New From Prof. Chris Exley Aluminium Adjuvants in Vaccines: Missing Information
Largest rabbinical college in the nation takes a stand on religious freedom

Hillary Clinton on Howard Stern

BCEC8562-DDA0-43F8-8E8F-AAF1640AC1E3Update: The interview was excellent (Howard is a fantastic interviewer and had over an hour with the Secretary Clinton.) The interview to promote her new book about women throughout history with guts. I know so many women in our AofA family who should have a chapter.  Kim 

This morning. Channel 100 on SiriusXM. Not sure exact time but between 7:30 and 11:00 EDT. Is a Presidential run looming? 


Tracey RN

Thanks for the stats on the birth rate. I see it every shift I work. I have been at the same Hospital for almost 33 years working Newborn Nursery and NICU.
We used to average 250-300 births a month barely making a 100 now! What I do see is our NICU getting busier , could it be from the DtaP and flu shots moms are receiving? I believe so ,and believe me I voice my opinion loudly .I am sure they are wondering when I plan to retire, but I think I’ll stay forever just to be a thorn in everyone’s side!!
I am proud to say this year I’m not alone wearing my “ flu guard” . I have 7 followers . Can you you imagine what parents think when we all work the same shift! Surely gets the conversation flowing....

Hans Litten

Posted by: David m burd | December 05, 2019 at 06:23 PM

I cant find the previous item I came across but it was a bit worse than that.
And will post here if I find it again.

Chelsea speaks out regularly and is married into the Soros family.

I think if Hillary runs again and is elected we are in for a very rough ride.

The population of Samoa is 196k and apparently the WHO has put the country in lockdown.
The health ministry are refusing to answers all questions put to them for details.
All this after the MMR deaths back in July. The MSM is fully controlled.
And the Internet is being locked down so that the Safe & effective echo chamber can be resumed.
Thanks vm Susan Wocijikici & Gaggle & Mark Suckerberg
The US fertility rate dropped for the fourth straight year in 2018, and has fallen approximately 15% since 2007, according to the National Center for Health Statistics - which reports that there were 59.1 births for every 1,000 women of childbearing age.

In total, 3,791,712 births were recorded across the country last year - extending a steep decline that began during the 2008 Recession, according to the New York Times.
US Gardasil uptake 43% Gardasil invented 2006 Frazer . Stanley . Cambridge Univ,
UK 83% RIP
Gardasil has gone into 10 African states, China, India ...... & all Western States
so the next 30 years will be a roller coaster of a ride. Incredible times we live in. No one is safe.

David m burd


The Clintons go where the money goes (or comes from); They are typical of medically-illiterates who obey what Pharma Money tells them and pays them. They epitomize the worst of destroying our children and their families.


Even Bernie says he wants forced vaccines, unfortunately that party is controlled by the poisonous profiteers. Not that Trump is much better, but the Republican party has a number of people who will stand up against vaccine mandates.

Hans Litten

I understand that Kim...... I was surprised by recent investigations to find how deeply embedded the Clinton Family is in this abomination of a vaccine program. For example :

After only 24 days in office, President Bill Clinton announced a comprehensive childhood immunization initiative designed to assure that all children in the United States lead healthier lives by receiving age-appropriate immunizations against preventable diseases such as polio, mumps, measles, whooping cough, and diphtheria. As part of his economic stimulus proposal, the President requested $300 million for Fiscal Year 1993 to reinforce the nation's immunization infrastructure by providing funding for communities to extend clinic hours, provide more staff, and increase information and education efforts and for the planning and implementation of a national immunization tracking system. In its Fiscal 1994 budget request, the Administration asked for a doubling of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's immunization program funding to $667 million. In cooperation with key congressional committees, the Administration has also prepared legislation that would provide recommended childhood vaccines to States for free distribution to health care providers who serve children enrolled in Medicaid or who don't have health insurance that covers immunization services. Providers could not charge for the vaccine but could charge a fee for administration. State Medicaid programs would also be required to reimburse providers reasonably for vaccine administration. This measure is designed to improve universal access to immunization services by helping to remove financial barriers that impede children from being immunized at the appropriate age.

Gary Ogden

Jonathan Rose: Very good point. She trained first as an MP, then as a medic. She knows.


David, et al, good morning. I’m not endorsing her. I just wanted readers to have a chance to listen since she IS at the center of the vaccine religion per her TG Tweet and her Foundation’s work. Kim

David m burd

Kim, Hillary (and her daughter Chelsea) are brainwashed robots when it comes to our Vaccine Holocaust. Somehow your usual brilliant memory has fogotton Hillary's praising vaccines during her 2016 campaign:

"The science is clear, the earth is round, the sky is blue, and vaccines work".

By the way, husband Bill Clinton mental health seems getting ever worse - an inevitable outcome as he probably gets an annual flu shot loaded with Thimerosal.

Hans Litten

Her and her family are at the very heart of the promotion of the ever expanding vaccination program.
And have been since 1989.

Seriously who can believe a word of truth surrounding vaccination.
Or the lying thieving BBC
And as for Professor Pollard ? Or the WHO , the World Deception Organisation.

A new typhoid vaccine works "fantastically well" and is being used to help stop an almost untreatable strain of the infection, doctors say.
Cases of the bacterial disease fell by more than 80% in trials, published in the New England Journal of Medicine.
Experts said the vaccine was a game-changer and would reduce the "terrible toll wrought by typhoid".
Nine million children are being immunised in Pakistan, where typhoid is now extremely resistant to antibiotics.


When Hillary tweeted about vaccines last week, there were some good replies


She'd push the vaccine agenda further than President Trump helping the pharma funders she's beholden to. And let's not get started on how she knew what her husband did to Juanita Broderick. Or defended violent child rapists by insinuating things about the victim that were untrue. Hmm, I see a trend.

Jonathan Rose

There is some media speculation that Hillary will jump into the race. As one pundit put it, when a politician publishes a pointless book, it's a pretty clear sign that she will run for President. I agree, though, probably won't win the election and will only divide the Democrats still further.

Regarding our issues, it doesn't really matter. None of the Democratic candidates are addressing autism. All of them promote vaccination on their campaign websites -- with the conspicuous exception of Tulsi Gabbard, who is silent on the issue. I'm speculating, but it may be that she saw the damage vaccines have done to armed forces personnel. She is also maverick and a committed libertarian. So she might be worth watching. Yes, she's an extreme longshot, but she has proven to have more staying power than Kamala Harris, whom the pundits were calling a sure winner just a few weeks ago.


....*IF* Hilary runs in 2020, she will lose much worse than 2016, and will surely GUARANTEE Trump's re-election.... I wouldn't vote for her then, and won't now....
Most likely, she can't stand not being in the media spotlight for so long....
This is just Hilary promoting her book. Her "What Happened" book had surprisingly low sales numbers.
Everybody KNOWS how Hilary & the Dems blew it in 2016, so why waste $$$$ on a book?
Unless she or Howard Stern have something relevant to the VAXX debate, this is just another distraction!


Ye Gods, please no!!


Targeting the deplorables?...LOL

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