination and over 10% of these required emergency room visits. Roughly 2% of these adverse events were “serious” and 3.5% of vaccine recipients were diagnosed with a “new onset chronic disease” within 6 months of vaccination. These documented safety results are astronomically higher than the vaccine industry talking points which claim vaccine adverse events are “one-in-a-million”. They are much more in line with the results of the DHHS’s Lazarus study where 1 in 39 vaccine recipients showed an adverse reaction.

Hans Litten

Protests All Across The Land ?

Parents all across Long Island and New York state pulled their children out of school Thursday to oppose legislation working its way through the state Legislature that would mandate flu and HPV vaccinations for children.

A group gathered outside Democratic Sen. Todd Kaminsky’s office, who is on the state’s health committee, in Rockville Centre. Protesters say it should be up to parents and physicians, not the government, to decide what vaccines children should get.

Some added that they aren’t anti-vaccine, but believe parents should have a choice when considering their child’s reaction to a vaccine.
The chief of pediatric infectious diseases at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, Dr. Sharon Nachman, says the flu vaccine should be mandatory for children, and the HPV vaccine probably should be too.

Mother Kristy Bruno, of Great River, says her children are up to date on all state-mandated vaccines so far, but she doesn’t have her children get the flu shot anymore after one of them suffered a severe reaction to it.

A spokesman for Sen. Kaminsky says the bills for mandatory HPV and flu vaccines have been introduced every year in the Senate since 2014 but have never been up for a vote.

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