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New From Prof. Chris Exley Aluminium Adjuvants in Vaccines: Missing Information

AluminumBelow is an excerpt from the latest from Professor Chris Exley, in The Hippocratic Post blog.


I have been researching human exposure to aluminium for over thirty-five years. I am (sometimes affectionately) known as Mr Aluminium. About ten years ago, I became interested in aluminium adjuvants and specifically how they help to potentiate the immune response in vaccination. Funded initially by the Medical Research Council (Nanotoxicity of Aluminium Adjuvants) we set about testing dogma associated with their mechanism of action in vaccines. We have recently reviewed this subject including our own research in the field ( There are, of course, more questions remaining than answers obtained but we do now have a nascent understanding of the mode of action of aluminium adjuvants. It is clear that a vaccine including an aluminium adjuvant is an acute exposure to aluminium ( The aluminium adjuvant initiates an inflammatory response in the immediate vicinity of the injection site. Myriad infiltrating cells flood the damaged area and responding to the inflammation take up adjuvant and antigen into their cytoplasm ( though not necessarily as an adjuvant-antigen complex ( Adjuvant is transported to lymph glands ( and may also be carried in macrophages ( and other histiocytes throughout the body including into the brain ( The latter, though demonstrated in an animal model ( remains to be proven in humans. Vaccines that include an aluminium adjuvant are a source of aluminium to the rest of the body and this should be a concern.

This important and up to date information on aluminium adjuvants is missing from a vaccine safety information website hosted by the NHS ( Perhaps of equal importance is that the information given there is, at best, incorrect.

Example 1. ‘Adjuvants are added to vaccines in very small amounts, which have been shown to be safe.’
There have not been any clinical trials designed and carried out to test the safety of aluminium adjuvants. Not a single clinical safety trial for any vaccine that includes an aluminium adjuvant. Vaccine manufacturers are not obliged to demonstrate the safety of aluminium adjuvants. Indeed vaccine manufacturers invariably use aluminium adjuvants as placebos in vaccine efficacy trials (

Example 2. ‘There’s no evidence that the levels of aluminium we come across every day increase the risk of conditions like dementia or autism.’
There may not be consensus that aluminium increases the risk of dementia but there is burgeoning scientific evidence that this is the case. Recent research on aluminium in brain tissue in familial Alzheimer’s disease ( left very little doubt that aluminium, an accepted neurotoxin, contributes towards Alzheimer’s disease ( The advice given by the NHS is at best incorrect and at worst misinformation. While the evidence linking aluminium with autism remains preliminary the high content of aluminium in brain tissue in autism ( should not be so easily, perhaps conveniently, discarded.

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Thank you,Professor Chris Exley "Stick with it"
A red hot topic zone with an icy cold shoulder atmosphere kicking round about it?

More than half of NHS Highland workers didn't get flu jabs .
https/www.pressand>magority>-of.nhs. 20 September 2019.

One of my Cairn Terriers Therapets [Cainine Concern Scotland] nearly died a week after yearly vaccine boosters . Developed GME at 5 yrs granulomatous meningoencephalitis.
High temp then status epilepticus a vaccine injured wee dog left disabled with on-going ,eye-watering cost of vet bills to get paid .immunosuppressants/chemotherapy /anticonvulsant meds . with hefty behavioural problems ,issues, and difficulties to get sorted and settled as well !
Could terrier breed dogs help childrens science with brain biopsies of fully vaccinated /partially vaccinated and non vaccinated biopsies ?at end of life 18 yrs?or so.
Thank goodness for Kelly Chang, Vet Neurologist, Glasgow Vet School,area of intrest GME.
For old dented and worn out pots and pans and amalgum dental fillings /
Perhaps ask The Singing Dentist /Tutor, Glasgow Dental Hospital .
Tak a dram before you go .Alastair Gillies -YouTube

Angus Files

So lucky to have Prof Exley a true scientist.

Thank you

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

"There have not been any clinical trials designed and carried out to test the safety of aluminium adjuvants. Not a single clinical safety trial for any vaccine that includes an aluminium adjuvant. Vaccine manufacturers are not obliged to demonstrate the safety of aluminium adjuvants. Indeed vaccine manufacturers invariably use aluminium adjuvants as placebos in vaccine efficacy trials"

As a lifetime resident of NYS it has been a nightmare regarding our elected representatives callous disregard for the thousands of us who experienced and witnessed first hand our children suffer the severe life=threatening, life-long, life-altering injuries as a direct result of UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE VACCINES being injected into them. As our elected representatives continue their assault on parents by denying them their "religious exemption" and also denying them their universal humanitarian right to INFORMED CONSENT.

To add insult to very real injury caused by our elected representatives .. the following examples of legislation demonstrate these very same elected officials are extremely proud to publicly proclaim their utmost concern for the health of our children being exposed to TOXIC CHEMICALS … just not the toxic chemicals in vaccines:

#1 .. ALBANY — Toxic toys will soon be barred from store shelves in the Empire State.
Democrats in the state capital approved legislation Tuesday – part of a broad package of environmentally-friendly bills – banning the sale of toys containing hazardous chemicals and forcing companies to be transparent about potentially dangerous material. The law prohibits toys, clothing, and furniture made for kids from containing chemicals such as toxic flame retardants and requires the state Department of Environmental Conservation to list banned and dangerous chemicals on their website.

#2 … Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation (S.6145/A.7986) prohibiting the installation or covering of mercury-containing flooring in public and nonpublic elementary and secondary schools. "No parent should have to fear their child will be exposed to mercury vapors at school," Governor Cuomo said. "With this measure, New York is joining a small group of states that have taken this aggressive action to protect our children's health and safety." Rubber-like gymnasium floors commonly installed in schools from the 1960's through the 1990's often contained mercury and have begun to deteriorate. Some of the old floors are now emitting mercury vapors, even in instances where new wooden floors have been installed over the old mercury-containing flooring.

Still waiting for NY "health reporters" to ask Gov Cuomo if he has any concerns of mercury in flu vaccines after declaring everyone should get a flu vaccine this year?

Toxic chemicals in toys and floors .. BAD. Toxic chemicals in vaccines … GOOD.

And the band plays on and on … on and on ...

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