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The right to join with fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly is critical to a functioning democracy and at the core of the First Amendment.

Health Choice 4 Action Responds To False & Disparaging Remarks

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It is with great disappointment that Health Choice 4 Action (HC4A) is forced to address the emphatically false and disparaging remarks being shared on several social media platforms. Health Choice (HC) and HC4A have been referred to as “controlled opposition” while insulting remarks have been cast toward individual members and our national founders. 

Our main goals have empirically been, and continue to be, to protect our children and safeguard parental rights. It is apparent that these people do not share the same vision or objectives of HC, HC4A and its members. 

Our national founders and local leaders have volunteered countless hours over combined decades in advocacy to ensure that HC4A logoindividual health choice rights and the rights of parents, as the ultimate decision makers for their families’ health, are retained.  

In 2019, we have fought and continue to fight for informed consent, religious freedoms, civil liberties, parental rights and the guarantee that all children are afforded their fundamental right to an education - no matter race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or disability. 

We are unpaid parents, who spend countless hours and sleepless nights advocating to preserve our rights. We believe that these other individuals do not have the best interests of our children at heart. The mission of these local groups that support and promote distracting, divisive and destructive behavior does not align with HC or HC4A. The abusive actions and derogatory remarks towards mothers are a reflection of those individuals’ true character. 

HC and HC4A does not condone and will continue to refrain from engaging in social media peacocking, a distraction from our goals, and will solely focus on the real issues currently in our state, eliminating the bills and preventing discrimination in education.

HC & HC4A Leadership Team -



Jonathan Rose

Unfortunately this is a common ailment among protest movements, where some self-styled militants devote more energy to attacking their friends than to confronting their real enemies. I suggest we simply ignore such sniping and stand ready to work with anyone who will work with us, even if we don't absolutely agree with them about everything.

Read Caroline Kennedy book about civil rights

No idea what this is about but please remember that Pharma uses every tactic used by anyone doing propaganda. They will resort to anything to protect their profits and sow division among their opposition. Example: in the 1960’s Hoover’s FBI sent letters on the stationery of one Civil Rights organization telling personal lies about people in another org . The rift caused by this wasn’t solved for decades. The same thing happened with union busters who broke up marriages with lies insinuating affairs . Look closely at who is attacking you and if they truly are who they seem to be. Don’t be afraid to reach out call people or call them out to find out where this is coming from.

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