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Atlanta Mom Safely Delivers (14 year old special needs) Boy at Atlanta Hospital

WeepShe didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.

Diana Elliott dropped off her son with special needs, age 14, outside an Atlanta hospital where a nurse ultimately noticed him outside.  Teachers saw a news report, recognized him, and contacted police. According to reports,  "...he does not speak and appears malnourished..."  That could be autism. Many of our kids have difficulty or dislikes when it comes to eating and are very thin. Maybe even malnourished.

I applaud Ms. Elliott.  She is overwhelmed and she did the safe thing for her boy.  The Safe Haven laws are for newborns. We need a version for disabled children and adults. We will see more and more of this and its evil counterpart, murder, as parents live, breathe and age into exhaustion.  Diana Elliott, I hope someone in the system wakes up and helps you and your family.  My initial instinct is to feel empathy and sympathy for you. The story may unfold to reveal not so great information.  I don't know. For the moment. I see a fellow Mom of a pre-verbal teen child. Like my Bella. And guess what?

She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.




Like I said obesity is common in autism because of ABA and positive reinforcement through unheallthy food. Very recently the schools have stopped this unhealthy practice used with ABA. Michelle Grumpy you could have your child feed through feeding tubes just ask a doctor. There is Pediasure and generic childrens nutrition shakes I have tried them and I can stand the taste and these nutrition shakes can be used for tube feeding as well. I will love to ask Kim Rossi for a radio interview to get the prespective of a "High Functioning" person with autism.


Here's an active link to it on youtube.

Trace Amounts: Ethyl Mercury | Educational Documentary


Michael posted this

"School for children special needs under review after disturbing video surfaces


That really didn't look that bad to me. She was just trying to get something out of his hand. I know sometimes real abuse happens, but that wasn't abuse. It seems like the media likes to blow up nothing stuff like that.

I recall seeing an article, I think it was on free though project, where a kid recorded their own abuse with a school provided ipad, then was prosecuted under some obscure wire tapping law for it. Now, that's abuse.

Grace Green

Yours is the same experience as so many of us poisoned by mercury, and refused all treatment as part of the cover up. If there isn't justice in this life perhaps there will be in the next.


School for children special needs under review after disturbing video surfaces


Carolyn Einstein Not

When someone says Einstein or other genius ASD types I say “one more shot or exposure to toxins and we wouldn’t have anything from


Um, autism isn't a gift. It's immune induced encephalopathy. And the gifts are just what's left over from the real gift that they should have had but was stolen from them for profit.

My pattern recognition is 125 on IQ tests. My memory is 95 (and that makes it look better than it really is). I was born to be high IQ. But instead I am left with this. Makes me wonder what my IQ would have been without all the memory damage and damage to other sectors.

L Land

New reports say a group of Moms were at her hearing and she was released on a signature bond. The state had all four of her kids as of yesterday.

Gary Ogden

Dude: The film is "Trace Amounts," and the filmmaker is Eric Gladden, whom I had the pleasure to meet at the CDC protest in October, 2015. Well worth watching.


Um, I am looking for a vaccine movie that used to be on youtube... and may still be there.

It involved a guy that ended up with mercury poisoning, I think from vaccines... and it talks a lot about rising mercury levels in the environment.

It used cartoons to help describe the narrator's experience.

Does anyone know the name of this movie?


Atlanta is home to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Hopefully CDC policymakers and staff will read the article and rightly feel the “great shame” admitted by would-be whistleblower Dr. William Thompson.


Wow! Society is full of hypocrisy when it comes to autism. I often wish for those with opinions to spend 24 hours in my home... what an education they would receive. The impossible days I wonder if my car might be in line behind hers... jail would be a vacation on those days! I can’t understand why there is no compassion for any of us...not even for our children, not really. I miss my husband, I miss my other children and all my grandchildren. But there is no choice, there is no one waiting in line to help my son manage his “gift of autism.” Funny how no one calls it a gift when he melts down in a grocery store or shopping mall! Bless this momma. I hope she got a nap in that jail cell!

Michelle M Guppy

My son could fall in that "malnourished" category. His gut disease robs him of the ability to properly use the tons of calories he eats. Organic, nourishing, pure calories in the above and beyond broke-ass diet we provide him. He eats, but doesn't gain weight. More than the crickets from society to help his mother (all of us mothers) are the crickets from the very medical facility she dropped him off in help untangling the myriad of issues causing the "malnourished" teen/adult. Causing the issues that make his care more than any human mother can bear - single or married - for as long as we must. For as many shifts in a day that we must.


So what are they going to do? Make her take him home after she's released from jail and sternly enjoined not to be cruel anymore? Would that not be child endangerment on the part of the state?

R's dad

Just heartbreaking all around.


Not so great information may be revealed, however, right now this story reads as a mom with a child with medical needs takes her child to a medical facility and is jailed. Peace and love to this family I hope they get the help they need.


Malnourished the media says, Hmm...maybe she was abuses him! Why? Because the developmentally disabled in wealth countries have their behavior modified through ABA and other ways. These therapies us positive "reinforcers" especially rewarding the child or teen with unhealth food like candy and chips leading to gross obesity. Malnourishment is very rare in the USA and Canada and many places in Latin America as well.


Don’t hold your breath waiting for the neurodiversity crowd to welcome him with open arms as one of their own. I thought they said Autism is a gift. What, don’t they want to show the rest of us how it’s done? What are we doing wrong according to them?
Here’s their chance to prove themselves right. What’s that?


Bob Moffit

I predict the loud .. angry .. uncompassionate voices of the 'neuro-diversity' mob will begin spewing vicious attacks on this obviously desperate mom .. demanding her arrest and incarceration for child abuse of a child who has been blessed with the gift of autism.

I also predict this desperate overwhelmed mom will not be featured in the annual .. Autism Speaks .. light it up blue … 'CELEBRATE AUTISM AWARENESS' month

Grace Green

Waste Land,
Except they won't be able to find out from Mum which ones he's had, and he won't be able to tell them himself, so they'll give him the whole lot, "just to be on the safe side"!

Waste Land

The fundamental is the absence of support, insight or understanding which would make life viable for autism families, despite all the politically correct “awareness” cop-out. Sadly, I fear, seeing an undernourished child the first thing the hospital will do is make sure he has got all his shots.

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