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3 Sheets of Advil Cold Drug Facts

When you walk into our Stop & Shop in town, you're greeted by a life-sized stand up display of a smiling, good looking pharmacist, just old enough to trust but not so old you pass him by, touting the bevy of vaccines he can inject (or the 22 year old assistant) into you while you wait for your deli meat order. As Dan Olmsted would say, "Oh frabjous day!" I was there to buy paper towels and something for a cold. I scoured the shelves for a formulation withOUT acetaminophen (brand name Tylenol) and stumbled upon Advil Cold.  I had to show my driver's license to buy it.

Once home, I looked at the package and noticed the tremendous amount of drug facts on the back of the box. But I couldn't see the dosage! Huh? Finally, I flipped over the box, and there it was, "One tablet dose!" OK. I opened the box, and popped a pill out, relieved I did not need to go into my garage and get wire cutters to get into the blister pack.  Then I saw ""LIFT HERE for more drug facts." Lift here turned into three, count them three pages of info on this cold medicine so that I could make an informed decision about taking the product. Sniffing like Scarface is frowneF475C856-BA94-4AA7-96B7-2AEDB9705591d upon, so I decided to take that ONE TABLET DOSE!

Doctors do not provide anywhere near this much information about the vaccines they inject into you. Show your license? Nah, just roll up your sleeve.

This is wrong.




















Sorry, I was thinking Tylenol (which has acetaminophen and is dangerous), when I should have recognized that Advil is Ibuprofen, which we took four at a time when we both had oral surgery last spring.

We no longer have the decongestant. I got the brand from Dr. Sears’ (Sr.) website, I’ll have to look and see if he still recommends it. Even the doctors are supposed to no longer recommend any cold medication for children under two. You could give them appropriate doses of herbal and homeopathic remedies, and of vitamins, there are many excellent books on natural family health care, starting with those by Dr. Randall Neustaedter and Aviva Jill Romm.


Bill thanks - usually dosage is in the back. I am old. I looked on the back. Thanks. Kim

Bill Bradford Hutchinson

You wrote: "But I couldn't see the dosage." That's funny, I can see it. It's right there on the box. EACH pill/tablet/capsule, whatever, contains 200mg of Ibuprofen ( a so-called "NSAID", or "Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammmatory Drug"), and 10mg of phenylephrine. The phenylephrine is why you had to show your drivers' license to buy it. Yes, both the store/pharmacy, AND local/State/Federal Law Enforcement *DO* track and monitor such purchases, for BOTH marketing AND Law Enforcement reasons. With a few common chemicals, and a fairly easy, and widely available "recipe", anybody can "cook" this OTC drug into an illegal version of the street drug "meth", or "crystal meth". (Whether that resulting drug is, or is not, "methamphetamine", is another much longer chemistry story!) But your purchase of a single box does NOT trigger any sort of "alert", - it's only when somebody buys LOTS of boxes at once does an alert trigger....
I'm glad to see the work AoA is doing here. But I also had to point a few things out, too!
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, people!

Angus Files

The Scarface Profanity warning reminds me of reading the small print on these lovely products..


Pharma For Prison



I don’t think it’s a good idea to take Advil for anything. It’s processed through the liver and in many cases has caused death from sudden liver failure. It has often occurred that someone takes two or more cold remedies which are a combination of several drugs for different cold symptoms without realizing that each one includes acetaminophen, and they wind up overdosing. Ibuprofen is safer, and is processed through the kidneys. I personally don’t take any commercial cold or flu drugs. I give Cecily Delsym when she has a cough that would prevent her from sleeping, but only at night. Daytime coughs are good, they make you cough out the germs and clear mucus out of the lungs that might otherwise accumulate and possibly cause pneumonia.

I don’t take anything for either colds or flu for two days, to give my immune system time to go into action, remember the pathogen, and start to make antibodies to it. At that point I take a lot of vitamin C, the recommended dose of zinc lozenges, echinacea, Sambucol (originally an Israeli product with elderberry), and homeopathic Umcka.

They talk about information on the vaccine package inserts, they all detail a lot of info on adverse events reported by people who thought they were caused by the vaccine. And they’re available online. I think the most crucial thing is to make people aware that it’s not so much a kind, wise, benevolent, highly-trained physician devoted to healing the sick as it is a highly lucrative and highly dishonest business devoted to making money by hook or by crook. Buyer beware. The life you save may be your own.

Back to cold medicines, I know a stuffed-up nose is the worst part. I bought something for Cecily about ten years ago and used it a couple of times. Let me see if I still have it. I think it’s better to take separate medicines only for symptoms present, not combined. And go to bed and rest, taking enough herbal tea, water, and juice to stay hydrated. I used to run a vaporizer when Cecily was stuffed up. But thanks to all the illnesses she had when she was little, she never gets sick now. I just went through the influenza B/Victoria strain caught on planes coming back from Mexico, a lot of people on the planes were coughing. It was miserable and lasted for weeks. Cecily seemed to catch it from me, but only coughed a little for one day, and not since then.

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