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Village Connection Network Interview with Professor Mary Holland and Dr. Larry Palevsky About the Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze! Welcome Jimmy Kimmel Today.

Joshua Coleman at Kimmel book signing
Decades ago, a wise mentor taught me a phrase that has helped me in every facet of my life: “Don’t punish progress.”

Late night TV Host Jimmy Kimmel has been mercilessly cruel to and about our vaccine injured children.  We've been a caricature to him.  And I have responded in less-than-kind. But this is the Christmas season, and the Hanukkah season. The season of miracles, softened hearts, generosity of spirit and rebirth. Joshua Coleman and Melissa Floyd each met Kimmel at his book signing last weekend. Joshua Coleman and Jessica Floyd have vaccine injured children. Neither Joshua nor Melissa attacked Jimmy, or assaulted him with their words. They taught him with gentle tones and facts about their vaccine injured children. Melissa shared how his callous disregard (shout out to Dr. Wakefield there, that's also the title of his book) made her feel. I once read something that said, "People might forget what you DO. But they do not forget how you made them FEEL."

Kimmel had no idea that the father and book buyer standing in front of him was the man behind the V is for Vaccine movement that peacefully interrupted his show last week, and who was expelled from the studio. Coleman could have gone up to Kimmel guns ablazing. He did not. He took a wise and mature approach. He spoke to him without ever letting on who he is. He posted a video on Facebook of the meeting - watch if you can.

Sometimes I talk about my martial arts training. We have a set of seven commandments. And the first one is, "As my strength increases, I shall cultivate a gentle heart."   I congratulate Josh and Melissa for their gentle hearts, despite being broken by vaccine injury and stomped upon by Kimmel and so many before him. I hope Kimmel's heart softens too, Cindy Lu whotoward all of us, and that he starts to learn for himself that we are not a threat, nor lunatics, nor simply angry.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!
Welcome Christmas, come this way!
Fah who foraze! Dah who doraze!
Welcome Jimmy Kimmel  Today!

We will welcome him to knowledge, compassion and to help fight against mandates. We do not want to welcome him to the family of the vaccine injured. May his family stay safe.

Jimmy Kimmel Melissa floydIn the words of Melissa Floyd, Mom to Serenity.

The day I met Jimmy Kimmel and told him about my daughter Serenity....

I knew I wouldn’t have much time. I knew this issue was contentious. I knew there was security and staff standing close by already on high alert. But I also knew I HAD to have a heart-to-heart with him, no matter how brief, and tell him a little of my child’s story. I wanted him to see my sincerity, understand there was suffering, and recognize the humanity of “the other side”. I went in it with an open heart and an open mind. The most important thing was #INTENTION.

***What is your intention when we talk with others about this issue? What is your desired outcome? What do you hope to accomplish at the end of the conversation? You have to know that first BEFORE going in. Intention is everything!***

🙏 This was MY intention: I wanted Jimmy to know children like mine exist, they were innocent victims, and they don’t deserve ridicule or discrimination. That’s it! I just wanted him to know. What he chose to do with that information was up to him and his conscience.

The first thing I did when I walked to the table was ask him to sign my daughter’s name. I wanted him to know her name.

Serenity exists and Serenity was hurt. 😢

I told him briefly of the seizures and neurological damage when she was just 2 months old. I told him how “she took one for the team.” I reminded him she doesn’t deserve to be ridiculed and doesn’t deserve discrimination because she didn’t ask for this...and we didn’t ask to be in this situation.

He stopped signing the book, you could tell he was a little uncomfortable. He intently looked me in the eyes. He paused. And he told me:

“I’m gonna try to be more sensitive on this issue.”

I hadn’t asked him for anything specifically, but more #compassion was EXACTLY what I was placing my intention on. Wanting more compassion is why I joined the silent protest earlier in the week at his TV show wearing a “My Daughter Was Injured By Vaccines” shirt. Compassion and understanding allow the walls to come down and the connection to happen. And he had offered that to me voluntarily. I was honestly a bit surprised.

I also made sure to thank him for being willing to have an #honorable exchange with the advocate in front of me — an uncharacteristically long conversation, with sympathy and respect, that was powerful to witness. There was some difference of opinion there too...something we have all experienced when one is a strong believer in the “official narrative” on this issue. But with that, there was also listening, acknowledgment, and some humanity.

As i was wrapping up I told him I would read the book with my daughter while we talk about the concept of #forgiveness. He heard me and then he quickly closed with something about the good work of CHOC hospital, the recipient of the book’s profits. I nodded politely and left the table.

I felt #brave. Overcoming nerves isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially with a well-known public figure, large security guards, and a line full of people. It would have been easy to just change my mind about doing it. But I stood in line thinking about my daughter and how I needed to be brave for her. I needed my advocacy for her to be bigger than my fears.

The big question is this. What are our intentions? And how impactful do you want your conversations to be? How do you get through to someone whose defense mechanisms are fully raised? The goal is not to change anyone’s mind or get them to believe what you believe. The goal is to help them see why you’re here and why you’re fighting. The rest will come. It is such a powerful understanding and a very important lesson.

We have to make a real difference. And we have to be open-hearted. Will Jimmy Kimmel make some grand gesture supporting medical freedom and apologizing to the hundreds of thousands he indirectly offended with his public comments about “anti-vaxxers”? Nope. Not likely. In fact, he has been a vocal proponent in the past for tighter laws restricting exemptions. BUT, kudos to Jimmy for choosing to respond like a human being — the most we can ask for from anyone until they experience a shift first-hand. I gained a little bit of respect for him yesterday. One down, lots more to go. 🙏




..."The idea that Kimmel's kid is "more at risk" from unvaxxed kids, is PhRMA MARKETING HYPE, and paranoid alarmism, as far as I'm concerned."

I hope you didn't misunderstand what I stated in my last comment. Most all of us who read and/or comment here are aware of the big pharma lies and propagandist soundbites they spew about vaccines, one of the them being that unvaccinated kids pose some sort of health threat to children who cannot be vaccinated...

I have no idea what Mr. Kimmel's son's physicians may have told him about vaccines, or further, if he's been told that unvaccinated children pose some sort of health threat to his son.

But let's say that he has been told by his physicians that unvaccinated children pose a health risk to his son (due to his son's heart/health condition). If Jimmy sincerely believes that unvaccinated kids are a health risk to his own child, this COULD explain his nastiness toward the unvaccinated/vaccine injured kids and their parents.

I hope that Jimmy delves into some research on his own re this issue. I am glad to hear, from both Joshua and Melissa, that Jimmy seemed to be listening to them/their stories.

That's a start at any rate...


Just a thought, and a suggestion.... Type or hand-write a sincere, calm, factual letter about your personal experiences.... Have it folded in an unsealed envelope, addressed with stamp, and your BASIC contact info, if you want a reply.... When you meet Kimmel, or any other famous/influential person, you can have you quick minutes of chat, AND hand them the letter, which they can read later, at their leisure. I think could have a much greater impact, and foster important dialogue. Hope this helps!
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people....
btw, I have seen little or no solid science that un-vaxxed kids "spread germs" any more than vaxxed kids do. The idea that Kimmel's kid is "more at risk" from unvaxxed kids, is PhRMA MARKETING HYPE, and paranoid alarmism, as far as I'm concerned....


..."When I see Kimmel ACT on his new found sensitivity I will be the first to applaud him for doing so.:

I understand this emotion. But I also see a man like Jimmy who has a son who has (I don't have the whole story on this) a heart defect and a man who also loves HIS child, dearly. It's very probable that Jimmy has been told by his son's physicians that the unvaccinated kids may pose a grave risk to his immunocompromised son. Hence, Jimmy's anger and vitriol aimed at the so called anti-vaxx community. It's a knee jerk reaction from a parent who loves his son deeply and has bought into the PR/rhetoric of the pro camp.

For that, I do have some sympathy for him. But now that he has been confronted (politely and compassionately) by two parents about this issue, I, too, will be very interested to see what, if anything, transpires from this. Will he dial down his nasty rhetoric aimed at vaccine injured kids and the parents of these kids, or will he even possibly come out and admit that his eyes (and perhaps his heart) have been opened a bit.

Joshua and Melissa have both stated that they honestly felt that Jimmy was moved re their stories.

Time will tell.


I found all of this re Josh and Jimmy on Facebook last night. I then watched Joshua's FB video and was moved to tears. I've never seen this side of Joshua before. I don't know Joshua, but I do know that at times, he's been more shall we say, abrasive, with his approach at times (and who can blame him?).

But this was different. This was a HEARTFELT moment, I feel, between BOTH Joshua and Jimmy and I have to say, it was wonderful to watch. I think Jimmy was sincerely touched with both Joshua's and Melissa's stories. I have to say, I was really, really proud of Joshua when I watched him last night. I have always been profoundly moved by Otto's story and even though I have never met Joshua in person, nor have I ever written or spoken to him, Otto's story has always impacted me very deeply.

Melissa's statement is powerful; what she states is so true (as to 'intent' behind our message). I have honestly tried to always, always maintain my emotions and keep them in check when I would find myself enmeshed in anti vs. pro rhetoric regarding the vaccine issue. I found myself in just this arena two days ago, on an online newspapear regarding flu shots. An article was posted by a young physician, to "get your flu shot," followed up with the usual CDC/Big Pharma sound bites.

I thought about 'biting,' but then thought...nah. I'll pass. But when a certain someone started posting comments that were abusive to someone in our community who had simply written a letter to parents asking them to do their due diligence re the vaccine issue, I had to say my piece. We went head-to-toe with quite a few back and forth comments. But I held my emotions in check, was polite, and provided more than a few sound and factual bits of information to this person. It's amazing to me to see how emotional people can get on this topic.

In the end, I truly felt sorry for the gentleman who was so clearly buying into the PR/Big Pharma rhetoric. I hope, though, that I planted a seed and I hope that others read all of my comments. I checked last night to see if I could leave one last link to a lecture by Dr. Palevsky re the measles vaccine, but noted that the article was no longer showing up.

Even on a small online newspaper, censorship is rampant. But it just takes one person at a time TO HEAR and then to share with others.

BRAVO! to both Joshua and Melissa! You both made my day, yesterday.

Bob Moffit

I'm sorry .. but .. Kimmel's comment … “I’m gonna try to be more sensitive on this issue"
.. in a private conversation .. though welcome to hear … is meaningless to me.

Actions speak louder than mere words. When I see Kimmel ACT on his new found sensitivity I will be the first to applaud him for doing so.


"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eye for an instant."
Henry David Thoreau

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