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Believe Women. Except If Vaccine Injuries are Involved.

Listen_to_me_by_rachellove147-d34d13dNote: We live in an era where we are told that we should believe women's stories as their truth. Harvey Weinstein. Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Cosby. But vaccines?  A Mom in our community posted her story of grief and pain, after the death of her child. Rather than show a scintilla of compassion, a commenter went to full blown gaslighting mode. Disgusting.


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In Africa at various times and places, government agencies have distributed vitamin A supplements, which resulted in a 50% reduction in measles mortality. Whey don't they do that in Samoa and all other Third World countries, especially during measles outbreaks? The WHO recommends that it be given as soon as measles is suspected, with the second (and last) dose given 24 hours later. That would be even cheaper than reducing the price of vitamin A-containing produce.

Jenny Allan

This answers a few of our questions about Samoa:-
"Tonga and health agencies to investigate faulty measles vaccines"
"In November, Tonga said it would re-vaccinate up to 20,000 people after dozens of people with measles were found to have received both vaccine doses.
Ministry of Health chief executive Dr Siale 'Akauola said it's assumed the vaccines were either poor quality or were incorrectly stored.
He said the Health Ministry is investigating alongside the World Health Organisation and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
According to the latest available data, there were 440 confirmed or suspected measles cases in Tonga.
Dr 'Akauola said Tonga was confident it had 99 percent immunisation coverage for measles until it discovered people sickened with the disease who had already received both doses of the vaccine."

It seems the WHO and other health agencies have known for some time faulty vaccines were involved in Samoa, yet they have relentlessly used the measles cases in Samoa in order to push their vaccine agendas on the rest of the world.

The question I am asking is how many of those 'measles deaths' were actually caused by contaminated vaccines. It has been admitted those deaths were caused by secondary bacterial infections.

Official 'cover ups' and false propaganda are the main reasons for parental distrust about vaccines.


UPDATE 1 -WHO decries Collective Failure as measles kills .
https//af>article>commodities news December 6 2019
UNICEF War On Disease
The Economic Value of Vaccination ,Why Prevention is Wealth
https/> pmc4802700 12 August 2015 Does the tehno data match up with the fancy footwork ie How to fudge a nudge?
Techno dancers ft Benny Hill @Awakefest '13 Youtube

Hans Litten

Posted by: Eindecker | December 06, 2019 at 06:08 AM

According to some , the Samoan has conducted genotyping on the virus and refused to share those results . Is this a vaccine strain outbreak ?
They are releasing no details of any of the casualties .
The health ministry and the WHO have the 196,000 Samoans on a total lockdown.

And don't forget the two Samoan nurses who murdered two infants in July (with the MMR) ?

~Cant wait for your responseBS ?


John there are widespread nutritional issues across the Pacific Islands, including vitamin A, this is not an issue unique to Samoa,women%2C%2033%25%20children). & Vitamin-A deficiency is also on the rise with up to 18% of the general Fijian population now deficient [64,65].
This does not explain why Samoa, has been hit so hard with measles unlike other Pacific Islands
This reference also gives details of the emergency aid flooding into Samoa (including Vit A) to answer the concerns expressed by Dr Craig in his BMJ response.
Incoming Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) currently operational: Australia (AUSMAT), (United Kingdom (UKEMT), New Zealand (NZMAT, Counties Manukau, NZ Red Cross), French Polynesia EMT, Pacifica Medical Association (PACMAT). In addition, Norway EMT is to be deployed and Japan EMT has confirmed. In the coming days, additional EMTs might also be deploying as there are undergoing assessments. These EMTs are being coordinated through an EMT Coordination Cell (EMT-CC), led by the Ministry of Health and WHO.
John it is bizzare not just to acknowledge the blindingly obvious fact that the current outbreak of measles, & the fatalities, are simply down to the very low immunisation rate in Samoa, unlike other Pacific Islands ?

John Stone

Samoa 2017 - “Given households are falling far short of their required vitamin A intake levels and consuming far in excess of the required sodium levels, this study recommends further intervention by national policy-makers to influence household purchasing and consumption behavior, in order to improve nutrition outcomes. This study finds that reducing the price of local fruit, vegetable and animal products (particularly pawpaw and chinese cabbage) identified as good sources of vitamin A, would help to reduce the current deficiencies in daily intake among the Samoan population.” (page 14)

But also according to the WHO there were 1,275 estimated measles deaths in the Western Pacific in 2017

So maybe all that vaccination was not so effective.

John Stone


The Ars Technica report is extremely hostile - this is not balanced reporting, it is hate reporting. If the vaccines were mixed with anaesthetic as claimed at the trial why did it take a whole year to emerge?


John so why is Samoa uniquely affected by measles amongst the Pacific islands if their background health is not different, apart from immunisation rates? What would you have recommended to stop what is clearly a major outbreak of measles with significant mortality? Do you think this was a helpful intervention ?

John Stone


I am not saying Samoa is different from other Pacific islands - that is an irrelevant comment.


No John We don’t know whether the prevailing measles type is perhaps vaccine strain, or perhaps a new strain not susceptible to the vaccine we do: the Samoan WT measles strain is D8, this was one of the strains seen in the recent large Romanian measles outbreak.
With regard to Dr Craig’s rather academic concern of health resources you and he probably have not noticed that foreign aid is pouring into Samoa from New Zealand, Australia & the US to help manage the crisis, including supplies of vaccine. Just how precisely do you think the Samoan authorities should have reacted to the acute crisis in the face of a climbing body count: worry about long term issues or deal with the crisis?
If it was a well population infants would not be dying there in numbers of measles. Really John?? So what is unique about the health of the Samoan population compared to the other Pacific islands, other than the much lower immunisation rates....
I notice that you have totally ignored the observation that pacific islands with adequate immunisation rates have not been affected to anywhere near the extent of Samoa with it’s very low vaccine coverage, it is a clear demonstration that vaccines do indeed prevent disease.

John Stone


A significant issue will be that infants with previously vaccinated mothers will not be passed on antibodies: this is well-established in the medical literature. But it also has to be looked at in terms of the wider health and nutritional problems of the people of Samoa. I note the comments in BMJ Rapid Responses this morning by someone who appears expert in conditions there who is not happy:

If it was a well population infants would not be dying there in numbers of measles.

We don’t know whether the prevailing measles type is perhaps vaccine strain, or perhaps a new strain not susceptible to the vaccine, meanwhile the WHO turns into their usual propaganda exercise.


In the meantime, away from make believe worlds about “everyone sailing through measles” and nonsense such as “there’s no evidence that anyone has ever died from measles” people are dying from measles in Samoa, latest stats The latest figures show that 54 of the 62 dead were aged four or less and infants account for most of the 4,217 cases recorded since the outbreak began in mid-October.
A further 19 children are critically ill in hospital.
from Now before anyone yells “Oh they’re poor, malnourished or whatever” look at other pacific islands with similar living conditions and populations: there have been small outbreaks of measles on Fiji, but with a much higher vaccination rate than Samoa, there have only been 15 cases and no deaths recorded. The immunization rate in Fiji is c 95%

So why should measles so badly hit one Island??? Could it be something to do with vaccination rates???Measles vaccine coverage varies in Pacific island countries and areas, ranging from 31% in Samoa to 99% in the Cook Islands, Nauru and Niue.

This is so reminiscent of Darwin’s seminal work on finches on isolated islands in the Galapagos group which was the foundation stone for the theory of evolution, only this instance it is unequivocally demonstrating that vaccines do save lives and that herd immunity is in fact a reality, Laura Hayes please note!


This is no bot, this is an internet troll with a serious personality disorder.

Not sure why this imbecile is getting any attention here.

David m burd

To All, This is on my business card (summing up vaccines):

"Nature is not benevolent, but just, gives pound for pound, never tempers her mercy, or winks at any infringement of her laws"

David m burd

It is not worth it to argue the differences between measles and chicken pox: Both can possibly cause transient encephalitis as can a host of other viral infections. However, beginning circa 1940 modern refrigeration, awareness of vitamin-rich diets, etc., everybody easily sailed through both infections, with only very rare permanent damage or death (such casualties among the families having "famine-like conditions" as made clear in prior Posts here on AoA).

What HAS become abundantly clear these last 30 years (and even prior to those who were not pro-vaccine brainwashed) is that injecting horrifically toxic substances into both babies and adults, via vaccines, defies Mother Nature. This toxic-lethal Vaccine Era we are experiencing will inevitably collapse - it cannot come too soon.

John Stone

I don’t often go with “bot” type explanations but I think Greyone might have a point - it is possible to identify someone called Jessica van Antwerp on a web-search (an unusual name) but I wonder whether she is the real author. There is something peculiar about these utterances even allowing for troll abusiveness.

Hans Litten

Jessica is a Twerp for sure and much more besides.

John Stone


I know why people here don’t just listen to you. If you look at measles rashes and chickenpox on google images as you suggest they are completely different - that’s a good start. And what’s the point of going on about the Middle Ages: I am talking about the 1950s.

Jenny Allan

@ John Stone
"These diseases used to be a fact of life, and we may very well have new problems as vaccines fail."
Yes, like John I had all those childhood diseases in the 1940s and 50s. My parents, who lived through two world wars, were grateful for those diptheria and polio vaccines, but would have been astonished by vaccines for chicken pox, measles, mumps and rubella. At school, I also received a vaccine for tuberculosis; we were all tested first for TB antibodies. A majority of children already had antibodies and were not vaccinated.

Diseases in nature tend to eventually lose potency as populations acquire immunity. This was already happening in the UK when measles vaccine was introduced in the late 1960s. The vaccine cetainly reduced the incidence of measles in the population, but the 'wild' measles evolved to be nastier. Now it would appear, measles is making a comeback in vaccinated adults in their 20s and 30s. With mumps, the vaccine is admitted to wear off after about 10 years, just when mumps is far more serious. Only the rubella MMR vaccine component can be stated to have been a 'success'. In the UK; virtually all cases of pregnancy rubella syndrome are in immigrant 'brides' from abroad. My two daughters received a single rubella vaccine before puberty. Boys were not vaccinated.

Health leaders and politicians have no logical responses to this, other than to attempt to foist a third MMR vaccination on reluctant teenagers. Last week in the UK we were told we needed two annual flu vaccinations, since the virus quickly evolves resistence to the one administered in early autumn. This ignores the fact the vaccine is mostly useless in a majority of cases. Last year I caught the flu. My husband caught it at the same time. He was vaccinated. I was not, put off by the squalene adjuvant in the new flu vaccine for the over 65s. A choice of bog standard flu vaccine was refused.

With antibiotics, it is now accepted they must be reserved for serious bacterial infections. Over prescribing has bred resistence. It's a pity our health leaders cannot see the same process is happening with vaccines.


Measles and chickenpox are the same - an epidermis rash (if you think they are fundamentally different then ask yourself how you would diagnose someone with 30 spots, 5 with blisters and 25 without blisters?)

The only way to die of an epidermis rash is if you scratch the wounds and rub significant amounts of soil or feces into them.

This was (amongst other lunatic treatments) the reason millions of people died during the Black Death.

Panic and medicine. Not rats and fleas.

It is no different today. People die because doctors give them poisons and fear.

And it doesn't even make any sense to talk about these conditions as being "severe" or "mild". The intensity and duration of the rash symptoms mirror precisely the intensity and duration of the preceding (separation) trauma. Indeed, the locations of the rashes also reflect precisely where the sub-conscious mind associates the separation trauma.

I don't know why people here don't listen to me and do one simple thing.

Look at the rashes!

Seriously. Just do that. Go to a google image search of rashes like measles, hand foot and mouth, chickenpox etc. All you have to do is see what is right in front of your face.

Rashes are focused.

I will say it again.

Rashes are focused.

This tells us everything we need to know about them.

There is only one thing in the universe that knows my right hand from my left hand - my mind. So the only thing in the universe that can cause a rash on my right hand and my left hand (and nowhere else) is my mind.

John Stone


I remember life in the late 50s when I had all the standard recognisable childhood diseases. I can tell you measles and chickenpox were pretty rough, and measles was treated seriously, but in the U.K. we still do not have chickenpox on the schedule and children catch it routinely. However critical I feel of modern health policy these diseases used to be a fact of life, and we may very well have new problems as vaccines fail.


What's weird is that us non-vaxers never fight fire with fire - even though pro-vaxers have a match and we have a flamethrower.

Why do we meekly accept that children die from the virus that supposedly causes measles? We know when vaccines occur - so we have very good reason to blame vaccines when there is a temporal association. On the other hand we have no idea when a measles virus enters a child's body (assuming it does) so we have no solid evidence that the measles virus has *ever* killed.

Instead of getting morally indignant - which seems like a reasonable response - it is better to stop playing to the sense of empathy of a bunch of psychopaths and instead turn their argument around against them in order to humiliate them. That way, along with looking like psychopaths, pro-vaxers also look stupid and gullible. And humiliation is by far and away the thing pro-vaxers fear the most.


Twerp is French for idiot, moron, fool, ass. Those definitions seem to fit this person.


Seeing a string of off remarks like these, leaves me wondering how many of these responses are AI created, even when accounts are held by actual people (thinking of Dorit ).
Humanity vs HAL thuggery?

David L

Among infants 86.2% had received more than 1 vaccine on the same day who had died within a few days after vaccination. For child reports, the most common vaccines they had been given prior to death were combination vaccines given simultaneously with other vaccines. A review of data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) further shows a dose-dependent association between the number of vaccine doses administered simultaneously and the increased likelihood of hospitalization or death for an adverse reaction. The 6 in 1 Hexavac and 6 in 1 Infanrix hexa as well as the 5 in 1 pentavalent vaccine used in India are all linked to babies dying. The mortality rate among the vaccinated babies in the first 48 hours after a vaccination with 6 in 1 Hexavac was 2.5 times higher than the average mortality in this age group. The 6-in-1 vaccination Hexavac was first licensed for use in Europe in October 2000 but suspended Hexavac five years later after a detailed analysis suggested that children who received the vaccine in their second year of life had an elevated risk of sudden death.

Hepatitis B given alone is linked to deaths and an exception to multiple vaccines given at once which may be additionally increased due to the AAHS adjuvant in Mercks version as death rates fell approximately 75% recently when they switched to GSKs non AAHS version. AAHS is the same adjuvant used in Gardasil.


Some times we need to hunt these people down and knock on their door, look them in the eye, and say REALLY! What is wrong with people, such unshakable faith.

I know I was pretty brainwashed when I came out of the universities, but surely to God; those pictures would have given me food for thought!

What a sweet little smile, he had. What a sweet little smile, he had.

Bob Moffit

Maybe Ms VanAntwerp was unnecessarily cruel in her response to this mom who lost her precious child to a VACCINE … but … when you stop to think about it .. her cruel in-compassionate could-care-less response .. was no different than all involved in this child's tragic death … from vaccine industry, public health officials, politicians, media, medical doctors, nurses, etc, etc .. who may not have uttered their cruel indifference to this suffering mom .. but .. by their actions were none-the-less CRUEL AND UNCARING.

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