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CA Senator Richard Pan Recalls a Debate With Robert Kennedy Jr... THAT NEVER HAPPENED

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Oh dear. Perhaps someone has had one too many flu shots?  Here are two Instagram posts from Richard Pan, architect (or marionette) of SB277 and SB276 in California, and Dr. Peter Hotez, whose actually uses his daughter to support vaccines with his book titled "Vaccines did Not Cause Rachel's Autism." 

Richard Pan says he debated Robert Kennedy Jr. This is an outright lie. Kennedy responded:  For the record, I have repeatedly asked both Pan and Hotez to publicly debate; they have both steadfastly refused. 

You  may recall that here in Emporer no clothesConnecticut, "experts" from Yale backed out of a forum with Robert Kennedy last Fall.   "I flew to Hartford, Connecticut last night at the invitation of the Sen. Josh Elliott and the Connecticut State House’s Democratic leadership who are proposing to abolish Religious exemptions for vaccines. (Connecticut has among the highest vaccination rates; 97% With no threat to herd immunity, Pharma profits and medical authoritarianism are the impulses driving the legislation). Dems believed they had stacked the contest against me; alone I would debate five Yale Medical School Physicians and virology professors. The professors came with heavy vaccine industry pedigrees. Despite these 5-1 odds, I was confident I would easily dispatch them, the facts on vaccine safety argue themselves. For 15 years, Pharma has systematically pressured a long string of my scheduled opponents (Hotez, Offit, etc) to cancel every one of dozens of agreed upon debates. Invariably they withdraw at the last minute as Pharma rallies its toadies to call them. I was looking forward to finally enjoying an honest and civil exchange with Yale’s vaccinology impresarios. “This gang,” I told myself, “will have too much pride to chicken out!” Wrong! I just got the word that all five Yale professors canceled at 3:00 a.m."

Pan and Hotez, Along with the strangely swaying and tic'ing Dorit Reiss have been telling such lies that even the red queen herself would be proud.  We'll share a doozy from Reiss and one from Hotez guaranteed to make you laugh out loud at the absurdity. Not sure if they are panicking and simply spewing gibberish or if the Bot farm has some sort of virus running through it.

Response from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Instagram.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by the audacity of the lies or the comedic aspect of these two drug industry titans telling stretchers to each other in an escalating war of third grade schoolyard braggadocio. Artifice, fraud and chicanery are the currencies of these two snake oil charlatans. Still, it’s fascinating to see Pharma’s two most visible advocates for forced vaccination lie so comfortably on a public platform advancing assertions so readily refuted; if Sen. Pan debated me, surely there would be a public record? Particularly if he whooped me as he boasts! Pan’s and Hotez’s experience of successfully deceiving everyone from the obsequious national pharmedia to credulous Sacramento Dems has evidently emboldened them to believe they can spin whoppers without consequence or scrutiny. For the record, I have repeatedly asked both Pan and Hotez to publicly debate; they have both steadfastly refused. Although I’ve seen Sen. Pan across a hearing room where his cronies cut off my mic, I met him only once; he dropped by a briefing I was conducting in another senator’s office in 2015 and left after 10 minutes without asking a question. Hotez told me that he would consider debating me but “must first get permission from NIH” (presumably Francis Collins). That response actually shocked me with its implicit acknowledgement of the seamless command structure that governs the vaccine industry, its captive regulators and its allies in academia. I never heard back from Hotez. Here is how Hotez explained his refusal to debate me on Joe Rogan’s March 11, 2019 podcast: “He’s an attorney. He’s very clever. He knows how to do arguments...I’m just a scientist.” Really? “He knows how to do arguments???” Ok, second grade! It’s worth recalling Terry McAuliffe’s observation that “a man who lies about small matters, will lie about the large.” I hereby renew my invitation to debate Dr. Hotez and Sen. Pan alone or in tandem. And yes, I will crush you, not because I “know how to do arguments,” but because the science speaks for itself.



Yeah, Gary Ogden is right!

Pan did take off and run down hallways and stairs. I saw him on the video!

Would not talk at all to anyone with an opposing view and information of what he believed.

As a matter of fact, my long, life, high school friend criticized those chasing after him. She criticized those chasing Pan as being bullies and rude. My friend and I had exchange of ideas over this, and I realized then; she may have been the valedictorian of her class, but she will never be a mover or shaker of the world cause she is to compliant with the system. She is no longer my life long friend, too much has gone on between us since that moment.

So I remember well about how Pan debates.

Now, now Pan is trying to claim that he debated! What a joke! What a lie! What a piece of crappy, twisted unworthy to be God's creation; he is.


Do Pan and Hotez create controversy to direct traffic to their tweets to "mobilize dark money" and "monetize the internet"?
Asking for a friend.

Margaret Jaeger ( grandma peg)

Not only do the vaccine pushers want to sell everyone on vaccines, they still don't understand what the reality is of vaccine immunity. When vaccines were first introduced,everyone was told...they will Not stop anyone from getting the disease but are designed to prevent any Fatal cases. Nor was it ever understood that each vaxxed person is a viable live carrier for 5 to 21 days during which time they may exhibit unmistakable signs of a Live case of that disease and may pass it on to others,,vaxxed or not. The mystery is tho, why are the vaccine people absolutely dead set on everyone on earth getting these dirty and hot loads and watered down ineffective vaccines where there will appear multiple cases of death, destructive health issues and no way out of taking them..?? Is it money?? Is it the Zero Population People...Soros and Gates types...?? Is it a mandate from some space aliens who are going to take this planet once everyone is ....dead, or just dumbed down from retardation, or extrememly ill with what formerly was adult diseases in chikdren? Or do they want to eliminate people viable for military service..? ALL scenarios straight from Science Fiction stories but proving true in the ...end.

Dear Mr. Kennedy..please have body guards around you all the time and, keep up the dissemination of the real truth of vaccines. Please note also, the prevalence of politics, the majority being in the now warped Democratic Party, and flush out and publically present those of Any and Every political party that are pushers. Find out their true motivations and bare them to the public by any and every means possible. Also find out why the CDC, AMA, etc. are also...all behind this forcing of vaccines on all,people while absolutely ignoring the real statistics of the results of them...many decades ahead of health care for invalided people, injured by vaccines.... God bless you and your organization. Thank you for the service and risks to your life that are No Sci-Fi novella.


Pan and Hotez tweet these things because people believe them. No fact checking anymore. People will only listen to information that supports their position. If Pan said it, it's true, end of story.

susan welch

Joanna. I, too, went to Twitter to find this. However, when I read the article more carefully, I saw it (RFK's response) was on Instagram.


I didn't read Hotez's book, so maybe somebody here knows whether he says what DID cause his daughter Rachel's autism?....
And Andrew Yang, who is of course running as a Democrat for President, has a son diagnosed with autism. That's 50% of his children, so far....
If vaxxes are so "safe" and "effective", then why are they only available as PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT products? You'd think vaxxes would be NON-PROFIT, PUBLIC GOODS....
The thinking of Pan, Offit, Hotez, and Reiss has been INFECTED by the SUPERSTITION of vaxx belief....
(BTW, nobody wants to speak publically, or on-the-record, but the biggest fear of the advanced AI people, is the "AI VIRUS". "AI" meaning "artificial intelligence", of course.....
The AI virus will only spread farther, faster, as 5G rolls out....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!


Pan claiming that Pharma funded legislation rammed into law is proof that he won the scientific argument concerning the safety and efficacy of the vaccine program is like saying oil subsidies are proof that climate chaos is a Chineses hoax, or farmers using Roundup is proof that glyphosate does not cause cancer.

Gary Ogden

This is the little worm and coward who ran out the back door when a constituent, accompanied by Dr. Wakefield and Del Bigtree, came to his office.


Please link to this tweet (I can’t find it)! Did he debate Del Bigtree too lol #PanRan

Hans Litten

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez has reportedly sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook whining about how the measles outbreak that reportedly occurred in New Jersey last winter was, in Menendez’s opinion, “fueled, in part, by misinformation about vaccine safety spread via Facebook ads.”

Besides being a politician, Menendez is apparently also an experienced immunologist, seeing as how he’s 100 percent certain that Zuckerberg is at least partially to blame for, at least back then, allowing freedom of health speech to exist on the Facebook platform.

Facebook has since cracked down on vaccine-related speech, which makes Menendez’s recent letter even more laughable. Exactly who is this know-nothing political figure going to blame when New Jersey experiences its next inevitable measles outbreak?

Anyway, none of the roughly 30 people who contracted measles in New Jersey last winter died, nor did any of them experience any noteworthy complications. As is typically the case with measles, all of them recovered within just a few days – and assuming they weren’t previously vaccinated with MMR, they all now have permanent immunity against measles.

But Menendez is still lamenting over this ridiculously minor measles outbreak, and has convinced himself that Silicon Valley caused it by not forcing all social media users to parrot the government claim that all vaccines, including the controversial MMR vaccine, are always safe and effective.

For more related news about vaccine deception and Big Tech’s efforts to silence all vaccine-related speech online, be sure to check out

Bob Moffit

A public nationalized television debate between RFK and the most prominent scientific credentialed "experts" in the entire world … will never happen … because the winner of such a public honest debate on the science of vaccines would surely be RFK.

This should surprise no one .. after all .. for DECADES the common sense independent, scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations has … just like the national public debate .. never happened .. because … again .. just like the national public debate … the scientific evidence of the poor health of VACCINATED children will prove for all to see just how dangerous our mass vaccination policies are.

As I have often said .. for almost two decades now … the only thing propping up the morally/ethically bankrupt coalition of the vaccine industry and our public health bureaucracies, legislators, media, academia, is their highly successful … DELAY, DENY AND HOPE THEY DIE .. strategy .. the very same strategy employed by the tobacco industry for decades.

As Jesse Jackson often says … KEEP HOPE ALIVE … the tobacco industry was eventually defeated and so too will the equally corrupt vaccine industry.

How long can these people continue their mantra .. "the science is settled and the benefits of vaccines always outweigh the rare risks" … when every day that passes those fraudulently claiming the science is settled REFUSE TO DEFEND THEIR SCIENCE??????

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