Why the Massachusetts Vaccine Bill Could Be Bad for the Immunocompromised
Thousands Exercise Their Right to Religious Vaccine Exemption at New Jersey Capitol

Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and effects of genetic and environmental variation

AluminumYet another damning article about the aluminum exposure of infants through vaccine products. 
For Immediate Release - Pittsburgh, PA

1. A study of the toxicity of the doses of aluminum in vaccines, led by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler of the publicly funded Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, was motivated by an absence of appropriate testing of aluminum safety testing in vaccines. Dosage safety testing of metals in vaccines is not required by federal regulatory bodies. 

2. The research represent an objective and independent evaluation of an important aspect of the CDC's vaccine schedule safety. 

3. The study builds on prior work that established a "safe" baseline of Al in vaccines for infants derived from FDA limits for adults, corrected for body weight per dose. 

4. A Key Finding is that the CDC schedule likely induces Al toxicity in newborns for over 70 percent of their days in the first seven months of life. This represents chronic aluminum toxicity during a critical period of brain development.

5. The IPAK research team, which included a Board-certified pediatrician, also studied an alternative schedule (the "Vaccine Friendly Plan") and found can be expected to result in aluminum toxicity in only 5% of days over the same time period.

6. In the study discussion, the team has called on the FDA to conduct dose-escalation studies of body-weight adjusted injected forms of aluminum in infant mice to assess the safety of the CDC recommended schedule for humans.
Aluminum is known to induce autoimmunity in mice, rats, and humans. About 60% of vaccines on the CDC schedule contain aluminum. 
Ongoing research by scientists at IPAK includes a study of the effects of CDC recommended catch-up schedules on aluminum chronic and total toxicity, and to define strategies to reduce total aluminum load during catch-up efforts via careful brand choice and spacing out aluminum-containing vaccines.  Tens to hundreds of thousands of families are expected to vaccinate their older children for the first time due to loss of religious and medical exemptions, and therefore pediatricians should especially take heed of the findings of this study. 
This research is expected to reduce the incidence of autoimmune disorders in US children and adults.
Press inquiries (Dr. JLW interview): Contact Gretchen Fagan (gfagan@ipaknowledge.org)

Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology

Volume 58, March 2020, 126444

Acute exposure and chronic retention of aluminum in three vaccine schedules and effects of genetic and environmental variation

Author links open overlay panel GrantMcFarlandaElaineLa JoieaPaulThomasbJamesLyons-Weilera


Like the mechanisms of action as adjuvants, the pharmacodynamics of injected forms of aluminum commonly used in vaccines are not well-characterized, particularly with respect to how differences in schedules impact accumulation and how factors such as genetics and environmental influences on detoxification influence clearance. Previous modeling efforts are based on very little empirical data, with the model by Priest based on whole-body clearance rates estimated from a study involving a single human subject.

In this analysis, we explore the expected acute exposures and longer-term whole-body accumulation/clearance across three vaccination schedules: the current US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) schedule, the current CDC schedule using low aluminum or no aluminum vaccines, and Dr. Paul Thomas’ “Vaccine Friendly Plan” schedule. We then study the effects of an implicit assumption of the Priest model on whether clearance dynamics from successive doses are influenced by the current level of aluminum or modeled by the assumption that a new dose has its own whole-body dynamics “reset” on the day of injection. We model two additional factors: variation (deficiency) in aluminum detoxification, and a factor added to the Priest equation to model the potential impact of aluminum itself on cellular and whole-body detoxification. These explorations are compared to a previously estimated pediatric dose limit (PDL) of whole-body aluminum exposure and provide a new statistic: %alumTox, the (expected) percentage of days (or weeks) an infant is in aluminum toxicity, reflecting chronic toxicity. We show that among three schedules, the CDC schedule results in the highest %alumTox regardless of model assumptions, and the Vaccine Friendly Plan schedule, which avoids >1 ACV per office visit results in the lowest (expected) %alumTox. These results are conservative, as the MSL is derived from data used by FDA to estimate safety of aluminum in adult humans. These results demonstrate high potential utility of modeling variation in patient responses to aluminum. More empirical data from individuals who are suspected of being intolerant of aluminum from vaccines, evidenced by high aluminum retention, neurodevelopmental disorders and/or a myriad of chronic illnesses would help answer questions on whether the model predictions can be used to estimate parameter values tied to genetic factors including genomic sequence variation and family history of chronic illnesses tied to aluminum exposure.



James Lyons-Weiler

We compared the CDC schedule to the Vaccine Friendly Plan to find out how other schedules compared to CDC in terms of %alumTox. We determined that the expected # of days infants spend in toxicity during the first seven months of life leads to %alumTox = 70%, whereas the VFP only leads to 5% of days. Paul Thomas, a co-author on the study, has told me that he thinks even this is too much. If you read the open-access study, we park the challenge back on the FDA/CDC to regulate the use of aluminum in vaccines, which they do not.

They should require other adjuvants that do no accumulate in the body. Aluminum has a 1/2 life in the brain of over 7 years. It is incredibly stupid to purify aluminum from bauxite and inject it into our pregnant women, infants, toddlers, children, teens and adults. Same for mercury.

Here's the link to the study. Please share, it's open access (no paywall), thanks to donors to IPAK.




I think its a mistake to take the FDA aluminum standard for adults as gospel. Ingested aluminum is not the same as injected aluminum. Also, adjusting the numbers by weight to come up with a safe limit for infants does not work because infants have entirely different immune systems. Its not just a lower weight. Infants immune systems are designed to minimize inflammation as the immune system trains itself to recognize self and non self and ignore harmless antigens. Its able to do this in part with some help from maternal antibodies in breast milk and cord blood in the first year of life. Overstimulating an infants immune system with exposure to a dozen diseases antigens and with adjuvants that are designed to cause inflammation and overstimulation of the immune system will simply result in the infant developing defective immune systems prone to allergies, autoimmune disease and neurodevelopment disorders

So even without aluminum, or with less aluminum, or possibly with non-aluminum adjuvants which are tested for safety against aluminum (and not a true placebo), infants will still be subjected to the damaging effects of vaccines.

And of course, it does not address the fact we are shifting these childhood diseases to younger and older age groups in whom vaccination is less effective and the results of the disease are more harmful. Vaccinations in fact eliminates the natural herd immunity adults had as a result of childhood exposures to wild viruses.

This is in fact the plan. Next step mandatory vaccinations for adult. Childhood vaccinations were the necessary first step but with some of the mandated vaccines causing fertility problems the market for children's vaccines will shrink.

The neomalthusians among us are motivated by their religion to depopulate the planet. Lower fertility rates and life expectancy decline due to adults being stricken by childhood diseases which have higher mortality rates than with children will work well.

Its not just vaccines. This is a multi-front attack. Cancer rates in younger are exploding due to other environmental toxins (RF EMR, pesticides, GMO foods, etc) other than vaccines. Obesity , which is linked to cancer may well be due to chronic inflammation induced by childhood vaccines

Of course, the immune system in the species is incredibly diverse. This is to prevent the species from being wiped out by a single pathogen or toxin. There will always be those who will survive. This is why almost 50% of children seem to healthy despite vaccination (that numbers high since some of them will suffer the affects as adults or may be lesser beings than if they were unvaccinated). Perhaps the survival stresses induced by vaccines produce faster evolution as those unaffected by vaccines go on to become supermen while the vaccine injured due to various genetic weaknesses get left behind. Transhumanism is the new religion, a mix of malthusian, social darwinist and eugenic beliefs using technocracy and scientists as its means to achieve Nietzsche‘s Superman.

David L

The CDC schedule crosses the recommended limit of aluminum for an adult by recommending multiple vaccinations containing aluminum being delivered together. Note that on all days of injection the safe limit for a child is exceeded for all three schedules in this study; this points to acute toxicity. All 3 of these schedules greatly exceed the weight-adjusted limit for aluminum from Lyons-Weiler and Ricketson. The CDC schedule has the largest violation at 15.9 times the recommended safe level. This occurs at 2 months, when four recommended vaccinations containing aluminum are simultaneously administered. Modeling the time to clear aluminum from the body using Priest’s equation estimates that for the CDC schedule a child will be over the safe level of aluminum in the body for 149 days from birth to 7 months, constituting about 70 % of days in this period. This points to chronic toxicity. Over the first two years of life, days over the estimated limit are estimated as 176 days or 24 % of the days in this period. The Vaccine Friendly Plan schedule skips some vaccinations in the first two years (like HepB) and avoids giving more than two vaccinations containing aluminum together. The VFP thus further limits maximum exposure to approximately 25 % of the original CDC schedule (from 15.9 to 4.2) and drops days above the estimate limit in the first seven months from 70 % of days to 5 % and in the first two years from 24 % of days to 2 %.

The Hep B vaccine contains aluminum adjuvant and the BCG vaccine does not contain aluminum adjuvant (BCG vaccine contains no adjuvant). The BCG and hep B vaccines had OPPOSITE effects on the brain (BCG being beneficial, and hep B being detrimental), and a combination of both vaccines resulted in cancellation of the effects. The BCG and HBV vaccination procedures in this study imitated those used for human infant vaccinations. BCG vaccination enhanced synaptic plasticity. In contrast, Hepatitis-B vaccination hampered it. BCG induced a Th1-like response followed by increased neurotrophins in the brain, whereas HBV induced a Th2-like response followed by decreased neurotrophins. In this study, BCG raised IFN-γ, IL-4, BDNF and IGF-1 and reduced IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α in the hippocampus, whereas, HepB had the opposite effect triggering an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α. Hep B and DTP (which are non live vaccines that contains aluminum adjuvant) were shown to increase mortality, whereas BCG did not.

There is now substantial evidence that mortality is lower when BCG is co-administered with DTP than when DTP is administered after BCG. When studies with survival bias or coadministration of BCG and DTP were excluded, DTP-vaccinated children had higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated children. A non-live vaccine administered after a live vaccine will reduce the beneficial NSEs of the live vaccine. For example, when BCG was co-administered with DTP it reduced the negative effect of DTP; when DTP was administered after HTMV this had a strong negative effect for female survival. So far all studies have shown that non-live vaccines are associated with higher female than male mortality. We observed beneficial Non Specific Events after single Measles Vaccine was introduced in low-income countries in the 1970s. Subsequent observational studies and randomized trials confirmed beneficial NSEs of live smallpox vaccine, BCG and OPV. However, no non-live vaccine has yet been documented to produce beneficial NSEs. https://tgl.ink/pVkAyF

Kathy Sincere

How can a scientist and a pediatrician actually discuss a "Vaccine Friendly Plan" - #5 above - in light of the gross toxicity of aluminum and the tragic effects on our children.

I would like to read the rationale from the authors of this study as to why this was even included.

Brett Wilcox

THEY know that "the CDC schedule likely induces Al toxicity in newborns for over 70 percent of their days in the first seven months of life. This represents chronic aluminum toxicity during a critical period of brain development."

At the highest levels, this is not a matter of ignorant, do-gooders foolishly poisoning our children. THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING TO US AND OUR CHILDREN!

If the vax$ine program had anything to do with health, it would have been shut down decades ago and THOSE THAT KNOW THE TRUTH would still be in prison.

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately … a vast majority of LEGISLATORS AND GOVERNORS will not bother to read or otherwise inform themselves of this .. 'damning article about the aluminum exposure of infants through vaccine products". Instead they will proceed as they ALWAYS do .. listening to the vaccine MARKETERS spew their normal false claims on the allegedly PROVEN .. THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED … VACCINE SCAM … THE BENEFITS OF VACCINES ALWAYS OUTWIEGHS THE RISKS.

Listened to a PANEL of "professional medical witnesses" at yesterday's hearing in NJ on elimination of religious exemptions to mandated vaccines .. wherein these FIVE witnesses ALL made false claims .. such as one witness who "testified" that VAERS REQUIRES ALL VACCINE INJURIES BE REPORTED … which is FALSE .. as VAERS .. a "passive monitoring system" does NOT REQUIRE ALL VACCINE INJURIES BE REPORTED … or … the equally shallow witness who claimed mandating vaccines is no different than mandating "seat belts" for children .. the obvious differences being … seat belts are ADJUSTABLE for each individual child to accommodate the difference between a child weighing 10 lbs and a child weighing 20 lbs .. as well as the difference in height seize .. unlike VACCINES where 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL" is INJECTED into a 10 lbs premature infant and a fully develop 20 lbs infant.

It is truly hard to witness these "hearings" by State Legislatures where there is NO CROSS EXAMINATION OF SUPPOSEDLY EXPERT WITNESSES BY QUALIFIED PROFESSIONALS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE VACCINE ISSUES. Instead witnesses simply spew their own OPINIONS and no one bothers to challenge those OPINIONS with FACTS.

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