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Celebrating an Electric Yule Log Christmas

Christmas_angel-3By Kim Rossi

When I was a child, I used to visit my auntie and uncle in Florida (pronounced FLAH-ridder in Massachusetts, my home state) during winter break. They had an electric log fireplace that crackled as a rotating something or other made of foil slowly turned to mimic fire. It mesmerized me. As I was looking for an interesting Yule Log for today's Christmas post, I found this 1 minute look at the same fireplace.

It got me to thinking that many of us celebrate an electric yule log holiday because of autism. It's not really a log that burns and sends forth heat. Not at all. In Florida, it was considered a magical version of a real fireplace, a fireplace they could not have. Ah.

I hope you and your family have an electric yule log Christmas. Not the imagined perfection of a Currier and Ives card. Not Christmas girlsthe reality that families whose kids grow up typical and move past Sesame Street and Thomas to college and careers and giving you grandchildren. That is not to be for me. Maybe not for you. But.... my 3 beautiful daughters are happy and smiling. They love the holiday because I make it special for them, exactly they way they need it to be special. A plastic ukulele that lights up when you strum it under the tree.  Beads that make a delicious sound when they shake and feel like comfort in a 19 year old's hands.  A fresh pink sweatshirt. These are the things my girls want. And so that it was SantaKim brought.

Merry Christmas. God bless us. Every one.

Love, Kim and all of us at Age of Autism.


Kim for Gary O

A duck? That's lovely! My Dad got a goose once from a patient and my Mom cooked it - and hated it. We liked it and she continued to roast one from time to time. Hope you enjoyed your holiday and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant support. It means the world to me and AofA.

Love, KIM


So Gary, do I see Duck Soup in your future?


Merry Christmas Kim to you and your three beautiful daughters from my adult son with autism and our family! Hope the New Year brings us closer to a true cure finally for our adults and all the children afflicted with autism. Praying every day for a miracle for all.

Gary Ogden

Roasting a duck. Pumpkin pie is smiling at us from the fridge, made last night with a nut crust. Mashed and giblet gravy, made with potato starch. Who knows what else will appear on the table!

The Original Someone #1

Merry Christmas, Kim, et al!

I'm furiously baking gluten-free cookies for a small party tomorrow - two friends of my daughter are coming over, and they are real friends, not phoney friends! One of those friends came into her life the day immediately after we prayed to God (for her to have more friends). It was a small miracle, and a perpetual gift of kindness in our lives, because the parents of that prayed-for-friend are just as wonderful! And they are religious, too! What are the odds of that happening, and within 24 hours of praying for it to happen?

go Trump

Kaylee Rodgers provides the story of Christmas.

Blessings to all the AoA families.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Kim! Merry Christmas to all.

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