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Dr. David Gorski, Pharma Troll, Comes Out From Under the Bridge

Troll doc Note: Many of us have been subjected to David Gorski's.... blog.  James Grundvig shines a light under the ole troll bridge. Trip trap trip trap.... Imagine a breast cancer doctor who devotes his life to shaming, ridiculing and dismissing.... WOMEN. 


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By James Grundvig, Investigative Reporter and Vaxxter contributor

Why would a well-paid cancer surgeon and researcher breach medical ethics and professional conduct on a weekly basis by skimming the internet to formulate social media attacks against scientific researchers, fellow physicians, and parents of vaccine-injured children?

Why go there?

And what is the Detroit metro area Dr. David Gorski’s connection to vaccines, anyway?

The last question, at least on the surface, is initially hard to decipher since all of his 36 co-authored papers listed on PubMed, Gorskidating back to 2003, show that not a single study involves vaccines or vaccination. Not one. Before answering these questions and rebutting Gorski’s recent smear of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and this author, the background and profile on Dr. David Gorski is required.

Dr. Gorski as ‘Orac’

Gorski, you see, spends most of his evenings and weekends hiding behind the online persona of ‘Orac.’ That allows him to lob ad-hominin attacks on physicians, scientists, activists, and parents-turned-researchers who investigate vaccines and search for solutions to the health crisis occurring in their children.

The Orac website “respectful insolence” houses the main Molotov cocktails for his blog posts. Of note, there’s nothing respectful nor professional about the sophomoric site. For years, he hid behind the ‘Orac’ avatar since he didn’t want his cancer career to be impacted by his hate speech. As Orac, he hurled invectives at other professionals like an unhinged teenager.

But wait. There’s more.

Dr. Gorski also runs another, more moderate website that also attacks “anti-vaxxers,” called Science-Based Medicine. That site, in which he is the self-appointed managing editor, enables him to attack the anti-vax movement in a seemingly more lofty and professional manner.

By operating the two polar opposite personality websites, the medical professional know-it-all and the sinister, juvenile Orac, he can vacillate between bogus professionalism and feigned martyrdom while really being just a gutless, humorless pharma troll posting to entertain his “followers.”

By attacking any professional or parent who dares questions vaccine safety and efficacy, Gorski shows an apparently insatiable desire to expand his hate list. He wants to add more names of people he doesn’t agree with, more names to attack, and more names to sully. For what purpose? The Internet in the United States is a two-way street. He’s free to attack those he disagrees with or doesn’t like.

And they are free to slam him back.

Gorski/Orac is such an unusual two-way street, however, that at least one secret admirer of the Wayne State University cancer professor set up a website in his own name: DavidGorski.News. How many medical professionals have earned that bottom-feeder distinction? Nothing on the site is becoming of a medical researcher.

Orac takes the fight with his enemies a step further. Gorski lists all of the articles where his name and reputation were smoked and dragged through the mud by publishing three full pages on claims of slander, libel, and defamation against him but doesn’t give a second thought to the slander, libel, and defamation he inflicts on others. Pathetic.

But there are interesting questions. Why would a ‘prestigious’ physician publish such a blistering hit list against his own name and reputation, rather than taking direct action against his attackers? Why not hire a lawyer? Why not sue for character assassination? Why didn’t Gorski take his attackers to court, remove all of the derogatory information, and win for damages?

Could it be that the way current libel and slander law is written, it requires claims to document that personal earnings were damaged by the defamation? Or perhaps he realized that in an actual lawsuit, he would be aggressively deposed by the defendants? Being put under oath and having economic records exposed through deposition may be one of many reasons Gorski has taken no legal action.

If David Gorski, MD, Ph.D., was such a good cancer surgeon and scientific researcher, why does he waste his time defending Big Pharma’s vaccines?

Well, there could be two reasons.

  • One, Gorski could be doing it for money: Trolls can be paid by the vaccine manufacturers either directly, or indirectly through pharma-controlled grant money or a CDC-type foundation.
  • Second, Gorski simply doesn’t like human beings, especially those who think for themselves. Maybe he had a tough childhood and has no adult friends, which could explain why he devotes much of his free time to attacking people he’s never met.

Why would Dr. Gorski of Wayne State University and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center risk his professional reputation and that of the university and cancer research institute he works for with his nasty form of activism? It’s not like he runs his own practice and can afford to be reckless. Could his dumb risks drag Wayne State University and the Karmanos Cancer Institute, which is owned by McLaren Health Care, into the toxic swamp online media with him?

Wayne State University’s message from Chairman Donald W. Weaver reads, in part:

The Department has a long and rich history of clinical excellence, educational innovation, and novel research The Department faculty is a mix of senior surgeons, accomplished, experienced surgeons and young, well-trained surgical specialists eager to contribute their skills to teaching the craft of surgery.”

In the case of Dr. David ‘Orac’ Gorski, there appears to be little “clinical excellence” or “educational innovation” or “novel research” on display, by the doctor who spends his time producing personal attacks, making a bad name for himself and the institutions that give him a paycheck.

Despite disclosing conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry on his quasi-serious website, Gorski apparently feels like he’s keeping some sort of   “dark secret” that defines who he really is. It won’t be long until the whole world sees what he thinks is hidden away in a tightly sealed padlocked box.

Gorski’s Measles Argument Falls Flat

In one of Gorski’s arguments, he gaslights an old tactic of falsely labeling people without supporting an argument or dissecting what they wrote. He bypasses the links that Tenpenny provided to the timeline of events in Samoa. He ignored, but doesn’t refute, the links used to the WHO, CDC, and environmental researchers in my article on the overhyped measles outbreaks in the Congo and Samoa.

The following poison paragraph, Gorski truly shows his pharma troll bias, incompetence, and denialism on the subject of the media’s inflated 5,000 measles deaths being solely on the infection:

“That’s nice. There are authors who fervently believe that the world is flat, that the Holocaust is a hoax, that evolution doesn’t happen, and that ghosts exist. That doesn’t mean Mr. Grundig’s opinion that thousands of cases of reaction to acetaminophen are being misdiagnosed as measles should be taken any more seriously than that of a flat earther on the shape of the planet. Hilarious in his scientific ignorance, Grundig even tries to weaponize the recent finding.”

In response to Gorski’s false claims (bold above), scientists from The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge published a 2017 study on acetaminophen.

The author of the book, “The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism,” James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D. emailed me with the line based on Gorski’s drivel:

“[Apparently] Denialists (aka Gorski) need to be spoon-fed literature on the risks of acetaminophen following MMR.”

So, let’s make David Gorski, the coward who hides behind the Orac avatar, an open invitation to debate Dr. Sherri Tenpenny in Detroit, Michigan, his home turf, with author with investigative journalist James Grundvig moderating the debate. Other well-known pharma trolls, Drs. Paul Offit and Peter Hotez, won’t debate the science on how unsafe and defective vaccines are. Recall they have turned down numerous requests and challenges. Years on, both Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Lyons-Weiler, PhD, are still waiting with open invitations to debate the pro-vaccine trolls on the science.

We are quite sure that Gorski, Hotez and Offit will all wait until “hell freezes over” before stepping into the ring with the likes of RFK Jr., James Lyons-Weiler, Sherri Tenpenny or similar colleagues.

The fun thing about calling out the trolls is that it gets the creative juices flowing. I’m working on a new book, a sequel to my book Master Manipulator. The new book is Master Manipulators: The Rise of the Pharma Cartel and Its Trolls. The title speaks for itself.

Gorski has now carved out an entire chapter all for himself. The investigation into a cancer “doctor” who elevates his self-serving status by targeting self-described enemies has just begun.


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James Grundvig has written and published as a freelance journalist and columnist, covering subjects from autism, its cause and treatments, clean technology, green energy, and the BP Oil Spill, to business and Wall Street, and completed investigative reports on a wide range of topics since 2005. He is the founder of the cloud-based software startup in 2011 to integrate supply chain logistics in the Construction IT space. He has 25 years of consulting engineering and construction management experience on projects of scale and complexity in the New York City area. He is the author of Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement and the Government Betrayal at the CDC.




One, Gorski could be doing it for money: Trolls can be paid by the vaccine manufacturers either directly, or indirectly through pharma-controlled grant money or a CDC-type foundation.
Second, Gorski simply doesn’t like human beings, especially those who think for themselves. Maybe he had a tough childhood and has no adult friends, which could explain why he devotes much of his free time to attacking people he’s never met.

Two reasons
his upset with the up tick of abusive parents refusing to give the children the wonder of medicine that are vaccines. Making them suffer unnecessary pain from illness that could have been prevent by a simple prinprick.

Making fun of moronic anti vaxxers is quite fun.

Also vaccines don't make that much money. Pharma would just make more money by funding bogus studies like the fraud wakefield did. So everybody would get sick so they could sell drugs and other treatments. Has thats how they make their money.


I knew this guy was paid off just by reading his blog!

John Stone


I take it that the Gorski blog is primarily aimed at brutally maintaining group think among science professionals: it is a vehicle for telling people how much they will be maligned, ostracised and persecuted if they step out of line - if they were to ever think for one moment that the naked emperor had no clothes. The primary aim of the violence of Hitler’s language against Jews was to make sure that no one defended Jews. Whatever the scientific content of Gorski’s column it is actually minimal in relation to its promotion of intolerance, and his apparent desire to humiliate. If the science was sound, quite simply there would be no necessity for a defence in such terms.

It is possible the content of these "spokespeople", such as Pan, Orac, others, originates from pharmacy strategists, as is the case with much of MSM. The focus lately appears to promote the fantasy that vaccine safety criticism constitutes a dangerous social construct. Perhaps they are baiting, in hopes that responses to their effort, which may even be sometimes manufactured for this purpose (who knows, but the technology is there) make a case for this as a legislative imperative, to brand critics with a "dangerous" label, to ban speech by restricting access and content, and eliminate peaceful public protest.

Greyone, I would say although nefarious, Orac and Resepectful Insolence have not reached that deep level of connivance. RI's simple aim is a matter of duping the naive public into rejecting us crazy 'antivaxxers', and gambling with vaccines. To this end, they will dish out their copious servings of insults, ad homs, strawmen, and blatant lies.

While touring there, I recently encountered one such episode of egregious dishonesty. On the 'DeLong' thread, a commenter that goes by 'Dr Joel Harrison' made a comment, denying that the sub-analysis for race was a part of the protocol in the Thompson paper. I refuted his comment with this quote from Thompson's Whistleblower Documents.

The final analysis plan described analyses for the TOTAL sample and the BIRTH CERTIFICATE sample which included assessment of the RACE variable. (See pages 7 and 8 of the Final Analysis Plan). There were two primary endpoints for the study. One was using a threshold of 36 months (see Table 3a of Final Analysis Plan), and the second was a threshold of 18 months. (See Table 3b of Final Analysis Plan). We hypothesized that if we found statistically significant effects at either the 18-month or 36-month threshold, we would conclude that vaccinating children early with the MMR vaccine could lead to autism-like characteristics or features. We never claimed or intended that if we found statistically significant effects in the TOTAL SAMPLE, we would ignore the results if they could not be confirmed in the BIRTH CERTIFICATE SAMPLE.

Joel did not respond, and recently when I went back in to check, both his and my comment were deleted.


It is possible the content of these "spokespeople", such as Pan, Orac, others, originates from pharmacy strategists, as is the case with much of MSM.
The focus lately appears to promote the fantasy that vaccine safety criticism constitutes a dangerous social construct.
Perhaps they are baiting, in hopes that responses to their effort, which may even be sometimes manufactured for this purpose (who knows, but the technology is there)
make a case for this as a legislative imperative, to brand critics with a "dangerous" label, to ban speech by restricting access and content, and eliminate peaceful public protest.

Aimee Doyle

I am glad that Senator Stone is speaking out. But restoring the religious exemptions from vaccination in California, Maine, New York, Mississippi, and West Virginia won't stop the autism epidemic. It was well underway - growing each year - even before religious exemptions were being attacked.

In the states that still do have religious exemptions, not all parents can use them. Some states, such as Nebraska, have rigorous requirements to take advantage of the exemption. In Nebraska, parents must submit “an affidavit signed by a legally authorized representative stating that the immunization conflicts with the tenets and practices of a recognized religious denomination of which the student is a member.”


I'v been at RI battling Orac and the Choir for a while now, and I did bring up the strory of Sen Jeff Stone being remorseful about co-authoring SB277 after his daughter was diagnosed with autism. Not sure if that's where you picked up on the story, White Rose. Orac's Choir scoffed at the story, saying it didn't sound trustworthy, and, in fairness, I did not find any other source corroborating it.

Still, the Politichicks Reporter did state that the Senator shared his story with parents protesters outside of the Cali Legislature and before he gave his testimony against SB 276. This was back in September, and to date, no source has surfaced of him refuting it. There is also the concrete record of his testimony against the bill, stating...

This bill is unprecedented and a dangerous intrusion, not only into the doctor-patient relationship, but also the personal liberties of the parents and their children,” said Sen. Sen. Jeff Stone (R-Temecula). “With all due respect to my colleague, I support what he’s trying to do, I just don’t think SB 276 is the right tool to get us there.

As well, in early Novermber news came out that the Senator would be resigning his position and joining the Trump administration. The article also mentioned him co-authoring SB 277 and doing an about face and testifying against the follow-up bill.

White Rose

Bill & Belinda if you are there monitoring me GAVI ? & I assume you are

They tatoo'ed the victims in the concentration camps too didn't they ?
Invisible ink doesn't change anything !


Thanks so much for posting that White Rose.
Autism really hurts. I’m sorry Senator Stone joined the club and I’m also glad he’s speaking out. The family friction is real. Ours is 15 years long and has grown as wide as the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t the only one who lost when my son became severely autistic following Merck’s MMR, the whole family did. And during Christmas, it hurts even more.
Wishing you all an organic GFCF holiday.


Big Pharma is the big player in the Medical Industrial Complex . A subset of this is the Cancer Industrial Complex and Vaccine Industrial Complex. They all feed off each other.

Vaccines cause a host of illness that are treated by the Medical Industrial Complex using Big Pharma drugs. Vaccines also may be responsible in part for increased Cancer rates which are a big part of Big Pharmas business given that new drug treatments cost up to 50,000 per year or more.

The general Medical Industrial Complex diagnoses cancer patients earlier due to more frequent and damaging scans (which may cause cancer themselves) so they can be treated (poisoned) longer by Big Pharmas products following their initial slash and burn medical treatments. . However, early detection and early treatment does not necessarily equate with overall survival.

Yet you say the survival figures they provide look good (actually many new drugs offer only a few months or at best a couple of years longer survival at a cost of poor qol due to side effects). This is simply because the cancer has been detected earlier. Many people with small cancers have no symptoms for years, and some of them spontaneously regress or grow so slowly you die of other causes not knowing of the cancer unless autopsied. Also, many of these treatments kill cancer patients from the side effects and the cause of death is listed as not cancer related, inflating the treatments effectiveness.

So you see, if you are in Big Pharmas pockets you can serve at various levels and not just your particular specialty

As I have said before, vaccines are just one component of the Big Lie

Angus Files

Orac a pharma unflushable never mind how hard we flush the turd is still there!

Pharma For Prison


Kara Finn

I always think Orac sounds like a brand of vacuum cleaner. It is pathetic odd.

A normal person would get in the arena and debate with actual facts.

This is about punishing us for inadvertently exposing the underbelly of medicine, for saying the emperor has no clothes . It has nothing to do with actual science. He wanted to be a God when he became a dr. His adolescent self cannot handle any any any any challenge. And hence Orac.

This is like the people who literally do not care about the truth if they think it threatens their place in the hierarchy. This is about the people who do not have the courage to face facts because they don’t have the creativity to devise a way to repair the damage or own up to their part in it . So they try to squash us down in a desperate game of whack-a-mole . If only we would go away! They try to address the symptoms not the cause —a metaphor for the bad type of medicine they do. The great doctors such as tenpenny, Sears, Wakefield, etc have the courage and brains to look for the actual cause. If there is an outlier they follow it to it’s related truth. This is how true science advance:s. Gorski and Offit take the outlier and desperately try to make the signal go away.

White Rose

Sen. Jeff Stone (why didn't you listen to us in the first place ?)

“I have become very empathetic seeing dozens if not hundreds of severely injured kids.”

Sacramento, California – A Republican State Senator in California who once coauthored a vaccine bill, faced a recall effort and division with his own family, expressed remorse last week to parents of vaccine injured children at the state capital. Senator Jeff Stone’s emotional appeal was also directed to his colleagues before they voted on a pair of new vaccine related bills, SB 714 and SB 276.
With the cry of babies and disgruntled parents in the background Stone said, “This issue over immunizations has created major pressures in my own profession of being a pharmacist and pushed me to the limits of being an elected official, trying to balance the two.”

Stone reflected on his past bill, SB 277, that was coauthored with Senator Richard Pan and passed in 2015, “When we were considering SB 277 it was the time I had my first grandchild. It was then determined at my granddaughters one year birthday she was autistic. It happened at the same time she received the MMR vaccine.”
Under SB 277 religious and philosophical (personal belief) exemptions to vaccinate for any child, any dose, throughout the state were eliminated and only medical exemptions were allowed. Today SB 276 if signed by Governor Newsom will eliminate medical vaccination exemptions and Senate Bill 714 would invalidate any medical exemption from a doctor who faced disciplinary action by the state medical board.
Stones’ voice cracked this week as he spoke how SB 277 divided his family.
“It created some serious significant friction between my children and myself,” said Stone. “I can’t tell you how much it hurts me to see my son and daughter in-law, to visit my six year old granddaughter who still wears a diaper. She has never held a conversation. When I tell my granddaughter I love you, I would give a million dollars to hear her say grandpa I love you.
“We know today that a human immune system is not fully mature until a child is 12- 14 years old. I look up and see the incidences of autism in the state and in the country with the immunization schedules we see, the schedules I think may be too erroneous may be too overbearing for a child’s immune system that cause an autoimmune reaction,” said Stone. “We are still learning about the immune system and how it works.”

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