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What’s Allowed in the US Media: Scrutiny of Baby Food Safety Versus Vaccine Safety

Fda approvedNote: Senator Schumer might as be Amy Schumer when it comes to vaccine safety. If the juxtaposition of allowable media and political outrage weren't so infuriating, it would be laughable.

By Anne Dachel

Forbes…listen to yourself!

On Oct 21st Forbes Magazine published this piece about the news that toxic heavy metals were found in almost all commercial baby food.

Forbes: 95% Of Baby Food Had Toxic Heavy Metals, Senator Schumer Calls For Action, by health expert Bruce Y. Lee.

Bruce Y. Lee was more than a little critical of the oversight failure on the part of the FDA. He quoted U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer who was equally infuriated:

The FDA must investigate the new report detailing the presence of toxic metals in a wide variety of baby foods.

We need new regulations to force the industry to address exposures and alleviate concerns for the health of our youngest Americans.

(One has to wonder how the FDA can “investigate” this since they were the people that okayed all these products in the first place.)

Lee continued giving us the facts:

According to the report, 95% of baby food containers tested had “toxic heavy metals.” Oh, baby, baby, that does not sound good.

The testing involved checking 168 containers of 61 brands of 13 different types of baby food for four types of heavy metals. Arsenic was in 73% of the baby foods tested, cadmium in 75%, mercury in 32%, and lead in a whopping 94%. In fact, 26% of baby foods tested had all four of these metals, and 40% had three of them.  

“Something needs to be done…”

Lee expressed a certain amount of outrage about what we’re doing to children. 

These weren’t bullets and batteries that were being tested. Rather they were things that go into the mouths of little Johnny, …

Why are these heavy metals even in baby foods? …Some of the metals can be from the environment, which would be more evidence that something needs to be done about better controlling pollution.  … 

Lee was adamant that toxic metal exposure can harm children. He even suggested that exposure can be related to neurological conditions, including autism.

The bottom line is that heavy metal and babies should not mix. Musically, head banging is not good at that age. Chemically, exposure could lead to brain and body problems. It isn’t even clear what levels of such heavy metals in food may be safe, especially since exposure can accumulate over time from other sources such as the environment. How might exposure to these metals be related to rising rates of conditions such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? How well is our food supply being monitored for contaminants? There is a lot of unfinished business when it comes to the safety of our food supply. …

This whole article was surreal to someone like me who has been at war with Forbes for many years over their adamant endorsement of the unchecked, ever-expanding, toxic vaccine schedule approved by the SAME FDA coming under fire from Lee.

How compartmentalized are things in Bruce Y. Lee’s thinking?

Here are some examples of his position on the safety of vaccines:

In December 2016 Are Chiropractors Backing The Anti-Vaccine Movement

Indeed, vaccines can cause both minor and major side effects. But scientific studies have shown that the risks of major side effects are very low and have not shown any connection between vaccines and autism.

So according to Lee, toxic food is possibly connected to autism, but he’s sure that the toxins regularly injected into almost all U.S. children are no cause for concern.  

In August 2018 Measles and Medical Exemptions  he went after parents who had non-medical exemptions from vaccines.

Lee specifically attacked Andy Wakefield over the Lancet article.

British gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield claimed that measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine may be linked to autism and in 2004 published a study in the Lancet in support of his claims. Wakefield sparked an anti-vaccination movement in England that subsequently spread to the United States. However, when investigations revealed evidence that he may have had a financial motive for making such claims and falsified data, the Lancet subsequently retracted the paper and Wakefield lost his license to practice medicine.

Despite these revelations and lack of scientific evidence connecting vaccines with autism, the anti-vaccination movement has continued. 

Has Lee ever actually looked at the “scientific evidence” used by health officials to justify INJECTING TOXINS into children and pregnant women, or does his crusading journalism stop at the supermarket aisle?

In January, 2019 Flu Shots At The Golden Globes

…But Hollywood making such a statement is important. Some Hollywood celebrities may have helped and continue to help the anti-vaccination movement become what it is today by advancing claims about vaccines that are just not supported by scientific evidence.

Lee stands by the official “scientific evidence” when it comes to vaccines, but he challenges the science showing baby food is safe.

How healthy are things like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, animal cells linked to cancer, Polysorbate 80 linked to cancer and infertility, aborted human cells, phenoxyethanol (antifreeze), monosodium L-glutamate? That’s what’s in kids’ vaccines.

Without once saying he actually has read anything written by those in the anti-vaccine community, Lee goes after them.

He’s denounced Wakefield repeatedly, along with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and others, but he can never specifically challenge the science they’re talking about, most likely because he’s never read anything that they’ve written.

 Telling us studies show no link is merely parroting the propaganda from the pharmaceutical companies who really run the research and our health care agencies.

Lee’s double standard is frightening because the Forbes piece is just one example of the countless major news outlets expressing righteous indignation over poisons in baby food while never once showing the same concern over the deadly cocktails given at those oxymoronically named, “well baby checkups.”

Actually the whole thing more proof that this is all for show and that the “rising rates of conditions such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)” really don’t bother anyone in the mainstream press.

When it comes to deadly vaccine ingredients, Bruce Y. Lee and hundreds of reporters just like him simply refuse to look. They’re more than willing to turn their collective backs on the genuine research on vaccines and instead mouth only the pharma-funded, heavily conflicted, junk science readily approved and promoted by the folks at the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When it comes to vaccine safety, the FDA seal of approval is the last word.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.








Anne - I have an idea.
What if we, many of us, write letters to the Forbes editor accusing Bruce Lee in being anti-vaccine and feeding the fears of the parents? Hear me out.
How dares he saw the distrust in FDA and play on the fears of toxins and heavy metals getting into little babies! Those fears, as well as discrediting regulatory agencies, playing directly into the hands of those stupid anti-vaccine parents! He himself seems to be a hidden anti-vaxxer, previously published articles notwithstanding.
Impaled on his own pen as they say?

Shelley Tzorfas

If babies eating tainted baby food containing toxic heavy metals is alarming and "May cause Autism & ADHD" while injecting toxic heavy metals seems to cause no concern at Well Baby Visits, no concern in the media, political hangouts, or educational facilities even though 1 in 36 kids is now autistic (HHS), then perhaps we might consider just putting an IV into the babes to eliminate the metals toxicity. After all, our medical/pharmaceutical complex believes that once injected, Neurotoxic Aluminum, Thimerosal, cancer causing Formaldehyde, Peanut oil derivatives, Fetal cell DNA, and others is perfectly fine, safe, and an accomplishment...

susan welch

So well said, Anne. Thank you

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Anne: The media is hopelessly bought, most journalists both ignorant and incurious. The death knell for rule of, by, and for the People. Our food supply really is in a shocking state, both lacking in nutrients and contaminated, but the mass poisoning of virtually the entire population from birth by untested, contaminated vaccines is of far worse concern. It is a blatantly criminal act, a crime against humanity, knowingly promoted by those whose jobs or political agendas are dependent upon the smooth running of the system.

Bob Moffit

Duh … who issued the "report" of heavy metals found in baby foods? Whoever THEY are … would love to have THEM issue a similar report on heavy metals KNOWN to be ingredients in vaccines and explain how heavy metals and other similarly dangerous ingredients are somehow magically neutralized when INJECTED AS A VACCINE?

Schumer has been one of my two Senators for DECADES … has ignored numerous correspondence with him over those decades regarding safety of vaccines .. his favorite answer to my correspondence if I should mention VACCINES/AUTISM is to INFORM ME HE PROUDLY SUPPORTED THE COMBAT AUTISM ACT. He holds a Sunday Press Conference .. EVERY SUNDAY … where Schumer highlights his latest priority and never once in all those SUNDAY PRESS CONFERENCES has Schumer dared to mutter anything about vaccines … baby food, plastic straws, foie gras (sic?), global warming .. on and on … NEVER VACCINES .. the ONE product Government approves, recommends, administers to MILLIONS OF CHILDREN EVERY DAY OF THOSE TWO DECADES HE HAS BEEN IN OFFICE.

Sen Schumer will NEVER be part of the solution to our vaccine holocaust … he is and will continue to be the PROBLEM.

It should surprise no one that FORBES has joined Schumer on BABY FOODS … while BOTH are joined at the hip on PROTECTING VACCINES.

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